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NAS219 : Aesthetic Rapture - The Rasadhyaya of The Natyasastra in Two Volumes (An Old and Rare Book)

NAS561 : A Yoga of Indian Classical Dance

NAS163 : A Companion to Indian Music and Dance - Spanning a Period of Over Three Thousand Years and Based Mainly on Sanskrit Sources (An Old Book)

NAS526 : Indian Music (An Old Book)

NAS183 : Melody Kings Rajan Nagendra (Life Story of a Legendary Musical Genius)

NAR989 : The Rays Before Satyajit (Creativity and Modernity in Colonial India)

NAR786 : Navagraha Nava Aavarana Kritis of Sri Mutthu Swamy Deekshitar (With GIST and Notations for all the Kritis)

NZB535 : सरगम गीत सा रे ग म (सरगम गीतों का संग्रह) - A Collection of Sargam Songs (With Notation)

NAE224 : Beyond Destiny The Life and Times of Subbudu


NAC070 : Nartananirnaya in Three Volumes (And Old and Rare Book))

NAN822 : A Guide for M. Phil, Ph.D, JRF, SLET, NET & TRB Entrance Examinations in Karnatic Music and Dance

NAN871 : Abhinaya Darpanam (Sanskrit Text with English Translation)

NAH725 : Dance Theatre of India - Crossing New Aesthetics and Cultures

NAN074 : Glimpses of Indian Music and Dance for NET, SLET & JRF (Objective Type Questions)

NAI479 : Indian Music (Gateway to Salvation)

NAM240 : Neo Desi Karanas (A Sequential Link)

IDK982 : Ragas in Carnatic Music

NZB851 : संगीत की कहानी The Story of Music

NZE117 : १५१ स्वर लिपियाँ 151 Film Song Notations

NZE197 : एक सौ फ़िल्मी हिट गीत 101 Hit Film Songs With Transliteration

HAA188 : तबले का उद्गम, विकास और वादन शैलियाँ The Origin and Development of The Tabla and Methods of Playing

NZE235 : फ़िल्मी उत्सव गीत अंक Utsav Songs from Films With Notation

NZH119 : फ़िल्मी विविध गीत अंक Songs From Movies (With Notations) - An Old and Rare Book

IDG810 : A Peep into Yaksagana and Sanskrit Dramaturgy

NAL636 : A Practical Course in Karnatic Music For Beginners (With Notation)

NAR856 : Brave New Bollywood (In Conversation with Contemporary Hindi Filmmakers)

NAR847 : Paalam Connecting Art, Artists and Art Lovers (Mudhara Music Planner Cum Directory)

NAR853 : The Great Integrators (The Saint Singers of India)

NAR851 : The Samskrita Ranga Annual -XIII (Golden Jubilee Volume 1958 - 2008)

NAR787 : Traditional Performing Arts (Ottanthullal)


NAR749 : Raagas of Indian Music (A Comprehensive Descriptions of 254 Raagaas of Camatic Music, 47 Raagas of Hindustani Music and a Few Westem Scales With Notaions)

NAR605 : Nambiar Swami (The Good, The Bad And The Holy)

NAL835 : Ragam Tanam Pallavi Their Evolution, Structure and Exposition (With Notation)

NAL753 : Theory of Indian Music Sangita Sastra Sangraha- Part II (With Notation)

HAA325 : हिन्दुस्तानी संगीत पध्दति क्रमिक पुस्तक मालिका Hindustani Sangeet Paddhati Kramik Pustak Malika (Set of 6 Volumes)

NZD244 : 15 दिन में हारमोनियम सीखिए Learn Harmonium in 15 Days

NAR880 : Song of Surrender (A Centenary Tribute to MS Subbulakshmi)

IDK998 : Approach To Bharathanatyam

NAL630 : Ragapravaham (Index to Carnatic Ragas)

NAL333 : Veena The Instrument Par-Excellence (With Notation)

NAK880 : A Panorama of Indian Dances

IHL713 : An Analytical Study of Sangitasamayasara of Sri Parsvadeva

IDD719 : BAL GANDHARVA (The Nonpareil Thespain)

NAR612 : Ethnomusicology (A Study of Intercultural Musicology)

IDJ290 : Music as Yoga

NZC185 : नाटक और रंगमंच Theatre and The Stage

HAA353 : भारतीय संगीत में निबद्ध तथा अनिबद्ध गान प्रबंध शैली का विकास Nibaddha and Anibaddha Singing (Development of Prabandha) (With Notation)

NAR552 : A Practical Course In Karnatic Music For Beginners and For Use in Schools(Set of Voll-3)

NAJ442 : The Beggar Princess (A Historical Drama in Five Acts)

NAR497 : Fundamentals of Indian Music

IDK405 : Leave Disco Dancer Alone (Indian Cinema and Soviet Movie-Going After Stalin)

IDD947 : BHARATA - The Natyasastra

NAL182 : Glimpses of Carnatic Music for NET. SLET. JRF.

NAO292 : The Cinema of Bimal Roy - An 'Outsider' Within

HAA424 : भारतीय संगीत का इतिहास History of Indian Music From Vedic Period to Gupta Period)

HAA189 : हिन्दी नाट्यदर्पण Natyadarpan (An Old and Rare Book)

NZB298 : नाट्यशास्त्र का इतिहास History of Natyasastra

NZF742 : बिछड़े सभी बारी बारी Bimal Mitra on Guru Dutt

NAR375 : Bhimsen Joshi, My Father

NAR376 : Her Majestic Voice (South Indian Female Playback Singers And Stardom, 1945-1955)

NAR456 : Bharatanatyam Evolves From Temple to Theatre and Back Again

NZC324 : ध्रुवपद और उसका विकास Dhruvapad (Dhrupad) and Its Development (An Old and Rare Book)

NAK870 : Tantra The Science & Natya The Art The Two - Faceted Reality

NAR360 : Sanskrit Play Production In Ancient India (An Old and Rare Book)

IHL181 : The Natya Sastra of Bharatamuni

NAR377 : The Plays of Sankaradeva

NZC042 : पुष्टिमार्गीय मंदिरो की संगीत परम्परा (हवेली संगीत) The Tradition of Music in The Pushtimarg Tamples (Haveli Sangeet)(With Notation)

NZG169 : फिल्मी ग़ज़ल Filmi Gazal (With Notations)

NZC930 : १५ दिन में सितार सीखिए Learn Sitar in 15 Days (With Notations)

IDK573 : Notations of 121 Bhajans and Prayers (Easy To Understand Notations In Actual English)

IDJ761 : New Instrumental Compositions For North Indian Music

NAP016 : Nikhil Banerjee (Down The Heart of Sitar)

NAI304 : The Vastuvidyasastra and Citrakarmasastra Ascribed to Manjusri (Set of Two Volumes)

NAO152 : The World of Hindi Cinema (A Quiz Book)

HAA348 : भारतीय नाट्य सौन्दर्य Aesthetics of India

NZC721 : भारतीय संगीत का सौंदर्य विधान Aesthetics of Indian Music (An Old and Rare Book)

NAR235 : Deepest Secrets of Top Celebrities

NAN508 : The Sound of Sitar

NAG721 : Carnatic Music Reader In Western Staff Notation (A Primer For Guitar, Piano, Keyborad, Saxophone, Violin) (Set of 7 Volumes)

NAB953 : Compositions of Saint Tyagaraja

NAR166 : Deepest Secrets of Celebrities - 03 (Aamir Khan & Angelina Jolie)

NAB954 : Pancharatna Kritis of Saint Tyagaraja

IDE392 : Inventing the Sarod A Cultural History

NZC264 : राग विबोध मिश्रबानी Raga Vibodha Mishra Vani (Set of 2 Volumes) (With Notations)

NAE964 : Vyangyavyakhya The Aesthetics of Dhvani in Teatre (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)

NZG092 : भारतीय नाट्यशास्त्र और आज का रंगमंच India's Natyasastra and Contemporary Theatre

NZF825 : रंगमंच The Theater

IDK435 : A Practical Guide to North Indian Classical Vocal Music (The Ten Basic with Composition and Improvisations)

HAA342 : नाट्यशास्त्रीय अभिनय सिध्दान्त एवम् प्रयोग Acting According to the Natya Sastra - Principles and Practice

NAL649 : Natyasastra Sanskrit Text With Transliteration and English Translation (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAQ919 : Madhubala (Her Real Life Story)

NAL412 : South Indian Music (Set of 6 Volumes)

NAQ916 : Sridevi - Queen of Hearts

IDF198 : Traditions of Indian Folk Dance

IDF485 : How To Play Tabla Mridanga, Kongo, Bongo and Tabla Tarang

NAQ874 : Folklore (Identify of Culture)

NAQ868 : Conventions in Kutiyattam

IDK320 : Indian Classical Dance

NZE260 : भरतनाट्यम Bharatanatyam

NAM602 : Sobhillu Saptasvara With Notation - Svaravali, Gitam, Prabandham, Suladi (An Old and Rare Book)

NAK112 : Tanjore as a Seat of Music

NZG080 : हिमाचल का लोक संगीत Folk Music of Himachal Pradesh (With Notation)

NAP914 : Indian Dance - Through a Critic's Eye

NZC225 : क्रमिकतान आलाप Kramik Taan Alap - With Notation (Set of 4 Volumes)

NZB933 : लोकरंग उत्तर प्रदेश The Traditional Performing Arts of Uttar Pradesh

NAE899 : Essentials of Sama Veda and its Music (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)

NAM228 : Natyasastra - Revisited

NAD447 : Pranayam (An Eternal Love Stroy)


NAL729 : Compositions of Syama Sastri

NAL724 : Kinetics of Kathakali and Kuchipudi

NZG144 : बाँसुरी शिक्षा Bansuri Shiksha - A Complete Guide to The Flute with Notation (A Rare Book)

HAA244 : संगीत किशोर Music for School Students (9th and 10th standard)

NAF952 : Splendours of Indian Dance (Forms - Theory - Pratice)

NZD223 : भारतीय संगीत की परंपरा The Tradition of Indian Music

NZF795 : संगीत के घरानों की चर्चा Gharanas of Indian Music

NZA557 : हिमालय की यात्राए (एक कलाकार की स्केच बुक)- Travels in Himalayas (A Painter's Sketch Book)

NAQ771 : Indian Music

NAQ781 : Mudra Viniyoga Prakriya - A Practical Book for the Interpretation of Mudra (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAL595 : Brhaddesi of Sri Matanga Muni (Set of 2 Volumes)

NZG102 : संगीत रस परम्परा और विचार Sangeet Rasa - Thought and Tradition

IMD28 : Musical Instruments of India (Their History and Development)

HAA228 : तबले पर दिल्ली पूरब Table Par Delhi Purab (With Notation)

IMD34 : Sangitaratnakara (Sangeet Ratnakara) of Sarngadeva - Volume I.

IMD21 : The Mirror of Gesture Being the Abhinaya Darpana of Nandikesvara

NAF815 : Kalaripayat The Martial Arts Tradition of India

IDD628 : When The Body Becomes All Eyes (Paradigms, Discourses and Practices of Power in Kalarippayattu, a South Indian Martial Art)

IMD18 : Khyal (Creativity within North India's Classical Music Tradition - with Audio cassette )

NAL556 : Nyasa in Raga The Pleasant Pause in Hindustani Music (An Old and Rare Book)

NAM424 : Raga Chintamani (A Guide to Carnatic Ragas Through Tamil Film Music)

NAL478 : Playing Techniques of Tabla Banaras Gharana (With Notation)

NAL851 : Sikh Musicology Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Hymns of The Human Spirit (With Notation)

NAL558 : Patnam Subramanya Iyer- A "Beacon Light" Among Post-Trinity Composers (with Notation)

NAL554 : Tabla (Rare Compositions of The Great Masters)

NAL852 : The Theatre According to the Natyasastra of Bharata

NAM321 : Compositions of Maharaja Sri Swati Tirunal in Devanagari and Diacritical Roman Scripts (With Notation)

NZC104 : संस्कृत नाट्य साहित्य में समाज चित्रण Partrayal of Society in Sanskrit Natya Literature

IDG832 : Satyajit Ray From Script to Screen

NZE973 : हिट फ़िल्मी गीत और उनकी स्वर लिपि Hit Film Songs with Notation

NAQ593 : Gulzar's Aandhi

NAQ585 : Gulzar's Angoor

NAQ584 : Gulzar's Ijaazat

NAN112 : Kuchipudi Dance in Textual Form

NAQ534 : India on the Western Screen Imaging a Country in Film, TV and Digital India

IDD503 : Foundations of Indian Musicology

IDF286 : Learn to Play on Harmonium

NAO547 : Mudras (In Symbols)

IHJ084 : Song Book Best of 2003 (Selected Hindi Songs with Notations and Chords)

NAI680 : संगीतरत्नाकर Sangeet Ratnakar (Sanskrit Text with Word-to-Word Meaning Hindi Translation) (With Notation) (Set of 4 Volumes)

NAQ512 : Bhupen Hazarika (As I Knew Him)

NAQ509 : Music Masti Modernity (The Cinema of Nasir Husain)

NAQ488 : Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai-Urdu Memoirs of Cinema Legends

NAQ478 : Jiya Jale (The Stories of Songs)

NAQ470 : Main Shayar Toh Nahin The Book of Hindi Lyricists

NAQ630 : The Practice of Nada Yoga (Meditation on The Inner Sacred Sound)

NAQ443 : Classical Music of India A Practial Guide (With Notations)

NAQ447 : Enter The Dangal (Travels Through India's Wrestling Landscape)

IDL068 : Lakshanagranthas in Music

NAJ209 : Pictorial & Descriptive Glossary of Bharata’s Natyasastra (A Student's Companion)

IHL671 : The Art of Tabla Rhythm Essentials, Tradition and Creativity (With CD)

HAA190 : कथक के प्राचीन नृत्तांग Ancient Nrittangas of Kathak (With Notation)

NAC912 : Bharata’s Natyasastram (Chapters VI and VII Rasa and Bhava)

NAM414 : Histrionic Expressions in Kuchipudi Dance (Course Syllabi of 4 Years Certificate and 2 Years Diploma in Kuchipudi Dance)

NAQ434 : Satyajit Ray's (Heroes & Heroines)

NAQ437 : The Life and Times of Major Dhyanchand

NZA565 : संस्कृत के प्रतीकात्मक नाटक Symbolic Plays in Sanskrit

NAM005 : Indian Music Series (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAM271 : Sahaanaa's - Cine Melodies Karnatic and Western, Book - 4 (Hits of Maestro Ilayaraja with Notation)

NAL143 : The Ragas of Karnatic Music

NAQ404 : Tyagaraja-Life and Lyrics

IHJ076 : Handbook of Bansuri (Flute) History, Anatomy, Learning, Maintenance

NAC107 : Tarjuma-i-Manakutuhala and Risala-i-Ragadarpana

NAO092 : The Grammar of North Indian Ragas

HAA207 : भजन संध्या Bhajan Sandhya

NZH214 : संगीत एवं चिन्तन Music and Meditation

NAQ301 : Dharmendra - Now Just A He - Man (A Biography)

NAK619 : Abhinavabharati (Abhinavagupta’s Commentary on Bharata’s Natyasastra Chapter-XXVIII English Translation with Historical Critical Explanations) An Old and Rare Book

NAM415 : Ganamrutha Varna Malika (With Notation)

NAL723 : Carnatic Music Composers (A Collection of Biographical Essays)

NZD990 : ताल मार्तण्ड Tala Martand (With Notation)

NZC222 : सुनहरे फिल्मी गीत Golden Film Songs - With Notation (Set of 2 Volumes)

IDF451 : Concept of Dance in Classical Sanskrit Literature

IDK885 : Learn How to Play Flute

NAP819 : Bagavather His Life and Times

NAP810 : Krtimanimalai - Shri Tyagaraja Svami's Compositions with Notation (Set of Two Volumes)

NZA271 : ताल प्रकाश Light On Tala (With Notation)

NAP804 : Bharat-Natya-Manjari (Bharata on the Theory and Practice of Drama)

NAM265 : Filming Horror (Hindi Cinema, Ghosts and Ideologies)

NAL916 : Carnatic Music Made Easy A Guide For Beginners and Parents (With Notations)

NAL194 : Kanan Devi (The First Superstar of Indian Cinema)

NAM721 : Natya Brahman - Theatric Universe A Concept of Ancient Indian Theatre (An Old and Rare Book)

NAP996 : Let us Watch Bharatanatyam

IDF467 : Art of Dancing Classical and Folk Dances

IDE207 : Brass Baja Stories from the World of Indian Wedding Bands

NAF234 : From Rajahs and Yogis to Gandhi and Beyond (Images of India In International Films of The Twentieth Century)

NAN463 : M. S. Revisited (Tracing the Nightingale's Music Journey)

NAO786 : Tagore's Ballad on The Sun - Lion (Translated from the Brajabuli Original Bhanusingher Padabali by Rabindranath Taogre)

NAP671 : Deedara aka Dara Singh

NAP486 : Manipuri Dance and Culture An Anthology

NAP674 : The Best Mistakes of My Life

NAP981 : Chaplin, Gandhi & Me too

IHL595 : Selected Hindi Songs with Notations Chords Song Book Best of 90's

NAP710 : A Treatise on Hindustani Music

NAM681 : Essence of Nattuvangam (Bharathanatyam Guide Book)

NZB534 : कर्नाटक संगीत पध्दति Methods of Carnatic Music (With Notation)

NZB879 : चैती Chaiti

NAL918 : History of Tamizh's Dance

NAP453 : Mohiniyattam An Indian Dance Tradition (A Language of Feminine Desire)

NAP952 : Thirty Songs from the Panjab and Kashmir (With Notation)

NZC125 : कथक में कवित्त Kavit in Kathak (With Notation)

NAO797 : Historical Development In Karnatic Music

NAP956 : The Music of Nationhood (Dwijendralal Roy of Bengal)

NZB965 : ताल दीपिका Tala Depika - Tabla in 4 Volumes Set (With Notation)

NAO794 : Hindustani Music Problems & Solutions

NAP633 : P C Sorcar - The Maharaja of Magic

NAP625 : Ritwik Ghatak - Five Plays

NAO785 : Ancient Indian Classical Music

NAO774 : Musical Heritage of India

NAO782 : Panorama of Indian Puppetry

NAO777 : Ragas and Raginis

NAO784 : The Art of Kathakali

NAO778 : The Ragas of Karnatic Music

NAP635 : Sisir Kumar Bhaduri (Pioneer of Modern Indian Theatre)

NAP639 : Yatrik - A Journey into Theatrical Art (Fifty Years and Counting)

IHJ077 : Handbook of Harmonium (History, Anatomy, Learning, Maintenance)

IDJ965 : The Dictionary of Hindustani Classical Music

IDK243 : Aspects of Indian Music

NAC773 : Bhatkhande’s Contribution To Music

IHJ078 : Handbook of Sarod (History, Anatomy, Learning, Maintenance)

NAD563 : Sangitaratnakara (Sangeet Ratnakara) of Sarngadeva (2 Volumes)

IHL079 : Karnatic Music Reader (Kritis of Various Composers With Notation) (Part 3)

IDH425 : History of Indian Theatre (Loka Ranga Panorama of Indian Folk Theatre)

NAO772 : Illuminating Indian Classical Dances Through Yoga

NAO773 : India's Heritage of Gharana Music (Pandits of Gwalior)

NAM712 : Karanas Cosmic Shiva 108 Bharatha Poses

NAO964 : Teyyam (A Divine Dance Tradition of Kerala)

IDI755 : Uday Shankar Twentieth Century's Nataraja (Rupa Charitavali Series)

NAL836 : The Art and Science of Carnatic Music (With Notation)

NAO970 : Tibetan Sacred Dance (A Journey into The Religious and Folk Traditions)

HAA211 : आवाज़ सुरीली कैसे करें How To Make Your Voice Melodious

HAA203 : भातखण्डे सरगम गीत संग्रह Bhatkhande's Sargam Geet Sangraha

NAL733 : Know Your Thyagaraja (Set of 4 Volumes)

IMD26 : The Music of India - A Scientific Study

NAO693 : Cracking the Code Ayushman Khurrana and Tahira Kashyap (My Journey to Bollywood)

NZF851 : नाट्यशास्त्र (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद)- Natyasastra (Set of 4 Volumes)

IDE959 : Traditional Indian Theatre Multiple Streams

NAK084 : Ramkatha in Narrative, Performance and Pictorial Traditions

NAM404 : Swararangee (Compositions in North Indian Semi-Classical and Light Music Thumri, Daadraa, Ghazal, Bhaktigeet and Marathi Ghazal, Bhaktigeet with Notation and CD)

NAL092 : Bharatanatyam (The Tamil Heritage)

IDJ145 : Vaishnava Harmonium (Based on the North Indian System of Music) Book 1 and 2 with Two CDs

IHJ063 : Folk Music of the Himalayas

NAM986 : A Call to "God" (Music Therapy for Evolution)

NAM444 : Bharatanatyam

NAL638 : Ever Green Lyrics and Notation of Carnatic Classical Songs

NAM610 : Lyrics of Thyagaraja (Cult of Devotion and Social Realism)

NZC931 : १५ दिन में गिटार सीखिए Learn Guitar in 15 Days (With Notations)

NAL185 : My Father, The Villain (The Life and Times of Madan Puri)

IDK572 : 111 Hit Filmy Music Notations (Music of Hindi Cinema Presented in English Notations)

NAK866 : Classical Sanskrit Prosody

NAO755 : Outlines Of Indian Arts Architecture, Painting , Sculpture, Dance and Drama

NZE813 : फ़िल्मी भजन अंक Film Bhajans with Notations

NAO645 : The Sixth String of Vilayat Khan


NAN073 : Exquisiteness of Indian Classical Dance (Rasa & Bhava)

HAA222 : लोक संगीत अंक Lok Sangeet Anka (A Rare Book)

NAO561 : The Magic of Mohiniyattam

NAO552 : Understanding Koodiyattam

NAO943 : Bharatanatyam

NAN201 : Dance Music and Ritual in Manipur

NAO504 : Rahi Massom Raza - Scene 75 (A Novel)

NAP399 : Music Systems in India (A Comparative Study of Some of The Leading Music Systems of The 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries)

NAP424 : Vilasini Natyam - Bharatam of Telugu Temple and Court Dancers

IDF452 : Yaksagana and it's Sanskrit Sources

NAM260 : The Basic Veena Course with Notation (Two Volumes of CDs Enclosed)

NAN250 : Bunch of Javalis (Transliteration, Translation and Notation in English with Audio CD)

NAL652 : Concepts, Contexts and Conflations (In the Krtis of Sri Muttusvami Diksita)

NAH377 : Laghu Bharatham Hand Book on Bharatha Natyam (Set of 3 Volumes)


NAM257 : Nattuvangam Roopaka and Aadhi Thalam Theermanams (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAL634 : Paadha Bhedhah Vocabulary of Feet Movements in Bharatanatyam

NAL731 : Varnasagaram (415, Tana, Pada, Cauka, Ragamalika and Daruvarnas)

NAO899 : 14 Stories That Inspired Satyajit Roy

NAO882 : My Adventures With Satyajit Ray - The Making of Shatranj Ke Khilari

NAO887 : Satyajit Ray - Travails With The Alien (The Film That Was Never Made and Other Adventures With Science Fiction)

NAO540 : Indian Music

NAO541 : Violin & Violinists in Hindustani Classical Music

NAL436 : Appreciating Bharatanatyam

NAP582 : Abhinaya Darpana - The Galaxy of Indian Dance and Dramaturgy

NAO531 : Abhinaya Candrika and Odissi Dance (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAL834 : The Flute (With Notation)

NAH220 : Dance Gestures Mirror of Expressions (Abhinaya Darpanam)

IDF382 : Music Forms

NAL980 : Performance Tradition in India

NAL377 : Rare Music and Dance Composition of King Sahaji of Thanjavur (With Notation, Text and Meanings)

NAM283 : Sangeeta Bala Padam with Notation (Set of Two Volumes)

NAG781 : Sanskrit Drama (Its Aesthetics and Production) (A Rare Book)

NAJ414 : Musing of Music

NZC144 : संगीत दामोदर Sangeet Damodara (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद)

NZA658 : संगीत विशारद Sangeet Visharad

NAJ098 : Andhranatyam (The Lasya Dance Tradition of Andhras) - A Rare Book

NAO503 : Akhada - The Authorized Biography of Mahavir Singh Phogat (The Man Who Inspired Dangal)

NAE613 : Natyalocanam of Trilocanaditya

NAP183 : People Who Meet People - Interviews With The Stars

NAL173 : The Science of Bharata Natyam

NAO940 : Bhagavata Mela (My Tryst With Tradition)

NAN846 : Nilina's Song - The Life of Naina Devi

NAP370 : Gotipuas - The Boy Dancers of Odisha

IDD162 : Dramatic Concepts Greek and Indian (A Study of Poetics and Natyasastra)

NAP173 : Kathakali (The Art of The Non Wordly)

NZC254 : फ़िल्मी शास्त्रीय गीत अंक Classical Songs From Films (With Notations) (Set of 2 Volumes)

HAA221 : ठुमरी गायकी Thumri Singing

IMD10 : Evolution of Raga and Tala in Indian Music

NAN353 : Silappatikaram (A Fresh Approach)

NAL191 : Suchitra Sen (The Legend and The Enigma)

IMD05 : The Classical Music of North India (The Music of the Baba Allauddin Gharana as taught by Ali Akbar Khan at the Ali Akbar College of Music) Volume One The First Years Study

HAA426 : नृत्याध्याय Nrtyadhyaya of Ashokamalla (A Important Treatise of Bharatiya Natyashastra)

NAO186 : Across the Universe (The Beatles in India)

NAI171 : The Laws and Practice of Sanskrit Drama (An Old and Rare Book)

NAC601 : Knowledge Tradition Text Approaches to Bharata’s Natyasastra

NAP523 : Sangeet Natak - Special Issue on Kutiyattam

NAP532 : The Moving Shadow -Electrifying Bengali Pulp Fiction

NAH851 : Dance as Yoga (The Spirit and Technique of Odissi)

NZB021 : पुराणों में नृत्य के तत्व - Elements of Dance in Puranas

HAA608 : रसार्णवसुधाकर (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद) -Rasarnava Sudhakar

NAP342 : Walking with Siva Cognitive Roots of Indian Art, Archaeology and Religion - With Reference to Tala and Daksina Kosala (Set of 2 Volumes)

IDD277 : Performing Artistes in Ancient India

NAL545 : Music For Life Social and Psychological Objectives

NAP150 : The Story of Tansen (Master of Melody)

NZC723 : ठुमरी की उत्पति विकास और शैलियाँ The Origin, Development and Style of Thumri (With Notation) (An Old an Rare Book)

NAP501 : Director's Diaries (The Road to Their First Film)

NAL748 : Essence and Essentials of Dance

NAD490 : Muthuswamy Dikshitar Compositions (Edited With Text and Notation of Select Compostions)

NAJ369 : Journal of Sangeet Natak Akademi

NZB948 : कथक नृत्य The Most Exhaustive Book Ever on Kathak Dance (Award Winner) (With Notation)

HAA212 : म्यूज़िक मास्टर (हारमोनिम, तबला और बाँसुरी गाइड) - Music Master (Harmonium, Tabla & Flute Guide)

NZB946 : अभिनय दर्पण और गीत गोविन्द (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) - Abhinaya Darpan and Gita Govinda

NAK044 : My Pursuit of Music

NAI693 : आओ जादू सीखें Let's Learn Magic

NZE304 : चुने हुए राष्ट्रीय गीत Selected Patriotic Songs

HAA234 : जगजीत चित्रा सिंह की ग़ज़ले Ghazals of Jagjit-Chitra Singh (With Notation)

NAO715 : Music and Media in Local Life (Music Practice in a Newar Neighbourhood in Nepal)

NAF323 : Hindustani Raga-s Index (Bibliographical References on Descriptions, Compositions and Vistara-s of Hindustani Ragas)

NAJ040 : Mind Over Finger (Basics for Learning The Piano and Keyboard)

IMD35 : Sangitaratnakara (Sangeet Ratnakara) of Sarngadeva - Volume II.

NAO901 : Sri Thyagaraja Vaibhavam (Life History of Sri Thyagaraja)

IMD33 : The Ragas of Northern Indian Music

IDD897 : Vintage Tabla Repertory (Drum Compositions of North Indian Classical Music)
Accompanied with Two Compact Discs

NAP136 : The Celnatic Experience - Celebrating 225 Years Legacy of Sri Muthuswamy Deekshithar & British East India Company (With DVD Inside)

IDK570 : Eminent Indians Musicians

HAA204 : ताल बोध Understanding Taala

IDC363 : Ragacikitsa (Music Therapy)

NAO827 : The Ritual Art of Teyyam and Bhutaradhane - Theatrical Performance with Spirit Mediumship (An Old Book)

IDG137 : THEORY OF INDIAN MUSIC (The first book Containing the sentiments, their effects on shrutis, notes and ragas in ornamental shape along with formation and manner of display)

HAA264 : आलाप तान अंक Aalap Tana Anka (With Notation)


IMD15 : Introduction to Bharata's Natyasastra

NAI211 : Arts Education (Resource Book for Teachers)

HAA257 : भक्ति संगीत अंक Special Issue on Devotional Music (With Notation)

HAA279 : श्रीमतङ्गमुनिकृत बृहद्देशी (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद) - Brihaddesi of Matanga (With Notation)

IDK232 : Rabindranath Tagore One Hundred Songs in Staff Notation

NAC455 : Theatric Aspects of Sanskrit Drama (Rare Book)

NAK187 : Art and Science of Playing Tabla

NZC182 : श्रीविदग्धमाधव नाटक Shri Vidagdha Madhav

NAO604 : Woman at the Window

NZC273 : जैमिनियं सामगानम् Jaiminiya Samagana

NZA379 : भारतीय संगीत शास्त्र का दर्शनपरक अनुशीलन Philosophical Aspects of Indian Music

NAN430 : Kramik Pustak Malika Hindustani Sangeet Paddhati With Notation (Part 1)

NZA859 : भरत का संगीत सिद्धान्त Bharata's Principles of Music (With Notations)

NAJ802 : Meaning in Music

IDL016 : Handbook of Sitar (History, Anatomy, Learning and Maintenance)

NAK914 : Kridaniyakam (Myriad Aspects of Comedy in Sanskrit Drama)

NZA586 : छउ नृत्य कला Chhau Dance Form

NZG199 : ध्रुपद पञ्चाशिका Dhrupad Panchashika (With Notations)

NAO382 : Notes of a Dream (The Authorized Biography of A. R. Rahman)

NZH400 : शैव धर्म और नृत्य परम्परा - Shaivism and the Tradition of Dance

NAM182 : Elements of Western Music for Students of Indian Music (With Notation)

NAD416 : I Want to Live The Story of Madhubala

NZE237 : राग विशारद Raga Visharad (With Notation)

IDK579 : Bharatanatyam How to? (A Step-by-Step Approach to Learn the Classical Dance form)

NAO257 : An Ethnography of Gurung Village Music Continuity and Change

NAO264 : Memory in The Age of Amnesia (A Personal History of Our Times)

NAO213 : Love & Marriage Lessons from Movies

NAO322 : S. D. Burman - The Prince Musician

NAO313 : The Varnam (A Special form in Karnatak Music)

NAO196 : The Actor Who Could Connect (The Genius of Kalamandalam Krishnana Nair)

NAO315 : Indian Theatre and Dance Traditions

IDH547 : From the Tanjore Court to the Madras Music Academy A social History of Music in South India

NAN364 : Charya Nepal (Vajrayana Tantrika Charya Dance)

IDJ231 : Hall of Fame Aishwarya Rai

NAL780 : Compositions of The Great Tabla Maestros (Splendid and Rare Collection of the Compositions of Tabla Legends of Various Gharanas)

NAJ121 : Vocal - A Guide to Indian Music

HAA210 : संगीत शास्त्र Sangeet Shastra (Theory of Indian Music)

NAM543 : Vasudeva Kirthana Manjari (Compositions of Mysore K. Vasudevacharya with Notations in English and Lyrics in Sanskrit Also)

NZE089 : ११ दिन में तबला बजाना सीखिए Learn Tabla in Eleven Days (With Notation)

HAA223 : पाश्चात्य संगीत शिक्षा Education of Western Music (With Notation)

NAO123 : Don't Disturb the Dead (The Story of The Ramsay Brothers)

NAO156 : Nayak - The Hero

NAO149 : Zakir Hussain (A Life in Music)

NAH880 : Krtima Nimalai - Sri Muddusvami Diksitars Compositions (With Notation)

NAH787 : Pride of Tamil Cinema 1931-2013 (Tamil Films That Have Earned National and International Recognition)

NAO138 : Through The Eyes of A Cinematographer (A Biography of Soumendu Roy)

NAM161 : The Natyasastra and Bharat Natya

NAI089 : Folklore of Orissa


NAN113 : Kuchipudi Kalapas (An Odyssey Rediscovred)

NAK668 : An Introduction to Indian Music

NAJ122 : Rag Malika With Notation

HAA214 : संगीत निबन्धावली Essays on Indian Music

IDD301 : Musical Instruments

NAL838 : Acoustics for Music Students (With Notation)

HAA243 : फ़िल्‍मी सहगान अंक Filmi Chorus Songs (With Notation)

HAA232 : फिल्मी विरह गीत अंक Songs of Separation from Hindi Movies (With Notation)

NAH879 : Sangitarathnakara of Sarngadeva (A Study)

NAL087 : Women's Role in Kudiyattam

NAL855 : The Raga-ness of Ragas (Ragas Beyond the Grammar)

NAC545 : Theory and Practice of Kalasa Karanas and Sthanaka-Mandala Bheda from Kumbharaja?s Nrtya Ratna Kosa (Lavishly Illustrated in Color)

IHK012 : Kalarippayattu (The Complete Guide To Kerala’s Ancient Martial Art)

HAA215 : बैंज़ो मास्टर (बैंज़ो वादन की सरल तथा सचित्र विधि) - Banjo Master (Taishokoto Guide)

NZB549 : भारतीय संगीत का इतिहास History of Indian Music

IDF294 : The Miracle of Music Therapy

NAD536 : Carnatic Music Reader in Western Staff Notation (A Primer For Learning Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Violin)

HAA205 : संगीत राग परिचय Introduction to Musical Raagas (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAM416 : The Nayikas of Annamacharya An Interpretation for Dance

NAH834 : Sanjay Dutt (The Crazy Untold Story of Bollywood's Bad Boy)

NAL631 : Samskrta and Sangita (Sanskrit and Music)

HAA208 : राग कोष (1,438 रागों का विवरण) Raag Kosha (A Dictionary of 1,438 Indian Ragas)

NZE970 : रंग रंगीले पंजाबी गीत Colorful Punjabi Songs

NZE303 : लोक गीत Folk Songs

NAL097 : Mohiniattam Adavus and Mudras

IDF834 : Music To Thy Ears Great Masters of Hindustani Instrumental Music


NAB736 : Folk Music and Folk Dances of Banaras

NAL174 : Contributions of Saints & Seers to The Music of India (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAG621 : Kathak Sagar

NAN906 : Les Duha De Dhola-Maru (An Old and Rare Book)

NAL755 : Saint Tyagaraja's Divya-Nama Keertanas

NAM894 : Ustad Amir Khan - Pioneer of Indore Gharana

HAA769 : सामगान (उद्भव व्यवहार एवम् सिध्दान्त) - Singing the Samaveda (Origin and Development)

NAJ931 : Living Dolls Story of Indian Puppets

NAN469 : Master on Masters (Amjad Ali Khan on Other Musicians)

NAN397 : On Stage with Lata

NZF258 : भारत वन्दना A Collection of Patriotic Songs

NZD842 : ११ दिन में हारमोनियम बजाना सीखिये Learn Harmonium in Eleven Days (With Notation)

IHL588 : Best of Kishore Kumar A Tribute - Selected Hindi Songs with Notations and Chords ? (Vol. I)

NAD644 : Mudra

IDK575 : A History of Indian Music

IDJ148 : Practical Mrdanga Lessons with One Cassette

NAN865 : Indian Classical Music (An Audio Visual Guide)

NAN864 : Readings on Music and Dance

NAN860 : Traditions of Indian Music

NZA148 : Sangeet Ratnakara (in Two Volumes)

NAN372 : M. S. Subbulakshmi (The Definitive Biography)

IDF182 : Carnatic Summer Lives of Twenty Great Exponents

NZF360 : गीत वाद्य शास्त्र संग्रह An Anthology of Ancient Sanskrit Texts on Music

NAM171 : Rukmini Devi (Bharata Natya)

NAM116 : ADA Chowtal on Sitar (Anthology of a Poorav Baj)

IDH467 : Kathakali The Dance-Theatre

NAL747 : Sangita Sastra Sangraha (A Guide to Theory of Indian Music)

IMD30 : The Origin Of Raga

IDF486 : How To Play Harmonium Synthesizer, Piano and Accordian

NAF761 : Pitch Analysis in South Indian Music (With a Critical Examination of The Theory of 22 Sruti-s)


NAL476 : Facets of Tabla Playing (With Notation)

NAL749 : Selected Compositions of Sri Muttusvami Dikshitar (With Notations)

HAA427 : नाट्य शास्त्रम् Original Sanskrit Text of Natya Sastra Based on 'Baroda' Recension

NZH581 : संस्कृत नाट्यशिल्प और रंगमंच Sanskrit Natyashilpa and Theatre (An Old and Rare Book)

NAN116 : Intonation in North Indian Music - A Select Comparison of Theories with Contemporary Practice (An Old and Rare Book)

NAL933 : Odissi The Third Classical Form of Indian Music

NZC181 : रागार्णवम् (रागचन्द्रिका व्याख्या सहित) Ragarnavam -With Ragacandrika Vyakhya (With Notation)

HAA229 : भारतीय संगीत का इतिहास History of Indian Music

IDF561 : ACTING IN CINEMA The Nandini Sanyal Memorial Lectures 1999-2002

IDE879 : RASA YATRA My Journey in Music

IDE811 : The Ramayana Culture Text, Performance and Iconography

NAI996 : एक सौ एक हिट फ़िल्मी गीत, ग़ज़ल एवं भजनों की स्वर लिपियां 100 Hit Film Songs, Ghazals and Bhajans Notions

HAA230 : फिल्मी हॉट सॉंग्स Hot Songs From Hindi Movies (With Notation)

NAF229 : Dance in Indian Painting (A Rare Book)

NAL542 : Glimpses of Indian Music and Dance for NET, SLET & JRF (Objective Type Questions)

NAM607 : The Ashta Nayikas (Attendance - The Dance Annual of India 2011-12)

NAN121 : Comparative Study of Chaturvidha Abhinayas Between Kathakali and Kuchipudi Yakshagana (Comprehensive Analysis of Four Kinds of Expressions in Kathakali and Kuchipudi Dance, Drama Traditions)

NAL767 : A Guide to Theory of Indian Music Sangita Sastra Sangraha (Set of 2 Volumes)

NAN512 : My Life - As Told to His Grandson Azizuddin Khan (Sangeet Samrat Khansahab Alladiya Khan)

IHL589 : Best of Mukesh Selected Hindi Songs with Notations and Chords ? (Vol. I)

IDK321 : Tolu Bommalata (The Shadow Puppet Theatre of Andhra Pradesh) (An Old Book)

IDG015 : Manipuri

NAN637 : Performing Self, Performing Gender (Reading the Lives of Women Performers in Colonial India)

IDG495 : Chittoor V. Nagaiah A Monograph

NAM881 : Ranjabati (A Dancer and Her World)

IHL083 : Carnatic Music Reader In Western Staff Notation (Tutor For Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Saxophone Violin) (Three Part Kriti Series Kritis 1) (Part 5)

IHL081 : Carnatic Music Reader In Western Staff Notation (Tutor For Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Saxophone Violin) (Three Part Kriti Series Kritis 2) (Part 6)

IHL082 : Carnatic Music Reader In Western Staff Notation (Tutor For Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Saxophone Violin) (Three Part Kriti Series Kritis 3) (Part 7)

IHL084 : Carnatic Music Reader In Western Staff Notation (Tutor For Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Saxophone Violin) (Three Part Varnam Series Adi Tala Varnam ? 1) (Part 2)

IHL064 : Carnatic Music Reader In Western Staff Notation (Tutor For Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Saxophone Violin) (Three Part Varnam Series Adi Tala Varnam ? 2)

IHL080 : Carnatic Music Reader In Western Staff Notation (Tutor For Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Saxophone Violin) (Three Part Varnam Series Ata Tala Varnam) (Part 4)

NAL477 : Dancing to Play or to Pray (A Comparative Study of Prahlada Yakshaganam in Kuchipudi and Melattur Bhagavata Mela Traditions)

NAM320 : Forgotten Chapters of Music (And 22 Krithis of Thyagaraja on The Science, Art and Beauty of Music)

NAM546 : Gandharvi (Life of a Musician)

NAM985 : Compositions of Sangita Kalanidhi Dr S Ramanathan (A Compilation of Varnams and Kritis)

NAM980 : Music, Dance, Cinema (A Flashback and Progress)

NAM308 : Hastha Prayogaah (Vocabulary of Hand Gestures in Bharatanatyam)

NAD275 : Mother Maiden Mistress (Women in Hindi Cinema, 1950-2010)

NZB677 : 20 Tops Film Songs Notation (with Notation)

IDJ950 : The Form and Function of Music In Ancient India (A Historical Study) (In Two Volumes)

NAD847 : Sitar Playing A Practical Guide

IDK562 : Religion and Theatre

NAE200 : Folk Theatre Pandwani "Based On The Epic Mahabharata"

IDH429 : History of Indian Theatre (Early History)

IDE557 : India's Dances Their History, Technique and Repertoire

IDE099 : India's Kathak Dance Past, Present, Future

IDE371 : Indian Ballet Dancing

IDK026 : Indian Puppets

IDE370 : Krishna Theatre In India

IDH428 : The Kathakali Complex (Actor, Performance and Structure)

IDI102 : Yaksagana

IDF913 : YAKSHAGANA (Yaksagana)

NAF612 : Story of a Bollywood Song Evolution of Hindi Film Music Through Stories (With CD inside)

HAA213 : कथक प्रवेश Introduction to Kathak

NAM366 : Tamizh Padam-s (Notation, Tamizh - English Text, Meaning in English)

IDF487 : How To Play Sitar

NAM039 : Studies in Artistic Creativity (Personality Structure of the Musician)

NZF806 : स्वरगंध The Fragrance of Swaras (A Book on Music)

NAG531 : How to Play Sitar (With Notation)

NAN160 : Chinese Theater - Happiness and Sorrows on the Stage

NZF232 : गुलाम अली की गजलें Ghazals of Ghulam Ali

HAA373 : भारतीय छउनृत्य (इतिहास, संस्कृति और कला) - Indian Chhau Dance (Set of 2 Volumes)

HAA220 : मधुर चीजें Sweet Things

HAA237 : गिटार मास्टर Guitar Guide

HAA216 : ब्रज के देवालयों में संगीत परम्परा Musical Tradition in The Temples of Braja

NZA607 : ब्रज-संस्कृति और लोक संगीत Culture and Folk Music of Vraja

HAA227 : संगीतज्ञ जन्म-मृत्यु कोश Reference Manual on Birth and Death of Musicians

NZB375 : हिंदुस्तानी संगीत में राग लक्षण Melody Symptoms in Indian Music

NAE031 : Hindustani Music (Thirteenth To Twentieth Centuries)

HAA217 : संगीत निबन्ध सागर Ocean of Essays on Music

IDF625 : A History of Indian Music - Volume Two (Mediaeval and Modern Period)

NAJ903 : Natyacudamani of Somanarya (With A Telugu Commentary)

NAJ413 : Kathaakaalakshepa - A Study (Musical Discourse)

IDJ907 : Dilip Kumar The Last Emperor

NAN902 : The Songs of Khayal with Notations (Set of 2 Big Volumes)

NZG015 : राग व्याकरण Grammar of Ragas

NZC793 : लता मंगेशकर ऐसा कहाँ से लाऊँ Reminiscences of Lata Mangeshkar

NAM568 : Songs of Youth (With Notations)

NAH436 : Theory and Practice of Tabla

NAG841 : Dilip Kumar The Substance and The Shadow (An Autobiography)

IDE547 : The Darbhanga Tradition Dhrupada in the School of Pandit Vidur Mallik

IDD710 : THE SITAR (The Instrument and its Technique)

HAA241 : भारत के संगीतकार Indian Musicians

HAA209 : हाई स्कूल संगीत शास्त्र High School Sangeet Shastra

HAA236 : नृत्य भारती Nritya Bharti (Practical Lessons on Indian Dance)

HAA218 : निबन्ध संगीत (संगीत की बी. ए, एम. ए, तथा पी-एच. डी. उपाधियों के लिए महत्त्वपूर्ण संगीत निबंधों का संग्रह) - Collection of Essays on Indian Music

NAD056 : The Language of Kathakali Notations of 874 Hand Gestures - A Rare Book

NAJ732 : Re-scribing Tradition (Modernisation of South Indian Dance Drama)

NAD956 : Musical Instruments Donated By Raja Sir Sourindro Mohan Tagore (A Tribute To Raja Sourindro Mohun Tagore On The International Museum Day)

HAA258 : फ़िल्मी बॉल गीत अंक Special Issue on Filmi Songs of Children (With Notation)

HAA231 : फिल्मी राष्ट्रीय गीत अंक Patriotic Songs from Hindi Films (With Notation) (A Rare Book)

HAA219 : अप्रचलित कायदे और गतें Aprachlit Kayade Aur Gatein

NAJ649 : Learn to Play on Tabla-II (An Advance Course)

NAL781 : Sources of Research in Indian Classical Music

IDG839 : Musical Instruments in Sculpture in Karnataka

IDG526 : The Cartesian Mind Reflections on Language and Music

NZF813 : महफिल Mehfil (An Old and Rare Book)

NAN905 : Tableau Comparatif Des Intervalles Musicaux (An Old and Rare Book)

NZB478 : भारतीय संगीत वाद्य Indian Musical Instruments

NAJ786 : Exuberance of Indian Music (Sarod and Sarodists of Maihar Gharana)

NAI436 : Sanskrit Drama in Performance

NAJ125 : An Indian Bouquet of Dance and Drama (Fragrance & Aroma)

NAJ147 : Androgyny and Female Impersonation in India - Nari Bhav

NAL700 : I, The Salt Doll (Mee Mithaachi Baahuli)

NAJ109 : GK for PK

NAM279 : Legends of Indian Silver Screen The Winners of Dadasaheb Phalke Award (1992-2014)

IDD667 : INDIAN MUSIC (The Magic of the Raga)

IDE838 : Shyam Benegal

IDC387 : Begum Akhtar Love’s Own Voice

NAL862 : How to Write Film Screenplays (Illustrations for Aspiring Screenplay Writers and Readers)

NAG345 : A Southern Music (The Karnatik Story)

IDF400 : KALARIPPAYATTU History and methods of practicing the martial art of Kerala

NAN052 : Magnificent Mural Paintings Sittannavasal Panamalai Tanjavur Early Chola (Karana Sculptures of Tamilnadu)

IDF157 : 100 Bollywood Films

NAL954 : The World of Hrishikesh Mukherjee (The Filmmaker Everyone Loves)

NAN419 : The Royal Temple Theater of Krishnattam

NAM919 : Handbook of Karnatic Music Concerts

NAF329 : My World of Music (Smrutikatha)

IMD25 : The Music of India

NAN420 : Folk Narratives Rituals and Performances (An Intangible Cultural Heritage of Tamil Nadu)

NAN426 : Kurinci-P-Pattu Muttollayiram (An Old and Rare Book)

NAC761 : Saint-Composer Tyagaraja’s Nauka Caritramu – Geya Natika (A Musical Play) (Text, Transliteration and Translation)

NZG064 : भरत और उनका नाट्यशास्त्र Bharat and His Natyashastra

NAM307 : Rig - 3 (Raga Identification Guide)

NAM785 : Rukmini Devi (Dance Drama)

NZF342 : गान्धर्व संगीत Gandharva Sangeet (With Notation)

HAA206 : सूर संगीत (सूरदास के 108 पद स्वरलिपि-सहित) Sur Sangeet (108 Devotional Songs of Saint Soor Das with Notations)

IDI738 : Tabla and The World Of Indian Rhythms

NZB141 : बाल संगीत शिक्षा Children's Music Education (Set of 3 Volumes) (With Notations)

HAA225 : वन्दना संगीत Vandanaa Sangeet (With Notation)

NAM762 : Kathakali Dance-Theatre (A Visual Narrative of Sacred Indian Mime)

NAF075 : Rasa (Performing The Divine in India)

NAJ793 : Yours in Music - A Graphic Autobiography (Pandit Ravi Shankar)

NZA734 : अर्थसंग्रह Arthasamgraha

NAM183 : Pancharatna Kritis Meanings and Significance (With Notation)

NZA743 : वाद्य यंत्र Musical Instruments

NAM376 : The Tabla of Lucknow (A Cultural Analysis of a Musical Tradition)

NAM967 : My Journey A Tale of Two Births

IDJ863 : How to Play Sitar

NAM908 : Studying India's Musicians

NAM961 : The Making of a Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra His Life and Times

NAM480 : Sangeetha Laalithya Lahari The Waves of Elegance in Music (An Old and Rare Book)


NAM683 : Personalities in Present Day Music

NAI131 : Bollywood Baddies (Villains, Vamps and Henchmen in Hindi Cinema)

NAM276 : 2014 & 2015 Tamil Film Hit Songs Notes in (s r g m p d n) (A B C D E F G) (Easy Way to Learn with Notation)

NAM275 : 2014 & 2015 Tamil Film Hit Songs Notes in Western (Easy Way to Learn with Notation)

NAF959 : Dance Dancers and Musicians

NAM270 : Sahaanaa's - Cine Melodies Karnatic and Western, Book - 7 (New, Middle and Old Songs with Notation)

NAM277 : Scale Maps for All Major & Minor, Western & Carnatic in One Page for Keyboard (Easy Way to Learn)

NAJ608 : The Tunes of Divinity (Sankirtana Laksanamu) (An Old and Rare Book)

NAI460 : Facets of Indian Culture

NAE731 : Music in India (The Classical Traditions)

NAI491 : The Eye of The Serpent

NAJ078 : Not Just Bollywood (Indian Directors Speak)

NAM273 : Sahaanaa's - Cine Melodies Karnatic and Western, Book - 2 (With Notation)

NAM269 : Sahaanaa's - Cine Melodies Karnatic and Western, Book - 3 (With Notation)

NAM268 : Sahaanaa's - Cine Melodies Karnatic and Western, Book - 5 (With Notation)

NAM272 : Sahaanaa's - Cine Melodies Karnatic and Western, Book - 6 (Hits of A. R. Rahman with Notation)

NAM259 : Bharatanatyam Bhakta Guru M. K. Saroja (Guru of Indian Dance Series)

IDK820 : Kathaka (The Tradition) Fusion and Diffusion

NAM165 : Mohiniattam The Dance of The Enchantress

NAH186 : Tashrih-Ul-Moosiqui (Persian Translation of Tansen’s Original Work ‘Budh Prakash’)

NAI208 : Bobby (The Complete Story)

NAM252 : Classical Dances of India

NAM254 : The Eloquent Garland (A Dictionary of Classical Music, Composers and Musicians)

NAM160 : A Garland of Glimpses and Gleanings (Silent Whispers of a Retired IAS Officer)

NAM159 : Writings and Reminiscences

NAH370 : Journey through a Tradition (Kandappa-T. Balasaraswati Bharatanatyam Technique)

NAM436 : Love Lyrics of Long Ago (An Old and Rare Book)

IDL213 : Music Rituals in the Temples of South India Vol. 1

IDK539 : Ritual as Ideology (Text and Context In Teyyam)

NAM306 : The Place of Srivaishnava Community in Karnatic Music

NAM435 : Music Its Form, Function and Value (An Old and Rare Book)

NAM603 : Twin Garlands Patrons and Therapy (Garland Series VII and VIII)

NAM310 : Kshetra Bharatham (A Thematic Dance Presentation on Sacred Places)

NAM312 : Tillai and Nataraja - An Old and Super Rare Book

NAM432 : Yet Another Garland (Biographical Dictionary of Carnatic Composers & Musicians)

NAH485 : Nada Chikitsa or The Healing Touch of Music

NAM164 : The Fragrant Garland (Biographical Dictionary of Carnatic Composers and Musicians)

IDD159 : Speaking of Dance The Indian Critique

IDD161 : Dhvani Nature and Culture of Sound

NAM421 : "Goodbye Garland!" (Farewell 11th Fragrant Wreath in the Series Biographical)

NAM423 : The History of Tamil Music

NAM422 : The Holistic Garland (The Growth and Contribution of Classical Carnatic Music)

NAM417 : The Melodic Garland (Biographical Dictionary of Composers, Musicians and Dancers)

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NAG136 : The Legend of Amrapali (An enchanting saga buried within the sands of time)

IDF285 : Learn to Play on Tabla

NZA381 : गुणीभूतव्यंग्य का सिध्दांत और बृहत्त्रयी में उसका प्रयोग Gunibhut Vyangya and its Application in Brihat Trayi

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NAG445 : Conversation with Waheeda Rehman

NAG438 : The Best Thing About You is You

NAG357 : Powder Room (The Untold Story of Indian Fashion)

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NAF769 : Sitar and its Music

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IDL121 : Best From Bollywood (Making of 30 Outstanding Hindi Films since 1949)

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NAE625 : Rajini’s Punchtantra (Value Statements on Business and Life Management)

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IDF390 : AB The Legend (A Photographer's Tribute)

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NAD972 : Shammi Kappor The Dancing Hero (The Legends of Indian Cinema

NAD976 : Sohrab Modi The Great Mughal of Historicals (The Legends of Indian Cinema)

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IDK233 : Contemporary Indian Theatre

IDK061 : Echoes and Eloquences The Life and Cinema of Gulzar


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IHG062 : Mughal -E- Azam (An Epic of Eternal Love)

IHL194 : Sex in Cinema (A History of Female Sexuality in Indian Films)

NAD717 : 50 Indian Film Classics (Fifty Must See films)

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NAC377 : Bollywood Themes

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IHL066 : Karnatic Music Reader (Part 1) (Containing Introduction Saptha Swara, Sarali Varisa, Janta Varisa, Alankaram, Gitam, Swarajathi )

IHL067 : Karnatic Music Reader (Part 4) (Containing Concert, Compositions In Notation)

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IDK391 : Darlingji the True Love Story of Nargis and Sunil Dutt

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IDK375 : Statistical Approach to the Aesthetic Communication of a Narrative film (with special reference to the film 'Charulata') (Volume I)

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IDD917 : The Secret Politics Of Our Desire (Innocence, Culpability and Indian Popular Cinema)

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IDF758 : CUT - OUTS, CASTE AND CINE STARS The World of Tamil Politics

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IDF195 : enchantment of the mind manmohan desai's films

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