Sterling Silver Beads, Sterling Silver Bead Chain & Bead Necklace - Listing of all sold items

Find intricate Sterling Silver Beads, Lapis and Turquoise Beads with Sterling Silver Caps, Chains, Necklaces and more at ExoticIndia.

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JPX64 : Sterling Pear Beads with Granulation and Wirework (Price Per Piece)

LBO44 : Gold Plated Pyrite Israel Cut Rondells

JHZ21 : French Wire for Earrings (Price Per 10 Pairs)

JXD62 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Piece)

JAF46 : Sterling Circular Drums (Price Per Three Pieces)

JAQ75 : Filigree Toggle Lock (Price Per Piece)

JAQ83 : Toggle Lock (Price Per Piece)

JKS87 : Inlay Turquoise Beads (Price Per Piece)

JDN83 : Lobster Lock with Jump Ring (Price Per Six Pieces)

JXD38 : Turquoise Beads with Om Mani Padme Hum (Price Per Piece)

JSS16 : Filigree Toggle Lock with Knotted Rope (Price Per Piece)

JNE91 : Open Jump Rings

JPB35 : S Clasp with Jump Rings (Price Per Four Pieces)

JLP04 : Sterling S Clasp

JST17 : Valentine Toggle Lock (Price Per Piece)

JSY54 : Sterling Fine Balls (Price Per Twelve Pieces)

JRQ26 : Sterling Matt Finished mm Sized Beads (Price Per Dozen)

JSY57 : Sterling mm Sized Fine Beads (Price Per Hundred Pieces)

JRF66 : Tulips (Price Per Piece)

GY76 : Filigree Beads

JTS13 : Lotus (Ashtamangala) Nepalese Superfine Handcarved Beads (Price Per Piece)

JKK79 : Sacred Buddhist Bead

JJV82 : Meenakari Beads Handcrafted in Nathdwara (Rajasthan)

JSQ51 : Cones with Filigree (Price Per Pair)

JXD65 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Pair)

JXD43 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Piece)

JXD49 : Amber Dust Beads (Price Per Piece)

JWV76 : Frosted Sterling Hoop (Price Per Piece)

JWO82 : Sterling Necklace Centre (Price Per Pair)

JRZ83 : Meenakari Valentine Bead (Price Per Pair)

JLB03 : Sterling Meenakari Beads (Price Per Seven Pieces)

JTS12 : Fish Pair (Ashtamangala) Nepalese Superfine Handcarved Beads (Price Per Piece)

JTX57 : Nepalese Superfine Handcarved Buddhist Goodluck Symbol Beads (Price Per Piece)

JTX60 : Superfine Handcarved Fish Pair (Ashtamangala) Nepalese Beads (Price Per Piece)

JTX39 : Superfine Handcarved Buddhist Beads (Price Per Piece) - Made in Nepal

JTX38 : Superfine Handcarved Buddhist Goodluck Symbols Tubes (Price Per Piece) - Made in Nepal

JTX37 : Superfine Handcarved Sterling Beads Engraved with Dragons and Buddhist Goodluck Symbols (Price Per Piece) - Made in Nepal

LM01 : Sterling Round Beads

JJF26 : Granulated Beads

JTK83 : Knotted Rope Toggle Lock (Price Per Pair)

JTK38 : Toggle Lock (Price Per Piece)

JSF78 : Four Holes Spacer Bar with Turquoise Inlay (Price Per Piece)

JJF29 : S Closure with Jump Rings

LI28 : Hari Om Beads

JTE33 : Gold Plated Filigree Toggle Lock (Price Per Piece)

JTE31 : Post with Butterfly (Price Per Four Pieces)

JTA10 : Elephant Toggle Lock (Price Per Piece)

JTA08 : Toggle Lock (Price Per Piece)

JQV79 : Enameled Square Beads (Price Per Pair)

JSF18 : Sterling Cubes (Price Per Four Pieces)

JST36 : Sterling Fine Balls (Price Per Twenty Two Pcs)

GY71 : 3 mm Spacer

UQ82 : 4 Hole 20 mm Triangles Ends with Gold Plated Star

NB94 : 6 mm Jump Rings

NH58 : Fine Oval Beads

LM16 : Floral Beads

UG43 : Gold Plated Round Bead with Knotted Rope Seam

GN17 : Lobster Lock

UY57 : Spotted Cylinders with Twisted Rope Periphery

UY62 : Sterling Caps

NB29 : Sterling Cosmic Balls

GY73 : Sterling Cubes

QI08 : Sterling Drum Beads with Carnelian

QI07 : Sterling Drum Beads with Coral

LE59 : Sterling Filigree Cylinders

JJF33 : Sterling Circular Disc Beads

JST25 : Toggle Lock (Price Per Piece)

JSF16 : Five Hole Spacer Bar with Turquoise Inlay (Price Per Piece)

JSF13 : Sterling Edge to Edge Drilled Cubes (Price Per Four Pieces)

JNE98 : ? Clasp with Jump Ring

JRS95 : Sterling Frosted Balls (Price Per Dozen)

JLB09 : Sterling Meenakari Beads (Price Per 9 Pieces)

JRS78 : Beans of Sterling Silver (Price Per Dozen)

QJ34 : Fish Lock with Jump Ring (Price Per Pair)

QJ33 : Fish Lock with Jump Ring (Price Per Piece)

JKU47 : S Clasp (Price Per 6 Pieces)

JRQ40 : Skull-Bones Toggle Lock (Price Per Piece)

JRQ21 : Sterling Fine Beads with Wide Holes (Price Per Piece)

JRQ41 : Sterling Hoop (Price Per Piece)

JRQ31 : Sterling mm Sized Beads (Price Per Two Dozen)

JRF65 : Sterling Incised Tulip Beads (Price Per Piece)

JRF07 : Sterling Vase Beads (Price Per Four Pieces)

JLL45 : Sterling S Clasp

JQV64 : Cone Caps (Price Per Piece)

JQV77 : Enameled Floral Square Beads (Price Per Pair)

JQV74 : Enameled Square Flower Beads (Price Per Pair)

JQV78 : Floral Square Beads of Meenakari (Price Per Pair)

JQV81 : Floral Square Beads of Meenakari (Price Per Pair)

JQV84 : Floral Square Beads of Meenakari (Price Per Pair)

JQV65 : Floral Tubes (Price Per Pair)

JQV76 : Meenakari Flower Beads (Price Per Pair)

JQV73 : Meenakari Square Beads (Price Per Pair)

JQV80 : Meenakari Square Beads (Price Per Pair)

JQV83 : Meenakari Square Beads (Price Per Pair)

JQV70 : Spacer Closure (Price Per Piece)

JQV61 : Sterling Hourglass Bead (Price Per Six Pieces)

JOE10 : Sterling Butterfly Bead (Price Per Piece)

JLL55 : Gold Plated 11 mm Spacer

JPF21 : Jump Rings (Price Per Two Dozen)

JDG39 : Lobster Lock with Open Jump Ring

JLL56 : Sterling Gold Plated 4 mm Spacer

JLL48 : Sterling Gold Plated Square Beads with Granulation

JPJ65 : Sterling Granulated Beads
(Price Per Four Pieces)

JLL47 : Sterling S Clasp with Spirals

JJF31 : Sterling Toggle Closure

JPZ97 : Amber Dust Ovals (Price Per Pair)

JLB11 : Sterling Meenakari Beads

JPX02 : Sterling Gold Plated Beads with Knotted Rope and Wirework (Price Per Piece)

JPW91 : Sterling Floral Beads with Knotted Rope (Price Per Pair)

JLB07 : Sterling Meenakari Beads
(Price Per Seven Beads)

JPV61 : Sterling Shell Necklace Centre

JDE31 : Closed Pendant Bales

JAK43 : Gold Plated 5 mm Spacer

JEQ45 : Gold Plated Square Beads

JIH38 : Knotted Rope Toggle Closure

LK48 : Meenakari Beads

JJV84 : Meenakari Beads Handcrafted in Nathdwara (Rajasthan)

JIH36 : Sterling Filigree Cylinders

JJF28 : Sterling Floral Beads

JHZ34 : Sterling Wire

JPM46 : Animal Motif (Jataka) Antiquated Sterling Bead (Price Per Piece)

JPQ60 : Sterling Beads with Knotted Rope (Price Per Pair)

JPP25 : Fine Caps with Granulation (Price Per Four Pieces)

JPO49 : Octagonal Beads (Price Per Twenty Pieces)

JLB16 : Sterling Meenakari Beads
(Price Per Seven Beads)

JOD59 : Sterling Shell
(Price Per Piece)

JOD58 : Large Snail Necklace Center

JOB84 : Designer Bead

JPE41 : Hourglass Bead (Price per Piece)

JPE47 : Sterling Designer Bead (Price per Pair)

JLB15 : Sterling Meenakari Beads

JPB26 : Sterling Tubes (Price Per 26 Pcs)

JPB21 : Discs (Price Per 36 Pcs)

JIA56 : Amethyst Closure

JNM34 : Coral Dust Beads

JMM37 : Butterfly Beads

JKU51 : Sterling Cone with Filigree

JLB06 : Sterling Meenakari Beads

JKU36 : Sterling Plain Caps

JMF45 : Sterling Wire

JJV81 : Meenakari Beads Handcrafted in Nathdwara (Rajasthan)

JLL38 : Sterling S Clasp with Jump Rings

GY77 : Cylinders

JHX85 : Faceted Garnet Closure

JLA97 : Sterling Meenakari Beads

JJH07 : Sterling Beads

JLL49 : Gold Plated Circular Beads

JAQ78 : Filigree Toggle Lock

JAQ80 : Toggle Lock

JGQ83 : Marcasite Beads

JEG77 : Peridot Closure

JKD78 : Meenakari Beads from Nathdwara

JEQ47 : 6 mm Gold Plated Jump Rings

JJL96 : Sterling Pin

JLB17 : Sterling Meenakari Beads

JLM92 : Sterling Cap Beads

JLN05 : Sterling Caps

JLN06 : Sterling Caps

JLN03 : Sterling Crown Beads

JLM95 : Sterling Knotted Rope Caps

JGQ29 : Sterling Marcasite Beads

JLL51 : Gold Plated Beads

JLL52 : Gold Plated Beads

JLL53 : Gold Plated Beads with Knotted Rope

JLL50 : Granulated Gold Plated Beads

JLL54 : Granulated Gold Plated Beads

JJV80 : Meenakari Beads Handcrafted in Nathdwara (Rajasthan)

JLL32 : Sterling 4 mm Spacer

JLL36 : Sterling 5 mm Spacer

JLL34 : Sterling 6 mm Spacer

JLL35 : Sterling 6 mm Spacer

JLL42 : Sterling S Clasp with Filigree & Jump Rings

JLL41 : Sterling S Clasp with Jump Rings

JLL44 : Sterling S Clasp with Jump Rings

JLL46 : Sterling S Clasp with Jump Rings

JLL43 : Sterling S Clasp with Knotted Rope & Jump Rings

JLL40 : Sterling S Clasps with Jump Rings

JJF32 : Sterling Toggle Closure

JLA99 : Sterling Meenakari Beads

JHD37 : 4 mm Spacer

JGQ77 : Marcasite Beads

JLJ59 : Sterling Beads

JLJ60 : Sterling Filigree Cylinders

JAF48 : Gold Plated Caps

JLA92 : Sterling Meenakari Beads

JLA95 : Sterling Meenakari Beads

JLA96 : Sterling Meenakari Beads

JLB10 : Sterling Meenakari Beads

JEQ48 : 11 mm Jump Rings

JEQ49 : 5 mm Gold Plated Round Beads

JIJ55 : Sterling Nuggets

JJV83 : Meenakari Beads Handcrafted in Nathdwara (Rajasthan)

JAU66 : Earring Hooks

JJU25 : Sterling Length Chain

JJF27 : Sterling Beads

JIR55 : Lapis Lazuli Beads with Sterling Caps

JIH35 : Sterling 4 mm Spacer

JJF24 : Sterling Filigree Cylinders

LM25 : Wired Circles

LL82 : Oxidised Gold Plated Round Beads

JIH33 : Sterling Beads

JIH34 : Sterling Circular Beads

JIX25 : Spiral Charms

JHX34 : Faceted Citrine Closure

JIQ77 : Sterling Spring Lock

JHZ30 : Sterling Caps with Granulation

LF67 : 5 Hole 25 mm Spacer Bars

JAD96 : Circular Gold Plated Granulated Beads

JIP82 : Lapis Lazuli Beads from Afghanistan

JDD34 : 6 mm Spacer

JHD38 : Circular Beads

JAF57 : Frosted Sterling Silver Balls

JGQ82 : Marcasite Beads with Pearl

JHZ31 : Cap Beads

JHZ32 : Filigiri Cap Beads

JHZ22 : French Wire for Earrings

JHZ23 : French Wire for Earrings

JHZ24 : Granulated Sterling Caps

JHZ33 : Granulated Sterling Caps

JHZ25 : Knotted Rope Sterling Cap Beads

JHZ27 : Sterling Caps

JHZ28 : Sterling Caps

JHZ29 : Sterling Caps with Granulation

JHZ26 : Sterling Spiral Caps

UY61 : Filigree Vase Beads

UY60 : Sterling Square Beads

JDL11 : Lobster Lock with Jump Ring

QI05 : Sterling Drum Beads with Lapis Lazuli

JGU64 : 5 mm Spacer

JHY10 : Faceted Garnet Closure

GY68 : Sterling Ball Beads

GY70 : Sterling Ball Beads

JCJ34 : Sterling Granulated Beads

JHX04 : Faceted Garnet Closure

JHW84 : Faceted Citrine Closure

JAQ82 : Betel Leaf Shaped Toggle Lock

NI25 : Designer Ball Beads

JAQ77 : Plain Toggle Lock

JHD39 : 6 mm Spacer

JGQ78 : Marcasite Beads

JGQ79 : Marcasite Beads

JGQ81 : Marcasite Beads

UY63 : Pyramidal Cap Beads

JGQ76 : Marcasite Beads

JGQ84 : Marcasite Beads

JGQ85 : Marcasite Beads

UY59 : Designer Beads with Filigree and Granulation

JAF47 : Gold Plated Beads

JEQ43 : Gold Plated 7 mm Star Spacers

JFG04 : Amber Dust Beads

LL73 : Gold Plated Ball Beads

QI09 : Sterling Drum Beads with Garnet

JEQ50 : 10 mm Jump Rings

JEQ44 : 12 mm Jump Rings

JEQ51 : 4 mm Gold Plated Spacers

JEQ52 : 4 mm Open Jump Rings

JEQ54 : 9 mm Jump Rings

JEQ42 : Connector Jump Rings

JEQ41 : Gold Plated Toggle Closure with Filigree

LM12 : Barrel Bead With Flat Dots

JEN36 : Rudraksha Beads

JEG83 : Faceted Garnet Closure

NI11 : Filigree Drum Beads

NB93 : 5 mm Jump Rings

NH59 : Large Sized Open Cones

NI13 : Nepalese Eye Beads with Sterling Silver Caps

NI10 : Sterling Filigree Beads

LL84 : Moonstone 4 Hole 35 mm Spacer Bars

JAQ76 : Heart Shaped Toggle Lock

JCS86 : Sterling Granulated Beads

LM03 : Sterling Filigree Caps

LE45 : Filigree Beads

JAK42 : Gold Plated 4 mm Spacer

NI12 : Sterling Ball Beads

QI06 : Sterling Drum Beads with Turquoise

NH57 : Filigree Beads

LM19 : Extra Large Hour Glass Beads

NI09 : Large Sized Circular Beads

LE55 : Sterling Floral Beads

LE50 : Sterling Round Beads

JCS78 : Sterling Ball Beads with Granulation

LL86 : Amethyst 4 Hole 35 mm Spacer Bars

NH60 : Sterling Open Cones

NI17 : Amber Dust Beads with Sterling Caps and Incisions

LM27 : Filigree Bead Caps

JCS80 : Sterling Star Beads

QJ36 : Lock

LL88 : Malachite 4 Hole 35 mm Spacer Bars

JDD33 : 4 mm Spacer

JDD32 : 5 mm Spacer

LL87 : Chalcedony 4 Hole 35 mm Spacer Bars

LL85 : Rose Quartz 4 Hole 35 mm Spacer Bars

JCS77 : Sterling Caps

JAQ79 : Toggle Lock

JCY15 : Wire with Cap

NB31 : Sterling Beads in the Mughal Tradition

NI20 : Amber Dust Beads with Sterling Caps and Incisions

JCS83 : Sterling Ball Beads

JCS82 : Sterling Round Beads

NB30 : Sterling Drum Beads with Moonstone

JCS81 : Fine Sterling Circular Cylinders with Granulation and Knotted Rope

JCS85 : Sterling Flattened Circles

JCS84 : Sterling Granulated Drums

JCJ33 : Sterling Ball Beads

JCJ37 : Sterling Drum Beads

JCJ35 : Streling Coiled Caps

LL83 : Amber Dust Beads

GY69 : Filigree Beads

UY66 : Sterling Circular Beads

UH83 : Sterling Granulated Beads

LM28 : Flat Cushion Bead Reminiscent of a Star

JAQ81 : Heart Shaped Toggle Lock

GY75 : Disks

GY72 : Filigree Caps

GY78 : Sterling Beads

UY64 : Sterling Star Beads

LU33 : Sterling Aztec Beads

NB14 : Far-Sized Sterling Beads

NB27 : Sterling Balls with Filigree

UH82 : Circular Beads

UH80 : Granulated Circular Beads

UH77 : Incised Toggle Closure

UH81 : Knotted Rope Caps

UH78 : Knotted Rope Filigree Toggle Closure

UH84 : Sterling Cylinders

UC25 : Sterling Hexagonal Caps

UA73 : Sterling Cone Caps

QX90 : Filigree Cone Caps

QW01 : Gold Plated Filigree Toggle Lock

QW02 : Gold Plated Round Beads

QQ41 : Amethyst Closure with Sapphire

QQ39 : Aquamarine Closure with Iolite

QQ38 : Citrine Closure with Ruby

QQ35 : Emerald Closure

QQ34 : Garnet Closure

QR79 : Gold Plated Filigree Toggle Locks

QQ33 : Peridot Closure

QQ36 : Ruby Closure

QQ40 : Sapphire Closure

QQ43 : Sterling Drum Beads with Labradorite

QQ37 : Turquoise Closure

QR80 : 5 mm Gold Plated Seven-Petalled Flower

QR62 : 6 mm Jump Rings

QR66 : Circular Beads

QR65 : Double Cones

QR81 : Gold Plated Beads with Granulation and Knotted Rope

QR84 : Gold Plated Circular Beads

QR83 : Gold Plated Filigree Hexagons

QR85 : Gold Plated Granulated Beads

QR60 : Granulated and Knotted Rope Beads

QR63 : Granulated Caps

QR64 : Granulated Tyres

QR82 : Granuletd Granulated Double Cones

QR61 : Hexagonal Filigree Beads

QP64 : Faceted Tourmaline Nugget Necklace

QJ30 : Designer Cone Caps

QJ39 : Lobster Lock with Jump Ring

QJ35 : Lock

QJ37 : Lock

QJ38 : Lock

QJ29 : Sterling Cone Caps with Filigree

QJ31 : Sterling Cone Caps with Filigree

QJ23 : Sterling Drum Beads

NI19 : Amber Dust Beads with Sterling Caps

NI18 : Carnelian Dust Beads with Sterling Silver Caps

NH98 : Floral Caps

NI01 : Hexagonal Drum Beads

NH99 : Sterling Caps

NH88 : Sterling Rhombus

NH97 : Sterling Round Beads

NI02 : Sterling Round Beads

JM49 : Coral Silver

NB91 : Cylinder Beads

NB15 : Filigree Ball Beads

NB77 : Filigree Ball Beads

NB79 : Filigree Ball Beads

NB88 : Flat and Round Spacers

NB90 : Granulated Mughal Balls

NB78 : Mughal Capsule Beads

NB63 : Polygonal Spacer

NB66 : Round Bead Caps

NB47 : Sterling Capped Amber Dust Beads

NB09 : Sterling Capped Om Mani Padme Hum Beads

NB21 : Sterling Capped Turquoise

NB62 : Sterling Chakras Spacers

NB26 : Sterling Cone Beads with Hemisphere Ends

NB12 : Sterling Cut Glass Beads

NB13 : Sterling Cut Glass Beads

NB49 : Sterling Cylinders

NB61 : Sterling Cylinders

NB64 : Sterling Cylinders

NB80 : Sterling Designer Hexagons

NB87 : Sterling Discs

NB92 : Sterling Donuts

NB32 : Sterling Granulated Balls

NB65 : Sterling Oval Beads

NB28 : Sterling Pipes

NB48 : Sterling Pumpkin Beads

NB51 : Sterling Saucers

NB89 : Sterling Silver Drums

NB25 : Studded Sterling Beads

NB50 : Wire

LM20 : The Hollow Beauty

LP40 : Gold Plated Sterling Filigree Cylinders

LM29 : 6 mm Spacer

LM17 : Filigree Caps

LM21 : Hearts

LL72 : Oxidised Gold Plated Water Melons

LM18 : 22 mm 5 hole Sterling Spacer Bars

LM26 : Floral Bead Caps

LM14 : Granulated Drum Beads

LM23 : Sterling Barrels

LM11 : Sterling Designer Caps

LM22 : Sterling Round Beads

LM15 : Tulip Bead

LM30 : Twisted Rope Jump Rings

LM08 : 5 mm Spacer

LL81 : Amber Dust Beads

LM09 : Floral Caps

LM06 : Flower in Blossom

LM05 : Granulated Ovals

LM04 : Granulated Sterling Beads

LL89 : Labradorite 4 Hole 35 mm Spacer Bars

LL74 : Lapis Lazuli Beads with Sterling Caps

LL75 : Lapis Lazuli Beads with Sterling Ends

LL99 : Sterling Cubes

LM02 : Sterling Filigree Beads

LM07 : Sterling Round Beads

LM10 : Sterling Round Beads

LL92 : Wire with Amethyst Head

LL93 : Wire with Black Onyx Head

LL96 : Wire with Carnelian Head

LL94 : Wire with Garnet Head

LL91 : Wire with Green Onyx Head

LL97 : Wire with lapis Lazuli Head

LL98 : Wire with Rose Quartz Head

LL95 : Wire with Turquoise Head

LK57 : Designer Cloves

LK56 : Matt finish Beads

LK55 : Seamless Oval Bead

LK54 : Seamless Round Bead

LK43 : Amber Dust Beads

LK44 : Amber Dust Beads

LK47 : Amber Dust Beads

LK42 : Amber Dust Diamonds

LK45 : Eye Beads

LK40 : Sterling Drum Beads

LK41 : Sterling Water Melons

LI27 : Far Sized Filigree Beads

LI33 : Gold Plated Filigree Cylinders

LI36 : Gold Plated Round Beads

LI41 : Gold Plated 4 mm Spacer

LI34 : Gold Plated Ball Beads

LI42 : Gold Plated Barrel Beads

LI31 : Gold Plated Cloves

LI30 : Gold Plated Disks

LI32 : Gold Plated Drum Beads

LI37 : Gold Plated Filigree Beads

LI40 : Gold Plated Rounded Beads

LI46 : Gold Plated Rounded Beads

LI39 : Gold Plated Rounded Beads

LI45 : Gold Plated Rounded Beads

LI43 : Gold Plated Seamless Oval Bead

LI38 : Gold Plated Seamless Round Bead

LI35 : Gold Plated Sterling Beads

LI29 : Sterling Conical Beads

LF70 : Filigree Caps

LF71 : Floral Caps

LF75 : Seamless Round Bead

LE54 : 3 mm Spacer with Vibrator Polish

LE72 : 4 mm Spacer

LE61 : 5 mm Bead Caps

LE71 : 5 mm Bead Caps

LE73 : 5 mm Granulated Ball

LE62 : 5 mm Square Spacer

LE69 : 7 mm Hexagonal Spacer

LE68 : 7 mm Wide-Holed Spacer

LE70 : 8 mm Star Spacer

LE67 : 9 mm Spacer

LE52 : Bead Caps

LE63 : Cone Caps

LE51 : Disks

LE64 : Question Mark Clasps

LE74 : Smooth Toggle Clasp

LE48 : Sterling Ball Beads

LE53 : Sterling Balls

LE47 : Sterling Round Beads

LE60 : Sterling Rounded Beads

LE65 : Toggle Clasp

LE66 : Toggle Clasp

LE44 : Two Flowers Join to Make a Ball

LE43 : Sterling Tumble Beads

LE57 : Toggle Clasp

LB90 : 5 mm Spacer

LB93 : Wire

LB94 : Filigree Beads

LB91 : S Clasps

LB95 : Seamless Round Bead

GY67 : Beans

GY65 : S Clasps

GY74 : Saucers

GY64 : Sterling Ball Beads

GY66 : Twist Toggle Clasp

GN16 : Necklace Lock

JM42 : Assorted Pairs of Inlaid Silver Beads

JM43 : Assorted Pairs of Inlaid Silver Beads

JM44 : Assorted Pairs of Inlaid Silver Beads

JM50 : Pair of Carnelian Dust Silver Beads

JM47 : Sterling Silver

JM48 : Sterling Silver