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CDs and DVDs on Music Therapy

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ICP005 : Feminine Balance Healing Music for Well-Being (Audio CD)

IZZ463 : Inner Healing Music for Meditation and Healing (Audio CD)

ICT066 : Music For Relaxation Instrumental (Set of 3 Audio CDs)

ICI097 : Music To Overcome Headache & Migrane (Audio CD)

ICR509 : Total Relaxation For Mind, Body & Soul (Audio CD)

ICT287 : Shaant Spa Music for Relaxation (Audio CD with Booklet Inside)

IZZ056 : Spa Sounds (Tranquility) (Audio CD)

ICY091 : Yoga Nidra Music For Meditation & Peace (Audio CD)

ICT170 : Absolute Bliss Ragas For Relaxation (Audio CD)

ICY029 : Chants For Critical Illnesses (Audio CD)

ICA084 : Vishram Music Therapy for Relaxation (Audio CD)

IZZ468 : Live in Hawaii The Paliku Theatre, Kane’ohe, Hawaii (Music for Meditation and Healing) (Audio CD)

ICZ079 : Pure Nature Soothing Sounds For Sleep & Relaxation (Audio CD)

ICZ082 : Music For Relaxation Veena Instrumental (Audio CD)

IDA016 : Garbhankur Music Therapy For Expectant Mothers and the Foetus (Set of 4 Audio CDs)

IZZ800 : Bali Spa Music for Massage, Meditation, De-Stress and Relaxation (Audio CD)

ICR233 : Mantras for a Happy Marriage – Power of Mantras (Audio CD)

IZZ268 : Pure Stillness Massage For The Soul (Audio CD)

ICR476 : Reiki – Whale Dreaming (Audio CD)

ICI037 : Music For The Heart (Audio CD)

IZZ652 : Music and Raga Therapy for Heart (DVD with 1 Audio CD)

IZZ658 : Music and Raga Therapy for Low Blood Pressure (DVD)

IZZ663 : Music and Raga Therapy for Stress (DVD)

IZZ462 : Celestial Message Music for Meditation and Healing (Audio CD)

IZZ459 : Nada - The Music of Divinity Music for Meditation and Healing (Live in London – Westminster Hall, 14th June 2008) (Audio CD)

IZZ461 : Nada Manjari Music for Meditation and Healing (Audio CD)

IZZ460 : Raga Sagara Music for Meditation and Healing (Audio CD)

IZZ582 : Music and Raga Therapy for High Blood Pressure (DVD with Audio CD)

ICR414 : Bliss Music for Reiki and Healing Therapy (Audio CD)

ICR210 : Nature’s Harmony Relaxation & Meditation Music (Audio CD)

ICX046 : Soothing Rhythms For Relaxation (Audio CD)

ICX060 : Soul Relaxation Music For De-Stress and Relaxation (Audio CD)

IDB092 : Spa Sounds Healing (Audio CD)

IZZ266 : Pure Healing Massage For The Soul (Audio CD)

IZZ118 : Aura of Tranquility (Enter a space where peace resides) (Audio CD)

ICV011 : Balanced Music For Tai Chi (Audio CD)

ICW025 : Sounds of Harmony For Mind, Body and Soul (Audio CD)

ICX059 : Music For Deep Meditation (Audio CD)

ICR508 : Music Therapy For Deep Sleep (Relaxing Nature Sounds & Music) (Audio CD)

IZZ094 : Shanti (Music for Peace and Relaxation) (Audio CD)

ICZ010 : Aaram Music For Relief From Sleeplessness (Audio CD)

ICL063 : Music for Reiki Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia (Set of Two Audio CDs) Therapeutic & Wellness Series

ICV065 : Aura of Tranquility Enter A Space Where Peace Resides (Audio CD)

ICR443 : Shaswat (Pure) (Music For Peace and Relaxation) (Audio CD)

ICR427 : Tanav 2 (Music Therapy For Peace) (Audio CD)

ICT254 : Vishram 2 (Music Therapy for Rejuvenation) (Audio CD)

ICY030 : Music for Fengshui (Audio CD)

IDB080 : Harmony (Music for Yoga and Healing Therapy) (Audio CD)

IDC005 : Music for Pregnancy & Babies (Audio CD)

ICQ090 : Music for Aromatherapy (Audio CD)

ICI096 : Music To Overcome Fear & Anxiety (Audio CD)

ICT189 : Spa Sounds Bliss (Audio CD)

ICT190 : Spa Sounds Harmony (Audio CD)

ICV010 : Mantras of Peace Divine Chants With Sounds of Nature (Audio CD)

ICZ088 : Mind, Body, Soul (Set of 4 Audio CDs)

ICR209 : Music for Mind, Body & Soul (Audio CD)

ICR236 : Jeevan 2 – Music Therapy to Enrich Life (Audio CD)

ICI095 : Music For Diabetes (Audio CD)

ICR229 : Aura of Positivity Mantras for Unleashing Constructive Energy (Audio CD)

ICR024 : Relaxation Music for Relaxation, Peace and Comfort (Audio CD)

ICR241 : Serenity Romantic Moods – Love is Desire, Longing, Reflections… (Audio CD)

ICQ011 : Shaant Spa Music for Healing - Includes Guide to Healing By Mandy O’Neill (Audio CD)

ICV001 : Feng Shui The Eight Fold Path (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)

ICT232 : Ultimate Relaxation (Audio CD)

ICR495 : Reiki (Hands of Light) (Audio CD)

ICR492 : Reiki Essence (Audio CD)

ICR451 : De – Stress Revive (Audio CD)

ICR417 : De–Stress Rejuvenate (Audio CD)

ICP087 : Gyan Jyoti - Mantras for Success in Studies (Audio CD)

ICF027 : Mental Peace Music Therapy (Peace of Mind) (Audio CD)

ICJ015 : Mother & Baby…The Mind Body & Soul Series (Music Composed to Create A Restful And Soothing Environment For Mother and Baby.) (Audio CD)

ICR216 : Jeevan Music Therapy for Nurturing Life (Audio CD)

ICL054 : Healing Mantras for the Heart (Music Therapy Series) (Audio CD)

ICT030 : De – Stress Refresh (Audio CD)

ICR094 : Vishwa Shanti Mantra Divine Chants for World Peace (Audio CD)

ICQ020 : A Complete Musical Kit for Anytime Anywhere (Freshness/Happiness) Satatantri Veena (Santoor) (Set of Two Audio CDs) Positive Music First Time with Aroma Therapy

ICQ033 : Rigveda - Mantras For Health, Wealth & Prosperity Vol IV (Audio CD)

ICQ035 : Rigveda- Mantras For Health, Wealth & Prosperity Vol-III (Audio CD)

ICO088 : Music Therapy for Migraine - Pt. Shashank Katti's (Audio CD)