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CDs and DVDs on Music Therapy

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IZZ819 : Free Spirit (Audio CD)

IZZ464 : Nada Himalaya Music for Meditation and Healing (Audio CD)

IZZ581 : Music and Raga Therapy for Diabetes (DVD with Audio CD)

IZZ799 : Thai Spa Music for Massage, Meditation, De-Stress and Relaxation (Audio CD)

ICL059 : Healing Mantras for High Blood Pressure (Music Therapy Series) (Audio CD)

ICE088 : Moksha Music Therapy Through Words for Conquering Worldly Mental & Physical Pain
A Vocal from India (Audio CD)

ICV004 : Sanjeevani Mantras Powerful Mantras for Life & Vital Existence (Auido CD)

ICP092 : Buri Nazar Se Rakshan - Drishta Dosh Nivaran Mantra (Audio CD)

ICR267 : Om (Revitalize Your Life With The Exhilarating Resonance of Om) (Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)

ICR033 : Samruddhi (The Healing Sounds of Shri Mahalakshmi) (Audio CD)

ICO018 : Shraddha Divine Tunes to Invoke Inner Peace (Audio CD)

IZZ520 : Vedic Mantras for Relaxation and Sound Sleep “Sacred Sanskrit Recital”

IZZ962 : Spa Lounge Music for Meditation, Message, De-Stress and Relaxation (Audio CD)

ICH021 : Amruthavarsha the Shower of Vedic Elixir Vol - 8 Shreyas Shlokas for Relaxation - Courage - Well Being
Audio Book Sanskrit Script English Transliteration English Meaning Read, understand, Listen & Rejoice (Audio CD)

ICR563 : Planet Meditation (Relaxed Hypnotic Rhythms For Peace And Harmony) (Audio CD)

ICP061 : Arogyam Anandanam - Mantras for Health & Wellbeing from the Durga Shaptashati ( Audio CD)

IDB099 : Healing Mantras for DigestionMantra Music Therapy Series (Daily Listening For Prevention & Healing) (Audio CD)

IZZ797 : Homeopathy(DVD)

IZZ802 : My Pilgrimage (Audio CD)

IZZ701 : Absolute Calm Ragas for Relaxation (Audio CD)

ICY037 : Music To Awaken Superconsciousness Experience Inner Peace, Intuitive Guidance and Higher Awareness (Audio CD)

IDB055 : Chakra Healing (Throat Chakra) (Audio CD)

ICY040 : Music Therapy Tension, Music For Brain (Audio CD)

ICF025 : Om Music For True Meditation (Mental & Eternal Peace + God) (A Music Therapy) (Audio CD)

IZZ509 : Chakra Healing (Set of 3 Audio CDs)

IZZ470 : Inner Self Music for Meditation and Healing (Audio CD)

IZZ456 : Live in Coventry Music for Meditation and Healing (Audio CD)

IZZ580 : Music and Raga Therapy for Pregnancy (DVD with Audio CD)

ICQ002 : Music for Chakra Meditation (Audio CD)

ICZ080 : Sounds of Nature Music For Relaxation Spa, Yoga, Meditation and Reiki (Audio CD)

ICL058 : Chakra Healing The Second Chakra (Swadishthana Chakra) (Audio CD)

ICM007 : Ayurveda (Music For Ayurveda and Relaxation. Ideal for Professional Therapists or Beginners.) (Including Fulcolor Booklet) (Audio CD)

ICZ005 : Shanti Music For Relief From Stress, Anxiety depression (Audio CD)

ICR612 : Relaxation and Emotions The Relaxation Series (Audio CD)

IZZ106 : Smart Music 5 (Music for Self Confidence You Know You Can) (Audio CD)

ICO090 : Healing Nature Revel in the Lap of Mother Nature By Llewellyn (Audio CD)

ICR438 : Om -The Realm of Calm (Audio CD)

ICP003 : Tapping the Elements Harmonise Your Mind, Body & Spirit (Audio CD)

IDC003 : Chakra Healing Heart Chakra (The Anahata Chakra (Audio CD)

IDB073 : Healing Mantras for Critical Illnesses (Audio CD)

ICR031 : Tranquillity A Musical Harmony - Music for Peace and Relaxation (Audio CD)

ICO020 : Nidra (Sleep) for Children (Audio CD)

IDC049 : Powerful Chants for Your Work Place (Audio CD)

ICR222 : Sound of Harmony – For Mind, Body and Soul (Audio CD)

IDC038 : Music Therapy for Diabetes (Audio CD)

IDC002 : Harp Relaxation (Audio CD)

IDB054 : Chakra Healing Instrumental (Audio CD)

ICI078 : Chakra Healing…The Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra) (Audio CD)

ICX073 : Healing Ragas (Audio CD)

IDB011 : What is Reiki An excellent Starting Place (DVD With Booklet)

ICZ036 : Relaxation Music for Babies (Audio CD)

IDA004 : Lullabies (Audio CD)

IDA023 : Soothing Sounds For Mother & Child (Audio CD)

ICZ015 : Aerobics & Exercise An Essential and True Music for Aerobics with 'OM' Recitation (Audio CD)

ICZ006 : Jaan Music For Relief from Heart Ailments (Audio CD)

ICR479 : Reiki (Audio CD) Ideal for Professional Therapists or Beginners

ICR036 : Relaxation Anti Stress (The Relaxation Series) (Audio CD)

ICV095 : The Spirit of Feng Shui (Audio CD)

ICT290 : Dream Theory (Music for Insomnia) (Audio CD)

ICT247 : Shaant Spa Music for Reiki (Audio CD with Booklet Inside)

ICT246 : Shaant Spa Music for Restful Sleep Includes Notes on Dreams (Audio CD with Booklet)

ICR183 : Music for Relaxation (Audio CD)

ICA085 : Nidra Music Therapy for Peaceful Sleep (Audio CD)

ICR462 : Guided Meditation For Sleep - An Integrated Approach to Improve Your Sleep (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)

ICO089 : Healing Waters - Experience the rejuvenating sounds of water By Llewellyn (Audio CD)

ICQ034 : Rigveda - Mantras For Health, Wealth & Prosperity Vol-II (Audio CD)

Author V. Raghavendra Sharma

ICQ043 : Rigveda Mantraas For Health, Wealth & Prosperity Vol - I (Audio CD)

ICQ091 : Massage Music Vol. II - Specially Composed Music for Massage and Aromatherapy (Audio CD)

ICP086 : Healing Meditations Vol-2 (Audio CD)

ICL048 : Aarogya Mantra A Mahamantra for Good Health & Well Being (Audio CD)

ICA086 : Nidra 2 Music Therapy for Deep Sleep (Audio CD)

ICI098 : Music To Reduce Pain & For Advance Healing (Audio CD)

ICJ014 : Meditation & Visualization…The Mind Body & Soul Series (A Visual and Musical Journey through nature for meditation, relaxation and healing) (Audio CD)

ICJ016 : Music For Relaxation…Veena (instrumental) (Audio CD)