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MZI843 : Be Happy (Tamil)

MZI850 : We Can Become Rich (Tamil)

MZI851 : We Can Do It (Tamil)

NAW510 : Silver Lining In the Cloud (See Good In Everything)

NAW521 : Towards A Brave New World (Impact of Science and Technology on Religion and Ethics)

IDE527 : A History of Early Vedanta Philosophy - Part One

MZI361 : Will Reach the Peak

NAW493 : The Sacred Kural of Thiruvalluvar- A Path to Purposeful Living (An Exposition in English Verse)

IDC342 : Zen-Yoga A Creative Psychotherapy to Self-Integration

MZH237 : Jainism A Theistic Philosophy - God in Jainism

MZH447 : Doctrine of Karman in Jain Philosophy

MZH452 : Jaina Perspective in Philosophy and Religion (An Old and Rare Book)

MZH374 : Jaina Philosophy of Language

MZH302 : Navatattvaprakarana - A Manual of Nine Categories of Truth (An Old and Rare Book)

MZH234 : Concept of Matter in Jaina Philosophy

MZH356 : Multi - Dimensional Application of Anekantavada

MZH179 : Studies in Jaina Philosophy (An Old and Rare Book)

MZH342 : An Introduction to Jaina Sadhana - Jaina Way of Living (An Old and Rare Book)

MZH336 : Jaina Psychology Introduction

MZH335 : Jaina Theory of Reality

MZH344 : The Applied Philosophy of Jainism

MZH131 : जैन नीतिशास्त्र  एक तुलनात्मक विवेचन - Comparative Interpretation of Jain Ethics

NAW469 : Sri Ramanuja (Acharya of the Visishtadvaita Philosophy)

NAW468 : Prelude to Global Age Discussions

NAW432 : Critique of Indian Realism (The Philosophy of Nyaya Vaisesika and Its Conflict With The Buddhist Dignaga School)

NAW388 : Random Thoughts (A Collection of 225 Notes, Written by Osho)

NAW293 : The Jaina Way of Life

MZG218 : To Realise The Being- A Soul Research in Tamil

MZG100 : A Concise Treatise on Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy (Tamil)

MZG026 : Mental Exercises to Improve Memory Power (Tamil)

MZG029 : Modern Techniques to Improve Memory Power (Tamil)

MZF732 : The Art of Living (Urdu)

MZF608 : A Psychological Guide for a Happy Life (Tamil)

NAW132 : Peace Within Oneself for Peace in the World

NAW121 : Swami Vivekananda- Philosophy of Goodness

NAW096 : Teaching Philosophy in The Twenty-First Century

NAW146 : The Educational Thinkers of East and West

MZF529 : The Magic Power of Positive Thinking- A Self Improvenment Guide (Tamil)

NAW116 : A Text Book on Communication and Extension

NAW025 : Concepts of Reason and Intuition (With Special Reference to Sri Aurobindo, K.C. Bhattacharyya and S. Radhakrishnan)

NAW080 : Concepts of Reason and Intuition with Special Reference to Sri Aurobindo, K.C. Bhattacharyya and S. Radhakrishnan

NAW104 : Gems of Mithila

NAW089 : Glorious Life After Death

NAW084 : Samarasya (Studies in Indian Arts, Philosophy and Interreligious Dialogue-in Honour of Bettina Baumer)

NAV836 : Sri Daksinamurti Stotram of Sri Sankaracarya

NAW118 : Swami Vivekananda- Education of Love

NAW020 : The Philosophy of Narayana Guru

NAW009 : Evolution of Indian Philosophy

NAW024 : Make Time for Yourself- It's Your Time

NAW043 : Soul-Psychic Sleuthing Techniques of Telepathy, Clairvoyance and Psychometry

NAW069 : The Science of Philosophy (Theory of Fundamental Processes in Human Behaviour and Experiences)

NAV975 : Human Rights As a Western Concept

NAW046 : Philosophical Perspectives of K. Satchidananda Murty

NAW051 : The Philosophical Understanding of Human Rights

NAV942 : Understanding Disabilities and Inclusive Practices

NAW021 : Understanding Thoughts of Sri Aurobindo

NAW028 : संविदुल्लास - Samvidullasah Manifestation of Divine Consciousness

NAW001 : Voice of Death - Traditional Thought and Modern Science

MZF258 : भारतीय दार्शनिक परम्परा में आत्मा - Soul in Indian Philosophical Tradition

NAW240 : Dharma - Its True Nature (An International Seminar, May 1995, Dhamma Giri, Igatpuri)

NAV901 : Philosophical and Sociological Foundations of Education

NAB387 : Paratrisika-Vivarana by Abhinavagupta The Secret of Tantric Mysticism

MZE996 : A Self Motivational Guide in Tamil

NAV821 : Concentration and Personal Magnetism

NAV833 : Fundamentals of Hinduism

NAV832 : Fundamentals of Hinduism

NAV837 : Hinduism and Scientific Quest

NAV844 : Logical Positivism Revisited

NAV847 : Social Justice Philosophical Perspectives

NAV834 : A Treatise on Advaita Vedanta

NAV788 : Yoga in Transformation (Historical and Contemporary Perspectives)

NAV822 : A Short Introduction to Vedanta

NAV814 : A Study of Personality, Values and Religious Attitudes

NAV820 : Prosperity Through Thought Force

NAV794 : Creative Mind (Tapping the Power Within)

NAV795 : Creative Mind and Success

NAV787 : Effect of Yoga on Psychological and Physiological Health

NAV797 : The Hidden Power (Inner Truth of the Secret Mind)

NAV791 : The Human Aura (Astral Colors and Thought Forms)

NAV766 : Clairvoyence (What it is and Methods of its Development)

NAV765 : Influence (How to Exert It)

NAV760 : Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle (Teaching on Telepathy, Teaching on the Etheric Vehicle)

MZE085 : उद्योग एवं संगठन मनोविज्ञान- सिद्धान्त और समीक्षा - Industrial and Organizational Psychology- Theory and Review

MZE205 : भगवद्-गीता दर्शन का कर्म सिद्धान्त - Bhagavad Gita Philosophy of Karma Theory

NAV737 : Living the Bhagavad Gita Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

NAV716 : Science Underlying the Acts Before Having Darshan of a Deity in a Temple (Correct Method of Having Darshan in a Temple)

HAA893 : भारतीय दर्शन Indian Philosophy

NAV721 : My Mother, Me, and My Wife (A Cognizography in Rambling Realism)

NZC524 : विचार चंद्रोदय Vichar Chandrodaya

NAV703 : Inspirational Short Stories- Moral, Spiritual and Patriotic (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAV669 : Hindu Resurgence in Indonesia (Inspiring Story of Millions of Muslims Converting to Hinduism)

NAV097 : Precognitive Dreams in Kashmir Saivism

NAV484 : A Compendium of the Raja Yoga Philosophy (Comprising the Principal Treatises of Sankaracarya and Other Renowned Authors)

MZB901 : Advaita Vedanta Erfahrung Der Absoluten Einheit (Spanish)

IDE225 : Outlines of Indian Philosophy

NAV103 : A Study of Time in Indian Philosophy

NAV385 : Krishna's Playground (Vrindavan in the 21st Century)

NAV585 : Philosophy of Kaivalyadarshan

NAV593 : Sri Kumbhandas Ji - Bhava Darshan

NAV355 : Role of Reason in Sankara Vedanta

NAV243 : Select Discourses on The Wisdom of Vedanta (A Spiritual Guide for Devotees)

NAV096 : An Introduction to Jain Philosophy- Based on Writings and Discourses by Acarya Sushil Kumar

NAV093 : Mind and Cognition- An Interdisciplinary Sharing (Essays in Honour of Amita Chatterjee) in Set of 2 Volumes

NAV107 : Ancient Indian Scientific Thought and Modern Theories

NAV296 : Collected Fruits of Occult Teaching

NAV297 : Secrets of Yogi Philosophy (Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism)

NAV556 : A Journey of Superconsciousness

NAV086 : Navya-Nyaya Philosophy of Language

MZC236 : श्री गुरूजी रेखा-चित्र दर्शन - Life Sketch of Shri Guruji with Illustrated Pictures

MZC166 : प्रबोधन - Enlightenment

MZC181 : महाभारतकालीन राष्ट्रीय तत्त्वज्ञान - National Philosophy of Mahabharata

MZB713 : Perspectives- The Timeless Way of Wisdom (Volume - 1)

NAR249 : The Book of Life (Everyone's Common Sense Guide to Purposeful Living & Spiritual Growth Into the 21st Century and Beyond)

IDF634 : The Supreme Yoga Yoga Vasistha

IHF031 : The World of Rhythm Called Rituals

NAV427 : Auto Hypnotherapy for Psychological Disorders- Therapy on Fear, Failure, Addictions etc. (Part-1)

NAV486 : The Everlasting Flame (Zoroastrianism in History and Imagination)

MZB795 : La Filosofia De La Existencia En Ramana Maharshi Y La Ciencia Moderna (Spanish)

NAS040 : Auto Hypnotherapy for Psychological Disorders- Therapy on Mania, Depression, Obsessive Thinking Etc. (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAV434 : Nectar of Life

NAV384 : Krishna's Lineage (The Harivamsha of Vyasa's Mahabharata)

NAV410 : Paramarthasara of Adisesa (An Old and Rare Book)

NAV383 : Pradyumna (Love, Magician, and Scion of the Avatara)

NAV407 : The Nyaya Conception of Reasoning

NAV409 : The Nyaya Conception of Reasoning

NAV610 : Reinterpreting Indology and Indian History (Institutions, Intentions, Sources and Issues)

NAV380 : Aspirations of Indian Youth- A Study in Sociology of Youth (An Old and Rare Book)

NAV378 : Introduction to the Purva Mimamsa (An Old Book)

NAR229 : Journey beyond Love (Reinstating The Executive)

NAV381 : Pancadasi (A Critical Study)

NAV135 : Path Without Form (A Journey into the Realm Beyond Thought)

NAV357 : Science and Self Knowledge (A Self Development Journal for Class VIII)

NAU794 : Time- Sense

NAV313 : Hypnotism - A Complete System of Method, Application and Use

NAV329 : Introduction to Philosophical Analysis

NAV351 : My Pain Speaks A Collection of Spontaneous and Awakening Thoughts of Dr. S.N. Subbarao

NAV289 : The Spiritual Heritage of India

NAV290 : A Collection of Esoteric Writings of T. Subba Row

NAV309 : A Compendium of the Raja Yoga Philosophy

NAV285 : Indian Wisdom (The Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Doctrines of the Hindus with A Brief History of the Sanskrit Literature)

NAV280 : Practical Lessons in Hypnotism

NAV284 : Practical Occultism

NAV286 : Ramakrishna His Life and Sayings (The Saint Heritage of India a Collection of Classical Works)

NAV314 : The Law of the New Thought - A Study of Fundamental Principles and their Application

NAV310 : The Life After Dealth

NAV287 : The Secret of Jnana Yoga Lectures on Vedanta Philosophy

NAV292 : The Swastika (The Earliest Known Symbols, and Its Migration with Observations on the Migration of Certain Industries in Prehistoric Times)

NBA069 : Priest, Kings, and Women in the Early Upanisads (The Character of the Self In Ancient India)

NAR472 : Revival (Vedic Alternatives For Youth)

NAN032 : The Vedanta Sutras with The Commentaries of Sankaracarya and Ramanuja (Set of 3 Volumes)

NAQ883 : Vedic Concept of Dharma (A Philosophical Analysis)

IDF190 : The Yoga of Kashmir Shaivism Consciousness is Everything

NAO069 : Causality in Science and Vedanta - Leading to the Solution of the Quantum Measurement Problem

NAV235 : Verbal Testimony in Indian Philosophy

NAF040 : Understanding Sankara (Essays by Richard De Smet)

NAV220 : A Study in Advaita Epistemology

NAV227 : Ashtanga Yoga (Practice and Philosophy)

NAV210 : Forge Your Future (Inspiration & Personal Growth)

NAV209 : Discover your Power Quotient (A Modern Arthasastra by Y. S. Rajan)

NAV201 : Kamandakiya Nitisara or The Elements of Polity (In English)

NAV132 : Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder The Victim's guide to Healing and Recovery

NAV140 : Satisfying Our Innate Desire to Know God

NAV193 : Select Works of Sri Sankaracharya

NAV117 : Srimad Bhagavadgita- A Treatise on Counselling (A Psychological Study)

NAV092 : Why I Am an Indian and Other Spiritual Essays

NAU193 : Philosophy of Gorakhnath with Goraksha-Vacana-Sangraha

NAV102 : Reflections on Indian Thought (Fourteen Essays)

NAV134 : The Vedanta-Sutra (With the Commentary by Ramanuja)

NAV165 : Sri Aurobindo and the Theories of Evolution (Indian and Western Theories of Evolution with Special Reference to Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy of Evolution)- An Old and Rare Book

NAV122 : I Believe - A Philosophy for the Global Society

NAV120 : Krishnamurti (The Man, The Mystery & The Message)

NAV125 : Lectures on Tanmatras and Pancamahabhutas

NAV139 : Tarka-Sangraha of Shri Annam Bhatta with English Translation

NAV080 : Inspiring Thoughts of Swami Vivekananda

NAV108 : Sapiens And Sthitaprajna (A Comparative Study in Seneca's Stoicism and The Bhagavadgita)

NAV054 : Indomitable Spirit

NAV075 : Inspiring Thoughts of APJ Abdul Kalam

NAV082 : Inspiring Thoughts on Life (100 Insights Ideas and Inspirations for Living Life to the Fullest)

NAV077 : Inspiring Thoughts on Management (100 Power-Packed Tips from Legendary Managers and Thinkers)

NAV073 : Inspiring Thoughts on Success

NAV074 : Inspiring Thoughts on Successful Leadership (100 Ideas to Help You Become a More Successful Leader)

NAV083 : The Philosophy of Lokayata- A Review and Reconstruction

NAV060 : Consciousness The Missing Link

NAV050 : The Legend of Swami Vivekananda

NAV008 : Value of Life Based on the Knowledge from Holy Scriptures (Part-6)

NZZ590 : गाँधी - जीवन और दर्शन - Gandhi's Life and Philosophy

NAU997 : A Bouquet of Random Thoughts Conversations with Myself

NAV012 : Crazy Ideas (Answering the Atheists)

NAV007 : Values of Life - Based on the Knowledge from Bhagavad Gita and Other Holy Scriptures (Part-7)

NAV011 : Values of Life Based on the Knowledge from Holy Scriptures (Part-3)

NAV010 : Values of Life Based on the Knowledge from Holy Scriptures (Part-4)

NAV009 : Values of Life Based on the Knowledge from Holy Scriptures (Part-5)

NAV006 : Values of Life Based on the Knowledge from Holy Scriptures (Part-8)

NAU939 : Who Am I ?

NAU938 : Who is God

NAT346 : Yoga - Tarangini (A Rare Commentary on Goraksa-Sataka)

NAR435 : Classical Yoga Philosophy and the Legacy of Samkhya

NAU922 : Long Live the Lord ! - Periyalvar Tirumoli-Mudur Pattu (First Decade)

NAU900 : Beauty of the Soul

NAU793 : Swami Vivekananda - The Holistic Scientist

NAU920 : The Art of Spiritual Life

NAU898 : The Pupose of Life

NAU843 : A Comparative Study of the Concepts of Space and Time in Indian Thought (An Old and Rare Book)

NAU869 : Happiness Express (A Journey to Everyday Well - Being)

NAU864 : Outlines of Sanskrit Poetics

NAU856 : Youth Power and the Power of Ideas

NAU848 : Essays on Vedanta

NAU854 : Life and Spiritual Evolution

NAU837 : The Six Ways of Knowing - A Critical Study of the Advaita Theory of Knowledge

NAU841 : तर्ककौमुदी- The Tarkakaumudi (A Manual on Nyaya-Vaisesika System)- An Old and Rare Book

NAU308 : Relativity, Philosophy and Mind (Volume 13)

IDF635 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies - Volume VIII (Buddhist Philosophy from 100 to 350 A.D.)

NAT183 : Vastusutra Upanisad (The Essence of Form in Sacred Art)

NAU795 : A Functional Analysis of Indian Thought and Its Social Margins by Swami Agehananda Bharati (An Old and Rare Book)

NAU748 : Healthy Aging

NAU788 : Sambandha-Vartika of Suresvaracharya (An Old and Rare Book)

NAT757 : Advaita and Visistadvaita

NAU760 : Meditations on the Way (A Contemplative and Personalized Study of the Tao Teh Ching)

NAU766 : The Daily Evening and Morning Offering - Agnihotra (According to the Brahmanas)

NAU747 : The Eight Limbs of Yoga (Pathway to Liberation)

NAU730 : Child of the Mother- A Poetical Tribute to Sri Ramakrishna

NAU738 : Enlightening Stories

NAU130 : दर्पदलनम् The Ending of Arrogance

NAU503 : A Study of the Sphutartha Srighan Acarasangraha- tika (An Old and Rare Book)

NAU708 : Collision with The Infinite

NAU714 : How to Identify Personality Defects in Ourself? (Imbibe Virtues Such as Perseverance and Make the Personality Defect Removal Process Effective)

NAU713 : Importance of Personality Defect Removal and Inculcating Virtues (Make Your Life Stress Free, Increase Love for the Family and Be Successful)

NAU483 : Coming Home ( The Experience of Enlightenment in Sacred Traditions )

IHE060 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies Volume XII Yoga India’s Philosophy of Meditation

NAU659 : Einstein's Dream Come True The Final Theory

NAT569 : Fire, Death and Philosophy (A History of Ancient Indian Thinking)

NAU646 : Contemporary Indian Philosophy (Second Series)

NAU648 : Conversations with Nostradamus - His Prophecies Explained (Vol-I)

NAU647 : Conversations with Nostradamus - His Prophecies Explained (Vol-II)

NAU651 : Kalidasa's Vision of Kumarasambhava

NAU653 : Nobody Home (From Belief to Clarity)

IDD351 : Siva (Shiva) Sutras The Yoga of Supreme Identity Text of the Sutras and the Commentary Vimarsini of Ksemaraja

NAU631 : 25 Ways to Improve Your Life

NAU372 : F Max Mueller - What He Can Teach Us (An Old and Rare Book)

NAU553 : Phenomenology of Spirit

NAU637 : Spiritual Revolution a Way Out - A Personal Program for Building a Spiritual Life Outside the Walls of Traditional Religion

NAU634 : The Concept of Pratibha in Sanskrit Literature

NAU620 : The Teachers of One Living Advaita (Conversations on the Nature of Non-Duality)

NAU619 : You Are Not - Beyond the Three Veils of Consciousness

NAU585 : The Dhvanyaloka and Its Critics

NAU602 : The Royal Path Practical Lessons on Yoga

NAU345 : Vedantic Meditation (Lighting the Flame of Awareness)

NAU594 : Vedic Astrology-II

NAU593 : The Three Jewels

NAU575 : The Vedanta Kaustubha

NAU541 : A Critical Survery of Indian Philosophy

NAU500 : Critique of Indian Realism A Study of the Conflict Between The Nyaya-Vaisesika and The Buddhist Dignaga School (An Old and Rare Book)

NAU537 : The Hidden Master (From 'I' to 'Itness On Vimalaji's Teaching')

NAU479 : Buddhism and Jungian Psychology

NAU381 : Cintan Dainandini- Read Daily Live Fully

NAU516 : Dialogues on Reality (An Exploration into the Nature of Our Ultimate Identity)

NAU490 : Janani Understanding Prakriti (Vol.1)

NAU522 : Janani Water- Sustainer of Life (Vol.3)

NAU395 : Life Before and After Death

NAU494 : Vicaracaturi (Prof. P. Narayana Namboodiri Felicitation Volume)

NAU480 : Working Anger ( Preventing and Resolving Conflict on the Job )

NAU465 : Emotions and Ethics The Intellect - The Notebooks of Paul Brunton (Volume 5)

NAU488 : How to Achieve Incredible Results by Inspiration

NAU489 : Janani Annadwai Pranah- Food is Prana (Vol.2)

NAU097 : The Kusumanjali (Old and Rare Book)

NAU449 : Art as a Guide to Self- Realization

NAU447 : Living Intimately A Guide to Realizing Spiritual Unity in Relationships

NAU450 : Luminous Essence Exploring the Body Consciousness

NAU145 : Moral Education- A Practical Approach

NAU456 : Ramana Maharshi's Philosophy of Existence and Modern Science (The Convergence in their Vision of Reality)

NAT889 : Research as Realization Science, Spirituality and Harmony

NAU451 : The Power of your Subconscious Mind

NAU448 : Your Sun Sign as a Spiritual Guide

NAU386 : Emotion, Expression and Aesthetics

NAU430 : Living Enlightenment A Call for Evolution Beyond Ego

NAU426 : Peace and Where to Find It

NAU435 : The Middle Path of Tai Chii

NAU432 : The Ocean of Theosophy

NAU410 : Come, Come, Yet Again Come (Responses to Questions)

NAU385 : Leep- Life Empowerment and Enrichment Programme

NAT972 : Kama Darshan As Perceived by Morari Bapu

NAU344 : The Creator (Vedic Philosophy From the Eyes of A Scientist)

NAU329 : The Orient Its Legacy to the West (Volume 10)

NAU331 : The Sensitivities Dynamics and Dangers of Mysticism (Volume 11)

NAU295 : Advanced Contemplation The Peace within You

NAU300 : Enlightened Mind, Divin Mind

NAU304 : Heling of the Self Using the Forces of Life The Negatives Understanding the Power of Darkness (Volume 7)

NAU299 : Inspiration and the Overself (Vol.14)

NAU301 : Reflections on my Life and Writings (Vol.8)

NAU133 : The Notebooks of Paul Brunton (Set of 16 Volume)

NAU240 : The Psychic Sun

NAU298 : The Religious Urge Reverential Life (Vol.12)

NAT600 : The Vedas

NAU243 : Channelled Knowledge from The Rishis

NAU236 : Debates in Indian Philosophy Classical, Colonial and Contemporary

NAU258 : Discovering the Realm Beyond Appearance - Pointers to the Inexpressible

NAU106 : Man in Kavya (An Old and Rare Book)

NAU178 : The Naturalistic Tradition in Indian Thought

NAU186 : Yogacara Buddhism and Modern Psychology

NAU135 : An Intorduction to The Study of Society (An Old and Rare Book)

NAU158 : Can One be Scientific and Yet Spiritual?

NAU138 : Proceedings of Philosophical Congress B.H.U. - 1967 (An Old and Rare Book)

NZW487 : Proceedings of The Indian Philosophical Congress 44th Session Poona- 1970 (An Old and Rare Book)

NAU139 : Proceedings of The Indian Philosophical Congress Patna - 1968 ( An Old and Rare Book)

NAU150 : Selfless Self

NZW765 : Insights & Inspirations

NAU110 : My Lord, May I Come In?

NAT752 : The Grace

NAT974 : Albert Camus Sense of The Sacred

NAU006 : Camus and India

NAU101 : Encountering The Memory- Self

NAT969 : Inspirations Values and Guidance for Students and Youths

NZW632 : Swami Vivekananda (On Institution Building and Management)

NAU096 : The Veda and Vedanta (An Old and Rare Book)

NAU104 : The Yoga Philosophy (Speeches and Writings of Virchand R. Gandhi)

NAT980 : Explorations Into the Eternal (An Old and Rare Book)

NAU070 : The Light - A Complete Guidebook for Spiritual Journey (With CD Inside)

NAU064 : The Story of Creation as Seen by the Seers

NAU071 : Words of The Mother (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZE399 : पाश्चात्य दर्शन का ऐतिहासिक सर्वेक्षण - An Historical Survey of Western Philosophy

NAT678 : J. Krishnamurti And The Nameless Experience

NAT481 : A Buddhist Manual of Psychological Ethics

NAT991 : Lives of Indian Images

NAT975 : Perceiving in Advaita Vedanta (Epistemological Analysis and Interpretation)

NAT979 : Psychology of the Chakras (Eye of the Lotus)

NAU001 : The Essence of Drk-Drsya Viveka

NAT818 : Vedic Cell Biology with Life Energy & Rebirth

NAT955 : A History of Indian Philosophy (Principal Dualistic and Pluralistic Systems)

NAT951 : A History of Indian Philosophy - Philosophy of Buddhist, Jaina and Six Systems of Indian Thought (Vol-1)

NAT953 : A History of Indian Philosophy - Sankara School of Vedanta, Yogavasistha and Bhagavadgita (Vol-2)

NAT957 : A History of Indian Philosophy The Philosophy of the Bhagavata Purana, Madhva, Vallabha and Gaudiya School of Vaisnavism (Vol-4)

NAT950 : Intuition (Its Nature and Uses in Human Experience)

NAQ340 : Metaphilosophy of Creation - Cosmos and Beyond Cosmos

NAT648 : Prabodhachandoraya of Krsna Misra

NAT938 : So have We Heard (Old and Book)

NAT833 : The Central Conception of Buddhism

NAT873 : A History of Indian Philosophy - Southern School of Saivism (Vol-5)

NAT876 : Scientific Explorations of Jain Doctrines (In 2 Parts)

NAT842 : Socrates

NAT823 : Ancient Indian Philosophy and Modern Science (An Attempt to Resolve 45 Mysteries of Modern Science)

NAT854 : Developments in Meditation and States of Consciousness (Zen-Brain Reflections)

NAT617 : Indian and Western Philosophies (Unity in Diversity)

NAT868 : Induction Probability and Skepticism (An Old and Rare Book)

NAT618 : Jaina Epistemology in Historical and Comparative Perspectives (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAT566 : Essays in Jaina Philosophy and Religion

NAT704 : God and Science (Divine Causation and the Laws of Nature)

NAT768 : Himalayan Mysticism (Shiva's Disc to Cut Asunder and Open the Mystic Heart)

NAF778 : Nyaya Theory of Knowledge

NAT788 : Philosophy Psychology Mysticism - The Sufi Message (Vol- XI)

NAT497 : The Case for India

NAT575 : The Philosophy of Lokayata (A Review and Reconstruction)

NAT776 : The Religious Culture of India (Power, Love and Wisdom)

NAT791 : Vaisnavism Its Philosophy, Theology and Religious Discipline

NBA066 : Capturing the Aura (Integrating Science, Technology, and Metaphysics)

NAT691 : Jiddu Krishnamurti - World Philosopher (1895-1986)

NAT694 : Jiddu Krishnamurti - World Philosopher (1895-1986)

NBA064 : The Solar Return or Varshaphal (The Tajik System of the Year)

NAT511 : Nyayasasra of Bhasarvajna (With the Commentary Padabhanika of Vasudeva Suri)

NAT542 : Personal Identity

IDJ337 : Culture and Consciousness Literature Regained

NAT480 : Ethical Relativism and Universalism

NBA038 : Kalatattvakosa (A Lexicon of Fundamental Concepts of the Indian Arts)

NBA046 : The Hindu Mind (Fundamentals of Hindu Religion and Philosophy for All Ages)

IDH349 : Tripura-Rahasya (Jnankhanda)

NZF884 : पश्चिमी दर्शन Western Philosophy

NAT432 : Education in Emerging Indian Society

NBA043 : The ABC of Astral Travel (Transcending Space and Time)

NBA049 : न्यायकल्लोलिनी Compendium of Pearls of Thought

NAT439 : Egypt's Africa Policy

NAS795 : Leading Lights of Madhwa Siddhanta (A Brief Biography of Madhwa Saints)

NAT441 : Population Society in West Asia

NAT436 : Portrait of Mira

NAT431 : The Ideas of Humanist Culture

NAT389 : Alebert Camus and Indian Thought

NAT393 : Social and Political Philosophy

NAT403 : The Higher Fidelity (A Study of Camus and The Bhagavada-Gita)

NAT390 : Tolerance

NAT380 : Transformative Philosophy (A Study of Sankara, Fichte, and Heidegger)

NAT147 : 35 Golden Keys To Who You Are and Why You're Here

NAT358 : I Am That I Am (A Tribute to Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj)

NAT195 : Mascering Health (The A To Z of Chi Kung)

NAT352 : Navajata

NAT356 : Swami Shivananda- A Chief Disciple of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna (Mahapurushaji)

NAT345 : Kautilya on Moral Hazard, Poverty and Systemic Risk

NAT299 : Man (Existentialism of Jean Paul Sartre)

NAT297 : Conversations With Nostradamus (His Prophecies Explained)

NAT258 : Dancing With The Void (The Innerstandings of a Rare-Born Mystic)

NAT290 : Embracing Heaven and Earth (The Liberation Teachings for Enlightenment)

NAT328 : Feng Shui for Relationships (The Yin and Yang of Love)

NBA017 : Happy For No Good Reason (Learn to Meditate Become Stronger, Calmer and Happier)

NAT257 : Perspectives (The Timeless Way of Wisdom)

NAT310 : The Intuitive Way (A Guide to Living from Inner Wisdom)

NAT268 : Meditation As a Way of Life - Philosophy and Practice (Rooted in the Teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda)

NZF603 : धर्म दर्शन Philosophy of Religion

NAT228 : A Guide to Energy-based Healing

NBA015 : Being Meaning (Reality and Language in Bhartrhari and Heidegger)

NAT237 : Essence of Spiritual Wisdom (Inspirational Thoughts of Western Masters)

NAT225 : Hope for a Better World! (The Small Communities Solution)

NAT247 : Living Enlightenment (A Call for Evolution Beyond Ego)

NAT251 : Living Intimately (A Guide to Realizing Spiritual Unity in Relationships)

NAT254 : Path to the Soul (The Union of Eastern and Western Wisdom to Heal Your Body, Mind and Soul)

NAT230 : Pathways to Higher Conciousness (The Master Game)

NAT203 : Encounters With Infinity (A Metamathematical Dissertation)

NAT212 : New Age Encyclopedia

NAT206 : The Middle Path of Tai Chi

NBA005 : The Supreme Quest (Your Serach for The Truth Ends There Where You Are)

NAT201 : To Be and Not To Be - That is the Answer (Unique Experiments for Tapping Our Infinite Resources)

IDJ491 : Kalatattvakosa Vol. II (A Lexicon of Fundamental Concepts of the Indian Arts, Space and Time Desa-Kala)

NAT148 : Karma Destiny And Your Career

IDI041 : Sankara on the Yoga Sutras

IDE244 : The Architecture of Knowledge Quantum Mechanics, Neuroscience, Computers and Consciousness

NAH717 : The Secret of Liberation (Secret of Achievement)

NZF574 : नीतिशास्त्र सिद्धान्त और व्यवहार Niti Shastra (Ethics)- Principles and Practice

NAM151 : A Critical History of Western Philosophy (Greek, Medieval and Modern)

NAT149 : A Manual on Humanics

NAT170 : An Introduction to Social Anthropology

NAR475 : Broken Names (A Story of Transformation)

NAL641 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies Acintyabhedhabheda Vaisnava Philosophy (Volume XIX)

NAL645 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies Dvaita Vedanta Philosophy (Vol- XVIII)

NAH733 : Exploring Mind Pollution

IDE326 : Fundamentals of Visistadvaita Vedanta A Study based on Vedanta Desika's Tattva-mukta-Kalapa

NAC217 : Gods and the World

NAP015 : In Praise of Silence

NAT891 : Life, Thought and Culture in India - C. AD 300 1000 (Volume II)

IDH357 : Modern Physics and Vedanta

NAT163 : Mysticism, Fullness of Life

NAT174 : Reading the New Nietzsche

NAH332 : Self on Self (Bhagavan Ramana Answers)

IHL688 : Teaching Tradition of Advaita Vedanta

NAP944 : The Key of Knowledge

NAT548 : The Mysteries of Life and Death

NAR362 : The Six Ways of Knowing (A Critical Study of The Advaita Theory of Knowledge)

IDK159 : The Taittiriya Upanishad With the Commentaries of Sri Sankaracarya, Sri Suresvaracarya and Sri Vidyaranya(An old and rare book)

NAP906 : Yogic Elements in Pancamahakavyas

NZF290 : दर्शन शास्त्र की रूपरेखा Outline of Philosophy

NZH008 : वैदिक दर्शन Vedic Philosophy

HAA653 : संभोग से समाधि की ओर (जीवन उर्जा रूपांतरण का विज्ञान) - Sambhog Se Samadhi Ki Aur (With CD)

NAT165 : A Short History of Western Philosophy

NAT166 : An Introduction to Logic (An Old and Rare Book)

NAT161 : Man Science and Environment

NAT144 : Mandala Workbook For Inner Self-Development

NAT153 : Navya Nyaya System of Logic (Basic Theories and Techniques)

IDC250 : Nagarjuna's Letter to King Gautamiputra (With Explanatory Notes Based on Tibetan Commentaries and A Preface by His Holiness Sakya Trizin)

NAC982 : Pahlavi Texts (In 5 Volumes)

NAT106 : Perspectives in Applied Ethics

NAT127 : Philosophical and Sociological Basis of Education

IDE040 : The Mind In Ayurveda and Other Indian Traditions

IDF619 : YOGA VASISTHA Of Valamiki 4 Volumes

NAC739 : Advaita A Contemporary Critique

NAT093 : Knowing Beyond Knowledge (Epistemologies of Religious Experience in Classical and Modern Advaita)

NAI170 : Prolegomena to Advaita Vedanta (A Study Based on the Adhyasa-Bhasya of Sri Sankara)

NAQ339 : Science and Philosophy in the Indian Buddhist Classics (Vol-1)

NAT123 : The Cult of the Goddess Pattini

NAD493 : The Lingustic Atom and The Origin of Language

IDF290 : The Supreme Yoga A New Translation of the Yoga Vasistha (Two Volumes)

NZB871 : धर्मदर्शन की मूल समस्याएं The Fundamental Problems of the Philosophy of Religion

NZC771 : नागरिकी (प्लातोन की पोलितिया का हिन्दी अनुवाद)- A Translation of Plato's Republic

NZF831 : भारतीय नीतिशास्त्र Indian Ethics (An Old An Rare Book)

NZF423 : वैज्ञानिक प्रविधि एवं तर्कशास्त्र Scientific Method & Logic

NZF413 : समकालीन भारतीय दर्शन Contemporary Indian Philosophy

IDE577 : Abhinavagupta and His Works - An Old Book

NAP006 : Amidrishti- The Divine Attitude

NAT117 : Anthropology and Historiography of Science

IDF420 : Artha Meaning

IDG350 : Cause and Effect

NAE550 : Contented Mind The Goal of Life

NAO577 : Cosmology and Nataraja

IDF679 : Film and Philosophy (Rare Book)

NAH401 : God

NAT120 : India and Europe (An Essay in Philosophical Understanding)

NAQ390 : Kashmir Saiva Philosophy (Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies)

IDG447 : Preceptors of Advaita

NAO216 : The Concept of God

IDF900 : The Method of the Vedanta A Critical Account of the Advaita Tradition

NAC983 : The Roots of Vedanta Selections From Sankara's Writings

IDE164 : Vivekacudamani of Sri Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)

NAT122 : Yuktidipika ( The Most Important Commentary on the Samkhyakarika of Isvarakrsna)

NZD569 : उद्दोतकर का न्यायवार्तिक एक अध्ययन Udyotkar's Nyaya Vartik- A Study

NAI657 : तर्कसंग्रह (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) Tarka Samgraha

NZF608 : पाश्चात्य दर्शन Western Philosophy

NZB640 : सांख्यतत्त्व कौमुदी Samkhya Tattva Koumudi

IDE780 : A Constructive Survey Of Upanishadic Philosophy Being An Introduction To The Thought Of The Upanishads (An Old Book)

IDI814 : Folkways in Literature An Aesthetic Imperative

NAR432 : Interfaith Insights

NAT081 : Ramana Maharshi's Philosophy of Existence and Modern Science (The Convergence in their Vision of Reality)

NAT079 : Study Book Series in 5 Volumes - Five Books on Five Philosophical Topics (A Selection of Passages from the Teachings of J. Krishnamurti)

NAR865 : The Tarkabhasa of Kesavamisra (With The Commentary of Goverdhana and Critical & Explanatory Notes of Shivaram Mahadeo Paranjape)

IHE028 : The Touch of Sakti (A Study in Non-dualistic Trika Saivism of Kashmir)

ISL107 : The Vedanta-Sutras (Brahmasutras) of Badarayana with the commentary of Baladeva

NAT087 : Twentieth-Century Analytic Philosophy

NAC831 : Vedanta A Simple Introduction

IDE022 : Viduraniti (A Commentory on Ethical Politics) (Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Translation and Explanation)

NAF822 : Zarathustra The Laughing Prophet (On Friedrich Nietzsch's Thus Spake Zarathustra)

NZD571 : अद्वैतमकरन्द Advaita Makranda

NZF609 : भारतीय दर्शन में तत्त्वों का समस्यात्मक विवेचन A Problematic Analysis of The Elements in Indian Philosophy

NAB001 : वेदांत प्रबोध Vedanta Prabodha The Most Comprehensive Book Ever Published on Shankara Vedanta (In Hindi)

IDF820 : Aparokshanubhuti or Self-Realization of Sri Sankaracharya (Shankaracharya)

IDF636 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies - Volume IX (Buddhist Philosophy from 350 to 600 A.D.)

NAC234 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies Nyaya-Vaisesika Philosophy from 1515 to 1660 (Volume XIII)

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NAP580 : Problem of Relations in Indian Philosophy (An Old and Rare Book)

NAT049 : Suddhadvaita Vedanta Philosophy (Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies - Volume XXIII)

NAQ594 : The Colours of Desire on the Canvas of Restraint (The Jaina Way)

NZA734 : अर्थसंग्रह Arthasamgraha

NAJ407 : परमार्थदर्शनम Paramartha Darsana

NAQ759 : An Introduction to Indian Philosophy

IDE381 : Interpreting Across Boundaries New Essays in Comparative Philosophy

IDG004 : Purvamimamsa from an Interdisciplinary Point of View

IDF377 : The Occult Traning of The Hindus

IDD333 : Yoga and Indian Philosophy 

NZD649 : तर्कसंग्रह Tarka Samgraha

NAI921 : धर्म दर्शन की रूप रेखा Outlines of Philosophy of Religion

NAN660 : A Divine Life in a Divine Body

NAT067 : Mental Purification and Healing

IDD022 : Numbers Their Iconographic Consideration in Buddhist and Hindu Practices

NAH837 : Tantrapuspanjali - Tantric Traditions and Philosophy of Kashmir

NAT069 : The Coming Race and Other Essays Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta (An Old and Rare Book)

NAB465 : Vaisnavism Its Philosophy, Theology and Religious Discipline (Rare Book)

NAC864 : Prasthanathraya Shankaracharya's Commentary on the Brahmasutra (The Only Edition with Both the Sanskrit Text of the Bhashya and Its English Translation)

NAT216 : Aura Reading Through All Your Senses (Celestial Perception Made Practical)

NAT044 : Collected Works of the Mother (Set of 17 Volumes)

NAT060 : The Philosophy of Pancaratra (An Advaitic Approach)

NAT051 : Thinking and Destiny (With a Brief Account of The Descent of Man Into This Human World and How He Will Return to The Eternal Order of Progression)

NZB751 : मिथ्यात्व ज्ञान The Knowledge of Illusion

NAS788 : Mahabharata's Bhishma - Death Your Servant (Examples From A World Classic)

NAR465 : Structures and Patterns of Religion (An Old and Rare Book)

NAE563 : The Book of Nothing (Hsin Hsin Ming)

IHL181 : The Natya Sastra of Bharatamuni

IDC258 : The Notion of Emptiness in Early Buddhism

NZC156 : न्यायदर्शनम् Nyaya Darshanam- Commentary on The Nyaya Sutras of Gautam

NZF433 : प्रत्यभिज्ञाह्रद्यम् (संस्कृत एवं हिन्दी अनुवाद) - Pratyabhijna Hrdyam

NAT039 : Indian Insights Into Management

IDK223 : Madhyamaka Schools in India {A Study of the Madhyamaka Philosophy and of the Division of the System into the Prasangika and Svatantrika Schools

NAP391 : Shri Tripura Rahasyam (Jnana Khanda) - Discourses on Wisdom

NAI066 : The Metaphysics and Epistemology of The Early Vaisesikas (A Rare Book)

IDL175 : The Way To Liberation (Moksha-Dharma Of Mahabharata)

NZE133 : दर्शनेषु मनस्तत्त्वपरिशीलनम् The Mind in The Systems of Indian Philosophy

NZE394 : भारतीय दर्शन Indian Philosophy

NAS236 : Advaita Makaranda (The Nectar of Non Duality of Sri Laksmidhara Kavi)

NAO652 : Bhakti in The Vaishnava Rasa - Sastra (An Old and Rare Book)

NAO161 : Spirituality (Discovering Our True Self)

IDC170 : The Conception of Buddhist Nirvana (With Sanskrit Text of Madhyamaka-Karika)

IDE211 : The Samkhya-Tattva-Kaumudi Vacaspati Misra's Commentary on the Samkhya-karika

IDD342 : The Vibrating Universe 

IDD334 : Yoga and Indian Philosophy 

NZG044 : वैशेषिकदर्शनम् Vaisesika Darsana

IDK210 : An Investigation into the Nature of Consciousness and Form Mechanistic and Nonmechanistic Science

IDE816 : Bhamati and Vivarana Schools of Advaita Vedanta A Critical Approach

NAT026 : Mother's Chronicles - Mirra (Set of 6 Volumes)

IDH076 : Parvati's Tapasya (Illumination, Heroism and Harmony)

IDH288 : Rta Ritu (An Exhibition on Cosmic Order and Cycle of Seasons)

NAL297 : Tattva Dipika of Baladeva Vidyabhushan (Light on The Truth)

NAF290 : The Charm and Power of The Upanisads

NZF570 : पाश्चात्य दर्शन का समीक्षात्मक इतिहास A Critical History of Western Philosophy

NZB729 : प्रशस्तपादभाष्यटीकासंग्रह Prashastapad Bhashya Sangraha

IDF857 : Indian Theories Of Meaning

NAK138 : Tarka Samgraha of Annambhatta

NAO854 : Vedanta in Modern Life

IDE528 : A History of Early Vedanta Philosophy - Part Two

IDF711 : Christ and Buddha And Other Sketches For Children

NAF158 : Encyclopedia Indian Philosophies Bhedabheda and Dvaitadvaita Systems (Volume XV)

IDF658 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies - Vol. VI (Indian Philosophical Analysis Nyaya-Vaisesika from Gangesa to Raghunatha Siromani)

IDF191 : ENCYCLOPEDIA OF INDIAN PHILOSOPHIES Volume II The Tradition of Nyaya-Vasesika up to Gangesa

IDF214 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies Volume V The Philosophy of the Grammarians


NAI470 : The Mystic Philosophy of Sant Mat

IDE043 : The Wisdom of Vasistha (A Study of Laghu Yoga Vasistha from a Seeker's Point of View)

IDD590 : Vijnanabhairava or Divine Conciousness

IDK181 : An Evaluation of the Vedantic Critique of Buddhism

NAN486 : Buddhist Philosophy from 750 Onward - Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Volume XXII)

IHE046 : Buddhist Positiveness (Studies on the Lotus Sutra)

IDD348 : Indian Philosophy (3 Vols. Set)


NAS786 : Make Success Your Friend (One Hundred and One Practical Tips for What Succeeds)


IDC268 : Philosophy in the Samadhirajasutra

IDF949 : Philosophy of Psychoanalysis

IDK948 : Philosophy of Sri Madhavacarya

IDD578 : Pratyabhijnahrdayam (The Secret of Self-Recognition)

NAS785 : Probing the Mind and Other Guiding Symptoms (A Blueprint for Success)

IDD475 : Spanda-Karikas (The Divine Creative Pulsation The Karikas and the Spanda-Nirnaya)

IDD427 : The Advaita Vedanta of Brahma- Siddhi (An Old and Rare Book)

IDE722 : The Bhaktirasamrtasindhu of Rupa Gosvamin

IDC142 : The Buddhist Philosophy of Universal Flux An Exposition of the Philosophy of Critical Realism as Expounded by the School of Dignaga

IDD589 : Vijnanabhairava or Divine Conciousness

NAE573 : Ways of Thinking of Eastern Peoples India- China- Tibet- Japan

NZF417 : भारतीय तर्कशास्त्र परिचय An Introduction to Indian Logic

NAN485 : Buddhist Philosophy from 600 to 750 A.D. - Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Volume XXI)

IDE508 : Calming the Mind and Discerning the Real Buddhist Meditation and the Middle View

IDJ550 : Contemporary Indian Philosophy

IDI014 : Drg Drsya Viveka (Commentary by Swami Tejomayananda) ( Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning, Translation and Detailed Commentary)

IDG330 : Drg-Drsya-Viveka An Inquiry into The Nature of The 'Seer' and The 'Seen'

IDJ493 : Kalatattvakosa Vol. IV (A Lexicon of Fundamental Concepts of the Indian Arts, Manifestation of Nature Srsti Vistara)

NAS246 : Living Traditions of Vedas

IDE176 : Mandukya Upanisad With the Karika of Gaudapada and the Commentary of Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)

IDH336 : Manikana (A Navya-Nyaya Manual)

IHE022 : Mirror of Consciousness (Art, Creativity and Veda)

IDF382 : Music Forms

IDI641 : Practice of Brahmacharya

IDK664 : The Life-World of the Tamils Past and Present

IHL822 : The Nyaya Theory of Knowledge (A Critical Study of Some Problems of Logic and Metaphysics) - A Rare Book

NAR341 : The Philosophy of Jnanadeva

NAE726 : The Scientific Foundations of Jainism

IHL257 : The Triadic Heart of Siva (Kaula Tantricism of Abhinavagupta In The Non-Dual Shaivism of Kashmir)

IDD394 : Vastusutra Upanisad The Essence of Form in Sacred Art.

NZG317 : कौटिलीय अर्थशास्त्र में वनस्पतिकी (एक विवेचनात्मक अध्ययन) - Botany in Kautilya Arthashastra (An Old and Rare Book)

NZF439 : तर्कसंग्रह Tarka Samgraha

NZF611 : तुलनात्मक धर्म दर्शन Comparative Philosophy of Religion

HAA494 : न्यायबोधिनी Nyaya Bodhini - Detailed Hindi Explanation of Apadeva's Mimamsa Nyaya Prakasha

NZA390 : वैशेषिकदर्शनम् The Vaisesika Sutras with Detailed Explanation

NZF509 : सांख्यकारिका (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद)- Samkhya Karika with Gaudapada Bhashya

NAD510 : A Critical Approach to Classical Indian Poetics (An Old and Rare Book)

IDI781 : Facets of Indian Philosophical Thought

IDI640 : Self-Knowledge

IDE096 : Six Systems of Indian Philosophy - The Sutras of Six Systems of Indian Philosophy (with English Translation, Transliteration and Indices)

NAC895 : Tarkasangraha of Annambhatta (Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, English Translation with Detailed Explanation)

IDK773 : The Message of the Upanisads

NAP198 : The Nyaya Sutras of Gautama (Original Text, English Translation and Commentary)

NAO286 : The Nyaya Sutras of Gotama

NAS792 : The Riddle of the Infinite or Ananta

IDI916 : True Psychology

NAB767 : Vedanta or the Science of Reality

NAI631 : अध्यासभाष्यतात्पर्यविचारः मिथ्यात्वहेतुविचारश्च The Essence of Adhyasa Bhashya and the Causes of Mithya

NZE602 : तत्त्वचिन्तामणि Tattvacintamani with The Commentaries of Tarkacudamani and Prakasa (An Old and Rare Book)

NZB657 : पदार्थतत्त्वनिरूपणम् Padartha Tattva Nirupana with Two Commentaries

NZB634 : शक्तिवादस्थविचारसंग्रह Saktivadastha Vicara Sangrahah

NZA688 : सफल जीवन की राहें How to Lead a Truly Successful Life

IDE179 : Abhinavagupta's Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita Gitartha Samgraha

IDE221 : Aestheticians Cultural Leaders of India

IDG415 : Epistemology in Pracina and Navya Nyaya

NAS558 : Oriental and Linguistic Studies in 2 Volumes (An Old and Rare Book)

NAQ698 : The Hindu Rite of Entry Into Heaven and others Essays on Death and Ancestors in Hinduism

NAD015 : The Value of Values

NZB008 : सर्वदर्शनसंग्रह Sarva-Darsana-Samgraha

NAC974 : The Paths of Pravritti and Nivritti

NZE490 : न्यायकल्पलतिका Nyaya Kalpa Latika (A Commentary on The Brhadaranyakopanisad Bhasya Varttika) (An Old and Rare Book)

NAR446 : Ayurveda and The Mind (The Healing of Consciousness)

NAS742 : Introduction to the Indian Culture, Thought and Philosophy (Based on an Interview with Renowned Vedic Scholar Swami Dharmanand Ji Vidyamartand)

NAO596 : Navya-Nyaya Theory of Verbal Cognition - Critical Study of Gadadhara's Vyutpattivada in 2 Volumes (An Old and Rare Book)

IHJ020 : Pratyabhijnahrdayam of Ksemaraja - The Secret of Recognition

NAE860 : Sadhana of Service

NAN505 : The Aim of Life

NAS746 : The Original Philosophy of Yoga (The Yogasutras of Patanjali)

NAN155 : Ganita Darshana - The Philosophy of Mathematics

NAJ492 : Yoga Vasistha (Set of 6 Volumes) - A Rare Book

NAS707 : What Am I

NAD330 : Theistic Vedanta

NAS652 : Universal Love and World Unity

NZF553 : तत्त्वमीमांसा एवं ज्ञानमीमांसा Metaphysics and Epistemology

NZC176 : भारतीय दर्शन का इतिहास History of Indian Philosophy (Set of 4 Volumes)

NAS678 : Concept of Spirituality in Art Past, Present and Future

NAS667 : Falun Gong

NAS557 : God Experience (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAS664 : Lectures on Clinical Materia Medica in Family Order

NAS597 : Lectures on Comparative Philosophy (An Old and Rare Book)

NAS663 : Mother's Gift to The Young

NAS164 : Sadholal Lectures on Nyaya (An Old Book)

NAS531 : Sukuna Phala or Effects of Omens in Computer Age

NAS262 : The Khandanakhandakhadya of Shri Harsha (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAS501 : The Vaisesika Theory of Knowledge

NAS334 : Advaitamoda - A Study of Advaita and Visistadvaita (An Old and Rare Book )

IHE061 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies Volume XI Advaita Vedanta from 800 to 1200

NAS229 : The Essential Teacher

NAS669 : Vedic Philosophy

NAS416 : Competition and the Other Side of Life

NZQ482 : Exposition of Vedic Thought

NAS546 : Knowledge Reality and Happiness (An Old and Rare Book)

NAS372 : Lord of Creation

NAR985 : Overcome Personality Defects for a Blissful Life

NAS588 : Vedanta and The Science of Aging

NZA115 : ब्रह्मसूत्र शाङ्कर भाष्यम् (संस्कृत एवं हिन्दी अनुवाद) Brahma Sutra Shankar Bhashayam - Shankaranandi Tika

NAS595 : Binding Experiences and Epistemologies (Looking at the Contributions of Adi Sankaracaya, Tuncettu Ezuttacchan and Sri Narayna Guru in the Context of Recent Discussion on Consciousness Studies)

NAS604 : God, Intelligent Design and Fine- Tuning

NAS579 : Leadership for an Age of Higher Consciousness (Ancient Wisdom For Modern Times)

NAS587 : Life Matter and Their Interactions

NAS567 : Logic of Knowledge Base (An Old and Rare Book)

NAS609 : Negligence of Doctors and Hospitals

NAD806 : Spirituality and Science of Consciousness

NAS593 : Swami Vivekananda- An Intuitive Scientist

NAS573 : Teacher (As a Torch Bearer of Change)

NAS582 : Theories of Knowledge- A Critique (An Old and Rare Book)

NAS581 : Theories of Knowledge- Its Validity and Its Sources (An Old Book)

NAS594 : Towards Teaching Excellence

NAS590 : Vedanta and Biotechnology (Bioethical Perspectives)

IDJ852 : Anand-Sutra (Teachings on Bliss)

IDJ787 : Garland of Visions (Darsanamala of Narayana Guru)

IHF095 : Global Philosophical and Ecological Concepts (In Two Volumes) Cycles, Causality, Ecology and Evoultion in Various Traditions and Their Impact on Modern Biology

IDJ425 : On Developing Theology of Peace in Islam

NAS421 : A Sabda Reader (Language in Classical Indian Thought)

NAE247 : Art Of Healthy And Productive Living A Handbook For Teachers For Classes I, II And III

IDI721 : Astavakragita (The Song of The Self Supreme)

IDI113 : Historical Perspectives of Warfare in India Some Morale and Materiel Determinants

NAE757 : Life, Mind and Consciousness

IDI609 : The Ideal of The Karmayogin

NZF602 : सांख्यतत्त्वकौमुदी Samkhya Karika with Commentary Called Samkhya Tattva Kaumudi

IDD481 : A History of Indian Logic (Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern Schools)

NAM264 : Ethics and Epics (The Collected Essays of Bimal Krishna Matilal)

IDK294 : The Collected Works of J. Krishnamurti {The Art of Listening Volume - I [1933-1934]}

IDG062 : The Philosophy and Significance of IDOL WORSHIP

NAS576 : Discourses of a Realized Saint (Self Realization is a Must for Eternal Peace and Bliss)

NAS184 : Albert Einstein His Human Side


IDK747 : Conquest of Mind

NAS185 : Glimpses of Great Lives

NAS125 : Human Mind and Machine

NAS539 : Jaina (Philosophy and Religion)

IDK781 : Jivanmukta Gita


NAR097 : Mind , Language and World (The Collected Essays of Bimal Krishna Matilal)


NAS528 : Recollection Recognition and Reasoning (A Study in The Jaina Theory of Paroksa Pramana)

IDK780 : Sadhana Chatushtaya

IDK191 : Sadhana [A Text Book of the Psychology and Practice of the Techniques to Spiritual Perfection]

NAO191 : The Great Mystery of Life Beyond Death

IDH443 : Verses Addressed To The Mind (Manache Shlok By Sant Samartha Ramdas)

IDF830 : YOGA VEDANTA DICTIONARY (With English Transliteration)

IHG004 : Mulamadhyamakakarika of Nagarjuna- The Philosophy of the Middle Way

NAF546 : Nagarjuna's Philosophy as Presented in The Maha-Prajnaparamita Sastra

IHL649 : Erase The Ego

NAS385 : Harmful Effects of a Non Sattvik Diet

NAO072 : Philosophy of Life - As Reflected in the Bani of Guru Nanak and Upanisads

NAO385 : Sad - Darsana Samuccaya (A Compendium of Six Philosophies)

NAR908 : Spiritual Life (Theory and Practice)

IDG872 : The Secret of Action

NAK969 : The Song of Songs (The Soul and The Divine Beloved)

NAO852 : The Yogasara Upanishad (With CD Inside)

IDG473 : Vakya Vritti of Adi Sankara

NAS042 : Spirituality is Superior to Modern Science (Incorrect Impressions and the Correct Perspectives)

IHL040 : The Principles of Buddhist Psychology

NAS213 : Vishwarupa The Universal Form and The Path of Devotion

HAA914 : भौतिकी का सतपथ Hindi Translation of 'The Tao of Physics'

NAC926 : Buddhist Theory of Causation and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

NAC802 : Dhyanasvarupam

NAH008 : Essays on Science and Religion

IDH446 : Karma Sannyasa Spiritual Life For The Householder

NAC800 : On Conflict

IDF637 : On Mind And Consciousness Selected papers from the MiCon 2002 Conference

IDG390 : The Essential Teaching (Upadesa Sara)

NAC919 : The Mystic Heart of Judaism

NAH004 : Vedanta and Science Series (Reality of God's Existence)

NZG240 : न्यायसिध्दान्तमुक्तावली Nyaya Siddhanta Muktawali

IDE761 : Asparsa -Yoga A Study of Gaudapada's Mandukya Karika

NAD044 : Brahman, Individual Souls and the World in Nimbarka Philosophy

IDE182 : Comparative Religion

NAS043 : Develop the Child's Intellect and Mind

NAS413 : Mimamsa The Ancient Indian Science of Sentence Interpretation

NAS104 : Nyaya Philosophy of Language

NAS417 : Samadhi (Self Development in Zen, Swordsmanship, and Psychotherapy)

IDD352 : Siva (Shiva) Sutras The Yoga of Supreme Identity Text of the Sutras and the Commentary Vimarsini of Ksemaraja

NAS443 : Spirituality for Obtaining Bliss (Scientific Analysis of Happiness, Unhappiness and Bliss)

NAS447 : Spirituality in Daily Life (Experiencing God Everyday)

IDK296 : The Collected Works of J. Krishnamurti {The Mirror of Relationship Volume – III [1936- 1944]}

IDE739 : The Kautiliya Arthasastra 3 Volumes

NAO663 : The Purva Mimamsa Sutras of Jaimini

NZA561 : अर्थविज्ञान और व्याकरण दर्शन Contribution of Ancient Indian Grammarians to the Study of Semantics

NZC774 : मीमांसाकुतूहलम् Mimamsa Kutuhalam of Kamalakara Bhatta

NAS585 : Collected Stories By Swami Rama (Set of 4 Volumes)

IDE930 : Bhagavad Gita Bhasya of Sri Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)

IDI136 : God Goddess The Astrologer (Soul, Karma and Reincarnation How we Continually Create our own Destiny)

IHL686 : Indo–Tibetan Madhyamika Studies

IDE354 : Introduction To Religious Philosophy

IDK860 : Origin of Universe Vedic Approach

IDF008 : Patanjali Yoga Sutras Translated with a new Commentary

IHL187 : Samkhya Darshan (Yogic Perspective on Theories of Realism)

NAS287 : Samkhyatattva-Kaumudi of Vachaspati Misra (Sanskrit Text with English Translation)

IRP87 : Sri Aurobindo and Integral Yoga

NAC281 : The Crucifixion

NAC284 : The Mother on Japan

NAS266 : The Science of Literary Interpretation and A Fragrant Joy

IDJ489 : The Vedanta Philosophy

IDL176 : The Way To Liberation (Vol. 2 Mahabharata) (Moksha-Dana-Apat-Raja-Udyog)

IDL222 : Vedanta for Beginners

NAL113 : Agamas in Indian Dramatics and Musicology

IHL432 : Essays on Time in Buddhism

IDJ139 : Kumarila Bhatta Tantravarttika (A Commentary on Sabara's Bhasya on the Purvamimamsa Sutras of Jaimini) (Fascicles I-IX) (In Two Volumes)

IDD438 : LIFE SURRENDERED IN GOD (THE KRIYA YOGA WAY OF SOUL LIBERATION)(Essential teachings, lifestyle routines, and spiritual practices. With comprehensive commentary on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras by a direct, personal disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda.)

NAS260 : Saiva Siddhantha

IDK792 : The Mystery of Karma (An Exposition of the Law of Karma)

NAK758 : Vaiyakarana Bhusana Sara (Philosophy of Sanskrit Grammar)

IDH559 : Kashmir Shaivism The Secret Supreme

IDK295 : The Collected Works of J. Krishnamurti {What is Right Action? Volume – II [1934- 1935]}

IDI560 : Aesthetic Philosophy of Abhinavagupta

IDK372 : Philosophic Foundation of Ayurveda

IDF178 : Sure Ways to Self-Realization

HAA128 : दर्शन दिगदर्शन Darshan Digadarshan

NAS789 : Advaitic Sadhana (The Yoga of Direct Liberation)

NAI438 : Jaina Philosophy of Language

NAS211 : Coversations With Mahavatar Babaji

NAK364 : Nature of Anumana (Parmana)

NAS118 : Phenomenology of Violence (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAS139 : Religiion and Practical Reason (New Essays in The Comparative Philosophy of Religions)

NAS180 : Sankhayana Grhya Sutram - Belong to The Rgveda (An Old and Rare Book)

NAS168 : The Gita - A Theory of Human Action (An Old Book)

NZI952 : The Kashmir Series of Texts and Studies

NZG013 : The Para Trimshikha With Commentary of Abhinavagupta

NAS152 : The Philosophy of Guru Nanak (Set of 2 Volumes)

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IHL137 : A Critical Survey of Indian Philosophy

NAS158 : A Critique on Sabda - Based on Visvanatha's Bhasapariccheda (An Old and Rare Book)

NAH452 : Paradigms of Logic in Dharmakirti's Nyayabindu

NAS169 : Studies in Post - Samkara Dialectics (An Old and Rare Book)

NAS145 : The Question of Being East West Perspectives (An Old and Rare Book)

NAS157 : The Sankhya Philosophy (A Critical Evaluation of Its Origins and Development)

NAR733 : An Introduction to Ethics

NAO576 : Bhagavata Cosmology - Vedic Alternative to Modern Cosmology

IDE281 : How to Lead a Household Life

NAS252 : Indian Innovators (20 Brilliant Thinkers Who Are Changing India)

NAS144 : Mimamsa Nyaya Prakasa - Or Apadevi A Treatise on the Mimansa System By Apadeva (An Old and Rare Book)

NAS228 : Philosophy and India (Ancestors, Outsiders, and Predecessors)

NAR834 : Sanmarga Darshi - The Noble Path (A Self Development Journal for Class VII)

NZB442 : पञ्चदशी (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद) Panchadashi (Khemraj Edition)

HAA017 : भारतीय दर्शन (आलोचन और अनुशीलन)- Bhartiya Darshan

NZA636 : मन ही पूजा मन ही धूप Mind is Worship....Mind is Incense....

NZB530 : सुन्दरविलास Sundar Vilas

NAS079 : Dialogue With The World (The Concept of Body According to Merleau-Ponty and Ramanuja

IHL583 : Hasten Slowly

NAI410 : Rational Faith in God

NAR912 : Sadachar and Sandhyavandanam

NAH913 : Sri Aurobindo and The Future Psychology (Supplement to a Greater Psychology)

NAI983 : मीमांसान्यायप्रकाश Mimamsa Nyaya Prakash of Apadeva

NZB075 : सांख्यदर्शन Samkhya Darshan

IDE105 : A Critical Survey of Phenomenology and Existentialism

NAR338 : Sarva Vedanta Siddhanta Sara Sangraha (A Study)

NAC026 : Studies in Nyaya-Vaisesika Metaphysics (A Rare Book)

NAJ481 : The Relevance of Vedanta in This Modern Age of Civilization

NZB441 : पक्षपातरहित अनुभवप्रकाश Anubhav Prakash Without Prejudice

IDH434 : Essence Of Vedanta

NAE274 : Earthen Lamps 60 Parables and Stories

IDC295 : Vivekachoodamani (Talks on Sankara's Vivekachoodamani)

NAS109 : Advanced Educational Psychology

IDE397 : Fundamentals of the Philosophy of Tantras (An Old and Rare Book)

NAS101 : Knowledge of Action - Logico Epistemological Analysis (An Old and Rare Book)

NAS014 : Leading from the Heart (Sufi Principles at Work)

NAS197 : Light on The Doctrine of Krama (A Translation of Srikramanaya-pradipika of Swami Lakshmanjoo)

NAR923 : Nyaya Manjari - The Compendium of Indian Speculative Logic (Vol-I)

NAS103 : Creative Peace Through Encounter of World Cultures (In Commission of the Hanns Seidel Foundation)

IDK739 : Krishna The Man and His Philosophy

IDF984 : RABINDRANATH TAGORE AND PATRICK GEDDES The Ecological Cultural Visionaries

NAS077 : Relations in Indian Philosophy (An Old and Rare Book)

NAS098 : Religious Pluralism and Truth Essays On Cross-Cultural Philosophy of Religion

IDJ457 : Slokavarttika (Kumarila Bhatta)

NAE789 : Three Steps of Vedanta

NAS075 : A Concise Textbook of Human Psychology

IDF807 : Essential Unity Of All Religions

NAQ629 : Siddhas Masters of Natures

NAD336 : Tarkabhasa of Kesava Misra

NZA646 : जिन खोजा तिन पाइयां (गहरे पानी पैठ) Jin Khoja Tin Paaiya (Gahre Pani Paith)

HAA285 : मैं कहता आंखन देखी (अंधों की बस्ती है और रोशनी बेचता हूं) - I Speak What I See ( I Sell Light in the Colony of the Blind )

NZA316 : व्युत्पत्तिवाद (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) - Vyutpattivad

NAR994 : Philosophy and Education

NAG842 : Vedanta Prabodha - The Most Exhaustive Book Ever Written on Shankaracharya's Advaita Vedanta

NAG150 : Visistadvaita (A Philosophy of Religion)

NZH033 : आकांशावाद Akansavada (Laghu Granthmala)

NZC502 : त्रिकदर्शनम् Trika Darshanam

NZH038 : नव्यमतीयपरामर्शकारणतावाद Navyamatiya Paramarsa Karanatavadah (Laghu Granthmala)

NZH031 : पक्षतावाद Paksatavadah - Laghu Granthmala (An Old and Rare Book)

NZA633 : मरौ हे जोगी मरौ Osho on Gorakhnath

NAS091 : Vedic Evolution (Its Philosophy and Science)

NAS010 : Emotional Intelligence & School Teachers

NAR640 : Nisargadatta Maharaj (The Earliest Discourses)

NAE947 : Human Values

NAN633 : Paatanjal Yoga Darshan - Philosophy of Yoga (Patanjali - Aphorisms and Vyaasa Commentary)

NAR875 : Seven Steps to Self Realisation

NAR952 : Twelve Years With Sri Aurobindo

NAP013 : Studies in Haribhadrasuri

NAM429 : Studies in Umasvati and His Tattvarthasutra

IDF462 : Yoga - Sara - Samgraha of Vijnanbhiksu

NAL101 : Indian Religious Philosophy and Christianity (Sila, Samadhi and Prajna)

NAJ187 : Philosophy of the Master - A Translation into English from the Original Gurmat Sidhant (Set of 5 Volumes)

NAB751 : The Philosophy of Visistadvaita Vedanta (A Study Based on Vedanta Desika’s Adhikarana-Saravali)

NAN380 : Uplift Yourself, Change the World (Your Growth is a Gift)

NZE448 : जैन न्याय खण्ड खाद्दम Jaina Nyaya Khanda Khadyam

NZB147 : सत्प्रतिपक्षग्रन्थ Sataprati Grantha

NZB526 : षड्दर्शनसमुच्चय Sada Darshan Samuccaya of Haribhadra Suri

IDG882 : Essays in Social and Political Philosophy

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IDG414 : Arthasamgraha A Critical Study with special reference to its Technical Terms

IDK779 : Essays on The Upanishads

NAR215 : Ignite Divinity (Purushakar Parakram, Dhyan Sadhana)

NAR477 : Seven Weeks in Little Tibet (Philosophic Travelling in Ladakh)

IDE104 : The Mahabhasya of Patanjali - With Annotations (Ahnikas I-IV)

IDI038 : The Social Philosophy of Buddhism

NAR176 : Wading Through Quicksand (Palliative care, Spirituality and Sanatan Dharma)

IDC160 : Yoga Vasistha (Vol. VI Nirvana Prakarana Uttarardha)

IDC368 : Yoga Vasistha (Volume V Nirvana Purva-Uttarardha)

NZI002 : न्याय परिचय Nyay Parichaya

NZC497 : सिद्धान्त प्रकाशिका Siddhanta Prakashika

NAR890 : Light and Laughter (Some Talks at Pondicherry)

NAR911 : Mandaramanjari of Visvesvara Pandey (An Old and Rare Book)

NAR913 : On Thoughts and Aphorisms

NAR918 : Path of Knowledge (Exposition of Spiritual Knowledge)

NAR917 : Sri Aurobindo Ashram Its Role Responsibility and Future Destiny (An Old Book)

NAR790 : Studies in Philosophy and Religion (An Old and Rare Book)

NAR920 : Tattvabodha - Essays from the Lecture Series of the National Mission for Manuscripts (Volume VII)

NZA141 : Pratyaksha Agama Purana Ullasa

NAE500 : The Holy Science

NZA327 : दृग दृश्य विवेक Drg Drsya Vivek

NZG246 : न्यायसुधा Nyaya Sudha (Set of 12 Volumes)

NZF987 : मीमांसा के पारिभाषिक पदों का परिचय An Introduction to Some Definitions in Mimamsa

NZA320 : व्याप्तिपञ्चकम् (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) - Vyapti Panchakam

IDE208 : Chandogya Upanisad With the Commentary of Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)

NAR852 : Epistemology, Logic, and Grammar in Indian Philosophical Analysis

NAR858 : International Conference on Spirituality in Management Education

NAR827 : J. Krishnamurti (Makers of Indian Literature)

IDD118 : Karma and Reincarnation

NZB902 : गादाधरी Gadadhari (A Commentary on Didhiti the Commentary by Sri Raghunatha Siromani on the Tattvacintamani of Sri Gangesa Upadhyaya (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZA596 : न्यायपरिशुद्धि Nyaya Parishuddhi

NZB501 : मीमांसा दर्शन का विवेचनात्मक इतिहास A Detailed History of Mimamsa Darshan

NZB213 : वेदान्तपरिभाषा Vedanta Paribhasa (Sanskrit Only)

NAR806 : Channelled Knowledge from the Rishis

NAR782 : Darwin and Human Evolution (Origin of Species Revisited)

NAN267 : Humans and Superhumans (The Touch of Grace)

NAR815 : Prospero New Born (Evolution of Shakespeare's Tragic Heroes - An India Perspective)

NAR802 : Reflections on The Man, The Mind and The Mission

NAR805 : Sanmati (Essays Felicitating Professor Hampa Nagarajaiah on The Occasion of His 80th Birthday)

NAN266 : The Crew (For the Welfare and Happiness of Many)

NAR735 : The Inner Selfie (A Self-Help Book With Techniques and Philosophy Derived From Yogapsychopeutics)

IDG924 : The Six Systems of Indian Philosophy -An Old Book

NAN265 : The Yogi and The Maya (Renewing an Ancient Bond)

NAR642 : Veda Mimamsa

NZB900 : मीमांसाकौस्तुभः Mimamsa Kaustubha of Khandadeva (An Exhaustive Commentary of Jaiminisutra)

NAR779 : Jadavpur Journal of Philosophy Volume 27, Number 1(English), 2017-18

IDG323 : Buddhist Philosophy in India and Ceylon

NAS039 : Fundamental Analysis of Dharma

IDF620 : Glimpses Into The Psychology Of Yoga

ISL72 : The Philosophy of a Sentence and it's parts

NZB520 : ज्ञानभैषज्यमंजरी (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) - Jnana Bhaishajya Manjari

NZA953 : बौद्ध दर्शन Buddhist Philosophy

NAR762 : Live Happily Work Happily (A Window to the Science of Happy Living and Working)

NAR747 : Nietzsche (Philologist, Philosopher and Cultural Critic)

NAR615 : Samkhya Yoga Epistemology (An Old and Rare Book)

IDH171 : The Absolute in Indian Philosophy

NAR761 : The Justification of Inference - A Navya Nyaya Approach (An Old and Rare Book)

NAR702 : Bliss - A Treasure - Trove of Smilies

NAR607 : Contemporary World Order A Vedic Perspective (Ancient Indian Literary Heritage-1)

NAR675 : Faith Morality and Culture - Essays in Honour of Professor Haridas Bhattacharyya

IDE320 : Indian Theories of Creation A Synthesis

NAR698 : Reincarnation and Immorality

NAR670 : Studies In The Padapathas and Vedic Philology (An Old and Rare Book)

IDF404 : An Introduction to Buddhist Esoterism

NZC214 : न्यायसूत्रम् Nyaya Sutras of Gautama with Many Commentaries

NZG255 : भाट्टसंग्रह Bhatta Sangrah (Set of 3 Volumes)

NAR180 : Looking Ourselves in The Mirror of Srimad Bhagavat Gita

NAR222 : Pearls of Vedic Wisdom To Succeed

NAR679 : Power in Philosophy (Two Arguments For Nonviolence Today)

NAR145 : Yajnyawalkya

IDK537 : Chandrakirti's Seven Fold Reasonsing (Meditation on the Selfness of Persons)

IDC108 : Classical Samkhya A Critical Study

NAK368 : Critical Essays on Vedanta and Veda

IDJ240 : How is a Man Reborn?

NAB349 : Meditation And Its Methods According to Swami Vivekananda

NAR619 : Nyaya Theory of Language

NAE348 : Pure Philosophy Simplified For Youth

NAR610 : Re-Organising Indian Sastric Traditions (An Old Book)

IDK690 : The Epistemology of Visistadvaita (A Study Based on the Nyayaparisuddhi of Vedanta Desika)

IDE459 : The Essence of Yoga Reflections on the Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali

NAC560 : The Five Aggregates Understanding Theravada Psychology and Soteriology

IDE469 : The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

NAR755 : Time in Indian Philosophy (A Collection of Essays)

NAQ640 : Yoga of The Mahamudra (The Mystical Way of Balance)

IDF204 : You will be a Paramahamsa

NZD645 : तत्वसंख्यानम् तत्वविवेक Tattva Sankhyana and Tattva Viveka

NAR593 : Advait Vedant (An Old Book)

IDE015 : Natural Science Of The Ancient Hindus

NAR600 : Origin and Evolution of Religion (An Old and Rare Book)

NAB750 : Philosophy and Theistic Mysticism of the Alvars

NAR522 : Practices of Compassion (An Exploration And Experience)

NZE436 : चित्रमीमांसाखण्डनम् (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) Chitra Mimamsa Khandanam

NZC072 : तत्त्वबिन्दु Tattvabindu

NZB644 : वैशेषिकसिध्दान्तानां गणितीय पद्धत्या विमर्श The Mathematical Techniques of The Vaisesikas (An Old and Rare Book)

NAF029 : A Treatise on Advaita Vedanta (English Translation of Vicaracandrodaya of Pandit Pitambar) (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)

NAR554 : Aham

NAR489 : Indian Theory of Knowledge (Based Upon Jayanta's Nyayamanjari)

NAR515 : Kingship in The Sukra Niti (An Old and Rare Book)

NAR447 : Letters to a Young Philosopher (A Mature Philosopher At The Height Of His Powers)

NAR597 : Outlines of Hindu Metaphysics (An Old and Rare Book)

NAR521 : Questions and Answers on Death & Dying (A Companion Volume to on Death and Dying)

NAR584 : Sarva Darsana Samgraha of Madhavacarya

NAR532 : Science and Art of Happy Living (Traditional and Modern)

IDF430 : Sikh Concept Of The Divine

NAR595 : Studies in Indian Logic and Metaphysics (An Old and Rare Book)

IDH358 : The Approach to Truth In Vedanta

NAR587 : The Navya Nyaya Logic (Concept of abhava)

IDC360 : The Philosophy of Swami Rama Tirtha

NAR429 : The Supernormal Means of Knowing

NAR588 : Wisdom in Indian Tradition (An Old and Rare Book)

NZD805 : व्याप्तिपरिष्कार Vyapti Parishkar

IDF438 : The History of Doing An Illustrated Account of Movements for Women's Rights and Feminism in India, 1800-1990

NAO311 : The Making of Brahmanic Hegemony (Studies in Caste, Gender and Vaisnava Theology)

NAR426 : The True Revolution (An In-Depth Classical Exposition of The Philosophical, Scientific and Practical Aspects of Revolution)

NZC158 : योगदर्शनम् Yoga Darshnam - Commentary on The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

NAK900 : A Source Book of Indian Materialism

NAD775 : Approaches to Personhood in Indian Thought (Essays in Descriptive Metaphysics)

NAP968 : Calm is Greater Than Joy

NAB938 : Derrida and Indian Philosophy

NAL041 : Dharma and Gospel

NAL044 : Dialogues on The Hindu Philosophy

NAC237 : Ecological Prospects (Scientific Religious, and Aesthetic Perspectives)

NAR893 : Knowing the Knower (A Jnana Yoga Manual)

NAD796 : Mimamsa Paribhasa of Krsna Yajvan

IDE876 : Nature in Asian Traditions of Thought Essays in Environmental Philosophy

NAH294 : Santana and Santanantara (An Analysis of the Buddhist Perspective Concerning Continuity, Transformation and Transcendence and the Basis of an Alternative Philosophical Psychology)

NAN844 : Self - Love The Original Dream (Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj's Direct Pointers to Reality)

NZA117 : Shrimad Bhagavad Gita - Shankar Bhashya (Commentary by Shankaracharya)

NAE795 : Why Man Needs God

NZC119 : तत्वप्रदीपिका (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) Tattvapradipika (Chitsukhi)

NZF012 : निरुक्त शास्त्रम् Nirukta of Yaska

HAA621 : नैष्कमर्यसिध्दि The Naishkarmya Siddhi of Suresvara

NZE981 : मीमांसा शाबर भाष्यम् Mimamsa Shabar Bhashya - First Three Chapters (An Old and Rare Book)

NZB727 : सांख्य दर्शन एवं अद्वैत वेदान्त Samkhya Philosophy and Advaita Vedanta

NAR392 : Aids to Realization (A Collection of Rama's Lectures)

NAR543 : Anthology of Kumarilabhatta’s Works (An Old and Rare Book)

IHL306 : Beyond The Mind

NAR391 : Cosmic Consciousness (A Collection of Rama's Lectures)

IHL538 : From Early Vedanta to Kashmir Shaivism Gaudapada, Bhartrhari, and Abhinavagupta

IHL182 : Life after Death in World Religions

NAR537 : The Quintessence of Yoga

NAR534 : The Upanishad (Part-1)

NAE770 : Vedanta-Sara of Sadananda

NZC169 : योगदर्शनम् Yoga Darshanam (A Unique Commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

NAR470 : Frequently un Answered Questions

NAR427 : How to Live A Fruitful 100 Years (An Old and Rare Book)

NAR444 : Philosophical Anthropology in Saiva Siddhanta

NAR339 : Seekers of The Naked Truth (Collected Writings on The Gymnosophists And Related Shramana Religions)

NAR493 : The Nectarean Ocean of The Holy Name

NAR463 : The Nyaya Theory of Knowledge (A Critical Study of Some Problems of Logic and Metaphysics)

IDD714 : Abhinavagupta's Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita Gitartha Samgraha

NAR467 : Bliss of Reality (Eassys on J. Krishnamurti’s Extraordinary Insight into life)

NAR273 : Blisstears (Bliss, The Root of All Suffering)

NAR455 : The Philosophy of Mandukya Karika (An Old and Rare Book)

IHL295 : The Vedanta Doctrine of Sri Sankaracarya

IHL117 : Dispelling Illusion (Gaudapada’s Alatasanti)

IDE077 : Doubt, Belief and Knowledge

IDG332 : Madhusudana Sarasvati Advaita-Siddhih (Sections on Mithyatva)

NAR394 : Philosophical Reflections (Essays on Socio-Ethical Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion)

IHL238 : Self Realization in Kashmir Shaivism The Oral Teachings of Swami Lakshman Joo

IHL410 : The Nyaya Sutras A New Commentary on an Old Text

NAD255 : World Religions and Human Liberation

NZA464 : अद्वैत मकरन्द (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद) Advaita Makaranda

NAR353 : Jaina Relativism And Relativity Physics

NAF202 : Jnanasara (The Essence of Knowledge) (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)

NAC241 : Mimamsa Theory of Meaning (Based on the Vakyarthamatrka)

IDJ634 : Pancadasi (5th, 10th, 15th Chapters) (Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Word-for-Word-Meaning, English Translation and Commentary))

NAR387 : Philosophy and Yoga - In Poems

NAR347 : Sarva-Darshana-Sangraha of Madhavacharya (Or Review of The Different Systems of Hindu Philosophy)

NAR386 : Semantics, Stylistics and Pedagogics

NAE508 : Tattva Viveka (Analytical Expositions of The Western And Eastern Philosophies)

NAE616 : Tattva Vivekah (Pancadasi Chapter1)- Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Word-Word Meaning, Translation and Detailed Commentary

NAR327 : Contribution of Vacaspati Misra to Indian Philosophy

NAC722 : A Comparative Survey of Hindu, Christian and Jewish Mysticism

IDC013 : A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy (New and Revised Edition) Sanskrit Terms Defined in English

NAN677 : Monsters or Bearers of Life - Giving Powers? (Trans - Religious Migrations of an Ancient Western Asian Symbolism)

IDE340 : Praises to a Formless God Nirguni Texts from North India

NAP978 : Self, Sacrifice and Cosmos (Vedic Thought, Ritual and Philosophy)

NAL425 : Sri Nandikesakasika (Sanskrit Commentry by Upamanyu)

NAB850 : Studies on Veda And Avesta

IHG025 : Taittiriyaka-Vidya-Prakasah by Vidyaranya (Original text in Sanskrit, Transliteration, Translation and Commentary)

NAC309 : The Imitation of Sankara Being (A Collection of Several Texts Bearing on the Advaita)

IHL236 : The Spanda–Karikas with the Spanda - Nirnaya

IHL221 : Vedantakalpalatika – A Study

NAH517 : An Introduction to Sri Anandamayi Ma's Philosophy of Absolute Cognition

NAR310 : Divya Darshan (The Philosophy Divine)

NAC688 : Kashmir Saivism – The Central Philosophy of Tantrism

NAR307 : Shri Sai Sharanagathi (Surrender to Liberate)

NAR313 : The Absolute Truth (Does God Exist?)

NAR146 : Thoughts of Spiritual Wisdom

IDE571 : विज्ञानभैरव - Vijnana Bhairava The Practice of Centring Awareness

NAR304 : Bhartrihari

NAR276 : Religion, Philosophy and Spirituality

NAR292 : The Philosophy of The Upanishads

NAR280 : Vidyaranya's Contribution to Advaita

NAR301 : Vihangama Yoga The Science of Consciousness (An old and Rare Book)

NAR240 : Scienco Spirituality (Connecting Science With Spirituality)

NAR242 : The Children of the Immortal (A Quest into the Hindu Identity)

NAR234 : Understanding Sanatan Dharma (Revealing the Divine Science of Hindu Religion)

NAR206 : A Manifesto on My Faith in Hinduism

NAC913 : Bhatta Dipika (In 4 Volumes) A Commentary on the Mimamsa Sutras of Maharishi Jaimini - Sanskrit Only

IDK258 : Chitram Poetry of Sound (Two Volumes)

NAR211 : Convergence Ultra Science and Vedic Spirituality

NAR221 : Ethical and Spiritual Values in Indian Scriptures

NAD375 : From Devotion to Total Surrender Saranagati Yoga (In the Light of Indian Philosophy)

NAR227 : Living Heaven Here on Earth - Finding the Divinity Within You

NAR216 : Our Life's Goal is God's Realization

NAR220 : Revelation of Reality

NAR213 : The Ulitmate Truth, Knowledge and Wisdom

NAI881 : मीमांसानयविवेक Mimamsa Naya Viveka (Set of 4 Volumes)

NAR184 : Chronicles of The Inner Chamber (Revealing the Profound Keys of Knowledge contained in the Mother’s Vision of Her Temple, the Matrimandir)

NZA186 : Samkhya Karika with Many Commentaries

NAR127 : The Fullness of Joy (Paramahamsa Swami Omkarananda Saraswati Spiritual Wisdom)

NAE378 : A Soul’s Safari

NAR130 : Adhyatmikta (Brief Explorations into Hindu Spiritual Concepts)

NAR160 : Synthesis of Vedanta

NAR161 : The One In The Mirror - See What You Truly Are

NAR164 : The Scientific Basis of Hinduism- On Pranava Mantra, Tri Murthis, Mahavakyas, Rebirth, The Soul and Advaitha Philosophy

NZF876 : तर्क संग्रह Tarka Samgraha of Annam Bhatta

NAB994 : Aparoksanubhuti or Self-Realization Or Rajayoga of Sankaracarya ((Original Sanskrit Text, Transliteration with English Translation))

NAR106 : Consciousness Quest - Where East Meets West On Mind, Meditation, and neural Correlates

NAE672 : Essence of Enquiry (Vichara Sangraham)

NAI952 : प्रमाणवार्तिकम् Pramana Vartik of Dharmakirti (Set of 3 Volumes) (An Old and Rare Book)

HAA667 : संक्षेपशारीरकम् (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद) - Sankshep Sharirakam

NAR104 : A Traveler's Guide to The Afterlife (Traditions Beliefs on Death, Dying and What Lies Beyond)

NAR088 : Let us be God

NAR125 : Realistic (Interpretation of Patanjali Yoga Sutras)

NAR105 : The Wisdom Teachings of Harish Johari on The Mahabharata

NAR120 : Abstractions (Creatures of The Mind)

NAR135 : Diamond in The Hills (A Biography of Sadguru Sri Sri Arjun)

NAR121 : Ramayana 3000 (A Futuristic Science Fiction Novel that Combines Evolutionary Theory with Hindu Religious Philosophy).

NAR117 : Tattva Grama (Expositions of The Eternal Truth)

NAL469 : Energy Science in Vedas A Treatise on Vedic Thermodynamics and Free Energy (Exploring Lost Science and Technology in Vedas)


NAR051 : Virtue, Success, Pleasure, Liberation - The Four Aims of Life in The Tradition of Ancient India

NZC435 : उपमान प्रमाण (तुलनात्मक अध्ययन) - Upamana Pramana (A Comparative Study)

NAQ939 : A Pilgrimage to Guadalupe (The Final Journey of The Soul)

NAQ942 : Freedom From The Bondage of Karma

IDG491 : Satyam Shivam Sundaram

NZA654 : ध्यान विज्ञान (ध्यान में प्रवेश की 115 सहज विधियां) Science of Meditation

NAK574 : A Greater Psychology

IDD271 : Change and Continuity in Indian Sufism

NAQ990 : Life Here and Hereafter (Kathopanishad)

NAQ982 : Living Wisely, Living Well (Timeless Wisdom to Enrich Every Day)

NAR002 : One Life Alliance Pledge

NAR027 : Sai Baba and Me (Together Through Lifetimes)

NAR029 : Understanding Enlightenment (A Simple and Clear Guide to Attaining it)

NAF511 : Visistadvaita and Dvaita (A Systematic and Comparative Study of the Two Schools of Vedanta)

IDJ029 : A Glimpse into Yogavasistha (Yogavasistha Nidarsini)

IDJ300 : Brahma Vidya (Notes on Chandogya Upanishad, Chapter Eight) (Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning and Detailed Commentary)

IDJ031 : Saddarsana of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharsi ((Text, Transliteration, Word-Word-Meaning, Translation and Detailed Commentary))

NZA435 : दृग्दृश्य विवेक Drig Drsya Viveka

NZC384 : शक्तिविशिष्टाद्वैततत्त्वत्रयविमर्श Saktivisistadvaita Tattvatraya Vimarsah

NZC385 : शिवाद्वैतदर्पण Sivadvaitadarpana of Sivanubhava

IDE174 : Aitareya Upanisad With the Commentary of Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)

NAR033 : Dada Vaswani (A Life in Spirituality)

NAQ947 : Hinduism and Brotherhood

IDJ861 : Indian Ethos for Management

IDE184 : Isa Upanisad With the Commentary of Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)

IDG968 : Jivan Mukti Viveka

IDE185 : Katha Upanisad With the Commentary of Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)

NAR028 : Sources of Our Cultural Heritage

NAB779 : Sri Sri Satchidanandendra Saraswathi (Life History and His Contributions To Shankar Vedanta)

NAJ006 : Ten Schools of The Vedanta

IDE183 : The Brhadaranyaka Upanisad With the Commentary of Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)

NAR009 : The Dreamlife of Families (The Psychospiritual Connection)

NAR035 : The Immortal Mind (Science and The Continuity of Consciousness Beyond The Brain)

IHJ046 : The Message of Vivekachudamani (An Exposition of Vivekachudamani in the light of Modern Thought and Modern Needs)

NAR001 : The Sufi Path of Annihilation (In the Tradition of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi Hasan Lutfi Shushud)

NAR020 : The Transformational Power of Dreaming (Discovering The Wishes of The Soul)

NZF691 : तत्त्वमुक्तावली Tattva Muktavali (An Old Book)

NZA614 : श्रीमद्भागवत में सांख्ययोग के तत्त्व एक परिशीलन Elements of Samkhya in The Srimad Bhagavatam

NZE566 : सामान्यनिरुक्तिसौगन्ध्यम् Samanya Nirukti Saugandhyam

NAR018 : Spectre Turned Ogre (A Systematic Expose of Communism)

NAR019 : The Wisdom of the Overself (The Path to Self-Realization and Philosophic Insight)

NAQ981 : Fasting The Mind (Spiritual Excercises for Psychic Detox)

NAQ988 : Love Has Seven Colors (Heart- Centered Practices for The Energy Centers)

NAQ992 : Overtones And Undercurrents (Spirituality, Reincarnation, and Ancestor Influences in Entheogenic Psychotherapy)

NAG106 : The Doctrine of Maya in Advaita Vedanta

NAR008 : The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga (The Path to Self-Realization and Philosophic Insight)

NAQ993 : The Inner Cause (A Psychology of Symptoms from A to Z)

NAB732 : Stotras by Abhinavagupta (Text, Transliteration and English Translation)

NAJ854 : Thoughts on Philosophy and Religion (Old and Rare)

IDC257 : Waking, Dream and Deep Sleep

NAQ926 : Adi - Das (All day I Dream About Sat of All Sats-Paramsat)

NAQ941 : Before I Go (The Essential Guide to Creating a Good End of Life Plan)

NAQ924 : Breath, Mind and Consciousness

NAQ949 : Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. The Mastery of Self (A Toltec Guide to Personal Freedom)

NAQ929 : Sankhya and Science (Application of Vedic Philosophy to Modern Science)

IDJ551 : The Arthasamgraha of Laugaksi Bhaskara

IHF081 : The Eternal Silence... Synthesis of all Dharma Paths- Sarba Dharma Samanway

NZA465 : अमृत-बिन्दु-उपनिषद् (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद) Amrit Bindu Upanishad

NZA021 : परलोक विज्ञान The Science of Afterlife

NAD011 : The Problem of Rebirth

NAE812 : The Ultimate Book (Yoga Vasistha- Synthesis of Yoga Vedanta)(Set of 2 Volumes)

NAM015 : Charvaka Philosophy (An Old and Rare Book)

IDE710 : DEATH MUST DIE (A Western Women's Life-Long Spiritual Quest in India with Shree Anandamayee Ma)

NAM114 : Language and Communication A Philosophical Study

NAF061 : Nimbarka (A Pre-Samkara Vedantin and His Philosophy)

NAE134 : The Kingdom of the Gods

IDE762 : VEDANTA Concepts and Application (Papers from a Seminar held from 26 December to 30 December, 1997 at the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture)

IDI750 : Fifty Stories from Yogavasishtha

IHK054 : If It Could Happen To Buddha (Why Not You?) (Understanding The Ancient Secrets of Self Awareness)

IDE967 : Phenomenology and Indian Philosophy

NZM395 : नव्यन्यायभाषाप्रदीप Navyanyaya Bhasa Pradipa (Brief Notes on the Modern Nyaya System of Philosophy and Its Technical Terms)

NZF428 : प्रतीकात्मक तर्कशास्त्र प्रवेशिका An Introduction to Symbolic Logic

NAQ889 : Hindu Spirituality and Virtue Politics

NAQ765 : Intuition On Demand (A Step-by-Step Guide to Powerful Intuition You Can Trust)

NAB746 : Shri Shankaracharya's Bhashya on the Bhagavad Gita, Brahma Sutras and the Upanishads (Prasthantrya Bhashya - Sanskrit Only in Three Volumes)

NAO530 : Selfless Action - Compilation and Critical Analysis of The Practical Philosophy of Karma Yoga (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAQ859 : Consciousness and The Absolute (The Final Talks of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj)


NAQ858 : Seeds of Consciousness (The Wisdom of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj)

IDC278 : The Brahmasutras and Their Principal Commentaries A Critical Exposition (In Three Volumes)

NAQ862 : The Intelligence of The Cosmos - Why are we Here? (New Answers From The Frontiers of Science)

NAR095 : Effortless Living (Wu-Wei and the Spontaneous State of Natural Harmony)

NAP033 : Essays on Vedanta and Western Philosophies (Vedanta as Interpreted by Sri Aurobindo)

NZC736 : दर्शनबिन्दुसङ्ग्रह Darshan Bindu Sangraha (Gopinath Kviraj Granthamala) (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZE492 : पाश्चात्त्यभारतीयराजनित्यो समालोचनम् A Critical Study of Western and Indian Political System in Two Volumes (An Old and Rare Volumes)

NZF891 : समकालीन धर्मदर्शन Contemporary Philosophy of Religions

NZD587 : सामान्यनिरुक्तिविवेचना Samanya Nirukti Vivecana

NAD716 : Bhagwad Gita (Encyclopedia of Management Principles and Scientific Living)

NAE806 : Integral Healing

NZC649 : अष्टप्रकरणम् Eight Books on Yoga and Tantra

IHJ058 : Adi Sankara’s Vision of Reality (A Discovery of Truths Hitherto Unknown)

NAM431 : Nyayaratnadipavali of Anandanubhava

IDK657 : The Tao of Psychology

IDE122 : What is Advaita?

NZE401 : भारतीय दर्शन Indian Philosophy

IHE074 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Volume -IV) Samkhya

NAN878 : Karma Yoga Book Conversations of The Science of Yoga (Set of 7 Books)

IHL830 : Salient Features of Sankara’s Vedanta

NAB987 : Sankara’s Clarification of Certain Vedantic Concepts

IDE755 : Suramgamasamadhisutra The Concentration of Heroic Progress (An Early Mahayana Buddhist Scripture)

IDD323 : The Isvarapratyabhijnakarika of Utpaladeva

NAB747 : Essays on Vedanta

NAE222 : Mysticism The Spiritual Path

NZF722 : सर्वदर्शनसंग्रह Sarv Darshan Samgrah of Sayana Madhava With an Original Commentary in Sanskrit (An Old and Rare Book)

NAK833 : Amrtavakyam (Immortal Sayings of Sri Goraksanatha)

NAQ796 : The Path to The Guru (The Science of Self-Realization According to The Bhagavad Gita)

NAN773 : Traditional Theory of Evolution and Its Application in Yoga

NAD869 : Bliss Living Beyond Happiness and Misery (Talks on The Shiva Sutras)

IDE017 : Gangesa On The Upadhi, The 'Inferential Undercutting Condition'

NAN414 : Horizons of The Self in Hindu Thought (A Study for the Perplexed)

NAC510 : Sankaracharya

NAQ780 : Science and Religion

NAE805 : Surging Joy (Self Discovery)

NZB440 : सर्वदर्शनसंग्रह (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद) Sarva Darshan Samgraha (Khemraj Edition)

NAQ770 : Being Present (Cultivate a Peaceful Mind Through Spiritual Practice)

NAQ761 : Studies in Mimamsa

NAQ745 : It's Easy to Be You (Unlock The Chaos to Find Your True Potential)

IDF529 : Quest for Truth Followed by Time, Space and Man

NZC157 : सांख्यदर्शनम् Samkhya Darshnam - Commentary on The Samkhya Sutras

IDE384 : Bhakti Schools of Vedanta (Lives and Philosophies of Ramanuja, Nimbarka, Madhva, Vallabha and Caitanya (Chaitanya))

NAN607 : Brains, Buddhas and Believing (The Problem of Intentionality in Classical Buddhist and Cognitive Scientific Philosophy of Mind)

NAD290 : Delvings in Logic by Alex Wayman (A Rare Book)

NAM459 : Pandit N. R. Bhatt Felicitation Volume (An Old and Rare Book)

NAI057 : Vedantakalpalatika of Madhusudan Saraswati (A Rare Book)

NZH028 : तर्कभाषा Tarka Bhasa with Commentary (An Old and Rare Book)

NAK416 : A Glossary of Technical Terms in The Commentaries of Sankara, Ramanuja and Madhva on The Brahma - Sutras (Set of 2 Volumes) - An Old and Rare Book

IDF929 : A Study of Patanjali

NAQ709 : Delusions in Science & Spirituality (The Fall of the Standard Model and the Rise of Knowledge from Unseen Worlds)

IDE033 : Madhyamika Sunyata - A Reappraisal (A Reappraisal of Madhyamika Philosophical Enterprise with Special Reference to Nagarjuna and Candrakirti)

IDE107 : Mental Health And Hindu Psychology

IDF993 : SAMVADA A Dialogue Between Two Philosophical Traditions

IDJ770 : Samvidullasah Manifestation of Divine Consciousness Swami Lakshman Joo (Saint-Scholar of Kashmir Saivism)

NAM303 : Tattvabodhah

IDG800 : The Philosophy of J. N. Mohanty

NAJ101 : The Physics of Vaisesika

IDD847 : The Sankhya Aphorisms of Kapila (with extracts from Vijnanabhiksu's commentary)

NAQ462 : The Yoga of the Nine Emotions The Tantric Practice of Rasa Sadhana

NAF255 : Vaisesika Sutra of Kanada (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)

NAD688 : Vedanta 24*7(Moments With Oneself)


NAN268 : The Daredevil Dolphin (Making a Leap of Faith)

IDI562 : Advaitasiddhi of Madhusudan Saraswati A Critical Study (An Old Book)

IDH565 : An Advaita Vedanta Perspective on Language

NAE680 : Indian Philosophy A Counter Perspective (Revised and Enlarged Edition)

NZN628 : Philosophy of No-Identity (With Philosophical Translation of Madhyamaka Karika, Sunyata-Saptati and Vigrahavyavartani)

NAQ701 : The Divine Plan

NZG282 : पाश्चात्य साहित्यशास्त्र कोश Western Literary Criticism

NAN269 : The Gift of Peace (A Precious Bequest)

IDC129 : Buddhist Critical Spirituality Prajna and Sunyata

IDG341 : An Introduction to Advaita Vedanta Philosophy A Free Rendering into English of 'Laghuvasudevamanana'

NAQ663 : Constitutional Remedies (Through Intersting Short Stories)

NAO288 : Indian Philosophy of Nada and its Vocal Applications

NAP913 : Spiritual Masters of India (An Old and Rare Book)

IDE969 : A Glossary of Technical Terms in the Commentaries of Sankara (Shankaracharya), Ramanuja and Madhva on the Brahma - Sutras - Part Two

IDI720 : Kriya Yoga The Scientific Process of Soul-Culture and The Essence of All Religions

IDE968 : A Glossary of Technical Terms in the Commentaries of Sankara (Shankaracharya), Ramanuja and Madhva on the Brahma-Sutras - Part One

NZA389 : सांख्य सिध्दान्त (कापिल सिध्दांतों का विवेचन विश्लेषणात्मक मौलिक ग्रन्थ) - Explanation of Samkhya Sutras

NAQ627 : Ancience Wisdom for Modern Ignorance

NAQ634 : Beyond Life and Death

NAQ620 : 7 Karma Codes (Heal the Storm Within)

NAQ605 : Economic Man-Homo Economic and Advaita Vedanta (A Conceptual Study)

NAM520 : Naiskarmya Siddhi An Elucidation of Advaita by Suresvara

NAG877 : The Aesthetic Value in Indian Philosophy

IDF702 : The Science of Emotion's Culture (Bhakti Yoga)

NAF656 : Yogavasishtha Darshan

NAQ571 : God is a Curious Listener

IDF978 : How to Attain Eternal Happiness

NAQ575 : It's not a Creation... It's a Projection Through Expression

IHL043 : Maya In Physics

IHK040 : Void and Fullness in the Buddhist, Hindu and Christian Traditions (Sunya – Purna – Pleroma)

NAI509 : न्यायभूषणम् Nyaya Bhushanam

NAQ544 : A Fistful of Love - Wisdom and Humour from a Monk's Bowl

NAQ545 : Demystifying Reincarnation

NAQ555 : Hari Om Tat Sat The Divine Sound (That is the Truth)

NAD730 : The Kaulajnananirnaya (The Esoteric Teachings of Matsyendrapada Sadguru of the Yogini Kaula School in the Tantra Tradition)

NAQ522 : Om Mani Padme Hum The Sound of Silence (The Dimond in the Lotus)

NAQ526 : Revelations of Christ

NAQ521 : The Extraordinary Consciousness of An Ordinary Man (A Philosophical Novel)

NAN425 : The Loom of Time (On the Recursive Nature of Reality)

NZC645 : अद्वैतवेदान्ते भामतीप्रस्थानस्य तुलनात्मकमध्ययनम् Comporative Study of The Bhamati Prasthana in Advaita Vedanta

IDF556 : GANDHI ON WOMEN Collection of Mahatma Gandhi's Writings and Speeches on Women

IDD914 : Indian Philosophy (Volume I)

IDD915 : Indian Philosophy (Volume II)

IDI051 : Sannyasa Darshan A Treatise on Traditional and Contemporary Sannyasa

IDG020 : Yogasiddhantacandrika Of Narayanatirtha

HAA574 : तर्कभाषा (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद) - Tarkabhasa

NAQ510 : The Advaita Primer (Theory of Everything)

NAQ489 : Motivating Thoughts of Mahavira (Inspirations from The Sacred Jaina Texts)

NAG243 : Advaitic Mysticism of Sankara

NAQ469 : DMT and the Soul of Prophecy (A New Science of Spiritual Revelation in the Hebrew Bible)

NAQ479 : DMT The Spirit Molecule (A Doctor's Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experienes)

NAQ477 : Spiritual Power The Mask of the Absolute (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAQ473 : Whispers from Eternity A Book of Answered Prayers

NAQ459 : Fasting The Mind Spiritual Exercises for Psychic Detox

NAQ461 : Hegel's India a reinterptretation, with texts

NAO656 : Ethics, Erotics and Aesthetics

IDD935 : Tales Told By Mystics

NAC912 : Bharata’s Natyasastram (Chapters VI and VII Rasa and Bhava)

NAC961 : Classical Indian Philosophy of Mind The Nyaya Dualist Tradition

NAH108 : Samkhya Aphorisms of Kapila

NAQ429 : What Happens When We Die (A Psychic’s Exploration of Death, Heaven, and the Soul’s Journey After Death)

IDF192 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies Bibliography (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAB761 : How to Recognize the Method of Vedanta

IDE870 : BUDDHIST ETHICS A Very Short Introduction

NAB743 : Misconceptions About Sankara (Shankaracharya)

IDE171 : Sivananda Lahari or Inundation of Divine Bliss of Sri Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)

IDJ815 : The Mahabharata An Inquiry in the Human Condition

NAQ413 : Unposted Letter

NAQ400 : The Trail to Enlightenment - Life and Teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti (Set of 3 Volumes)

NAO528 : Indian Mysticism Cosmic Vision (Mystic Experience of The Unknown)

NAO563 : Prema Rasa Siddhanta - Philosophy of Divine Love

NAN128 : The Philosophical Verses of Yoga Vasishtha (An English Translation of Yoga Vasishtha Sara with Commentary and Sanskrit Text)

NZF575 : नीतिशास्त्र की रुपरेखा (पाश्चात्य और भारतीय) Outlines of Ethics (Indian and Western)

NZH546 : भारतीय दर्शन परिभाषा कोश (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद)- Definition Dictionary of Indian Philosophy

NAB745 : Avasthatraya or The Unique Method of Vedanta

IDE817 : Doctrine Of Karma A Study in its Philosophy and Practice

NAC719 : Joking Around – Tao Insights into Life

NZF610 : पाश्चात्य दर्शन के सम्प्रदाय Different Schools of Western Philosophy

NZF580 : प्रारम्भिक समाज एवं राजनीति दर्शन Initial Society and Politics

NZF551 : भारतीय दर्शन एवं पाश्चात्य दर्शन Indian and Western Philosophy

IHL020 : Adi Shankara (Life And Philosophy)

NAE987 : Samatvam (The Yoga of Equanimity)

IDJ674 : Astavakra (Ashtavakra) Gita (Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning, Translation and Detailed Commentary)

IDI069 : Brahmacarya in Krsna (Krishna) Consciousness (With MP3 DVD Inside)

IHL427 : Communism and Zen Fire Zen Wind

HAA805 : आत्म विज्ञान Science of Soul

NAO738 : Science of Hinduism

IDE409 : The Square and the Circle of the Indian Arts

NAP385 : Hinduism - From Maya to Moksha

NAP154 : Mind Control

NAF194 : The Mystery of Creation

NAO091 : Mudra Vigyan - Philosophy and Practice of Yogic Gestures

IDE216 : Four Chapters on Freedom Commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Sanskrit text, transliteration, English translation and extensive commentary)

NAH750 : Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy

NAD746 : Married Life A Perfect Yoga

IDD331 : On Knowing Reality The Tattvartha Chapter of Asanga's Bodhisattvabhumi

NAO195 : The Web of Life (Life Force The Energetic Constitution of Man and The Neuro Endocrine Connection)

HAA912 : पन्चपादिका Pancapadika with Three Sanskrit Commentaries

NAG318 : Commentaries On Living (Set of 3 Volumes)

IDD601 : Krishnamurti's Journal

NAD546 : Magnitude of The Mind (Talks in Sri Lanka 1980)

IDD607 : Questioning Krishnamurti (J. Krishnamurti in dialogue with Leading twentieth century thinkers Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Renee Weber, David Bohm and Jonas Salk.

NAD675 : The Revolution from Within

IDF518 : VADANYAYA The Nyaya Buddhist Controversy

IDK213 : Yoga Secrets of Psychic Powers

NZA787 : पुरुषार्थ Purusartha The Aim of Human Life

HAA800 : ब्रह्म विज्ञान Science of Divinity

IDE443 : Notes on Religion and Philosophy by Gopinath Kaviraj (An Old and Rare Book)

IDE129 : S. Radhakrishnan - Makers of Indian Literature

IDI999 : Tarkabhasa of Srikesava Misra (With the Commentary Prakasa of Govardhana)

NAP465 : Transformation of ConsciousnessPotentials For Our Future

NZC038 : पञ्चदशी Panchadasi with Commentary

NZA391 : प्राचीन सांख्य संदर्भ Ancient Samkhya References

NAH344 : Indian Theories of verbal Comprehension and Hermeneutics


NAK013 : The Saivaparibhasa of Sivagrayogin (An Old and Rare Book)

NAP346 : Yoga Philosophy to Realization


NAP677 : Some Aspects of Advaita Philosophy (An Old and Rare Book)

NAO780 : Ista Siddhi Vivaranam (An Old and Rare Book)

IDD779 : Man in Indian Tradition (Vidyapati's Discourse on Purusa)

NAC273 : योगवासिष्ठ The Yogavasistha of Valmiki With the Commentary Vasistha Maharamayana Tatparyaprakasa (Volume I and II) Sanskrit Only

IDE579 : Abhinavagupta An Historical and Philosophical Study (The Most Comprehensive Book Ever Published on Abhinavagupta)

IDC374 : Living the Science of Harmonious Union (Principles and Practice of Patanjali’s Yoga Sastra)

IDG446 : Nature's Finer Forces

IDH450 : Practical Yoga Psychology

IDD341 : Rambles in Vedanta

NAP487 : Resurrecting Candrakirti

IDF902 : Science Of Divine Lights A Latest Research on Self and God-Realization by the Medium of 154 Divine Lights

IDH275 : Science of Divinity (Brahma Vigyana)

IDF840 : SCIENCE OF SOUL Atma-Vijnana (A Practical Exposition of ancient method of visualisation of Soul)

NAP994 : DMT Dialogues - Encounters with the Spirit Molecule

NAP484 : Idealism East and West (Old and Rare book)

NAP482 : The Six Systems of Indian Philosophy

HAA535 : सांख्यतत्त्वकौमुदी Samkhya Tattava Kaumudi

NAP476 : Emotions of Shakespears's Tragedies (An Application of Bharatmuni's Rasa-Bhava Theory and Aristotle's Theory of Katharsis on Hamlet & Othello)

NAP672 : Morphology of Meaning in The Earliest Indian and European Narrative Discourses

NAP475 : Nyayasiddhantadipah of Sasadhara (Containing the Text English Translation and Critical Study of The First Five Vadas)

NAP479 : Problem of Inherence in Indian Logic

NAP987 : The Udayesvara Temple - Art, Architecture and Philosophy of the Saiva Siddhanta

IDG459 : Aparoksanubhuti Intimate Experience of the Reality ((With Sanskrit Text, Transliteration and English Translation))

NAP981 : Chaplin, Gandhi & Me too

NAP976 : What Life has Taught Me

NAP474 : Anandabodhayati (Life & Philosophy) (Old Book)

NAP705 : Facets of Mysticism

NAP655 : Nature of Compassion - A Philosophical Analysis

NAE826 : Drstisrsti-Vada (A Study)

IDH267 : Faith Is Power

IDE398 : Founders of Philosophy Kapila, Patanjali, Kanada, Gautama, Jaimini & Badarayana

NAL254 : Lokayata/Carvaka - A Philosophical Inquiry

NZA423 : प्रज्ञान तथा क्रम पथ Prajna and Krama Path

NAP963 : Phenomenal Consciousness and Mind-Body Problem in East-West Perspective


NAP964 : Traditional and Contemporary Ethics Western and Indian

NAP488 : Indian Theory of Aesthetic (Old & Rare Book)

NZF929 : Mimamsa Nyaya Prakasa (An Old and Rare Book)

IHD34 : Origin and Development of the Samkhya System of Thought

IDK830 : Ramakrishna Lives Vedanta

NZF665 : अद्वैतसिद्धि (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद)- Advaitasiddhi with Detailed Explanation

IHE051 : Indian Psychology (Three Volumes)

IHF064 : Manthanabhairavatantram Kumarikakhandah (The Section Concerning the Virgin Goddess of the Tantra of the Churning Bhairava In Fourteen Volumes)

NAP661 : One Earth One Sky One Humankind (Celebration of Unity in Diversity)

NAO800 : Words Curved

NAP959 : वैश्विक धरोहर वेद वैज्ञानिक आयाम Veda As Global Heritage Scientific Perspectives

NAP630 : Sadhana - The Realisation of Life Rabindranath Tagore

NAP662 : Yogic Wealth (The Wealth That Gives Bless!)

NAO796 : Power Of Thought

NAO992 : Smrtis - A Philosophical Study (With Special Reference to Manu and Yajnavalkya)

NAO991 : Twentieth Century Indian Philosophy

NAO984 : Sri Aurobindo and Teilhard De Chardin (A Comparative Study)

NZA629 : सत्य की खोज Quest for Truth

IDI709 : Philosophy of Gorakhnath With Goraksha-Vacana-Sangraha

IDD577 : Pratyabhijnahrdayam (The Secret of Self-Recognition)

IDK696 : The Brhadaranyaka Upanisad With the Bhashya of Sankaracarya (The Word Speaks to the Faustian Man) - Two Volumes with Detailed Comments on the Commentary

NAP924 : The Philosophy of the Puranas (With Special Reference to the Siva Purana)

NZA889 : चित चकमल लागै नहीं Discourses by Osho

HAA711 : जिन सूत्र Jin Sutra (Set of 4 Volumes)

NZA890 : ध्यान-सूत्र Dhyana Sutra by Osho

NZG140 : भाषा सत्य और तर्क Language Truth and Logic (An Old and Rare Book)

NAH824 : Consciousness - Integrating Eastern and Western Perspectives

NAP912 : Philosophy of Bhartrhari (An Old and Rare Book)

IDE821 : The Samkhya Philosophy (Containing (1) Samkhya-pravachanasutram, with Vritti of Aniruddha, and the Bhasya of Vijnanabhiksu and Extracts from the Vrittisara of Mahadeva Vedantin; (2) Tatvasamasa; (3) Samkhyakarika; (4) Panchasikhasutram)

NAP920 : The Vedant Philosophy and Religion (An Old and Rare Book)

NZA670 : संन्यास दर्शन A Comprehensive Introduction to Sannayasa

NAO966 : Nyaya Concept of Cause & Effect Relationship

NAL526 : Prakrti - The Integral Vision (Set of 5 Volumes)

IDJ219 : The Prasthanatraya An Introduction

NAE778 : The Six Systems of Hindu Philosophy (A Primer)

NZB726 : सांख्यसंग्रह A Collection of Nine Works of Samkhya Philosophy

NAP901 : Scientific Aspects of Vedic Knowledge

NAO692 : The Gift of Time Practical Tips for Enhancing Personal Productivity

IDI698 : Karma and The Rebirth Of Consciousness

IDE165 : Self-Knowledge of Sri Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya's Atmabodha)

IDC839 : The Philosophy of the Upanisads

IDE422 : The Philosophy of the Vedanta Sutra (Brahmasutra) A Study based on the Evaluation of the Commentaries of Samkara, Ramanuja and Madhva

NAD969 : Sanchit, Prarabdha and Kriyaman-Karma Accumulated account, Destiny and Wilful Actions

IDF500 : Seven Nobel Laureates on Science and Spirituality

NAO590 : Mimansa Rules of Interpretation (Principal Commentators of Dharmasastra)

IDE740 : The Basic Writings of S. Radhakrishnan

IDF070 : The Bhagavad Gita for daily living 3 Volumes

NAO698 : A Descriptive Catalogue of The Manuscripts and Editions of Maulana Rumis Works in India

NAO694 : A History of Humanity

IDE805 : History Of Indian Philosophy The Creative Period

IDK409 : Kapila Founder of Samkhya and Avatara of Visnu

IDC838 : Philosophical Foundations of Hinduism The Veda, the Upanisads and the Bhagavadgita A Reinterpretation and Critical Appraisal

IDD831 : The Alchemical Body (Siddha Traditions in Medieval India)

IDE807 : The Mahabharata What is not here is nowhere else (Yannehasti na Tadkvacit)

IDE400 : The Philosophy of the Bhagavadgita A Study Based on the Evaluation of the Commentaries of Samkara, Ramanuja and Madhva

IDG912 : Tarka Samgraha

IDE191 : Vedanta-Parijata-Saurabha of Nimbarka and Vedanta-Kaustubha of Srinivasa Commentaries on the Brahma-Sutras (3 Volumes)

NAO681 : The Narratives of Sangay Chezom and Jalue Repa

NAH575 : The Vakyartha-Matrka of Salikanatha Misra with His Own Vrtti

NZA344 : वृत्तिप्रभाकर Vritti Prabhakar of Shri Nishchhal Das) (Khemraj Edition)

IDJ282 : An Introduction To The Philosophy of Panchadasi

IDE291 : The Aesthetic Experience According to Abhinavagupta Chowkhamba Sanskrit Studies Vol. LXII

NZB295 : प्रबोधचन्द्रोदयम् Prabodhacandrodaya of Sri Krisina Misra Yati

IDD346 : A History of Indian Philosophy (5 Vols. Set)

NAO259 : Prana Science(Decoding Yoga Breathing)

HAA475 : आत्मतत्त्वविवेक Atmatattva Viveka of Udayanacarya (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद)

NAG695 : Mimamsa Sutra of Jaimini

NAI010 : Nyaya-Vaisesika (Conception Matter in Indian Philisophy)

NAN693 : Quantum Physics and Consciousness (Thoughts of Founding Fathers of Quantum Physics and other Renowned Scholars)

NZH413 : अर्थ विज्ञान और व्याकरण दर्शन Science of Meaning Artha and Philosophy of Grammer

NAO741 : A Miraculous Rendering on the Bhagwat Geeta by Sant Dnyaneshwar

IDK118 : An Introduction to the Philosophy of Trika Saivism

NAC334 : Aniccata/Anityata Analysis of The Buddhist Opposition to Permanence/ Stability and Alternative Foundation of Ontology and / Or Anthropology)

NAG883 : Life and Origin of the Universe (Vedanta & Science Series) (Transliteration Text with English Translation)

NAD853 : Lokayata –A Critical Study (Indian Spiritualism Reaffirmed)

NAC557 : Uniqueness of Carvaka Philosophy in Traditional Indian Thought

NZB896 : हिन्दू षड्दर्शन Six Systems of Hindu Philosophy

IDD960 : Abhinavagupta (A Rare Book)

NAP620 : Ancient Wisdom for Modern Management

NAC996 : Stories from Yoga Vasishtha

NAO557 : वेदांतप्रक्रियाप्रत्यभिज्ञा The Method of The Vedanta ( A Critical Account of the Advaita Tradition)(Set of Two Volumes)

HAA924 : विवरणोपन्यास (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद) Vivarana Upanayas

NAP189 : Thoughts on Synthesis of Science and Religion (Srila Prabhupada Birth Centenary Volume)

NAO574 : Bhishma an Enigma

NAO744 : The Yoga Philosophy - Traditions and Reflections

NZD599 : न्याय कुसुमाञ्ज्लि Nyaya Kusumanjali

NZA550 : परमतत्त्वमीमांसा (मतिप्रशिक्षशास्त्रम्) Paramatattvamimansa (Metaphysics) (A Old and Rare Book)

IDF374 : Lokaprajnapti A Critical Exposition of Buddhist Cosmology

IDF335 : Philosophical Papers of Professor J.N. Chubb

IDG513 : Manameyodaya by Narayana Bhatta and Narayana Pandita (An Elementary Treatise on the Mimamsa)

NAN072 : The Arts of Hinduism Buddhism and Zen (Its Religious Belief's and Philosophy)

NAP589 : 21 Mantras for People Management (Lessoons from Buddha, Vivekananda & Gandhi)

IDF532 : A Philosophical Analysis Of Buddhists Notions

NAH532 : Ethics in Indian Materialist Philosophy (In its Social Perspective)

NAP588 : Lectures on Vedanta and Unitary Consciousness (An Old and Rare Book)

NAD620 : Materialism and Immaterialism in India and the West Varying Vistas

IHL414 : New Essays in the Philosophy of Sarvepali Radhakrishnan

IHJ028 : Nirvana In Candrakirti’s Prasannapada (A Study in the Madhyamika Concept of Nirvana in the Context of Indian Thought)

IDE141 : Philosophy and Religion - Essays in Interpretation

IDD233 : Sabda A Study of Bhartrhari's Philosophy of Language

IHL227 : The Christ and the Bodhisattva

NAN289 : The Concept of Pranava in Indian Philosophy

NAC008 : The Foundational Standpoint of Madhyamika Philosophy

NAL176 : The Fundamentals of K.C. Bhattacharyya's Philosophy

NAK920 : Vedanta Philosophy (Very Old and Rare Book)

NAD739 : Yatindramatadipika (A Hand Book on the Philosophy of Ramanuja)

NAP411 : A History of Indian Philosophy (Set of Three Volume )

NAO947 : Earth Ethics of M. K. Gandhi - With Teaching From Holy Mother Amma (An Introduction)

NAO951 : The Sacred Thread - The Development of Personality According to Hindu Traditions and Jungian Psychology

IDH543 : Vedanta and Advaita Shaivagama of Kashmir A Comparative Study

IDJ504 : Brahma Sutra Bhasya of Shankaracharya

NAE157 : Science of Ornaments A Holy Text Which Elucidates That Ornaments are a Source of Chaitanya

NAD371 : Vedanta vs. Psychology

NZD830 : तदीयाविभागाद्वैतवादश्च Acarya Vijnanabhiksu and His Doctrine of Integral Nondualism

NAP186 : I am The Mind (The Master Key to Achieve Anything You Want)

NAP100 : Midnights With The Mystic (A Little Guide to Freedom and Bliss)

IDG392 : Swami Vivekananda on Indian Philosophy and Literature

NAL215 : Yoga in Kashmir Saivism

NAO666 : Into The Void

NAU676 : Meeting with Ramakrishna

NAO668 : Religion's Expiration Date (Move From Blind Belief to The Science of Your Inner Experience)

NAO665 : The Perfect Way

NAO667 : Ah, This ! - Talks on Zen Stories

NAO664 : Flowers of Love (A Book of Letters)

IDE704 : Science Consciousness Freedom

NAB849 : Vedic Physics Towards Unification of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity

NAO649 : Darwinism and Philosophical Analysis

NAO653 : Studies on Myth Philosophy and Culture

NAJ900 : The Hidden Lives of Brahman (Sankara’s Vedanta Through His Upanisad Commentaries, In Light of Contemporary Practice)

IDH196 : Modern Problems and Ancient Solutions

IDE540 : Philosophy and Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and Other Essays

IDF131 : YOGA SUTRAS OF PATANJALI with the Exposition of Vyasa, Volume II - Sadhana-Pada

NAD332 : From Physiology and Chemistry to Biochemistry

IHL352 : Hidden Mysteries

IDF140 : PATANJALA YOGA SUTRAS with Detailed Commentary (with Transliteration, Translation & Commentary)

NAO545 : The Gita Way - Secret Recipe to Achieve The Purpose of Life

NAO534 : The Philosophical Approach to Religion

NAO538 : Spiritual Perspective - Essays in Mysticism and Metaphysics

NAN616 : Be Still - It Is The Wind That Sings

IDI648 : Advaita Bodha Deepika [Lamp Of Non-Dual Knowledge]

IDI854 : Ashtavakra Gita

IDI650 : Tripura Rahasya or The Mystery Beyond The Trinity

NAD352 : Who Am I? (The Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Raman Maharashi)

IDJ333 : Yoga Vasishta Sara The Essence of Yoga Vasishta

NAH041 : The Five Great Elements Rediscovered

NZF921 : तत्त्वचिन्तामणिविवेचनम् Tattva Chintamani Vivechan

NAP574 : Comparative Aesthetics East and West

IDK882 : A Critical Study of The Philosophy of Ramanuja

NZA098 : Quotations from Nyaya Vaisesika Texts (Sanskrit Text with English Translation) - Arranged Subjectwise

IDG911 : Samkhya Karika of Isvara Krsna (Krishna) with The Tattva Kaumudi of Sri Vacaspati Misra

NAP010 : Science, Sanatana Dharma and Hindu Philosophy- Linkages & Survival Instinct Experience

IHL062 : The Samnyasa Upanisad’s (On Renunciation), Based on the Commentary of Upanisad Brahmayogin

NZA392 : सांख्य दर्शन का इतिहास History of Samkhya Philosophy

NAP383 : Tattva Samasa - Contemplation on the Essence of Sankhya

NAG035 : Santarasa and Abhinavagupta’s Philosophy of Aesthetics (A Rare Book)

NAL656 : Sariraka-Catussutri-Vicara of Bellankonda Ramarayakavi

NAN786 : Thoughts on the Gita

NAE311 : 2 Philosophia Perennis "Talks on Pythagoras, the Philosopher and Mystic"

NAD185 : Myth in Contemporary Indian Literature

NAN242 : Samsara and Nirvana - A Unifying Vision

NAP394 : The Dialectic of Knowledge and Reality in Indian Philosophy (An Old and Rare Book)

NAJ110 : Walking in Zen, Sitting in Zen

NZG072 : आगमन तर्कशास्त्र Inductive Logic (An Old and Rare Book)

NZA638 : कृष्ण स्मृति (हीरे जो कभी परखे ही न गए) In Krishna's Memory....

NZG138 : चार्वाक का नैतिक दर्शन Ethical Philosophy of Charavaka

HAA294 : झुक आयी बदरिया सावन की (मीरा दीवानी पर चर्चा सुहानी) - Jhuk Aai Badariya Savan ki (Meera Diwani Par Charcha Suhani)

NZF830 : विद्यापति दर्शन The Philosophy of Vidyapati

NAP390 : Atmatattva Viveka of Udayana (An Old and Rare Book)

NAD892 : Beyond Psychology

IDE404 : Bhartrhari and Wittgenstein - Word and Sentence Two Perspectives

NAP388 : Essays on Christopher Isherwood and Vedanta

IDG600 : Freedom Transcendence And Identity Essays in memory of Professor Kalidas Bhattacharyya (An Old and Rare book)

NAK250 : From the False to the Truth (Answers to the Seekers of the Path)

IDF333 : Narayana Guru


IDE078 : Philosophical Reflections (Revised and Enlarged Edition)

IDG875 : PHILOSOPHY IN INDIA; Traditions, Teachings and Research

NAC649 : Prakaranapancika of Salikanatha (With an Exposition in English) An Important Text of Prabhakara Mimamsa

NAK291 : Sermons in Stones

NAH534 : The Concept of Equity in Sukraniti and Arthasastra (A Comparative Study)

IHL592 : The New Alchemy to Turn You On The Innermost Secrets of Consciousness

IDG803 : The Philosophy of Daya Krishna

NAE317 : Work is Love Made Visible

NZD274 : प्रत्यक्षतत्त्वचिन्तामणिविमर्श Pratyaksa Tattvacintamani Vimarsa (A Rare Book)

NZD794 : प्रबोधचन्द्रोदयसंकल्पसुर्योदयो तुलानात्कमअध्ययनम् A Comparative Study of Prabhodha Chandrodaya and Suryodaya

NZF051 : मीमांसादर्शनम् Tarkapada of Mimamsa Sutras with Shabara Bhashya

NZA644 : मैं मृत्यु सिखाता हूं I Teach Death

NZA630 : शून्य के पार Beyond the Void

IHK019 : Light on Sant Mat

NAP560 : The Nyaya Theory of Know Ledge (A Critical Study of Some Problems of Logic and Metaphysics)

NAP387 : Bhavanaviveka - Mandana Misras Distinction of Activity (An old and Rare Book)

NAD731 : In Search of the Miraculous

NAK296 : Key to a New Life

IHL148 : Philosophia Perennis (Talks on Pythagoras, the Philosopher and Mystic)

NAM145 : Three Steps to Awakening


NZA649 : नहीं सांझ नहीं भोर (चरण दास वाणी पर प्रवचन) Nahin Sanjh Nahin Bhor (Discourse on Charnadas Vani)

IDI841 : A Modern Introduction to Indian Aesthetic Theory

NAF494 : Gita and Kant An Ethical Study

NAD995 : Lights on Vedanta (A Comparative Study of the Various Views of Post Sankarites, With Special Emphasis On Suresvaras Doctrines)

NAP393 : The Carpenter from Nazareth - Seen in an Advaitic Perspectives

NZB636 : तत्त्वचिन्तामणौ उपाधिप्रकरणविमर्श Thoughts on The Upadhi Prakarana in Tattvachintamani

HAA625 : पन्चदशी (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद) - PANCADASI

HAA619 : यतीन्द्रमतदीपिका (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद) - Yatindramata Dipika of Srinivasacharya

NAF863 : The Philosophy of Advaita

NZF387 : न्यायरक्षामणि Nyaya Raksha Mani

IDF401 : Mystical Buddhism From a Sibylline Perspective

NZD755 : न्यायकुसुमाञ्जलि Nyaya Kusumanjali With a Commentary

NZE087 : सिध्दान्त लक्षणम Siddhanta Lakshanam with Nyaya Ratna

IDG426 : The Theory of Acintya-Bheda Bheda

NAD771 : Understanding Consciousness (Recent Advances)

IDE172 : Upadesa Sahasri A Thousand Teachings in two Parts, Prose and Poetry of Sri Sankaracharya (Shankaracharya)

HAA500 : महाभारतीय सांख्य Samkhya in the Mahabharata

IDE720 : CHANAKYA His Teachings and Advice

NAJ944 : Finding Your Own Way The Discipline of Transcendence (On Buddha's Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters)

IDI857 : Ramana Maharshi and The Path of Self-Knowledge

NAO623 : Rta-Psychology Beyond Freud (An Old and Rare Book)

IDG135 : The Secret of Jnanayoga


NAI848 : आत्मतत्त्वविवेक Atma Tattva Viveka with Sanskrit Commentaries

NAI656 : तर्कसंग्रह Tarka Samgraha

NZA007 : The Inner Self

IDF303 : Brahmasutra-Chatushsutri The First Four Aphorisms of Brahma Sutras along with Sankaracarya's Commentary

IHE012 : Dasa Mula Tattva (The Ten Foundational Truths of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s Philosophy)

NAD081 : Higher Dimensions of Consciousness

NAH781 : ध्यानबिन्दूपनिषत् Dhyanabindu Upanisat

NZF735 : प्रत्यभिज्ञादर्शन विमर्श Pratyabhijna Vimarsha Darshan

NZC284 : भारतीय साधना की धारा Bhartiya Sadhana ki Dhara

IDG454 : The Essence of Tripurarahasya (Tripura Rahasya) The Mystery of Supreme Consciousness

IDG457 : The Way to Supreme Bliss (24th Chapter of Paramanandatantram being an exposition of the Path to Self-realization)

NZF087 : तर्कसंग्रह Tarka Sangraha

HAA892 : दर्शनशास्त्रस्‍येतिहास History of Indian Philosophy (In Sanskrit)

NAD357 : The Significance of Prefixes in Sanskrit Philosophical Terminology

IHG054 : Kautiliya Arthasastra

HAA375 : कारिकावली मुक्तावली संहिता Karikavali and Muktavali Samhita (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAC074 : Abhinavagupta’s Hermeneutics of the Absolute Anuttaraprakriya An Interpretation of his Paratrisika Vivarana

NAC765 : Blissful Experience Bhakti Quintessence of Indian Philosophy

NAP156 : Insight and Inspirations - Venkatesa Daily Readings (Volume II)

IDD173 : Rasa in Aesthetics - An Application of Rasa Theory to Modern Western Literature

IDI056 : Samkhya-Yoga Epistemology

NAC903 : Seven Quartets of Becoming A Transformative Yoga Psychology Based on the Diaries of Sri Aurobindo

NAO370 : Adhyatma Vidya (Fundamentals of Spiritual Knowledge)

IDG306 : Indian Concept of Man and His Development

NZF647 : तर्कशास्त्रप्रभावमीमांसा The impact of Nyaya Vaisheshika System on the Other School of Indian Philosophy

NZB007 : षडदर्शनसूत्रसंग्रह Sutras of All the Six Systems of Indian Philosophy

NZG019 : Mimamsa Uddharana Kosa (The Citations from Sabara Bhasya Traced to Their Original Sources) (An Old and Rare Book)

NAP518 : Sri Aurobindo and India's Rebirth

NAP504 : Two Who are One Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

NZA613 : न्यायसिध्दान्तमुक्तावली (संस्कृत एवं हिन्दी अनुवाद) - Nyaya Siddhanta Muktavali

NAO923 : Mathematics in Religion

NAP340 : Still no Trace of an Aryan Invasion - A Collection on Indo-European Origins

IHL605 : Jayarasi Bhatta's Tattvopaplavasimha

NAO093 : In the Lost City of Sri Krishna - The Story of Ancient Dwaraka

NAP308 : River, Body & Legends

IHL807 : Synthesis of Yoga

NAO846 : 25 Ways to Improve Your Life (With CD Inside)

NAO844 : Enlightenment (With CD Inside)

NAO843 : Guru - His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (With CD Inside)

NAO848 : Leadership

NAO849 : Living Hinduism (Scriptures, Philosophy, Practices)

NAO853 : Love is Not An Emotion (With CD Inside)

NAO850 : Meditation

NAO845 : Mind Matters (With CD Inside)

NAO842 : More Light on Less Known - Compassion, Courage, Confidence (Vol. 2)

IDI926 : Panchikaranam of Sri Sankaracarya (Text and the Varttika of Sri Sureshvaracharya

NAO851 : Punarnava

NAO847 : Spirit of Enquiry (With CD Inside)

NAO840 : Timeless Wisdom (The Book of All Religions)

NAJ596 : Undoing (Returning to Simplicity)

IDE721 : Insights into the Bhagavad Gita

IDE293 : Sarvadarsanasamgraha Of Madhavacarya (With English Translation, Transliteration and Indices)

NAF212 : Meditation, Ecstasy and Illumination (An Overview of Advaita)

IDD938 : Stories from Vedanta

IDF674 : Vedanta Paribhasa Of Dharmaraja Adhvarindra

IDH310 : Vedartha Sangraha Of Sri Ramanujacarya

NAN811 : Fundamentals of Life - Based on Shiva Sutra (Commentary by Swami Anubhavananda)

IDG638 : Methods of Knowledge According to Advaita Vedanta

NAP036 : Sri Aurobindo and European Philosophy

NAO913 : Things of Beauty (An Anthology fo the Wit and Wisdom of Ancient, Medieval and Modern Thinkers and Writers)

IDJ448 : Science of Divine Sound (A Latest Research on Self and God Realization with the Medium of Sound)

NAH546 : Kalasakti Bhartrhari’s Philosophy of Time

NAP148 : Searching for Me

NAP130 : Sex, Life, Spirituality

NAM515 : Veda of The Body

NZF805 : भारतीय आलोचना शास्त्र Science of Indian Literary Criticism

NAJ477 : Brahmavidya or Knowledge of The Ultimate Reality

NAJ473 : Critical Essays on Purvamimamsa

NAJ476 : Deliberation on The Ultimate Reality Culminating in Intuitive Experience

NAJ493 : Dvaita Philosophy (As Expounded by Sri Madhvacarya)

NAJ495 : Essays on Indian Philosophy

NAJ479 : The Philosophical Science of Vedanta

NAJ478 : The Quintessence of Pristine Pure Vedanta

NAJ475 : The Reality Beyond All Empirical Dealings

NAJ480 : Vedanta The Only Consummate Spiritual Science

NZA260 : अद्वैतसिद्धि Advaitasiddhi of Madhusudana Saraswati (Sanskrit Text with Many Sanskrit Commentaries)

NAP323 : Treat of Tweets @ Sri Sri (Tweets that Make Life a Celebration)

IDC910 : SUNYATA (The Essence of Mahayana Spirituality)

NAP112 : A Follower of Christ and a Disciple of Sri Aurobindo

NAP134 : Know Your Mind (With CD Inside)

IDF688 : Sandilyasutram with the Commentry of Svapnesvara

IDD818 : The Greeks in India (A Survey in Philosophical Understanding)

IHD89 : The Yoga of the Saints Analysis of Spiritual Life

HAA894 : लघुवासुदेवमननम् एवम् सिध्दान्तबिंदु Laghu Vasudeva Manana and Siddhanta Bindu (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद)

IDG436 : Life Beyond Death A Critical Study of Spiritualism

NAO393 : Patanjali's Yogasutra (A Psychological Study)

IDK380 : The Light of Ten Thousand Suns

NZD600 : भाट्ट चिन्तामणि Bhatta Chintamani (Tarkapada) (A Rare Book)

NAB769 : An Introduction to Indian Philosophy

IHD004 : An Introduction to the Advaita Saiva Philosophy of Kashmir

IDD768 : The Concept of SUNYA

IHE086 : The Concepts of Rasa (With Special Reference to Abhinavagupta)

IHL709 : The Zen Manifesto Freedom from Oneself by Osho

NZF571 : तत्त्वमीमांसा एवं ज्ञानमीमांसा Metaphysics and Epistemology

NAO394 : Indian and Western Philosophy (A Study in Contrasts)

NAO395 : The Karaka Theory Embodied in the Rama Story (A Sanskrit Textbook in Medieval India)

NAM994 : Man as Microcosm in Tantric Hinduism (An Old Book)

IDE385 : The Myths of Narasimha and Vamana Two Avatars in Cosmological Perspective (An Old Book)

NAF173 : Dvaita Vedanta Darsana of Sri Madhvacharya

NAG686 : Philosophical Stories

NAE346 : Soul-Psychic Sleuthing Techniques of Telepathy Clairvoyance and Psychometry


NAN352 : Living in Rhythm with Nature (Simple Steps to Holistic Health)

NAN661 : The Destiny of the Body (The Vision and the Realisation in Sri Aurobindo's Yoga)

IDG484 : Acarya Kundakunda's Pancastikaya-Sara (The Building of the Cosmos) Prakrit Text, Sanskrit Caya, English Commentary etc. along with Philosophical and Historical Introduction by Prof. A. Chakravarti Nayanar

NAE355 : Understanding Vedanta A Contemporary Approach (A Collection of Essays To Introduce Vedanta)

IDK978 : Yoga Vasistha (Vedanta Wisdom Through Miniature Paintings)

IDH393 : A Dictionary Of Advaita Vedanta

NAP018 : In Days of Great Peace

NAN759 : Rethinking Darwin - A Vedic Study of Darwinism and Intelligent Design

NZG073 : न्यायविवरणम् Nyaya Vivarana

HAA383 : लिंगधारणचन्द्रिका (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद) - Linga Dharana Chandrika (An Old and Rare Book)

NZE824 : वैदिक स्वर मीमांसा Vedic Swara Mimamsa

NAK173 : Advaita Philosophy of Sri Adhi Sankara

IDF388 : Neurosciences and Philosophy Some Problems in the Light of Indian and Buddhist Philosophy

NAO616 : Puranas in the Light of Modern Science

NAI038 : Saptabhangi-Tarangini (The Seven Facets of Reality)

NZG212 : मायावादखण्डनम् Refutation of Mayavada of Ananda Tirtha

NAO164 : Life (A Mysterious Journey)

NAD949 : Panch Mahabhuta Tatwa and Sharira Five Gross Elements and Living Beings (According To The Indian Philosophy)

IDH338 : Insights Into Vedanta Tattvabodha (Transliteration, word-for-word meaning, translation and commentary)

NZA379 : भारतीय संगीत शास्त्र का दर्शनपरक अनुशीलन Philosophical Aspects of Indian Music

IDD192 : Mind and Supermind (2 Volumes)

IDC111 : Meditation as Spiritual Culmination Yoga Aphorism of Patanjali (Two Big Volumes)

NAB759 : Musings on Yogavaasishta (Yoga Vasistha) – Part IV (The Calm Down)

NAB760 : Musings on Yogavaasishta – Part V (Liberation – Part I)

NAN238 : Psychology in the Indian Tradition

NAI604 : नामलिंगानुशासने पाणिनीयप्रभाव Impact of Panini on Nama-Linga-Anushasan

NZD759 : न्यायपरिशुध्दि Nyaya Parishuddhi (Set of 2 Volumes)

IDF631 : PANCADASI (Panchadasi) of Sri Vidyaranya Swami

IDH281 : Laghu-Yoga-Vasistha (An Old and Rare Book)

NZF835 : निरीश्वरवाद - भारतीय एवं पाश्चात्य Indian and Western Atheism (An Old and Rare Book)

NAE406 : The Space Within (With CD)

NZC662 : शक्तिविशिष्टाद्वैततत्त्वत्रयविमर्श Shakti Visistadvaita Tattvatrai Vimarsh

NAN434 : Nyaya Sudha of Sri Jayatirtha (First Adhyayas Complete)

IDE792 : Yoga Psychology

NZD051 : आधुनिक भारत के निर्माता गांधी जीवन और दर्शन (आधुनिक भारत के निर्माता) Builders of Modern India (Gandhi - Life and Philosophy)

NAH776 : दर्शनोपनिषत् - Darsanopanisat

IDD934 : A Dictionary of Advaita Vedanta

IHL808 : Primal Spirituality Philosophical Knowledge And Plenary Experience

NAO355 : Samkhya Karikas (The Foundation of Yoga Philosophy)

NAP003 : An Intimate Note to the Sincere Seeker - Daily Knowledge Sutras

NAP004 : Insights into Spiritual Living

NAP011 : Is Your Mind really Yours? - Break Free from the Shackles of a Programmed Life

NAC825 : Systems of Vedanta And Kashmir Saivism (C.A.D. 300?1000)

NAO263 : What is Spiritual About Being Punctual - Discovering Spirituality in Unlikely Places

IDH622 : Atma Bodha of Sri Adi Sankaracharya (Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning, Translation and Detailed Commentary)

NAO607 : Gendun Chophel - Portrait of a Great Thinker

NAO611 : Laghu Yoga Vasishta

IDD138 : Life and Teachings of Adi Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)

IDG836 : Nature of Indian Aesthetics (With Special Reference to Silpa) An Old And Rare Book

NAI465 : Relevance of Indian Philosophy in Modern Context

NAO348 : Samkhya - A Prologue to Yoga (A Study of Its Development Through Ancient Text)

NAF177 : Ramana Maharshi and His Philosophy of Existence

NAC532 : Ashtavakra Gita Commentary

NAM934 : Buddhi Yoga of the Gita and Other Essays

NAB940 : Craving and Salvation - A Study in Buddhist Soteriology

NAB451 : Thus Spake Vivekananda

HAA491 : शास्त्रदीपिका संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) - Shastra Dipika

NAD503 : Celebrating Silence

NAP008 : Shiva-The Eternal Joy

NAN210 : Heritage Papers of Early Leading Indian Psychologists (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAO373 : Dialogues - Philosopher Meets Seer

NAO371 : Happiness Unlimited (Self Unfoldment in an Interactive World)

NAO365 : The Seven Hindu Spiritual Laws of Success

IHK067 : Brahmavidya Abhyasa (Sure Way To The Inner Self)

NAN300 : Awakening - A Seven Step Practical Guide to Self Realization (With CD Inside)

NAE408 : Science And Spirituality A Vedanta Perception

NAF980 : Sri-Yantra and The Geophilosophy of India

IHL155 : The Structure of Indian Mind

IDE009 : The Philosophy of The Tamil Siddhas

NAF421 : Creation (Srishti Vignana)

NAO258 : Aatma Sutra (Unveiling The Soul)

NAO239 : Old Man Basking in the Sun (Longchenpa's Treasury of Natural Perfection)

NAO323 : The Saktivada of Gadadhara Theory of Expressive Power of Words (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAE454 : Sarvadarsanasamgraha Ascribed To Madhavacarya (Chapter 16Samkaradrsanam)

NAE161 : The Philosophy Of Visistadvaita

NAO312 : Conceptual Stress (Understanding and Management)

NAO301 : Stress Understanding & Management (A Way to Total Wellbeing)

NAO110 : The Yogi of Walden - Henry David Thoreau (Bridging the Philosphies of East and West)

NAH786 : Threads of Continuity - Zoroastrian Life & Culture

NAO208 : The Rise of Divine Feminine

NAO055 : Celldom Appreciated - A Journey Through the Wonders of the Realms of the Cell

NAO056 : Gaia's Will - The Dying Declaration of Mother Earth

NAO148 : A Glorious Journey of Past Life Regression

NAO174 : Finding Soul in Work and Life

NAO053 : Living Dying - A New Perspective on the Phenomena of Life, Disease and Death

NAO190 : Vasistha Dharmasutra (A Revolutionary and Modern Bunches of Thought)

HAA338 : विवरणप्रमेयसंग्रह (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद) - Vivarana Prameya Sangraha of Vidyaranya Muni

IDG152 : The Wisdom of The Upanishads

IDF695 : TIRUKKURAL OF TIRUVALLUVAR (In Roman and Tamil Scripts)

NAF331 : Sri Yoga Vasishta (Maharamayanam) Set of 5 Volumes - English Translation Only

NAO154 : Tapping Your Inner Strength (How to Find the Resilience to Deal with Anything)

NAO153 : The Quiet Mind (A Journey Through Space and Mind)

NAH297 : Panca Mahabhutas An Ecological Reading in The Vedas and Vedanta

IDE434 : The Secret of Bhaktiyoga

IDE433 : The Secret of Premayoga

NAL937 : Utpaladeva (Philosopher of Recognition)

NAO165 : Demystifying Death

IDI950 : The Mystery of Death A Study in the Philosophy and Religion of the Katha Upanishad

NAH795 : The Philosophy of Self Realisation of Swami Yogeshwaranand Saraswati

NAH785 : Painted Encounters - Parsi Traders and the Community & No Parsi is an Island

NAN158 : Nature of Numbers (An Old and Rare Book)

NAE615 : The Inner Life

IDG340 : An Analysis of The Brahma Sutra

NAM777 : Nyaya Sudha of Sri Jayatirtha (Second Third and Fourth Adhyayas)

NAK398 : The Pristine Pure Advaita Philosophy of Adi Sankara

NZF005 : वैदिक सिध्दान्त मीमांसा Conceptual Essays on The Vedas (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAC414 : Madhva’s Philosophy of the Visnu Faith An Old and Rare Book

IDK812 : Karma Yoga

NAD687 : Problem Is You, Solution Is You

IDH520 : SARVADARSANASAMGRAHA ascribed to Madhavacarya (Chapter 16 Samkaradarsanam)

IDL194 : Studies in Comparative Philosophy

IDF831 : What Becomes of the Soul After Death

IDG428 : Brahmavidya The Adyar Library Bulletin (C.Kunhan Raja Birth Centenary Volume)


IDH525 : Siddhanta Panjara of Vinayaka

IDJ413 : Siva (Shiva) Sutras The Supreme Awakening (Revealed by Swami Lakshmanjoo)

IDF652 : Yoga and The Teaching of Krishna Essays on the Indian Spiritual Traditions

NZF415 : समकालीन भारतीय दर्शन Contemporary Indian Philosophy

NAO101 : Gautama - The Nyaya Philosophy

NAJ471 : A Broad Outline of Vedanta

IDC253 : Nagarjuna's Refutation of Logic (Nyaya) Vaidalyaprakarana Zib Mo Rnam Par Hthag Pa Zes By A Bahi Rab Tu Byed Pa

NAH731 : Plunging the Ocean - Courts, Castes, and Courtesans in the Kathasaritsagara

NZH616 : तत्त्वाघोत Tattvodyota of Anandatirtha (Set of 3 Volumes)

NZE864 : वेद विज्ञान एवं ब्रह्माण्ड Vedas, Science and The Universe

NZG337 : प्रमाणपद्धति Pramana Paddhati

IDF909 : Atmatattvaviveka by Udayanacarya

IDK833 : Learn to Live (In Two Volumes)

NAH747 : Prapanch Kanya - Indian Philosophy in the Second Millennium

IDJ753 : The Prajna-Sutras Aphorisms of Intuition

IDH348 : The Way To God As Taught By Sri Ramakrishna

NZG319 : पदार्थ संग्रह Padartha Sangraha

NAM441 : Vedanta in Brief

NAF235 : Vedic Philosophy and Religion

NZF434 : न्यायसिध्दान्तमुक्तावली Nyaya Siddhanta Muktavali

NZE438 : व्युत्पत्तिवाद Vyutpattivada

NAI072 : Appropriating Shakespeare (A Study of Shakespeare's Plays Rendered into Kannada Between 1895-1932)

NAC123 : The Vision of Atman (Yajnavalkya’s Initiation of Maitreyi into the Intuition of Reality)

IDK226 : The Psychology of the Esoteric (Insights into Energy and Consciousness)

NZA652 : शिव-सूत्र (बीत गया स्वर्ण-युग रह गई स्वर्ण-धूलि शेष) Shiva Sutra

NAI998 : न्यायकुसुमांजलि Nyaya Kusumanjali with a Sanskrit Commentary

IDD125 : Brahma-Vada (Doctrine of Sri Vallabhacarya)

NAC313 : The Upanishadic Approach to Reality

IDE961 : SRIMAD BHAGAVAD GITA Tattvavivecani (English Commentary)

NAH821 : The Word and The World (India's Contribution to the Study of Language)

NAN530 : Psychology for India

NAL643 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies Jain Philosophy - Part I (Vol X)

NAN354 : Abhinavgupt

IDG546 : The Realm of Between (An Old and Rare Book)

NAL357 : Puranas, History and Itihasas

NAE847 : The Zen Yoga Mystic Faith, Tao Wisdom, and Sufi Loving Devotion (An Integral Approach to Spirituality)

IDF431 : Parasaraprasna The Baisakhi Of Guru Gobind Singh

IDE091 : Patanjali of Yogasutras - Makers of Indian Literature

IDJ648 : Saranagati (Surrender Unto Him)

IDF939 : Navonmesa M.M. Gopinath Kaviraj Smriti Granth (An Old and Rare Book)

NZD646 : कथालक्षणम् The Art of Philosophical Debate

IDD004 : Philosophy of Hatha Yoga

IDE448 : Comparative Aesthetics Volume I Indian Aesthetics

IDE449 : Comparative Aesthetics Western Aesthetics - Volume II

NAN488 : Ganadharavada (The Essentials of Bhagavan Mahavir's Philosophy)

NZG143 : गाँधी दर्शन मीमांसा A Study of Gandhi's Philosophy

NAC279 : Mysteries of Death, Fate Karma and Rebirth (In the Light of the Teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

NAN916 : Sri Nimbarka His Life, Religion and Philosophy

NAN396 : Europe Asks Who is Shree Krishna

NZB325 : वैशेषिक दर्शन परिशीलन Vaisesika Darshan Parishilan

IHL350 : Isa Upanishad (A Study of the Universal Law Dharma from the Karma Mimamsa Perspective)

IDE008 : Social Action And Non-Violence

NAD735 : Subjectivity in Science (Interpretations of the Cartesian Project)

NAE126 : The Sankhya Philosophy (A Critical Evaluation Of Its Origins and Development)

NAH386 : Why Do Good People Suffer?(Guidance and Hope For Those Who Suffer)

NAD390 : The Symbols and Interpretation of Nimbarka Philosophy

IDE081 : Sri Sankara's (Shankaracharya) Teachings In His Own Words

NAF267 : Advaitic Ratnas (Advaitic Gems)

IDJ166 : Analysis in Sankara Vedanta The Philosophy of Ganeswar Misra

NAE913 : Money Magnetism (How to Attract What You Need When You Need It)

NAB830 : Introductions to Vedanta Texts

NAN329 : Laurie Baker - Truth in Architecture

IDE190 : Ganapati Upanisad With the Commentary Tattvaprakasika (Roman Transliteration)

IDG417 : Kena Upanishad A Study from Sakta Perspective

NAE287 : Mother, Father And Children Practical Advice To Parents

IDJ303 : Tat Tvam Asi (Notes on Chandogya Upanishad, Chapter Six) (Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning and Detailed Commentary)

NAD334 : Nimbarka Philosophy The Philosophy of the Most Ancient Vaisnava Sect

NAN035 : Some Philosophical Issues in Logic and Language

IDD120 : Saivism

NZD381 : प्रमाण मञ्जरी Pramana Manjari

NZA322 : सांख्यकारिका Samkhya Karika

IHL299 : Theology After Vedanta (An Experiment In Comparative Theology)

NAI547 : तत्वबिन्दु (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद)- Tattva Bindu of Vachaspati Mishra

NAI708 : मीमांसानयमञ्जरी Mimamsa Naya Manjari with Parisista in Two Volumes (An Old and Rare Book)

NAE282 : The Philosophical Concept of Samskara

IDG140 : Beauties of Islam

NAD760 : Esoteric Buddhism

IDH192 : Pain Its Meaning and Use

IDG277 : The Yoga of Dejection Self beyond Identity Crisis

IHL418 : Vaisesika Catuhsutri A Historical Perspective

IDG652 : Vedantaparibhasa

NAE011 : Whispers From The Other Shore Spiritual Search- East And West

NAN647 : Science, Materialism, Mysticism

NAE777 : What Religions is (In The Words of Swami Vivekananda)


NAD619 : A Conceptual-Analytic Study of Classical Indian Philosophy of Morals

NAN356 : I Love You and so (Addiction to the four letter word)

NAN357 : Living Nonduality (Enlightenment Teachings of Self-Realization)

NAN360 : The Eye of the Storm (The Power of the Undisturbed Mind)

NAN831 : Panchtattvas -The Road Ahead (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZD647 : सांख्यकारिका Samkhya Karika

NZD802 : न्यायदर्शनम् Nyaya Sutras of Gautama with Detailed Commentary

NZD272 : श्रीव्यासपाणिनिभावनिर्णय Sri Vyasa Panini Bhava Nirnayah (A Rare Book)

NZF853 : स्मृतिमाणिक्यसंग्रह Smrti Manikya Samgrah

NAN707 : Paramaamrita - Pointers to Self Realization

IDE168 : Svetasvatara Upanisad With the Commentary of Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)

IDC371 : Philosophy of Life

NAC631 : The Science of Ritual (A Rare Book)

IDC943 : What is Maya?

IDG970 : Thoughts on Sankhya, Buddhism and Vedanta

NZE600 : न्यायसिद्धान्तमुक्तावली Nyaya Siddhant Muktavali

IDH608 : An Enquiry into Psychology Soul and Absolute

NAN221 : Hand Book of Padartha Vijnana (Essence of Verses)

NAC517 : Possibility of Different Types of Religion

IDC012 : Saiva Philosophy of Kashmir

IDE119 : The Asrama System (The History and Hermeneutics of a Religious Institution)

IHD04 : The Karma-Mimamsa

NAD318 : The Religion and Philosophy of the Atharvaveda (Old and Rare Book)

IDF495 : Bhaktisutras of Narada

NAC998 : Life Is Fair The Law of Cause and Effect

NAB826 : Stavacintamani of Bhatta Narayana with the Commentary by Ksemaraja

IHD33 : Nimbarka A Pre-Samkara Vedantin and his Philosophy

IDC980 : Seven Systems of Indian Philosophy

NAK573 : The Gathas of Zarathushtra (Hymns in Praise of Wisdom)

NAN689 : Travelling Lighter (Further Down the Path of Letting Go)

IDF523 : The Vedantasutras with the Sribhasya of Ramanujacarya 3 Volumes

NAH404 : The Labyrinth of Solitude (A Comparative Exposition of Dharma as Ontology According to the Mahabharata) Set of 2 Volumes

IDJ738 : The Glory of Brahma Vidya

IDI103 : Ethics in the Mahabharata A Philosophical Inquiry for Today

NAC056 : The Logic of Spirituality (With DVD)

IDE343 : The Philosophy of the Vallabha School of Vedanta (Rare Book)

NAD082 : Introduction To Vedanta

NZD449 : न्यायविशिष्टाद्वैतमतयो ईश्वरतत्त्वविचार Conception of God in Nyaya and Visistadvaita

NAC849 : Meaning in Tantric Ritual (Based on the Saiva Traditions of Kashmir.

NAN792 : Reminiscences

NAN257 : Harnam Sethi's Journey to Self Discovery

NAN253 : Travelling Light (Walking the Path of Letting Go)

NAN781 : Create Your Own Future Through Body-Mind Programming (Accessing Your Inner Computer)

IDH626 : The Essence of Yoga Vasistha The Great Book of Vedanta

NAN675 : The Essentials of Indian Philosophy

NAD363 : From Devotion to Total Surrender Saranagati Yoga (In the Light of Indian Philosophy)

NZC274 : पदवाक्यरत्नाकर Pada Vakya Ratnakar

NAN679 : The Six Ways of Knowing (A Critical Study of the Vedanta Theory of Knowledge)

NAN678 : The Great Misunderstanding (With DVD Inside)

NAN259 : 7 Karma Codes (Heal the Storm)

NAN519 : On the way to Supermanhood

NAN525 : Priests and Politicians The Mafia of the Soul

NAN516 : Search After Happiness

NAN518 : The Mind of the Cells

NAN753 : Meta History - The Unfoldment and Fulfilment of Human Destiny (An Old and Rare Book)

NAN239 : The Six Ways of Knowing (A Critical Study of the Vedanta Theory of Knowledge)

NAN241 : Paninian Tradition of Grammar and Linguistics

NAN240 : Vedanta Anviksiki Science and Philosophy in Contemporary Perspective

NZF035 : निरुक्त समुच्चय Nirukta Sammuchya of Vararuchi (Sanskrit Only)

NAM653 : Structural Depths of Indian Thought (An Old and Rare Book)

NAN227 : The Theosophic Life and the Three Gems of Theosophy (At the Feet of the Master, The Voice of the Silence and Light on the Path)

NAC288 : Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo

NAN723 : The Ageless Wisdom of Life

NAN236 : Psychology in the Indian Tradition

NAN671 : The Essentials of Indian Philosophy

NAN745 : Human Development in Indian Perspective

NAN746 : Jadavpur Journal of Philosophy Volume 26, Number 1(English), 2016-17

NAN197 : The Whole Movement of Life is Learning (J. Krishnamurti's Letters to His Schools)

IDK246 : The Indian Theory of Aesthetics A Reappraisal

NAN662 : 7 Studies in Sri Aurobindo

NAD323 : The Philosphical and Practical Aspects of Kasmira Saivism (A Study of Trika Thought and Practice)

IDJ220 : The Three Systems of Vedanta

IDE147 : The Word Speaks to the Faustian Man Volume Four (Chandogya Upanisad) (A Transliteration, Translation and Interpretation of Sankara's Bhasya for the Participation of Contemporary Man) - An Old Book

NAE569 : This. This. A Thousand Times This (The Very Essence of Zen)

NAN342 : Vedalaksana Texts (Search and Analysis)

NAI563 : राजनीति और दर्शन (राजनीतिशास्त्र का दार्शनिक विवेचन)- The Philosophy of Politics (A Rare Book)

NZG552 : विधिविवेक Vidhi Viveka of Mandan Mishra (Dharmashastra) - An Old and Rare Book

NZD792 : श्रीन्यायसिध्दाञ्जनम् A Visistadvaita Text

NAN339 : Problems of Life and Death & Moksha

NAN344 : The New Spirituality

NZD757 : अद्वैतवेदान्ते अज्ञानविमर्श Ajnana in Advaita Vedanta

NAN653 : Philosophy of Hindu Sadhana

NZC727 : न्यायसुधा Nyaya Sudha A Commentary on the Tantravarttika (Set of 2 Volumes)

IDG852 : Tantra Granthamala No.11 Vamakesvarimatam

NAI839 : रहस्यत्रयमीमांसाभाष्यम् Rahasyatraya Mimamsa Bhasyam of Ramanuja (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAN717 : Arthasamgrahah of Laugasksi Bhaskara

NAN652 : Sarva Darsana Samgraha of Sayana Madhava (With Commentary in Sanskrit by Vasudev Shastri Abhyankar)

IDF703 : The Essential colourlessness of the Absolute or The Un-Conditioned Brahma Nirguna Brahma (A Fresh Investigating Study of Nirguna Brahma and Real Truth about the Universal Spirit)

IDD834 : Development in the Early Buddhist Concept of Kamma/Karma


NAK125 : Role of Reason in Sankara Vedanta

NZB868 : भक्तिदर्शनविमर्श The Philosophy of Bhakti

NAB996 : Sri Tantralokah (Volume Three)Chapter Five, Six, Seven (Sanskrit Text with English Translation, Transliteration o)

NZC862 : द्वैतनिर्णयसिध्दान्त संग्रह Dvaita Nirnaya Siddhanta Sangraha

NZD528 : रससार Rasa Sara

NAN320 : What is Light (Words of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother)

NAC023 : Osho – A New Vision of Women’s Liberation

IDE375 : The Tibetan Book of the Dead

NAB446 : Thus Spake Sri Sankara (Shankaracharya)

NAH267 : A Critical Study of Amrtacandra’s Purusarthasiddhyupayah (An Old and Rare Book)

NAI202 : Causality and its Application Samkhya, Buddha and Nyaya

NAH022 : The Concept and Treatment of Purusartha in Indian Philosophy

NAN612 : The Power of Your Mind

NAN702 : By The Body of The Earth or The Sannyasi (A Perpetual Story)

NAN196 : The Impossible Question

NAN198 : How I Met Ramesh (The Way Existence Mysteriously Led Spiritual Seekers to Ramesh Balsekar)

NAN195 : The Life and Death of Krishnamurti

NAN199 : Tradition and Revolution (Dialogues With J. Krishnamurti)

NZE206 : मीमांसादर्शन Mimamsa Sutras of Jaimini

IDK684 : Towards A Spiritual Psychology Essays In Indian Psychology

IDL131 : Kautilya The Arthashastra

NAC379 : The Science of Being

IRP75 : The Religion of India (The Sociology of Hinduism and Buddhism)

NAN301 : The Limits of Thoughts (Discussions)

IRP50 : Medieval Mysticism of India (An Old Book)

IHJ027 : From Dualism to Non-Dualism (A Study of the Evolution of Saivite Thought)

IDD858 : Mithuna (The Male-Female Symbol in Indian Art and Thought)

NAK702 : The Transcendental Non-Dualism of Trika Saivism

IDG910 : VAKYAVRITTI of Sri Sankaracharya

NZA489 : नाड़ी दर्शन Naadi Darshana

NAN415 : Vada in Theory and Practice (Studies in Debates, Dialogues and Discussions in Indian Intellectual Discourses)

IHL126 : Preaching Vedanta

IHE079 : Raja Yoga The Royal Road to Revelation

IDG647 : Path Beyond Sorrow

NAM014 : Analysis and Philosophy (An Old and Rare Book)

NAB705 : Death and Reincarnation

NAC285 : Human Values In Management

NZF847 : चित्रमीमांसा (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद)- Citra Mimamsa

NZG243 : हिन्दी वैशेषिकदर्शन प्रशस्तपादभाष्य Vaisesika Darsana with Prasastapadabhasya

NAL166 : Theories of Illusion in Indian Philosophy

IDK897 : Consciousness (A Deeper Scientific Search)

NZB655 : सिध्दान्तसिन्धु Siddhanta Sindhu - A Commentary on Shankaracharya's Dasasloki

NAN127 : Why We Fight - Practices for Lasting Peace

NAM945 : Helping Humanity

NAN969 : New Birth

NAN151 : Of Past Dawns and Future Noons -Towards a Resurgent India

NAM933 : Death

NAN967 : Evolution

IDJ655 : Bhasa Pariccheda with Siddhanta-Muktavali

NAI954 : प्रत्यक्षम् Perspectives of Indian Philosopy and Artificial Intelligence

NAE762 : Indian Philosophical Systems

NAG120 : The Philosophical And Religious Lectures of Swami Vivekananda

IDF039 : Bhagavad-Gita with the Commentary of Madhusudan Saraswati

NAB337 : Vedanta Philosophy

Nae765 : Effective Life Management

IHL439 : What is Man? Selected Writings of Sri Madhava Ashish

IDH611 : Attitude of Vedanta Towards Religion

IDK771 : Philosophy and Philosophers

IDJ263 : Brahma Sutras (With Text, English Rendering, Comments According to Sri-Bhasya of Sri Ramanuja, and Index)

IDE213 : Eight Upanisads With the Commentary of Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya) (Volume Two)

IDF163 : BHOGA KARIKA of Sadyojyoti With the Commentary of Aghora Siva

IDC128 : Buddhist Cosmology Science and Theology in the Images of Motion and Light

NAF373 : Vedic Vision of Consciousness and Reality

NAL124 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Set of 20 Books)

NAM764 : Vedantaparibhasa of Dharmaraja Adhvarindra (Part I)

IDK178 : Manifesto Against Progress

IDD711 : Spandapradipika (Sanskrit Edition) (A Commentary on the Spandakarika by Bhagavadutpalacarya)

IDJ017 : Vedanta-Sara of Sadananda A Work on Vedanta Philosophy

IDG818 : Nimbarka Philosophical Tradition

IDI126 : The Gita and The Quran

NAN412 : Jnana Bhaisajya Manjari (A Text on Philosophical Therapeutics)

IDF266 : Sandilyabhakti Sutra or The Aphorisms of Sandilya

NAM580 : The Knowledge Within (The Source - The Breath - The Five Elements - The Body or Matter)

NAC179 : Need For Cognitive Change

IDG489 : Practice of Vedanta

NZE431 : न्यायसिध्दान्तमुक्तावली Nyaya Siddhanta Muktavali (Sanskrit Only)

NAM862 : Beyond - The Uncharted Landscape (A Holistic Approach for Building a Fulfilling Career)

NZF850 : भारतीय न्याय शास्त्र Indian Nyaya Sastra

NAN913 : KEYS to Living Well (Dharma Words I)

IDF918 : Tarkabhasa or Exposition of Reasoning

IDE894 : Upanishad And Yoga An Empirical Approach to the Understanding

NAM556 : The Philosophy of Being Second

NZD255 : न्यायदर्शनम् Nyaya Darshanam (Nyaya Sutras of Gautama)

NAK905 : Spiritual Revelation (Life and Phiosophy of Nijanaand Swami and Mahamati Prannath)

IDE234 : Tarkasamgraha of Ananmbhatta

IDK027 : God and Self-Realization (A Scientific and Spiritual View)

NAM512 : A New Education for a New Consciousness

NAN109 : The Bhagavadgita - An Introductory Analysis

NAK278 : The Flower Chronicles - A Radical Approach to Systems and Organizational Development

NAM565 : White Roses

NAJ174 : Spirituality and Positive Psychology

NAM298 : The Trinity of Poorva Acharyas and Vishishtadvaita

NAJ180 : The Buddha's Light Philosophy

IDD608 : Questioning Krishnamurti (J. Krishnamurti in dialogue with Leading twentieth century thinkers Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Renee Weber, David Bohm and Jonas Salk.

IDH620 : Buddhiyoga of the Gita and other Essays

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NAN936 : Concepts and Illusions (A Perspective)

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NAK977 : Adventure of Faith

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NAK976 : One Being One

NAK971 : The Divine Romance (Tales of an Unearthly Love)

NAK965 : The Gospel of Jesus - In Search of His Original Teachings (A Goldmine of New Insights)

NAK972 : The Odes of Solomon (Mystical Songs from The Time of Jesus)

NAK970 : The Prodigal Soul (The Wisdom of Ancient Parables)

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IDK732 : An Introduction To Buddhist Philosophy in India and Tibet

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NAK295 : The Independent Mind (Learning to Live a Life of Freedom)

IDK560 : The Dialogues of Plato and The Upanisad-s

NAG678 : जैनदर्शन खण्ड Quotations from Jainism

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IRP04 : THE ART OF THE CONCEPTUAL (Explorations in a Conceptual Maze Over Three Decades)

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NAL039 : Peace Off and Be What You Are

IDF331 : Suffering

IDH609 : A Study of Heliocentric Science

NZA318 : सांख्यतत्त्वकौमुदी Samkhya Tattva Kaumudi

IDJ009 : Acarya Kundakunda's Samayasara ((Text, Transliteration and Translation))

IDG471 : The Art of Forgiveness

IDJ311 : An Interpretation of the Life and Philosophy of Sri Sankaracarya (Elucidatory and Reconciliatory)

NAE647 : Light on Yoga and Sufism

NAL681 : Light on Saint John

IDI921 : Yogasara - Prabhrta (Gift of the Essence of Yoga)

HAA369 : काहे होत अधीर (महाजीवन है अभी और यहीं) Superlife Here and Now

HAA656 : श्रीविचारसागर और श्रीवृत्तिरत्नावली (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) - Shri Vicharsagar and Shri Vritti Ratnavali

NZA641 : साधना-सूत्र Sadhana Sutra

NAD197 : Liberation of the Soul

IHL298 : The Essence of Superfine Gold (A Guide on Stages of the Paths to Enlightenment)

IDF621 : BEAUTY, ART AND MAN Studies in Recent Indian Theories Of Art

NAF311 : Exploring Mysticism (A Methodological Essay)

IDH166 : Philosophy of The Bhagavad-Gita

IDF628 : Neuroscience, Consciousness And Philosophy

IDG526 : The Cartesian Mind Reflections on Language and Music

IDF777 : The Philosophy of Bhakti and the Significance of Hindu Image-Worship

NAE181 : The Sermon On The Mount "According to Vedanta"


IHL004 : And Now And Here – Beyond the Duality of Life And Death by Osho (Includes Relaxing the Body Mind CD)

NAE091 : Beyond Enlightenment

IDK163 : Die to Live

IHK071 : The Path of The Mystic (In Search of The Ultimate Freedom) (Osho)

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NAJ700 : The Radical Monk (Social and Political Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda)

NAC964 : Zarathustra A God That Can Dance

NZA627 : विज्ञान धर्म और कला Science, Religion and Art

IDE431 : Living with a Purpose

HAA303 : सपना यह संसार (पलटू वाणी पर प्रवचन) - The World is a Dream Discourses on Saint Paltu

NAE841 : Buddhist Theory of Momentariness (A Case Study of Ksanabhangasiddhi of Ratnakirti)

NAK209 : The Sarva Darsana Samgraha on Review of The Different Systems of Hindu Philosophy by Madhava Acharya

NZA317 : न्यायसिद्धान्जनम् (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) - Nyaya Siddhanjanam of Vedantadesika

NZC143 : प्रशस्तपादभाष्यम् (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) - Prashastapada Bhashyam

NAF199 : Sri Madhvacarya (His Life, Religion and Philosophy)

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IDE975 : Philosophy of Science Phenomenology and Other Essays

IDH021 : THE PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE Facets of Recent Indian Philosophy


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IDK541 : World Peace

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IDC367 : Yoga Vasistha (Volume I Vairagya Mumukshu Utpatti)

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NAL243 : Journey of Self Discovery A JSD Course Book (Unfolding the Practical Application of Timeless Vedic Wisdom)

NAM949 : Jadavpur Journal of Philosophy Volume 25 Number 1(English) 2015-16

NAK877 : Towards Naiskarmya - Suresvaracarya on The Method of Vedanta

NAM948 : Ageless Mind and Timeless Ideas (Life and Legend of Koneru Ramakrishna Rao)

NAM947 : Evil How Our Culture is Going Off the Rails

NAN421 : Objectivity and Communicability of Meaning

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NAN036 : Meaning and Language

IDK556 : Thoughts of the Inner World

IHL817 : The Six Ways of Knowing

NAE588 : Brahma Vidya Rahasyam A Scientific Exposition of Brahmavada According To Vedic Tradition (Set of 2 Volumes)

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NAD868 : Atmagatividya (Vedic Eschatology)

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IDH140 : Philosophy Of Science (A New Perspective)

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NAN403 : Quantified in Duality

NAM787 : Freedom and Transcendence (An Old and Rare Book)

IDK479 : Hermeneutics and Language In Purva Mimamsa (A Study in Sabara Bhasya)

NAE721 : Emotional Freedom Techniques (Simple Ways For Attracting Well-Being and Abundance)

NAE722 : Mimamsa Jurisprudence (The Source of Hindu Law)

NAB855 : Mimamsa Sutras of Jaimini with the Commentary of Shabar (Seven Volumes in Sanskrit Only)

NAM786 : The Sociology of Freedom (An Old and Rare Book)

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NAK014 : Religious Pluralism and The World Religions (An Old and Rare Book)

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IDG060 : Philosophy of DREAMS

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NAC789 : Holistic Approach of The Vedas

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IHL184 : Ramana Maharshi (The Crown Jewel of Advaita)

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NAM699 : Falsity and Reality (An Advaita Approach)

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NAJ271 : Pramlocha

NAF298 : Birth Rebirth and Freedom (Bhagavan Ramana Answers)

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NZB034 : महाविद्द्याविडम्बनम् (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) - Mahavidya Vidambanam

NZC503 : व्याकरणदर्शनपीठिका Vyakaran Darshan Pithika

NZC504 : व्याकरणदर्शनभूमिका Introduction to Vyakaran Darshan

IDD280 : Social Relevance of Philosophy

IDI944 : The Yoga of Sleep and Dreams The Night-School of Sadhana

IDD149 : Buddhist Theory of Meaning and Literary Analysis

IDD282 : Indian Philosophy of Religion 

IDD686 : Rta The Cosmic Order

NAC906 : Wisdom The Absolute is The Adorable

IDD112 : Kautilya's Arthasastra in the Light of Modern Science and Technology

IDD093 : Ecological Readings In The Veda

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IDJ100 : Beauty

IDJ068 : Death

IDJ352 : Glossary of The Sankhyakarika

IDJ297 : Who Should Be Worshipped?

IDJ279 : Pandit Revisited

IDJ895 : Personality

IDJ739 : Secret of Action

IDI988 : What Death Really Is Questions We All Ask

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IDJ256 : How to Know God

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IDJ498 : Concept of Suffering in Buddhism

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IDD437 : LIFE SURRENDERED IN GOD (THE KRIYA YOGA WAY OF SOUL LIBERATION)(Essential teachings, lifestyle routines, and spiritual practices. With comprehensive commentary on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras by a direct, personal disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda.)

IDD171 : Prakrti The Integral Vision (Vol. 4 The Nature of Matter)

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IDJ316 : The Soul's Journey to its Destiny

IDJ781 : Voice of Senses Traditional Thought and Modern Science

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IDJ358 : Prabodhacandrodaya of Krsna Misra

IDJ509 : Religion and Science (A Religio-Spiritualistic Dialogue with Scientific World View)

IDJ458 : The Game of life

IDK534 : Wittgensteinian Philosophy and Advaita Vedanta (A Survey of the Parallels)

NAL583 : Sankalpasuryodaya (A Literary Analysis)

IDJ335 : Philosophy of Service An approach to human development in India and the problems of our working class

IDJ389 : Glimpses of Vedantism in Sri Aurobindo's Political Thought

NAG600 : The Concept of Philosophy (A Rare Book )

NAG598 : Zoroastrian Religion (A Rare Book)


IDH341 : The Science Of Criticism In India

NAG608 : Say No to Negatives

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IDG927 : A Study in Karma

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IDF704 : THE NATURE OF NATURE Explorations in Science, Philosophy and Religion

IDG606 : The Secret of Self Realization (Pratyabhijana Hridayam of Ksemaraja in Sanskrit With Transliteration in Roman, Translation in English and Commentary)

IHJ096 : The World Around Us

IDH404 : Viveka-Cudamani or Crest-Jewel Of Wisdom

NAD164 : A Vedic Life (The Practical Philosophy of Nature)

NAF292 : Karma and Reincarnation

IDI086 : Life and Teachings of Tsong Khapa

IDI114 : Prolegomena to a History of Buddhist Philosophy

IDG444 : The Economy of Human Life

NAF259 : The Yoga of Sage Vasishtha

NAE843 : What Is It To Care?

NAG246 : Wind of The Spirit

IHG094 : A Manual of Hindu Ethics

IDE620 : French Feminism An Indian Anthology

NAG500 : Spiritual Parenting (Wisdom and Wit for Raising Your Child in a Stress-Free and Spiritual Environment)

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IHL799 : The Philosophy of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

NAG604 : Anandabodha Yati (Life & Philosophy) (Transliteration with English Translation)

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NAE533 : Concepts of Knowledge East And West

NAH340 : Ethics of Sankara

IDH455 : Hindu Ethics

NAE284 : Hinduism and Islam The Common Thread

NAG113 : Living Legend (Celebrating 90 years of Love, Joy and Peace)

IDE274 : Real Love

NAJ331 : Religious Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda

NAF963 : Schopenhauer's Encounter with Indian Thought (Representation and Will and Their Indian Parallels)

IDE683 : Selections from the Quran

IDE719 : The Mind of Swami Vivekananda An anthology and a study

NAL592 : A Critique of The Theories of Viparyaya (An Old and Rare Book)

IHF096 : Dharma Studies in its Semantic, Cultural and Religions History

NAE521 : Fundamentals Of Indian Philosophy

NAG312 : The Vaiseshika Aphorisms of Kanada

NAB944 : Confucius (Ethics, Culture and Politics)

NAB907 : Consciousness

IDG012 : Eternal Echoes The Journey to the Self

NAK401 : Sacred Books of The East (Set of 50 Volumes)

NAJ342 : The Encyclopedias of India

IDI146 : To Bloom Like A Lotus (A Spiritual Thought for Each Day of the Year)

NAF699 : Vicaradipa of Bhagavatkavi (A Critical Study With Critical Edition, Introduction, Translation And Note)

NZB138 : अर्थसंग्रह (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) - Arthasamgraha

IDI902 : Literature and Gender

NAG090 : Against a Hindu God (Buddhist Philosophy of Religion in India)

NAF281 : Manifesting Divinity (Chinmaya Vision on Education)

NAG311 : The One-Minute Sufi (Timeless and Placeless Principles in small doses)

NAL177 : Alternative Standpoints (A Tribute to Kalidas Bhattacharyya)

NAL183 : Art Education (Concepts, Epistemacy and Role)

NAL178 : God as Sunya (The Philosophy of Mahima Dharma and Bhima Bhoi)

NAL179 : Modality Essence and Possible Worlds

NAD683 : Indian Perspectives on The Physical World

NAD679 : Philosophical Concepts Revlevant to Sciences in Indian Tradition

NAE737 : Trika (The Kashmir Saiva Essence)

NAG269 : Cultivating Consciousness (An East West Journey)

IHL628 : Nonviolence to Animals, Earth, and Self in Asian Traditions

IRP60 : Perspectives in Philosophy, Religion and Art Essays in honour of Margaret Chatterjee

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NAL856 : The Six Systems of Indian Philosophy

NAB444 : Suresvara's Varitika on Yajnavalkya's Dialogue with Artabhaga and others

IDJ273 : Essays in Philosophy

NAB811 : From Vasubandhu to Caitanya (Studies in Indian Philosophy and Its Textual History)

NAE008 : Sacrifice and Cosmos (Yajna and The Eucharist In Dialogue)

IDI766 : Tri-dal - A Trilateral Dialogue Hinduism, Christianity And Islam

IDE797 : Dharma The Categorial Imperative

NAF396 : Facets of Humanism

NAD331 : Nature and Culture

IDI811 : Philosophy of Numbers

NAD325 : Synthesis of Yoga

IDI938 : The Holy Waters A Primordial Symbol In Hindu Myths

NAF245 : Philosophy of Yoga

NAF337 : Wholeness Lost and Wholeness Regained (Forgotten Tales of Individuation from Ancient Tibet)

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NAL485 : Human Consciousness and Yogic Science

NAL496 : Reconstructing Folk Psychology - The Indian Perspective

NAL938 : The Sarvadarsanasamgraha of Madhavacarya or Review of the Different Systems of Hindu Philosophy

NAL939 : The Sarvadarsanasamgraha of Madhavacarya or Review of the Different Systems of Hindu Philosophy

NAD006 : Quest For Oneness Sarva-Vedanta-Siddhanta-Sara-Sangraha For Beginners

IDJ627 : Shri Guru Nanakji's Ik Onkaar Meditations on The One Indivisible Truth

IHL811 : Silent Thunder (Self a Scientific Perspective)

IHL354 : Texts in Context Traditional Hermeneutics In South Asia

NAF435 : An Open Window Dream as Everyman's Guide to the Spirit

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IDI935 : Knowledge Truth and Realism Essays in Philosophical Analysis

NAD043 : Outlines of Vedanta Prajnanam Brahma Aham Brahmasmi Tattvamasi Ayamatma Brahma

NZG037 : मीमांसापरिभाषा Mimamsa Paribhasha

NZG204 : प्रपंचमिथ्यात्वानुमानखण्डनम् A Refutation of Mithyatva

NAK942 : Foundations and Applications of Indian Psychology

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IDI888 : On The Intellectual Vocation (A Rosary of Edifying Texts With an Analytical-elucidatory Essay)

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NAE942 : Ethics and Culture Some Indian Reflections

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NAL756 : Ethico-Spiritual Dimensions of Sikh Philosophy

IDD210 : Varnadharma, Niskama Karma and Practical Morality A Critical Essays on Applied Ethics

IHL036 : I Am The Gate


NAD795 : The Life Beyond Physical Death

IDK756 : What Life Has Taught Me

IDL160 : Life and Organicism (History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization)

NAM943 : Raimundo Panikkar (A Pilgrim Across Worlds)

NAL133 : Philosophical Archaeology (The Indian Scenario)

NZC080 : संख्याकारिका Samkhyakarika

IHK070 : Nowhere To Go But In (Unique Answers To Real Questions) (Osho)

NAD093 : Self Knowledge Key to Happiness and Health

IHL139 : The Secret of Secrets (Talks on the Secret of the Golden Flower)

NAE886 : Reunderstanding Indian Philosophy (Some Glimpses)

NAD116 : Conversion is Violence

IDF836 : EVER UNTO GOD Essays on Gandhi and Religion

IDE169 : Taittiriya Upanisad With the Commentary of Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)

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IDC282 : Researches in Indian and Buddhist Philosophy (Essays in Honour of Professor Alex Wayman)

NAL644 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies Jain Philosophy (Set of 3 Volumes)

NAD729 : Vivekananda A Born Leader (The Attributes And Thoughts of An Extraordinary Leader-Manager)

NAL905 : Philosophy and India (Ancestors, Outsiders and Predecessors)

IDG153 : Zoroastrianism

IDK660 : A Fable of a Seeker and a Sage, Destination Happiness, 20 Secrets Revealed

NAL639 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies Jain Philosophy (Part Three) Vol-XVII

IDH623 : Freedom Through Inner Renunciation (Sankara's Philosophy in a New Light)

IDH571 : Path to Liberation from Known to Unknown

Bhagavath : अर्थसंग्रह Arthasamgrahaభాగవతరత్నాకరము

IDD353 : Hermeneutical Essays on Vedantic Topics 

NAD876 : What Is Spirituality?

NZH191 : न्यायकुसुमांजलि Nyaya Kusumanjali

IDD180 : Existence Experience and Ethics

IDH401 : Individual In Modern Indian Thought (A quest for integrated and authentic individual)

IDF405 : Kashmir Saivaism (Shaivism)

IHF051 : The World as Image

IDD213 : Woven on the Loom of Time

NZE219 : सत भाषै रैदास Osho on Raidas

IDH368 : In Search of Our Nationalist Roots For A Philosophy Of Education (Papers read at a seminar held at the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata, India, on 12 April 2003)

NAJ562 : The Hindu Mind (Fundamental of Hindu Religion and Philosophy for All Ages)


NAL069 : Aham I (The Enigma of I - Consciousness)


NAE834 : Conscious Living

IDH554 : Cultural Otherness Correspondence with Richard Rorty

IDK726 : Indian Travel Diary of A Philosopher

IDH517 : Man Being and Meaning

IDD197 : Philosophy of Meaning and Representation

IDK852 : Sabdapramana Word and Knowledge in Indian Philosophy

NAI203 : The Ethical Philosophy of The Gita (A Comparative and Critical Study of The Interpretaions of Tilak and Ramanuja)


IDG804 : The Philosophy of K. Satchidananda Murty


IDJ508 : A Feeling for Feminism

IDG626 : Towards Perpetual Peace

IDH511 : Philosophy and Science An Exploratory Approach to Consciousness

IDF923 : Philosophy Of Value Oriented Education Theory and Practice

NAC779 : Gandhigiri Inspirations From The Mahatma For Today (A Book of Quotations)

NAD664 : On Self Knowledge

IDK565 : Art in Art

NAD614 : A Historical-Development Study of Classical Indian Philosophy of Morals

NAC523 : Karma Yoga For Beginners

NAC804 : What Is It Care (Krishnamurti for Children)

NAD329 : Advaita Vedanta History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization

IHL668 : Does God Have Favourites? And Other Heart-to-Heart Talks

NAF735 : Ethics in Management (Vedantic Perspectives)

IDD140 : Fawa'id al-Fu'ad (Spiritual and Literary Discourses of Shaikh Nizamuddin Awliya)

NAE775 : Understanding Hinduism Through Brahmasutra

NAE213 : Vegetarianism and Occultism

IDF769 : Ethics In Persian Poetry With Special Reference to Timurid Period

NAK745 : Philosphical Reasoning (Critical Essays on Issues in Metaphysics, Language, Logic, Ethic and Indian Philosophy)

IDH277 : Power Unlimited (Relation of Man with God)

IHL191 : Quietitude of The Mind

IHL109 : The Jivanmukti-Viveka or The Path to Liberation in This Life

NAK755 : Ao Naga World - View A Dialogue

IHL525 : Avenues to Beauty Eight Essays in Aesthetics

NAC556 : Paramahamsa A Vedantic Tale

IHL573 : Shorter Philosophical Poems of Narayana Guru

IDK122 : The Meaning of Nouns (Semantic Theory in Classical and Medieval Indian)

IDF412 : The Warrior And The Charioteer A Materialist Interpretation of the Bhagavadgita


NAF408 : As You Think So You Become

IDF792 : Indian Aesthetics and Poetics

IDK551 : This Prose and Poetry of Dancing Emptiness

NAK875 : A Little Bit of Nothingness (Eighty-One Observations on the Unnameable)

NAD148 : A Study on Sankaracarya's Vivekacudamani

IDG427 : Brahmavidya The Adyar Library Bulletin (Mahavira Jayanti Volume)

NAD483 : In The Problem Is The Solution

NAK838 : Philosophia Perennis - Talks on Pythagoras, the Philosopher and Mystic (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAL035 : The Philosophy of Hinduism (And Other Essays)

NAD506 : Before The Beginning and After The End (Beyond The Universe of Physics Rediscovering Ancient Insights)

IDG422 : Brahmavidya The Adyar Library Bulletin (Festschrift for Ludo Rocher)

IDG393 : Vedanta in Bengal

IDD967 : Medicine and Life Sciences in India

NZF583 : जागदीशीव्याधिकरणम् Jagdishi Vyadhi Adhikaranam (Nyaya)

NZC593 : तत्त्वसंग्रह Tattvasangraha

NAE135 : Zen The Quantum Leap From Mind to No-Mind (The World Of Zen)

IDF803 : Mallinatha (Makers Of Indian Literature)

IDE971 : Mystery and Excellence of the Human Body An Exploration

NAD326 : Development of Nyaya Philosophy and Its Social Context

IDF519 : A Comparative Study of Jainism and Buddhism

IDD425 : Brahma Sutra-Sankarabhasyam with the Commentaries Ratnapraabha, Bhamati and Nyaya Nirnaya

IDE553 : The Geeta and the Art of Successful Management

IHL250 : Philosophy of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharishi

IHJ064 : Rediscovering God with Transcendental Argument - A Contemporary Interpretation of Monistic Kashmiri Saiva Philosophy

NAE779 : I Am That The Joy of Inner Awareness - Based on Shri Shankaracharya's Laghu Vakya Vritti

NAD247 : Lokayata Philosophy (A Fresh Appraisal)

IDE914 : After Patriarchy Feminist Transformations of the World Religions

IHL165 : The Eternal Quest

IHL297 : The Other Side of Death Upanisadic Eschatology

IHL110 : The Panchadasi of Srimad Vidyaranya Swami

NAK816 : The Philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore

NZC763 : काम की प्रशंसा में In Praise of Work

IHL422 : A Reconstruction of the Third School of Purvamimamsa (An Old Book)

IDD865 : Perspectives on Consciousness

NAD715 : Shankara and Indian Philosophy

IDE308 : Basic Principles of Indian Philosophy of Language

IDG423 : Brahmavidya The Adyar Library Bulletin (Diamond Jubilee Volume)

IRP17 : Development of Moral Philosophy in India

NAD256 : Fire of Freedom (The Way of the Knowledge)

IHE043 : My Way The Way of the White Clouds

NAI314 : On Perception

IDE288 : Philosophical Foundation of Bengal Vaisnavism

IDK388 : The Buddhist View of Knowledge and Reality

IDC110 : The Cult of Nothingness (The Philosophers and the Buddha)

IHD71 : THE TRADITION OF ADVAITA (Essays in Honour of Bhasyabhavajna V.R. Kalyanasundara Sastri)

IRP96 : Why Be Moral?

IDE232 : Social Philosophers (Manu, Yajnavalkya, Kautilya, Vatsyayana, Tiruvalluvar)

IDJ044 : Encounter with Buddhism A Study of the Evolution of Buddhist Thought

IDE606 : M. Hiriyanna (The Builders of Indian Philosophy Series)

IHD59 : Shankara's Universal Philosophy of Religion

IHK044 : Dreams – As Foreshadows of the Future, Mirrored in Fantasies of the Presents, And Fixations of the Past

NAC908 : Seven Quartets of Becoming A Transformative Yoga Psychology Based on the Diaries of Sri Aurobindo

NAC902 : The Winged Form Aesthetical Essays on Hindustani Rhythm

NAK677 : Vedanta Without Maya (A Debate on Saptavidha-Anupapatti)

IDD203 : Sree Narayana Guru (A Critical Study)

IDK808 : Theories of Language (Oriental and Occidental)

IHF063 : Time in Indian Culture –Diverse Perspectives

NAC009 : The Book of Life (Everyone?s Common Sense Guide to Purposeful Living and Spiritual Growth into the 21st Century and Beyond)

IDK202 : The Sacred Dichotomy (Thoughts and Comments on the Duality of Female and Male Iconography in South Asia and the Mediterranean)

IDK207 : Walking Along the Paths of Buddhist Epistemology

NAD328 : Origin and Development of The Vaisesika System

NAK756 : Jadavpur Journal of Philosophy

NAK749 : On Love and Friendship in The Indian Context and Sigmund Freud

IDK360 : Classical Indian Ethical Thought - A Philosophical Study of Hindu, Jaina and Bauddha Morals

IDD356 : Classical Samkhya An Interpretation of its History and Meaning

IDE175 : Kena Upanisad With the Commentary of Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)

NAD165 : Management Mantras

NAC814 : Moksa Marga Way To Liberation, An Itinerary in Indian Philosophy

IDE167 : Mundaka Upanisad With the Commentary of Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)

IHF058 : Sea- Shell As Silver- A Metaphorical Excursion Into Advaita Vedanta

NAC750 : The Central Philosophy of the Rgveda

IDL192 : The Science of Enlightenment (Enlightenment, Liberation and God)

IDK345 : Ways to Truth A View of Hindu Tradition

IDE347 : The Secret of Karmayoga

IDI776 : Art of Living

IDH287 : Brahma Sutras According to Sri Sankara

NAC498 : Brahmasutras For Beginners Quest For The Last Word Of Religion

NAE804 : Buddhism and Christianity in The Light of Hinduism

IDE074 : Essays in Indian Philosophy, Religion and Literature

NAC503 : Evolution of Theism

IDG167 : For Salvation of Mankind

IDJ404 : How Do I Begin A Primer of Affirmative Spirituality

NAC203 : Ideal Teacher

IDH432 : In The Light Of Wisdom The Psychology, Philosophy And Practice of Yoga

IDE012 : Insights into Inward Consciousness

IDG325 : Life Problems

IDF709 : MIMAMSA CONTRIBUTION TO LANGUAGE STUDIES (Calicut University Sanskrit Series No. 2)

IHK043 : Philosophy and Teachings of Swami Sivananda – A Symposium

NAC505 : Quest For The Atman (Brahmasutras and Mandukya Karika For Beginners)

NAE141 : Reflection On Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet

NAB831 : Sankara’s Sutra-Bhashya (Self Explained)

NAC941 : Science Spirituality

IDG470 : Self-Knowledge

NAC220 : Sleep and Dreams

IDH298 : Sleep, Dreams And Spiritual Reflections

NAC706 : Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on Birthdays

IDK174 : Sri Tantralokah Chapter One - Volume I ((Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, English Translation and Notes))

NAD372 : Swami Vivekananda The Men of letters (Sociological Outpourings of Swami Vivekananda)

IDH420 : The Attainment of The Infinite

IDF468 : The Lotus Fire

IDI540 : The Path of Yoga Discovering the Essence and origin of Yoga (The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)

IDG353 : The Philosophy of Religion

NAC214 : The Right Upbringing of Children

IDH422 : The Vision of Life

NAC213 : To Women About Their Body

NAF200 : Towards Greater Success in Business, Profession and Family Life

IDK167 : Truth of Life (The Art and Science of Living)

IDI511 : Yoga The Science of The Soul (Commentaries on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)

NAK734 : Essays Divine and Human

NAK727 : Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy of Evolution

NAK707 : Gangesa on Upamana in Indian Epistemology (Faultless to a Fault)

IDE405 : A Comparative History of Ideas

IDE145 : The Word Speaks to the Faustian Man Volume Two (Mundaka Upanisad and Mandukya Upanisad with Gaudapada Karika) (A Transliteration, Translation and Interpretation of Sankara's Bhasya for the Participation of Contemporary Man) - An Old and Rare Book

IHD003 : An Introduction to the Advaita Saiva Philosophy of Kashmir

NAK706 : Art, Aesthetics and Philosophy (Reflections on Coomaraswamy)

IDI654 : Sankara and Heidegger Being, Truth, Freedom

NAK592 : My Conscience Revelations by an Unseen force

IDF189 : ENCYCLOPEDIA OF INDIAN PHILOSOPHIES Volume III Advaita Vedanta up to Samkara and his Pupils

IDI679 : Fundamentals of The Esoteric Philosophy

NZH278 : न्यायदर्शन Nyaya Darshana

NZH265 : भारतीय मनीषा दर्शन Essasys on Indian Philosophy

NAI920 : भारतीय दर्शन की रुपरेखा Outlines of Indian Philosophy


IDK552 : Absolute Tao Talks on Fragments from "Tao Te Ching" by Lao Tzu

IDD121 : Advaita - A Conceptual Analysis

NAK581 : Essai Sur La Indologica (A Volume Presented to the Memory of Acharya Gaurinath Sastri on the occasion of his Birth Centenary Year)

NZE610 : वैयासकन्यायमाला Vaiyasak Nyaya Mala of Shri Bharati Teerth Muni

NAC555 : Philosophy of Brahman

IDI990 : Abhaya Fear Its Cause and Cure

NAC695 : Is a Jivanmukta Subject to Ignorance A Rare Book

NAJ739 : Modern Perspectives on Vedanta (Proceedings of The 20th International Congress of Vedanta)

NZH538 : मानव चक्र Human Cycle

IDD199 : Reality and Mysticism

IDJ851 : The Great Saviours of the World

NAE204 : The Quest for Serenity in World Religions

IDD324 : History of the Dvaita School of Vedanta and its Literature

NAI725 : दिनकरभट्टिया Dinakara Bhattiya

IDE144 : The Word Speaks to the Faustian Man Volume One (Isa, Kena, Katha and Prasna Upanisads) (A Transliteration, Translation and Interpretation of Sankara's Bhasya for the Participation of Contemporary Man) - An Old and Rare Book

IDE709 : Philosophy of Life and Death

NZH503 : दर्शन शास्त्र की परम्परा में भौतिक विज्ञान The Physical Sciences in Indian Philosophy

NZF994 : मिथ्यात्वं तथा अखण्डार्थश्च Mithyatva

NZE616 : भास्करोदया Bhaskarodaya- A Commentary on Nilakantha Bhatta's Tarka Sangraha Dipika Prakasha (Sanskrit Only)

IDH509 : The Book of Wisdom The Heart of Tibetan Buddhism

NAC278 : The Inner Attitude Everything Depends Upon it (Words of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother)

IDD890 : Art as Dialogue (Essays in Phenomenology of Aesthetic Experience)

NAE401 : Living Intelligently

IHL549 : Exploring Vedanta

NAB936 : The Fire of Truth - Discovering your Unique Individuality

NAK103 : A Comparative Study of The Spectator and Sakshi

IDI050 : Light on the Guru and Disciple Relationship

NAK482 : Mind-Body Relation in Indian Philosophy (An Old and Rare Book)

IDJ487 : The Doctrine of Avatara

NZH036 : तर्कचन्द्रिका Tarka Chandrika (Laghu Granthmala)

IDJ554 : Unio Mystica Talks on Hakim Sanai's The Hadiqa (Sufism) (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAD919 : Action And Reaction

NAD662 : Meditation An Ecstasy (Osho Meditation Series)

NAE783 : Sri Ramakrishna in Today’s Violent World (Discussing The Message of Sri Ramakrishna in the Context of overcoming Violence and Hostility)

NZG190 : कांट का दर्शन Philosophy of Kant

NZG175 : माथुरीपञ्चलक्षणी Mathuri Panchalakshmi

NAJ406 : Aksara (A Forgotten Chapter in The History of Indian Philosophy) (An Old Book)

IDD659 : Art Beauty and Creativity (Indian and Western Aesthetics)

NAE009 : Science and The Sacred

IDK131 : Sikh Philosophy and Religion

NAH571 : The Philosophy of Inspiration

NZG139 : धर्मदर्शन Dharma Darshana - Philosophy of Religion (An Old and Rare Book)

NZG145 : प्रतीकात्मक तर्कशास्त्र Symbolic Logic (An Old and Rare Book)

NZD561 : सर्वदर्शनसंग्रह Sarva Darshan Samgraha

IDH003 : The Metaphysics of the Spirit (Facets of Recent Indian Philosophy-Volume One)

NAJ932 : The Tattvasangraha of Shantaraksita (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZG133 : सर्वोदय का सामाजिक एवं राजनितिक दर्शन - A Social and Poiltical Study of Sarvodaya (An Old and Rare Book)

NZF807 : प्रमुख स्मृतियों में अपराध एवं दंड का मनोवैज्ञानिक विश्लेषण A Psychological Study of Punishment in The Major Smrtis (An Old and Rare Book)

NAC829 : On Relationship

NAE196 : How Should The Clothes Be From A Spiritual Perspective? Guidance On How To Increase Sattvikta Through The Medium of Clothes

NZG280 : अवच्छेदकत्वनिरुक्ति Avacchedakatva Niruktih

NAB967 : Intuition of Reality

NZG059 : दर्शनशास्त्र का परिचय Introduction to Philosophy

NZF779 : कुछ पौराणिक भ्रम और चिन्तन दीप Resolution of Some Puranic Doubts

NAG645 : Human Values

NZG010 : न्यायशेखरी Nyaya Shekhari - A Commentary on Tarka Samgraha

NZF315 : ज्ञानसार Jnanasara

NAB945 : Dharmakosa - Rajanitikanda (Sanskrit Only in Six Volumes) The Most Voluminous Encyclopedia on the Ideals of Indian Politics

IHL472 : Strength in the Storm Creating Calm in Difficult Times

IDD179 : Devotional Poetics and the Indian Sublime

IHL016 : Plant Lives – Borderline Beings in Indian Traditions

NAD808 : From Unconsciousness to Consciousness

NAD819 : Medical Ethics in Ayurveda

IDD398 : A Buddhist Doctrine of Experience A Rare Book

IDH577 : Who's Who of Teachers and Scholars in Philosophy in India

IDL133 : Yoga Vasistha (Volume III Upashama Prakarana)

NZF631 : तत्त्वचिन्तामणि Tattva Chintamani of Gangesa Upadhyaya

NZF321 : न्यान्य पन्था There is no Other Way

NZF582 : लकारार्थविवेचनम् Meaning of Lakara

NZF594 : सांख्यदर्शनम् Samkhya Darshan with Commentary of Vijnana Bhikshu

IHK061 : Death Dying And Beyond (The Science and Spirituality of Death)

NZF591 : शब्दशक्तिप्रकाशिका Light on The Power of Words

NAD143 : Corporate Chanakya

NAC246 : Science and Spirituality in the Space Age World

NZF421 : सामान्य धर्मदर्शन एवं दार्शनिक विश्लेषण - Philosophy of Religion

IDH141 : Profile of the Perfect Person (Based on The Bhagavad Gita Chapter II)

IHL679 : The Wisdom of Jesus and The Yoga Siddhas

IHL641 : Vedanta in Action

NZA013 : ईश्वरप्रत्यभिज्ञाविमर्शिनी (ज्ञानाधिकार) Ishvarpratyabhigyavimarshni (Gyanadhikar)

NAJ536 : The Confession of Al-Ghazzali

NAJ537 : The Secrets of The Self Asrar-I-Khudi (A Philosophical Poem)

NZB145 : सत्प्रतिपक्ष गादाधरी Satapratipaksh Gadadhari

NAE156 : The Pioneers of Scientific Spirituality

IDF827 : An Introduction To The Philosophy Of Yoga

IDF213 : Photography Picture-Making and Islam

NZF021 : मानवमन The Human Mind - Nature and Methods (Sanskrit Only) (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZE596 : भारतीय तत्त्व चिंतन (एक में अनेक) Bharatiya Tattva Chintan

NZD902 : अभिधावृत्तमातृका Abhidha Vrtta Matrika

NZE583 : प्राचीन भारत अध्यात्म और विज्ञान Ancient Indian Spirituality and Science

IDH400 : Practical Vedanta And The Science of Values

NZE722 : सिद्धान्त शतकम् (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद)- Siddhanta Shatakam

NAD852 : Tattvarthasutra (Aspects of Reality in Jainism, Through the Eyes of a Scientist)

NAJ018 : Pukstacintamani and Samanyanirukti of Gangesa with Kanadatippani

NZD843 : प्रत्यक्षविमर्श Pratyaksha Vimarsha

IDH010 : Problems of Indian Philosophy (FACETS OF RECENT INDIAN PHILOSOPHY)

NZD797 : Felicitation Volume (An Old and Rare Book)

IDD995 : The Origin of the Life of a Human Being (Conception and the Female According to Ancient Indian Medical and Sexological Literature)


NAI405 : The Little Treasure Book of Life, Success, Happiness, Leadership (Set of 4 Volumes)

NZE598 : वेद विज्ञान चिन्तन Science of The Vedas

IDH223 : Social Philosophy Past and future

NAB032 : Philosophies of India

NZD461 : जिंदगी ओ जिंदगी आ, तुझे ख़ुशनुमा बनाएं! - Life O! Life

NZB881 : वेदान्त और आइन्सटीन Vedanta and Einstein

NZD472 : भारतीय दर्शनों में क्या है? - What is There in Indian Philosophy


IDD600 : Sri Lanka Talks 1980

NZC926 : सर्व सिध्दान्त सौरभम् Indians Philosophy (An Old and Rare Book)

NZD749 : वैखानस सिद्धांत और सम्प्रदाय Vaikhanas Siddhanta and Sampradaya (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAC617 : Management by Consciousness – A Spirituo-Technical Approach

NZC772 : दार्शनिक सम्प्रत्यय कोश Dictionary of Concepts in Indian Philosophy

IDH470 : Structure And Functions of Soul In Jainism

NAH043 : Self-Restraint V. Self-Indulgence


NZD597 : प्रामाण्यवाद Pramanyavada

NAH551 : Empathy Theory and Application in Psychotherapy


NZC665 : भारतस्य सांस्कृतिको दिग्विजय The Triumph of Indian Philosophy in The Four Directions

NAD414 : Work An Offering

IDE546 : Spiritual Education

NZB653 : सांख्यनारण्यकम् Sankhayan Aranyaka

NZB660 : सिध्दान्तशिखामणि समीक्षा An Analysis of Siddhanta Shikhamani

IDH250 : The Four Principles of Freedom The Morals and Ethics Behind Vegetarianism Continence Sobriety Honesty

IDF239 : Brahma-Yoga of the Gita (An old and Rare Book)

NAH416 : Crisis Management

IDG922 : Master Strokes

IDK880 : Work Culture and Efficiency (With Special Reference to Indriyas)

NAF196 : Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu (His Life, Religion and Philosophy)

NAD096 : Good Parenting (How To Make Sure That Your Child Grows Up Right)

IDE596 : The Cultural Heritage of India (Volume III - The Philosophies)

IDG642 : The Mind of Adi Shankaracharya

NAH326 : Why Suffering?

IDH177 : The Choice Is Yours (Ethics in Vedanta)

NAD587 : Transformation Technology

NZC663 : संस्कृत के दार्शनिक नाटकों का संविधानक तत्त्व (प्रयोग और उपलब्धियाँ) - The Constitutional Elements in Sanskrit Philosophical Plays

IDF643 : Sri Krishna Yoga

NZD502 : मानवनीतिविवेचनम् Ethics Based on Three Traditions

NZC861 : भारतीय दर्शनेषु माया स्वरुप विमर्श Concept of Maya in Indian Philosophies

NZC849 : षड्दर्शनसूत्रसंग्रह Collection of Sutras of The Six Systems of Indian Philosophy

NZC740 : रसों की संख्या Number of Rasas

IHH022 : Badarayana Brahma Sutras (Spanish)

NZB929 : गीता दर्शन Gita Darshan (Set of 8 Volumes)

NAE638 : Who Am I? (An Enquiry) Based on Discussions on Sri Shankaracharya's Aparokshanubhuti

NAE531 : A Textbook of Logic (5th Revised edition)

NAG629 : Ontology of Gita

NZC101 : सांख्य सिद्धान्त (सांख्य दर्शन का वैज्ञानिक आधार) The Scientific Basis of Samkhya

NZB973 : अर्थविज्ञान (संस्कृत व्याकरण एवं काव्यशास्त्र का योगदान) Semantics (Contribution of Sanskrit Grammar and Poetics)

NZB974 : भारतीय दर्शन (शब्द अर्थ एवं सम्बन्ध) Word, Meaning and Relation

NAF186 : A Walk in The Spiritual Garden (Reflections of a Scientist on The Religious Way of Life)

NZA397 : न्यायकोशः Encyclopedia of Nyaya

NZB805 : भारतीय दर्शन का सुगम परिचय An Easy Introduction to Indian Philosophy

NZB445 : तत्वानुसन्धान Understanding The Fundamental

NZA898 : तृषा गई एक बूंद से My Thirst was Quenched by One Drop

NAF837 : States of Sentiment (Exploring the Cultures of Emotion)

NZA907 : क्रांतिबीज The Seeds of Revolution

NZA350 : श्लोकवार्त्तिक में प्रत्यक्ष प्रमाण Theory of Perception in Slokavarttika

IDK358 : Logic, Language and Reality {Indian Philosophy and Contemporary Issues}

NZA863 : अपने माहिं टटोल (मनुष्य के बंधन और उनसे मुक्ति के उपाय) Apne Mahin Tatol

NZA655 : पिव पिव लागी प्यास Piv Piv Lagi Pyaas

IHE059 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies Volume VII Abhidharma Buddhism To 150 A.D.


NAG258 : Moving Into The Unknown (The Discipline of Transcendence on Buddha's Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters)

NAG255 : The Art of Living

NZA626 : क्या मनुष्य एक यंत्र है Is Man a Machine?

NAF944 : Buddhist Psychology (An Inquiry into the Analysis and Theory of Mind in Pali Literature)


NAB859 : The Philosophical Traditions of India An Appraisal

IDI943 : When We Die A Description of the After-Death States and Processes

NZA624 : जीवन रहस्य Secret of Life

NAE308 : From Death To Birth (Understanding Karma and Reincarnation)

NZA648 : असंभव क्रांति Impossible Revolution

NZA635 : उपासना के क्षण (अंतरंग वार्ताएं) Moments of Upasana - Intimate Conversations

HAA378 : गहरे पानी पैठ Penetrating Deep Waters

NZA639 : ज्यों की त्यों धरि दीन्हीं चदरिया (पंच महाव्रत पर प्रवचन) Jyon Ki Tyon Dhari Chadariya

NZA647 : फिर अमरित की बूंद पड़ी Phir Amrit Ki Bund Pari

NZA645 : संभावनाओं की आहट Opportunities Knock....

NZA637 : समाधि के द्वार पर At The Door of Samadhi

NZA631 : जीवन संगीत (ध्यान साधना पर प्रवचन) Music of Life

NZA623 : योग नये आयाम (Yoga Naye Aayam)

NZA632 : संयोग से समाधि की ओर (जीवन-ऊर्जा का रूपांतरण) From Intercourse to Meditation

NZA628 : समाधि के सप्त द्वार The Seven Gates of Meditation

NZA656 : साक्षी की साधना Silence of Witness

HAA311 : ऐस्थैटिक्स (कला और सौन्दर्य का दार्शनिक विवेचन) Aesthetics (Philosophical Intrepretation of Art and Beauty)

NZA640 : महावीर मेरी दृष्टि में Mahavira in My View

NZA653 : साधना पथ Sadhana Path

HAA297 : जीवन ही है प्रभु और ना खोजना कहीं Life is God , Do Not Look Elsewhere

HAA287 : पंथ प्रेम को अटपटो (जीवन दर्शन पर प्रवचन) - Panth Prem Ko Atpato Discourse

HAA302 : मिट्टी के दिये (बोध कथाएँ) - Lamps of Clay (Perception Stories)

HAA268 : उत्तरयोगी श्री अरविन्द (जीवन और दर्शन) Uttara Yogi Shri Aurobindo (Life and Philosophy)

HAA274 : दीया जले सारी रात बिन बाती बिन तेल The Lamp Burned Whole Night Without Wick Without Oil

IHL474 : Take Your Time How to Find Patience, Peace and Meaning

IDF585 : AN ETHNOGRAPHY OF MYSTICISM The Narratives of Abhishiktananda, A French Monk In India


IDG115 : Philosophy of Symmetry

NAE324 : I Say Unto You Talks on the Sayings of Jesus

NAE151 : The Osho Upanishad

NAE006 : Be Still And Know

NAE320 : From Sex to Superconsciousness

NAE679 : Man and Nature (The Discourses)

IHL031 : The Book of Secrets

IHL178 : The Wisdom of the Sands Sufism - A Way into the Mysteries of Existence

NAF479 : Visions of Unity The Golden Pandita Shakya Chokden's New Interpretation of Yogacara and Madhyamaka

IDF559 : Feminism and Its Relevance in South Asia

NAE786 : The Mystery of Human Experience (Who is the Seer and What is Seen) - Based on Drg Dirshya Viveka

IHH023 : Doctrina De La No-Dualidad Y Cristianismo



IHF071 : The Difficulty of Being Good On the Subtle Art of Dharma

NAE148 : No Where To Go But In (Unique Answers To Real Question)


IDG959 : Sri Narayan Guru An Appreciation

IDG944 : The Concept of God in the Philosophy of Kant

IDF828 : The Essence of Bhakti Yoga

IDF550 : THE FLOWER OF YOGA Introductory Notes For The Study Of The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali

NAC041 : An Introduction to Indian Philosophy

NAC366 : Conceptualism in Buddhist and French Traditions

NAB963 : The World Beyond Time

IDF760 : Code Name God The Spiritual Odyssey Of A Man Of Science (Los Angeles Times Best-Seller)

NAF271 : Spiritual Consciousness

IDE452 : Nyaya Philosophy Epistemology and Education

IHD08 : An Introduction to the Yoga Philosophy

NAE784 : Discrimination Between The Real and Unreal - Some Aspects of Vivekachudamani

NAE755 : Life is a Soap Bubble (100 Ways to Look at Life)

NAF220 : Life Quest (The Journey of Karma, Its Existence..... Inception?. Description and Regulation)

NAF216 : Life's Quest (The Journey of The Soul...From Bondage to Freedom)

NAF192 : You And Your Teenager (A Guide to Ideal Upbringing and Development of a Child)

NAF157 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Volume XIV) (Jain Philosophy Part II)

NAF162 : The Buddhist Dead (Practices, Discources, Representations)

NAF152 : The Little Guide to Greater Glory and A Happier Life

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NAE536 : Philosophical Foundations of Hinduism

IDK762 : The Christ We Adore (Bhavan's Eternal Values Booklets series Nineteen)

NAB519 : Advaita Vedanta The Scientific Religion

IDE806 : The Joys Of Death How to Conquer the Fear of Death

IDE387 : Philosophy of Religion In Hindu Thought

NAF038 : A Treatise on Advaita Vedanta (English Translation of Vicaracandrodaya of Pandit Pitambar)

NAF110 : Management Mantras (Keys to Effective Management and Leadership)

IDF553 : Reincarnation and Islam

IDH039 : The Life After Death Born to be Born Again (TRANSMIGRATION)

NAD828 : Indian Conceptual World (Philosophical Essays)

NAC837 : Manual of Buddhist Philosophy

NAE738 : Mind According to Vedanta

IDI636 : Pre-Dinnaga Buddhist Texts On Logic From Chinese Sources

NAE956 : Mutual Causality in Buddhism and General Systems Theory (The Dharma of Natural Systems)

NAE251 : Essays In Buddhist Theology

NAE868 : Buddhist Logic and Quantum Dilemma

NAE774 : How to Organise Life

NAE742 : Mind as Mirror and The Mirroring of Mind (Buddhist Reflections on Western Phenomenology)

NAE782 : No One is a Stranger (Dynamics of Nurturing Inter Personal Relationalships With Spiritual Values)

NAE798 : Vedanta (Swami Chinmayananda His Words, His Legacy)

NAE752 : Verbal Knowledge in Prabhakara Mimasa

NAE705 : Buddhist Ethics in Impermanence

NAE739 : Man and His Mind

NAE668 : The Last Morning Star (Talks on The Enlightened Woman Mystic Daya)

NAE653 : Approaches To The Study of Religion (Seminar Papers)

NAE640 : My Idea of Education

NAE614 : Zen Kama Sutra From Sex to Samadhi (Gnosis The Pathway to Self Mastery Level 3)

NAD965 : Introduction To Karmayoga

IDJ902 : Sankara's Upadesasahasri Two Volumes

NAE484 : Selfless Work Its Basis, Methods and Fulfilment

NAE560 : Come, Come, Yet Again Come (Celebrating The Joy of Life, Love and Meditation)

NAE343 : Text and Interpretation The Indian Tradition

NAE549 : Fundamentals of Indian Philosophy

NAE544 : Idealistic Thought In Indian Philosophy

NAE493 : Christian Science and Vedanta

NAE492 : Will-Power And Its Development

NAE394 : Does Man Have Free Will?

NAE388 : Creating Character

NAE443 : God Is God Only - Not More, Not Less

NAE392 : Music A Ladder For The Soul

NAE399 : New Age Management Philosophy From Ancient Indian Wisdom

NAE409 : The Light Divine Life and Philosophy of Ramakrishna

NAE411 : The Samkhya-Tattva-Kaumudi

NAE386 : Thoughts on Marriage

NAE387 : Women

IHL602 : Dimensions Beyond the Known By Osho

IHL355 : Hammer On the Rock Evening Talks with A Modern Buddha

IDI973 : Insights into the Law of Karma

NAE187 : Karma Dharma Moksha "The Art and Science of Living, Dying and Enlightenment"

NAD727 : Nine Yana (Teaching on the Nine Vehicles according to the Buddhist Philosophy)

IDK737 : The Matchless Weapon Satyagraha

IDE931 : Transliteration, Ecology and other Essays on Indology

NAE350 : A Spectrum of Philosophical Views (Russia looks at India)

NAE328 : Nyaya-Vaisesika Philosophy and Text Science

NAE290 : Anekantavada Through Painting

NAE300 : Dialectics

NAE242 : Experiencing One-World

NAE265 : Family One Hundred Quotes and Thoughts With One Hundred Paintings of Lord Ganesha

NAE266 : Friendship One Hundred Quotes and Thoughts With One Hundred Paintings of Lord Ganesha

NAE264 : Life One Hundred Quotes and Thoughts With One Hundred Paintings of Lord Krishna

NAE227 : A Divine Vision of Man, Nature and God

NAE215 : Cyclic Universe "Cycles of The Creation, Evolution, Involution and Dissolution of The Universe"(Set of 2 Vol.)

NAE226 : Emotions in Asian Thought A Dialogue In Comparative Philosophy

IDE963 : THE NOBLE QUR'AN (Tafseer-e-Usmani) - 3 Volumes

NAE133 : Practical Wisdom

NAE154 : Zen Living The Fire Of Life Zest Zip Zap and Zing

NAE084 : Descent of Divinity and Ascent of Man

NAE078 : Karmic Illusions (Demystifying The “Being" To Realize The Potential)

NAE090 : The Journey of The Unknown Path

NAD460 : Is There Such a Things As Security

NAD459 : What is Relationship

NAE021 : I Celebrate Myself (God Is No Where, Life Is Now Here)

NAE056 : Integrate The Self (An Insight Into Your Divine Potential For Living A Life Of Fulfilment, With cd)

NAE060 : The Man Of Truth (A Majority Of One) Interviews with World Press

NAE001 : The Science Of Enlightement (Enlightenment Liberation and God , A Scientific Explanation)

IDH125 : Reflexions On Indian Philosophy

NAD951 : Who Am I?

IDF378 : The Causal Body and the Ego

NAD986 : The New Freedom (On Love, Meditation And The Search)

NAD458 : Learning About Pleasure

NAD465 : On Knowing Oneself

NAD461 : The Ending of Sorrow

NAD464 : What is a Problem?

NAD936 : Bantaism (The Philosophy Of Sardar Jokes)

NAD910 : On Fear

NAD909 : On Living And Dying

NAE019 : Communism and Zen Fire Zen Wind

NAD837 : Knowledge And Wisdom

NAD872 : The World Of Live Zen (A New Therapy Is Born Therapy Through Gibberish)

NZA123 : Bharatiye Chintane Syadavada (Syadavada in Indian Thought)

NZA125 : Jaiminiya Nyayamala (First Chapter on Pramana)

IHL144 : Epistemology of PerceptionCommentary of Gangesa's Tattvacintamani (Jewel of Reflection on the Truth) Pratyaksa-Khanda The Perception Chapter

NAD443 : Life and Its Meaning An Analysis


NAD224 : Siddhantalesa-Samgraha A Study

IDG643 : The Philosophy of Visistadvaita

NAD457 : The Problem of Fear

NAD462 : To Live Without Conflict

IHL142 : Yaa-hoo! The Mystic Rose

IDD761 : Cultures and Cosmos (The Cosmic Anthropological Principle)

IDK124 : The True Name (Talks on the Japuji-Saheb of Guru Nanak Dev)

IDH273 : Why Man Needs God

NAD807 : Materialistic Outlook In The Epics and Puranas

NAD770 : Mataphysics and Mysticism in Mahayana Buddhism (An Analytical Study of the Ratnagotravibhago Mahayanottaratantra Sastram)

NAD797 : No One Is A Stranger Dynamics of Nurturing Inter-Personal Relationships With Spiritual Values

NAD772 : On Being And What There Is (Classical Vaisesika and The History of Indian Ontology)

NAD777 : The Eight Powers Within You (Your Guide to Success)

NAD732 : Dynamic Spirituality for A Globalized World (Selection from the Works of Swami Ranganathananda)

IDI048 : Guru The Spiritual Master in Eastern and Western Traditions-Authority and Charisma-

IDI930 : Pancha Sila The Five Precepts

NAC626 : The Philosophical Traditions of India

IDI588 : The World As Dream

NAD359 : Transformation of Poetic Discourse (In Rasa and Post-structural Poetics)

NAD617 : Development of Islamic Religion and Philosophy in India

NAD670 : What Are You Doing With Your Life?

NAD622 : Chinese Wisdom For Today (A Classic Manual on The Art of Living)

IDD569 : Emptiness Appraised (A Critical Study of Nagarjuna's Philosophy)

NAD611 : Management Education and Rabindranath

NAD610 : The Religion of An Artist

NAD582 : Education New Dimensions

NAD543 : Himalayan Lust

NAD488 : Bhakti Yoga Pilgrimage (What Patanjali and Buddha Did Not Teach)

NAD469 : Rajini’s Punchtantra (Business And Life Management The Rajinikanth Way)

NAD441 : Conversations with J. Krishnamurti

NAD360 : Dhvani and Structuralist Poetics (Multicultural Studies of Creation of Meaning in Poetry)

NAD442 : J.Krishnamurti Washington D.C.Talks

NAC461 : Quest For Absolutism (Panchadasi for Beginners)

NAD276 : Freedom in Relationship (Moments with Oneself)

NAD214 : Kautilya's Arthashastra (The Way of Financial Mangement and Economic Governance)

NAD229 : Spiritual Management and Road to Eternity (Secrets of Beauty, Health, Youth and Liberation)

NAD230 : Unitive Philosophy

IDH210 : Truth Beauty and Goodness

NAD157 : Ahimsa in the View of Indian Sages

NAD147 : Companion of God (Wisdom from One of The World’s Great Spiritual Leaders)

NAD156 : Esoteric Buddhism (Annotated and Enlarged)

NAD131 : On Love and Loneliness

NAD130 : The Vedanta Way to Peace and Happiness

IDF683 : The Enworlded Subjectivity Its Three Worlds and Beyond (History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization)

NAC946 : The Second Coming of Christ (In 2 Volumes) The Resurrection of the Christ Within You A Revelatory Commentary on The Original Teachings of Jesus

IDH356 : Vedanta Seven Steps to Samadhi (Talks on Indian Mysticism)

IHL003 : Above All, Don’t Wobble by Osho (Individual Meetings with a Contemporary Mystic)

NAC283 : Retrieving Samkhya History (An Ascent from Dawn to Meridian)

IDH560 : Veda and Torah Transcending the Textuality of Scripture

NAC916 : Revisiting Literature, Criticism and Aesthetics in India

NAC885 : Lights on Philosophy

NAC871 : Economics and Nature Essays in Balance, Complementarity and Harmony

NAC877 : Economics and Nature Essays in Balance, Complementarity and Harmony

IHL203 : A Cup of Tea

IHL620 : The Beloved Volume One

NAC812 : May It Be As It Is The Embrace of Helplessness

NAC813 : Arguments for the Existence of God

NAC828 : Reflections from Lao Tzu’s Tao te Ching

NAC585 : How to Embrace Pain

NAC471 : The World Beyond Time

IDF624 : Animal Welfare and Nature Hindu Scriptural Perspectives

IHE075 : Indian Philosophy A-Z (In Roman)

IDH407 : Man The Known And Man The Unknown

NAC717 : India’s Contribution to Management

NAC699 : Studies in Philosophy (Vols. I and II Bound in One)

NAC712 : The Laws of the Spirit World

IDG907 : Fear Cause and Remedy

IDH164 : The Erotic Principle And Unalloyed Devotion

NAC642 : Autobiography of an Absolutist

IDJ952 : The Centrality of Ethics in Buddhism Exploratory Essays

NAC682 : Vadanyaya of Dharmakirti - The Logic of Debate

IHL798 : Logic of Paramarsa

NAC233 : A Philosophical Analysis of Buddhist Notions (The Buddha and Wittgenstein)

NAC249 : Enlightenment East and West

NAC236 : Erich Frauwallner The Philosophy of Buddhism (Die Philosophie des Buddhismus)

NAC207 : Fear Its Cause and Cure

NAC212 : Pre-Natal Education Towards a Glorious Future

NAC205 : Truth

NAC209 : Work

NAC482 : The Framework of Nagarjuna’s Philosophy

IDI557 : Nidana Samyutta (Group of Related Discourses on Causal Factors From Nidanavagga Samyutta Division Containing Groups of Discourses on Causal Factors)

IDD773 : Myth, Symbol and Language<br>(A Modern Perspective with Reference to India and Her Religions)

NAC272 : Money

NAC270 : The National Value of Art

IDJ916 : Hindu Egalitarianism Equality or Justice?

IDK407 : Religion and Conservation

IDF329 : The Avatar Way of Leadership Leadership for the Twenty-First Century from Rama, Krishna and Draupadi

IDF593 : A Treatise On Buddhist Philosophy Of Abhidhamma Consciousness, Mental Properties and Particular Concomitants in Consciousness

NAC110 : Buddhism and Sarvodaya (Sri Lankan Experience)

IDH380 : Swami Vivekananda as a Philosopher

IDH387 : Vedanta and Ramakrishna

NAC099 : Relations In Knowledge Representation (An Interdisciplinary Study in Nyaya, Mimamsa, Vyakarna, Tantra, Modern Linguistics, and Artificial Intelligence in Computer Application)

NAC101 : Religion Demystified (Understanding Life’s Mysteries In Terms of Latest Scientific Findings)

NAC040 : In the Mirror of Memory (Reflections on Mindfulness and remembrance in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism)

IDK745 : The Concept of Liberation While Still Alive In The Philosophy of Madhva

NAB942 : Gangesa on Yogarudhi (Containing the Original Text of the Yogarudhivada of the Sabdakhanda of the Tattvacintamani

NAB960 : Amala Prajna Aspects of Buddhist Studies (Professor P.V. Bapat Felicitation Volume) A Rare Book

NAB914 : Gangesa’s Theory of Truth (Containing The Text of Gangesa’s Pramanya (Jnapti) Vada

IHL195 : Ayurveda Philosophy

NAB438 : Suresvara's Vartika on Khila Kanda with Half-Verse Index (2 Books)

IDE746 : Suresvara's Vartika On Sariraka Brahmana

NAB858 : Ahimsa (Based on Buddhism and Gandhism)

IHL687 : Self as Person in Asian Theory And Practice

IHL715 : The Unknown Pilgrims – The Voice of the Sadhvis The History, Spirituality and Life of the Jaina Women Ascetics

IHE007 : Changing Minds (Mind, Consciousness and Identity in Patanjali’s Yoga-sutra and Cognitive Neuroscience)

IDE607 : T.M.P. Mahadevan (The Builders of Indian Philosophy Series)

IHL633 : History, Philosophy, Culture (Revisiting Professor G.C. Pande’s Thoughts and Works)


IHL613 : The Buddha and The Christ (Explorations in Buddhist and Christian Dialogue)

IDE728 : Business Management The Gita Way

IHL523 : Philosophy in Classical India (The Proper work of Reason)

IHL471 : Your Life Is Your Message

IDE786 : Sri Tattva Sandarbha Of Srila Jiva Gosvami The First Book Of The Sri-Sat-Sandarbha

IDJ488 : The Soul Theory of the Buddhist (With Sanskrit Text)

IHL315 : Dishonoured by Philosophers – Upamana in Indian Epistemology

IDD109 : Human Ecology In the Vedas

IHL247 : Islamic Business Ethics

IHL237 : Tadatmya Sambandha – A Study in Relation of Identity

IDF049 : Learning to Forget The Anti-Memoirs of Modernity

IHL143 : Seeds of Wisdom 120 Letters

IDE774 : A Role Of Boon (Varadana) In Some Upanisadic Stories

IDE016 : A Short Moral Lexicon

IDE020 : Compassion In Buddhism And Puranas

IDE344 : Evil and the Retributive Hypothesis

IDE406 : FAITH Filling The God-sized Hole

IDG905 : How to be an ideal Householder

IDE100 : India's Intellectual Traditions - Attempts at Conceptual Reconstructions

IDE798 : Indian Philosophical Systems

IDE362 : Jada-Bharata's Prasnavali A text on Advaita-Vedanta

IDE007 : Towards a Critique of Cultural Reason

IHL103 : Early Buddhist Theory of Knowledge

IHL045 : Logic and Belief in Indian Philosophy

IHK038 : Dreams – As Foreshadows of the Future, Mirrored in Fantasies of the Presents, and Fixations of the Past

IHK069 : Mrtyu (Concept of Death In Indian Tradition)


IDC240 : The Madhyamika Mind

IHK018 : Without a Second (Fundamentals of Vedanta)

IDH551 : Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram {Truth, Godliness and Beauty}

IDI510 : The Alchemy of Yoga (Commentaries on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)

IDF386 : The Heart Sutra Discourses on the Prajnaparamita Hridayam Sutra of Gautama the Buddha

IHG018 : Logic in Earliest Classical India

IHH012 : Frithjof Schuon De La Unidad Transcendente De Las Religiones (Spanish)

IDD176 : Cosmology Of The Sacred World (The Vision of the Cosmos of Different Peoples of the World)

IDF629 : Social Coordination, Egoism, and Nature Radhakrishnan Memorial Lecture 1995

IDH542 : The Hindu Philosophy of Education

IDE537 : TRUTH The Art of the Mystics

IDG338 : Zakah The Religious Tax of Islam (Brief Guidelines)

IDK203 : Beyond Psychology

IDF639 : Towards a Poetics of the Indian English Novel

IHF050 : Emptiness and Becoming (Integrating Madhyamika Buddhism and Process Philosophy)


IDK217 : Spirituality in Management Means or End?

IDI718 : Kalachakra Meditations Based On The Discussion Between J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm In The Ending Of Time

IDK581 : Om Shantih Shantih Shantih (The Soundless Sound Peace, Peace, Peace)

IHE025 : Sunya and Nothingness (In Science Philosophy and Religion)

IDH248 : Nagesa's Theory of Meaning And Its Sources (A Critical Analysis of Some Basic Ideas)

IDE563 : Softwares of Positive Thinking

IDJ984 : Teaching as a Spiritual Practice (Cultivating Ethical Values for Self-Renewal and Transformation)

IDL054 : The Hindu Philosophy of Sin, Salvation and Karma

IDH172 : Islam and Television

IDE548 : The Intimate Other Love Divine in Indic Religions

IDF603 : When was Modernism Essays on Contemporary Cultural Practice in India

IDH106 : A Code of Ethics for Muslim Men and Women

IDF459 : A Comparative Study Ethical Perceptions of World Religions

IDH198 : A Philosopher Looks Back

IDG954 : A Simple Manual on Ego

IDF963 : AL-ETI'DAAL (Islamic Politics)

IDK598 : Back to The Sources (A Study of Gandhi's Basic Education)

IDH234 : Banking and Islamic Law

IDH361 : Causation In History

IDG409 : Collision of Cultures [Opportunities and Limits of Intercultural Dialogue between Globalization and Cultural Identity-in the traditions of Western and Non-Western thought.]

IDG434 : Concept of 'Truth' in Art Samvatsar Lecture XI

IDH207 : Consciousness Its Nature And Action

IDG304 : Consciousness Clinical and Beyond


IDH225 : Dharma

IDH346 : From the Unreal To The Real

IDH339 : From Vedic Science to Vedanta

IDK291 : God and His Attributes {Lessons on Islamic Doctrine}


IDG331 : Hopefulness in the Qur'an

IDH330 : How To Find Guru Excerpted from Sri Krishna Kathamrita and Sri Krishna Kathamrita Bindu

IDG969 : Hume on Religion


IDH214 : Paradise

IDF212 : Peculiar Personal Problems of Men and Women

IDH383 : Ramakrishna And Christ Or The Paradox of the Incarnation

IDF554 : REINCARNATION Fact Or Fallacy?

IDH278 : Religious Consciousness and Life-Worlds

IDI567 : Sadhana The Realization of Life

IDG242 : Sikhism for Modern Man

IDG639 : Some Moral and Religious Teachings of Imam Al-Ghazzali

IDI607 : Suffering Its Cause and Cure

IDH385 : Swami Trigunatita His Life and Work

IDH249 : The Bible The Qur'an And Science


IDG908 : The Law of Sacrifice

IDK383 : The Mind and its Education

IDJ259 : The Philosophy of Democratic Administration


IDG957 : The Problem of Life and Death


IDH508 : The Search Talks on the Ten Bulls of Zen

IDK121 : Ways to Truth A View of Hindu Tradition

IDF551 : WHO IS WHO IN THE HOLY QUR'AN (Quranic Names and Symbols)

IDJ103 : Work

IDH528 : Zen The Mystery and the Poetry of the Beyond

IDE146 : The Word Speaks to the Faustian Man Volume Three (A Transliteration, Translation and Interpretation of the Pasthanatrayi and Sankara's Bhasya for the Participation of Contemporary Man)

IDE509 : Ahimsa, Anekanta and Jainism


IDD178 : Description in Philosophy

IDH174 : Concept of Rebirth

IDK810 : Language and Mind (Volume 1) A Western Perspective

IDK075 : Beyond Orientalism (The Work of Wilhelm Halbfass and its Impact on Indian and Cross-Cultural Studies

IDD187 : Gandhian Philosophy Its Relevance Today

IDJ443 : Indian Theories of Hermeneutics

IDF220 : Sadhu Beware! (A New Approach to Renunciation)

IDD168 : Prakrti The Integral Vision (Vol. 1 Primal Elements The Oral Tradition)

IDD169 : Prakrti The Integral Vision (Vol. 2 Vedic, Buddhist and Jain Traditions)

IDD170 : Prakrti The Integral Vision (Vol. 3 The Agamic Tradition and the Arts)

IDD172 : Prakrti The Integral Vision Man in Nature (Volume 5)

IDI565 : Ethics Of Tibet Bodhisattva Section of Tsong-Kha-Pa's Lam Rim Chen Mo

IDD986 : Aldous Huxley And Indian Thought

IDK297 : Sexualities Issues in Contemporary Indian Feminism

IDD027 : Complete Great Works of Kahlil Gibran

IDJ467 : A Study of the Vedanta in the Light of Brahmasutras

IDE461 : Ayurveda Philosophy

IDF565 : Feminism in India Issues in Contemporary Indian Feminism

IDK129 : A Pedagogue's Romance Reflections on Schooling

IDK066 : The Variegated Plumage Encounters with Indian Philosophy (A Commemoration Volume in Honour of Pandit Jankinath Kaul 'Kamal')

IDJ784 : The Quest for Serenity in World Religions

IDJ757 : Discovery of God

IDJ698 : Contemporary Indian Philosophy

IDG584 : Relocating Gender in SIKH HISTORY Transformation, Meaning and Identity

IDE435 : Nature and Man The Hindu Perspectives - 2 Volumes

IDE373 : The Mind of the Guru Conversations with Spiritual Masters

IDJ441 : Knowing A Negative Fact Anupalabdhi

IDJ472 : Kathavatthu (A Critical and Philosophical Study)

IDJ512 : The Philosophy of Vivekananda

IDJ070 : The Great Mirror An Essay on Wittgenstein's Tractatus

IDI889 : The Secrets of Spiritual Life

IDI789 : Enlightenment Blues My Years With An American Guru

IDI701 : The Universe of Acharya Sushil Muni (The Philosophy of the World Religion)

IDI125 : Self, Society and Value Reflections on Indian Philosophical Thought

IDI082 : Philosophical Interpretation of Sacred Scriptures

IDI075 : Religion and Philosophy of the Padma - Purana (An Old Book)

IDH374 : A Dialogue Hindu-Christian Cosmology and Religion

IDH381 : Religion Revelation And God

IDG379 : Philosophy of Narayaniyam (Study, Text and Sloka Index)

IDG461 : Vision of History (Two Essays)

IDH590 : An Analysis of Dream in Indian Philosophy

IDH573 : Introduction to Sankara's Advaitism

IDH566 : The Hindu Philosophy of Conduct (Vol III)

IDH538 : Man and Money

IDH539 : Grhastha Dharma

IDG931 : Democratic Administration in the light of Practical Vedanta

IDG943 : The Feminine Power

IDH239 : Hell

IDF354 : Are Human Rights Western? A Contribution to the Dialogue of Civilizations

IDE044 : Comparative Ethics in Hindu and Buddhist Traditions

IDG933 : Concepts of Knowledge East and West

IDF994 : Confessions and Commitments

IDE905 : Essays on Indian Philosophy

IDD309 : Hindu Philosophy

IDG305 : History of Indian Philosophy A Russian Viewpoint


IDF048 : Modern Hindu Thought An Introduction

IDE603 : Rabindranath Tagore (The Builders of Indian Philosophy Series)

IDE254 : Relativism, Suffering and Beyond Essays in Memory of Bimal K. Matilal

IDD979 : Sri Aurobindo (A Descriptive Bibliography)

IDF169 : Studies in Vedanta Essays in Honour of Professor S.S. Rama Rao Pappu

IDF912 : The Aesthetics of Wonder New Findings in Sanskrit Alankarasastra

IDF256 : Towards Ananda Rethinking Indian Art and Aesthetics

IDD212 : Wisdom The Absolute is Adorable


IDG853 : Indian Philosophical Systems


IDG251 : PHILOSOPHY OF HISTORY Some Reflections on North-East India

IDH052 : Postcolonial Theory (A Critical Introduction)

IDG811 : SUICIDE Some Reflections


IDG805 : The Philosophy of Suresh Chandra



IDG505 : Science and Tradition

IDF602 : Exploring Masculinity

IDF600 : What is Patriarchy?


IDF350 : Brahmacharya Gandhi and His Women Associates

IDF414 : Debates In Indian PhilosophyClassical, Colonial, and Contemporary

IDF372 : Experiencing The State

IDF351 : The State in India Past and Present

IDF347 : The Future of Human Rights Second Edition

IDF317 : The Diamond Sutra

IDF223 : Postmodern Gandhi and other essays Gandhi in the World and at Home

IDF129 : BEYOND ETHICS An Enquiry into Values for the Business of Life

IDK811 : Language and Mind (Volume 2) The Classical Indian Perspective

IDE782 : Tarkabhasa Of Srikesava Misra With the Commentary 'Prakasa' of Govardhana

IDE729 : UPANISHADS For The Modern World

IDE648 : Feminist Thought Androcentrism, Communication and Objectivity

IDE615 : Marxian Ethics Some Preliminary Considerations

IDE604 : Kalidas Bhattacharyya (The Builders of Indian Philosophy Series)

IDE601 : P.T. Raju (The Builders of Indian Philosophy Series)

IDE602 : Sri Aurobindo (The Builders of Indian Philosophy Series)

IDE605 : T.R.V. Murti (The Builders of Indian Philosophy Series)

IDE600 : T.V. Kapali Sastri (The Builders of Indian Philosophy Series)

IDE560 : Lazy Ways to Enlightenment

IDE555 : Western Philosophy and Indian Feminism

IDE544 : Biology as Politics The Evolution of a Concept in Modern Society

IDE467 : The Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali

IDD141 : Philosophy of Wittgenstein Indian Responses

IDE224 : Outlines of Indian Philosophy

IDE181 : Comparative Religion

IDE054 : In Search of Reality (A layman's journey through Indian Philosophy)

IDE055 : In Search of Reality (A layman's journey through Indian Philosophy)

IDE058 : J. Krishnamurti - Great Liberator or Failed Messiah?

IRP70 : Mathematics, Astronomy and Biology in Indian Tradition (Some Conceptual Preliminaries)

IDD820 : A Tibetan Eye-view of Indian Philosophy


IDD177 : Cyclic Universe (2 Volumes)