Large Sculptures - Listing of all items

Brass, Stone, and Wood Sculptures of Hindu and Buddhist Deities, sculpted in life-sized forms.

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ZAZ93 : Large Size Peacock Lamp with Hanging Bells and Ghungaroos

ZEM635 : The Very Elegant Standing Goddess Saraswati - Large Size

ZEM619 : Ananda Nritya of Ganesha - Large Size

ZEM614 : Large Standing Vishnu With Sheshanaga as Canopy

ZEI26 : Radha Krishna on a Swing - Large Size

ZEM613 : Large Peacock Lamp With Urli and Bells

ZEM586 : Devi Lakshmi - The Goddess who Gives Wealth

ZEM587 : The Rhythm of Passion and Love

ZEM577 : Seven Feet Tall South Indian Traditional Lamp

ZEM555 : The Exquisite Goddess Lakshmi Large Tree Lamp

ZEM570 : Large Size Ganesha Seated On Mouse With Vegetative Aureole

ZEM560 : Large Urli With High Kirtimukha Arched Seated Ganesha With Lakshmi,Saraswati,Peacocks and Dangling Lamps

ZEM565 : Super Large Abhisheka Patra From South India

ZEM554 : Dazzling Lord Ganesha Large Tree Lamp

ZEM557 : Large Copper Gopur Kalasha From South India

ZEM548 : Large Size Savior Goddess Green Tara - Tibetan Buddhist

ZEM553 : The Tandava Of Shiva (Large Size Nataraja)

ZEM549 : White Tara, The Supreme Female Deity In Tibetan Buddhism (Large Size)

ZEM400 : Large Dhanvantari

ZEM373 : Lord Shiva's Trident From South India - Large Size

ZEM336 : Large Deity Aureole

ZEM335 : Large Abhisheka Patra

ZEM506 : Large Ganesha Seated On Lotus Throne with Large Kirtimukha Floral Aureole

ZDI69 : Large Size Radha Krishna with Arch Showing Krishna Leela

ZEM497 : Twenty Seven Wicks Large Lamp

ZEM499 : Very Large Peacock Lamp

ZEM480 : Magnificent Fully Carved Peacock (Annam) Lamp From South India - Very Large Size

ZEM380 : Tall, Resplendent Annam-Lamp With Gorgeous Etchings Along The Base Rim, Stem, And Branching Vines

ZEM463 : Dazzling Peacock Lamp (Annam Lamp)

ZEM451 : Decorated Large Peacock Lamp (Annam Lamp)

ZEM461 : Resplendent Peacock Lamp (Annam Lamp)

ZEM443 : The Multitude of Auspiciousness - Large Ganesha Lamp With Twenty Two Ganeshas

ZEM435 : Large vaishnava lamp with chakra and conch Symbols

ZEM426 : Dancing Peacock Lamp With Twenty Two Peacocks (Annam Lamp) - Large Size

ZEM430 : Large Carved Annam Lamp (Peacock Lamp)

ZEM433 : Large Peacock Lamp (Annam Lamp)

ZEM431 : Super High South indian Lamp

ZEM428 : Superfine Engraved Peacock Lamp (Annam Lamp) Large Size

ZEM424 : Superfine Goddess Lakshmi lamp

ZEM425 : Superfine Lord Ganesha Lamp

ZEM434 : Thirty One Wicks Large Peacock Lamp

ZEM418 : Auspicious Lamp of Goddess Lakshmi - With Twenty Two Lakshmi Statues

ZEM410 : Large Trishul With Tamil OM (AUM)

ZEM419 : Superfine Hanging Wick Parrot Lamp

ZEM402 : Five Wicks Goddess Lakshmi Lamp

ZEM398 : Superfine Lord Ganesha With Peacocks and Kirtimukha Aureole

ZEM397 : Superfine Super Large Lamp With Meenakari Work

ZEM377 : Five Wicks Ganesha Lamp

ZEM371 : South Indian Large Wick Lamp

ZEM368 : Very Large Size Kirtimukha Deity Aureole

ZEM362 : Large Size Twenty Two Parrots Lamp

ZEM361 : Padmavati Shri Devi, Devi Lotus-Lakshmi

ZAA64 : Sage Patanjali, a Great Grammarian and Exponent of the System of Yoga

ZEM348 : Auspicious Lotus Lamp - Large Size

ZEM337 : Large Size Circular Abhisheka Patra

ZAV60 : Preaching Buddha

XP36 : Large Size Lord Ganesha in Ekadanta Manifestation

ZDI48 : Tibetan Buddhist Bodhisattva Deity Chenrezig (Large Size Shadakshari Lokeshvara)

ZEM302 : Large Size Peacock Lamp

ZEM249 : Tribhang Murari Chaturbhujadhari Krishna, With The Towering Kirtimukha Crown

ZAQ46 : Large Size Lady with Mirror (Apsara)

ZEM036 : Gajendra-Moksha Redemption of the Elephant King

ZCZ25 : Peacock Lamp

ZCL49 : Large Size Divyastranam Prayogvid Ganesha

RO76 : The Flaming Tresses Of The Devi Mariamman

ZEL56 : Large Eight Armed Ganesha With Large Kirtimukha Atop

ZDG98 : Goddess Kali - Large Size

XK91 : Dancing Saraswati Playing on Her Veena - Large size

ZBU71 : Large Size Lord Ganesha with Umbrella

RT92 : Five Manifestations of Bhagawan Ganesha - Large Panel

ZDU18 : Large Size Bursting with Divine Energy....

ZDI28 : Large Size Deepalakshmi

RT88 : Large Size Panel of Lakshmi Ganesha and Saraswati

ZC53 : Musical Ganesha Large Size Panel

EC40 : Lord Vishnu with Lakshmi Seated on Sheshanaga

RI30 : Ganesha With Parasole And Kamandalu, Under An Ornate Kirtimukha Aureole

XA06 : His Majesty Lord Ganesha at Leisure - Large Size

ZDN49 : Large Size Lord Krishna Playing Flute

ZEJ51 : Lord Ganesha Panel

EF73 : The Triply Present Lord Ganesha - Large Size

ZEJ30 : South Indian Goddess Mariamman - Large Size

ZDN89 : Namaste Lady

RN96 : Ardhanarishvara (Shiva-Shakti) Large Size

ZEI34 : Tibetan Buddhist Lord Buddha in Bhumisparsha Mudra Wearing a Robe Carved With Auspicious Symbols - Large Size

XK36 : Tibetan Buddhist Large Size Pair of Mythicised Lions

ZEI28 : Large Seated Hanuman in Abhaya-mudra

ZCM38 : Large Size Goddess Durga Seated On Lion

ZEE55 : Super Large Panchamukha Hanuman (The Mystery of Shri Hanuman with Five Heads)

ZDQ05 : Buddha In Bhumisparsha Mudra, Seated On The Mystical Throne Of Enlightenment

ZBR77 : Lady with a Mirror

ZCS03 : Lord Krishna

ZEG62 : Large Size Peacock Lamp

ZEG19 : Superfine Superlarge South Indian Tortoise Lamp

ZEE68 : Large Size Shiva Family (Shiva Parivar)

ZEE56 : Large Size Sheran Wali Mata Seated On Her Vahana

ZEE57 : Large Size Cosmic Krishna With Aureole Made of Peacocks

ZEE49 : Large Size Venugopala (Krishna with His Cow)

ZAZ55 : Large Size Ashtabhuja-dhari Durga on Her Mount Lion

ZCO29 : Traditional Yali Temple Pillars

ZCY24 : Seated Lord Ganesha with Kirtimukha (Large Size)

ZEG58 : Krishna with Rukmini and Satyabhama

ZCI69 : Large Size Radha and Krishna

XD53 : Large Size Chenrezig (Shadakshari Lokeshvara Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

EP70 : Goddess Saraswati Seated on Lotus (Large Size)

ZDT63 : Large Size Radha Krishna with Arch Showing Krishna Leela

ZBZ27 : Six Ganesha Panel

ZCL05 : Super Large Size Kamalasana Saraswati

ZED99 : The Throne Ganesha Panel

ZDO91 : Simhavahini Durga, Atop Her Leonine Vahan On A Mountaintop

ZBM88 : (Large Size) Mayurasan Vijay Ganapati

ZBN21 : Large Size Medicine Buddha (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

ZDV97 : Large Size Green Tara (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

ZED66 : Ganesha, The Pot-bellied Deity That Dances

ZCI77 : Super Large Size Lord Ganesha

ZEC34 : Superbly Decorated Elephant with Upraised Trunk - Large Size

ZDA69 : Large Size Lord Krishna Playing on Flute

ZDX15 : Super Large Size Kamalasana Goddess Lakshmi

ZED79 : Large Size Deepalakshmi

ZED37 : The Cosmic Shiva, The Nataraja in Ananda-Tandava (Large Size)

ZBX41 : Detailed Ganesha Panel

ZDS43 : Shiva, As Pashupatinath

ZDP76 : Shri Krishna Triumphs Over Kaliya

ZCN63 : Haloed Chaturbhuja Vishnu, Of Lifelike Proportions

ZAQ91 : Large Size Goddess Mariamman

ZBX63 : Dancing Lord Ganesha Panel with Five Manifestations of Ganesha

XD96 : Large Size Ashta-Bhuja-Dhari Durga

ZDX07 : Large Size Goddess Saraswati Seated on Swan

RI31 : Large Size Goddess Saraswati Playing on Vina

ZAD22 : Large Size Chaturbhuja Vishnu

ZAQ74 : The Power Of Shivatandava

ZEC41 : Triple Ganesha Panel

ZEC35 : Large Size Superbly Decorated Elephant

XL60 : Large Size The Lotus-Seated Goddess Lakshmi

ZDA68 : Lord Shiva as Pashupatinath (Large Size)

ZCR99 : Pair of Large Size Yali Brackets

ZBA98 : Large Size Ganesha with Turban and Trident Mark on Forehead

ZDA56 : Large Size Hindu Temple

ZCL06 : Large Size Lord Hanuman

ZCW79 : Large Size Mayur Lamp

ZAQ48 : Large Size The Musician Apsara (अप्सरा)

ZEC59 : Large Size Kubera (God of Wealth) - Tibetan Buddhist

ZDQ22 : Goddess Lakshmi, Of The Resplendent Skin

ZAD24 : Large Size Four-Armed Standing Lakshmi

ZEC33 : Very Large Size Kuan Yin, The Japanese Form Of Padmapani Avalokiteshvara

ZDZ95 : Nepalese Wrathful Deity Very Large Size Mask (Wall Hanging)

ZDL82 : The Most Successful Representation of Bhagawan Shiva’s Power

ZDN23 : Large Size Nataraja

ZDL63 : An Example of Rare Skill…. (Large Size)

ZDL76 : Stable Like the Universe with Its Gyrating Galaxies....

ZDP06 : Let Nataraja Stun You

ZDQ01 : The Majestic Green Tara

RT84 : Large Size Krishna Playing on Flute

ZL15 : Large Size Lord Vishnu

ET66 : Large Size Dwara-Devi (The Celestial Doorkeeper Flanking Temple Doors)

ZC98 : Large Size Yakshi, The Celestial Dancer

ZDX33 : Super Large Wrathful Garuda Wall Hanging Mask (Made in Nepal) - Tibetan Buddhist

ZDN95 : Bhagawan Vishnu, The Supreme Lord

ZDQ23 : Vishnuji, His Stately Beauty

ZDX09 : Large Size Deepalakshmi

ZDX08 : Super Large Size Nandi - The Gana of Lord Shiva

ZDT93 : Large Size Seated Goddess Lakshmi

ZDT98 : Large Size Goddess Lakshmi Granting Abhaya

ZDT92 : Large Size Deepalakshmi

ZDN02 : Nataraja Conforming to Textual Prescriptions

ZDO94 : Sthanaka Vishnu

ZDO04 : Large Size Nataraja

ZDN84 : Large Size Ganesha - The Son of Nataraja

ZBU66 : Large Size Deeplakshmi

ZDT29 : Fluting krishna Wearing a Crown with a Peacock Feather

ZDT30 : Large Size Goddess Lakshmi Lamp

ZDO92 : Large Size Murli Krishna with a Cow on a Carved Pedestal

ZAP15 : Large Size Nayika Dressing Herself (A Sculpture Inspired by Khajuraho)

ZDS49 : Buddha, His Hand In Bhumisparsha Mudra, The Lotus Throne Spreading Out Beneath Him

ZDN94 : Large Size Ganesha, The Blissful God of Auspices

ZDN92 : Large Size Nataraja in Golden and Green Hues

ZDS37 : Large Size Four-Armed Blessing Lakshmi

ZAI38 : Brahma, One of the Trimurti – The Three-Aspected Supreme (Large Size)

ZDR13 : Large Size Goddess Saraswati Seated on Swan

ZDP73 : Tribhang Murari With His Companion, The Cow

ZAQ22 : Five-Wick Large Peacock Lamp with Stand

ZDO90 : The Introspecting Shakyamuni

ZDS26 : Standing Ganesha, Clad In A Short Dhoti

ZDS25 : Standing Ganesha, Stately And Resplendent

ZDS27 : The Invincible Yuddha-Ganapati

ZDS32 : Yuddha-Ganpati

ZDS22 : Mirthful Radha-Krishna

ZDR23 : Large Size Goddess Lakshmi

ZDL71 : Large Size Ardhanarishvara (Shiva Shakti)

ZDM76 : Standing Uma

ZDN71 : Buddha Steeped In Meditation Upon A Blooming Lotus

ZDQ74 : The Welcoming Deepalakshmi

ZDQ69 : Large Size Four-Armed Avalokiteshvara (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

ZDQ04 : Large Size Manjushri - Bodhisattva of Transcendent Wisdom (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

ZDM28 : Large Size Mayura Lamp

ZDP93 : Nataraja, The Ferocity Of His Tandava

ZDP84 : Stream Of Emotions Flowing Under The Kadamba Tree

ZDP82 : Large Size Tibetan Buddhist Goddess White Tara

ZDP79 : Venugopal (Flute-toting Gopal) With The Majestic Crown

ZDP41 : Large Size Crown Buddha

ZDP32 : Large Size Crowned Buddha

ZDM60 : Large Size Manjushri - Bodhisattva of Transcendent Wisdom (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

ZDO02 : Large Size Mayur Lamp

ZDL38 : Large Size Nataraja - King of Dancers

ZAA97 : Large Size Ekadanta Lambodara

ZCV67 : Large Size Parrot Lamp with Bell

ZDN35 : Large Size Gautam Buddha Preaching His Dharma

ZDM66 : Large Size - Nataraja in OM

ZDN17 : Large Size Tibetan Buddhist Medicine Buddha

ZDN13 : Tibetan Buddhist God Large Size Buddha Who Grants Succor From Both Spiritual and Physical Sickness

RE66 : Dashabhuja Kali, As Invincible As She Gets

XF50 : Large Size Goddess Lakshmi

ZAZ68 : Large Size Mother Goddess Durga Seated on Lion

ZDN06 : Large Size Nataraja

ZDN07 : Large Size Nataraja

XK90 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity Chenrezig (Shadakshari Lokeshvara)

ZDN05 : Large Nataraja

ZDM59 : Large Size Deepalakshmi

ZCL64 : Large Size Standing Goddess Saraswati

ZJ73 : Large Size Tibetan Buddhist Deity Chenrezig

EI37 : Large Size Vina-Vadini Saraswati

ZAT96 : Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi (Large Statues)

ZDL92 : Super Large Size Nataraja (Suitable For Outdoors)

ZDM31 : Goddess Kali, The Universal Dominance Of Shakti

ZDL79 : Nataraja - Large Size

ZDL55 : Large Size Goddess Kali

ZDL68 : Large Size Goddess Lakshmi

ZBU92 : Large Size Standing Buddha Granting Abhaya

ZDL37 : Large Size Nataraja Dancing on Apasmara

ZDK69 : Radha Krishna

ZDK32 : Ganesha Relaxing on Peacock Recliner (Large Size)

ZDJ96 : Large Size Trishul with Devi Face and Tamil OM (AUM)

ZDI77 : Large Size Deepalakshmi

ZDI79 : Blessing Lord Shiva Seated on a Mountain

ZAA57 : Large Size Lord Ganesha in Ekadanta Manifestation

ZDI73 : Lakshmi Ji with the Haloed Crown

ZCZ53 : Large Size Buddha in Preaching Mudra - Tibetan Buddhist

ZCL65 : Large Size Fluting Krishna with Pairs of Deepalakshmi and Mayur Lamp

ZDG95 : Chaturbhuja Standing Ganesha (Large Size)

ZG46 : Large Size Standing Gautam Buddha

ZAI37 : Large Size Four-Armed Ganapati

ZAR41 : Super Large Size Homa Spoon Set for Vedic Sacrifices

ZY44 : The Ethereal Sarasvati Cradles her Veena

ZDE76 : The Four Harmonious Friends Wall-hanging (Made In Nepal) (mthun-po spun-bzhi, Skt. Catvari anukulabhratr)

ZBE88 : Large Size Goddess Mariamman

ZCF61 : Krishna's Gopi

EL03 : Large Size Nirvana Buddha Under the Tree of Life

XI51 : Large Size Nataraja in Tanjavur Idiom

ZL12 : Large Size Tibetan Buddhist Goddess White Tara

ZDA72 : Large Size Butter Lamp from South India (Vlakku)

ZCZ61 : Large Size Deepalakshmi

ZCY54 : Lord Ganesha in Dhyana

ZCY53 : Reclining Ganesha

XI56 : Large OM (AUM) Wall Hanging

ZCY20 : Lord Krishna with Cow (Large Size)

ZCW56 : Super Large Fine Buddha Head

ZCX63 : Large Size Bird Cage Cupboard

ZCY22 : Lady Drummer of Lord Indra's Court

ZCV96 : Ritual Lamp (Larg Size)

ZM92 : Large Size Standing Ganesha

EB23 : Ganesha Crowned with Kirtimukha (Large Size)

ZCV60 : Large Size Parinirvana Buddha

ZCV78 : Large Size Peacock Lamp

ZCY25 : Standing Large Size Goddess Lakshmi

ZCV53 : Large Size Superbly Decorated Temple

EI47 : Large Size Kamalasana – Lotus-Seated Saraswati

ZCS18 : Large Size Relaxing Ganesha

ZCD47 : Pair of Yali (Large Size)

ZCR96 : Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati Seated on Nandi (Large Size)

ZCR93 : Gorgeous Krishna Plays The Flute To His Cow

EI06 : Large Size Nataraja

EL11 : Large Size Temple

XA12 : Lord Shiva

ZAZ38 : Large Size Goddess Lakshmi

ZCO39 : Rocking Horse (Large Size)

ZB97 : Krishna Subdues Kaliya (Large Size)

EP71 : Super Large Size Dancing Ganesha

ZCN62 : Devi Gauri, The Himalayan Maha-Tapasvini

ZCN61 : Lord Ganesha Seated on Throne with Royal Umbrella (Large Size)

ZCN64 : Lord Shiva as Nataraja (Large Size)

ZM15 : Standing Ganesha

ZCL69 : Large Size Goddess Lakshmi

ZCL70 : Large Size Horse with Decorated Saddle

ZCL68 : Large Size Lord Buddha in Vitark Mudra -Tibetan Buddhist

ZBM87 : Large Size Ganesha in the Grove of Mango-Trees

ZCI64 : Large Size Temple Ganesha

ZCL08 : Goddess Lakshmi Standing on Lotus Pedestal (Large Size)

ZCP93 : Large Size Decorated Temple with Doors

ZDA54 : Large Size Temple with Doors

ZCI61 : A Classic Image of Lord Buddha - Tibetan Buddhist (Super Large Size)

ZCI67 : Large Size Goddess Lakshmi

ZCJ02 : Large Size Apsara with the Parrot

ZCI49 : Nandi - The Vehicle of Lord Shiva (Large Size)

ZCJ01 : Set of Three Welcome Ladies

RG37 : (Large Size) Shiva, The Nataraja in Ananda-Tandava

ZBY31 : Large Size Deeplakshmi Pair

ZBX50 : Gaja Lakshmi Panel

ZBX39 : Lord Ganesha Temple Panel

ZBU73 : Large Size Goddess Kali

ZAB31 : Lord Shiva as Nataraja (Large Statue)

ZBF23 : Large Size Chenrezig (Four Armed Avalokiteshvara Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

ZBU72 : Large Size Lord Vishnu with Shridevi and Bhudevi (Aureole Depicting His Ten Incarnations)

ZBU65 : Large Size Lalitasana Ganesha in Ashirvad Mudra

ZBS69 : Larg Size Wick Lamp from South India

ZAQ99 : Lord Ganesha Seated on Rat

ZBQ56 : Large Ganesha Urli

ZCO26 : The Kingdom of Gods

ZCO30 : Shri Krishna Lila Panel

ZCO28 : Heavenly Apsaras Panel

ZBN19 : Large Size Hanuman in Abhaya-mudra

EI93 : Yogini Plays The Veena

RL19 : In Exact Adherence to Goddess Lakshmi’s Classical Iconography (Large Size)

ZBN05 : Large Size Ashta-Bhuja-Dhari Durga

ZBM61 : (Large Size) Pair of Deeplakshmi

ZBI81 : Large Size Nataraja

EX14 : Large Size Hanuman Carrying Mount Dron

ZAW04 : Large Size Pair of Lions

ZAC36 : Large Size Deeplakshmi with Parrot on Shoulders

ZAO84 : Tibetan Buddhist Deity- Large Size Chenrezig (Shadakshari Lokeshvara)

ZAZ25 : Large Size Enthroned Lakshmi

ZAT76 : Decorative Cupboard With Romantic Figure Paintings

ZAT72 : Large Size Lakshmi Ji Ganesha Ji

XW63 : Large Size Mahayogi Shiva in Pranayama

ZAP22 : Large Size Lord Buddha in a Mango Grove

ZAI41 : Large Size Buddha in Abhaya and Vitark-Mudra

RT97 : Padmasana Buddha In Bhumisparsha Mudra, His Divine Countenance Impossible To Look Away From

EQ23 : Large Size Lord Ganapati with His Shakti

EP03 : Large Size Shiva The Archer

EX76 : (Tibetan Buddhist Deity) Large Size Padmasambhava - The Second Buddha

EZ59 : Large Size Lord Vishnu Bust