Buy Indian Rings: Pearl, Amethyst & Amber Rings set in Sterling Silver - Listing of all items

Shop for Indian Rings made of Sterling Silver studded with stones like Pearl, Amethyst, Amber, Garnet & more. Find intricate Indian Jewelry at ExoticIndia.

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JT78 : Ganesha Ring

JXT44 : Larimar Marquis Ring

GO98 : Lion Ring

JEO30 : Meditating Buddha Ring

LBY65 : Om Ring

QG26 : Sterling Gypsy Ring

LAS19 : Sterling Tortoise Ring

JA76 : Tortoise Silver Vastu Ring

JKX44 : Sterling Designer Ring

JKX66 : Sterling Flower Ring

JGU56 : Sterling Ring

JWY75 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWH61 : Reconstituted Turquoise Oval Ring

JML17 : Pearl Ring

JWE10 : Pearl Ring

LBW76 : Rose Quartz Oval Ring

JXO29 : Rose Quartz Ring

LBQ78 : Kyanite Ring

JDC57 : Citrine Gypsy Ring

JDW19 : Mohave Turquoise Ring

LBW64 : Rose Quartz Ring

JYC82 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTW38 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JZL90 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JIM23 : Pearl Ring

JVW06 : Pearl Ring

LBW51 : Pearl Ring

JHE54 : Circular Turquoise Ring

JYB97 : Coral Ring

JUD06 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Ring

JUD35 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Ring

JYG51 : Mystic Topaz Ring

LAM49 : Pearl Ring

LAK36 : Turquoise Ring

QI64 : Amethyst Gypsy Ring

JVI71 : Coral Ring

JSG78 : Lapis lazuli Oval Finger Ring

JUZ83 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LBW18 : Mystic Topaz Oval Ring

JDM38 : Sponge Coral (Cinnabar) Ring

JPX34 : The King of All Mantras (Om Namah Shivai Finger Ring)

LBY42 : Knotted Rope Ring

QH40 : Amethyst Slave Bracelet

JZR50 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring (Mixed Hues)

LBV29 : Gemstone Drop Ring with Grains

JXN82 : Endless Knot (Ashtamangala) Ring

LCB43 : Lord Venkateshvara at Tirupati Ring

LCB26 : OM (AUM) Ring

LCB32 : OM (AUM) Ring

JSD66 : Amber Oval Ring

JPL48 : Arsi - Thumb Ring Used by Indian Brides to View Their Make Up

LBY31 : Bhagawan Varaha Ring

LBW50 : Carnelian Drop Ring

LBW52 : Carnelian Flower Ring

LBW58 : Carnelian Ring

JTJ33 : Carnelian Ring

LBW49 : Circular Malachite Ring

JMO69 : Cubic Zirconia Finger Ring

JOB75 : Cubic Zirconia Marquis Ring

LBY40 : Egyptian Ring

JPQ81 : Faceted Carnelian Finger Ring

JWB60 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LBU47 : Faceted Gemstone Marquis Ring

LBU33 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

LBU51 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

LBU65 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

LBU59 : Faceted Gemstone Spiral Ring

JXN22 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JUK47 : Faceted Multi-color Tourmaline Ring

JQQ78 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JZR49 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring (Mixed Hues)

LBW66 : Four-Strand Carnelian Marquis Ring

LBV12 : Gemstone Drop Ring

LBU75 : Gemstone Marquis Ring

LBU27 : Gemstone Oval Ring

LBU43 : Gemstone Ring

LBU36 : Gemstone Spiral Ring

JTJ35 : Green Onyx Ring

JTW43 : Green Onyx Ring

LBY62 : Heavy Shiva Linga Ring

LBQ43 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LBW57 : Malachite Oval Ring

LBW68 : Malachite Oval Ring

LBW62 : Malachite Ring

LBW77 : Malachite Ring

JUR37 : Multi-color Faceted Tourmaline Ring

LBL18 : Navaratna Ring

LBY22 : Om (AUM) Ring

LBZ03 : Pavitri Ring Used in Puja

LBR26 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

LBW59 : Rose Quartz Oval Ring

LBY32 : Sai Baba Ring

LBY41 : Shiva Head Ring

LBY57 : Shiva Linga Ring

LAC54 : Sterling Band With Gems

JNJ86 : Sterling Ring

LBT91 : Superfine Tanzanite Ring

LBW65 : Tiger Eye Oval Ring

LBW74 : Tiger Eye Oval Ring

JGO68 : Tiger Eye Ring

LBW47 : Tiger Eye Ring

LBW56 : Tiger Eye Ring

JGE74 : Unbelievable Swarovski Gypsy Ring

JGE75 : Unbelievable Swarovski Gypsy Ring

JGE80 : Unbelievable Swarovski Gypsy Ring

JGE81 : Unbelievable Swarovski Gypsy Ring

JGO72 : Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JGO56 : Yellow Chalcedony Ring with Valentine

JOA93 : Fine Cut Amethyst Explosion (Ring)

LBL34 : Navaratna Round-Shape Ring

LAL80 : Faceted Ruby Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LBL19 : Navaratna OM (AUM) Ring

LBL29 : Navaratna Rectangular Finger Ring

LBY50 : Shri Ganesha Head Ring

LBY43 : Karttikeya Spear Ring

LBY28 : Lord Ganesha Ring

LBY37 : Lord Shiva Ring

LBY35 : Lord Tirupati Ring

LBY34 : Shaiva Tilak Ring

LBY44 : Shri Ganesha Head Ring

LBY18 : Shiva Linga Ring

LBY17 : Sri Ganesha Head Ring

LBY54 : Ganesha Ring

LBY53 : Om (Aum) Ring

LBY52 : Shiva Ring

JHZ51 : Lord Narasimha (Sterling Ring)

LBY60 : Shiva Linga Ring

LBY59 : Ganesha Head Ring

LBX16 : Turquoise And Coral Foliage Ring

LBT69 : Ring with Inlay of Turquoise and Coral

LBR99 : Turquoise Inlay Ring

LBR32 : Carnelian Ring with Inlay Flowers

LBQ47 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JVA62 : Handcrafted Twin Diamond Ring

LBL31 : Navaratna Ring

LBL24 : Navaratna Round-Shape Ring

JGO65 : Sponge Coral Ring

JZU67 : Black Marcasite Ring

JZV83 : Rose Quartz Ring

JZU41 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JRQ61 : Fine Cut Emerald Ring with Diamonds

LBF26 : CZ Ring

JZU28 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

LBB67 : Turquoise Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAY16 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

LAT08 : Faceted Ruby Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAN14 : Faceted Emerald Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAN77 : Faceted Ruby Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAS23 : Coral and Turquoise Ring from Afghanistan

JGO63 : Black Onyx Ring

LAN58 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JZR51 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring (Mixed Hues)

LAL24 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JZV76 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JZM91 : Faceted Tourmaline Flower Ring (Mixed Color)

JZM93 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring (Mixed Color)

JZM92 : Faceted Tourmaline Star Ring (Mixed Color)

JZL83 : Faceted Black Spinel Ring

JZL85 : Faceted Black Spinel Ring

JRE49 : Faceted Aquamarine Finger Ring

JZH89 : Faceted Black Spinel Ring

JZH88 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JZG60 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JZF49 : Faceted Black Spinel Ring

JZF34 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JZE52 : Faceted Black Spinel Ring

JZF38 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JYF72 : CZ Gold Plated Ring

JYF73 : CZ Gold Plated Ring

JXN78 : Lemon Topaz Ring

JXN55 : Sterling Ring

JWB15 : CZ Islamic Ring

JWA90 : Inlay Ring with CZ

JVY29 : Inlay Finger Ring with CZ

JVO55 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JVO09 : Labradorite Ring

JNI98 : Fine Cut Citrine Spiral Ring

JVG53 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JVA66 : Finely Crafted Five Diamond Gold Ring

JVA63 : Triple Diamond Gold Ring

JGO74 : Amethyst Ring

JUG34 : Twin Diamond Ring

JTW98 : Finely Crafted Diamond Ring

JGN37 : Chalcedony Finger Ring

JGO59 : Jasper Valentine Ring

JSI49 : Amber Ring

JRE37 : Coral-Crested Ganesha Ring

JMZ11 : Cubic Zirconia Explosion

JRE50 : Faceted Emerald Pendant with Tops and Finger Ring Set

JRE38 : Faceted Ruby and Diamond Pendant with Tops and Finger Ring Set

JGM99 : Tiger Eye Ring

JGN36 : Pink Opal Ring

JBG80 : Beaten Shell Ring