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JVW17 : Ruby Corundum Rondells

JDD48 : Faceted Emerald Drops

LBF34 : Navaratna Gemstone Set (Undrilled)

LAV42 : Faceted Blue Sapphire Necklace

JMM28 : Faceted Ruby Briolette

JQO55 : Fine Ruby Rondells

JPQ20 : Emerald Chips

JNF25 : Ruby Chips

JYZ37 : Faceted Ruby Briolette

JYU08 : Multi-Sapphire Plain Rondells

JYH79 : Faceted Multi-Sapphire Nine-Strand Necklace with Ruby

JYC43 : Yellow Sapphire Israel Cut Rondells

JXV81 : Multi-color Faceted Emerald Rondells

JXV75 : Plain Ruby Drops

JVU08 : Faceted Ruby Rondells

JRE55 : Faceted Ruby Ovals

JWT16 : Three Strand Faceted Ruby Necklace

JWG19 : Faceted Emerald Briolette

JWG29 : Faceted Songya Sapphire Rondells

JWG47 : Faceted Rondells (Emerald Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire and Ruby)

JWN69 : Faceted Multi-sapphire Rondells

JWG46 : Emerald Faceted Rondells

JWG72 : Faceted Emerald Three Strands Necklace

JWF17 : Faceted Blue Sapphire Rondells

JWE78 : Faceted Emerald Rondells

JVU77 : Faceted Ruby Coins

JVN44 : Faceted Neelam (Blue Sapphire) Drops

JVN15 : Ruby Plain Rondells

JVG83 : Faceted Emerald Rondells

JQQ92 : Faceted Emerald Tumbles

QN32 : Tanzanite Plain Rondells

JUW91 : Faceted Ruby Briolette

JUW93 : Faceted Ruby Drops

JUW94 : Faceted Ruby Drops

JUW92 : Ruby Israel Cut Rondells

JRC04 : Faceted Emerald Tumbles

JUC57 : Faceted Emerald Tumbles

JRE54 : Plain Ruby Rondells

JUC59 : Faceted Blue Sapphire Rondells

JUC65 : Faceted Blue Sapphire Rondells

JUC60 : Faceted Emerald Fine Rondells

JUC66 : Faceted Emerald Rondells

JUC61 : Faceted Multi Color Ruby Rondells

JUC58 : Faceted Multi Color Sapphire Rondells

JUC67 : Faceted Ruby Rondells

UB76 : Chunky Ruby Nuggets

JQJ73 : Faceted Emerald Rondells

JTY28 : Fine Ruby Faceted Rondells

JHU21 : Faceted Yellow Sapphire Cushions

JPZ37 : Ruby Plain Drops

JPU24 : Tundu Sapphire Israel Cut Rondells

JMM14 : Faceted Multi Colour Sapphire Rondells

JOD77 : Faceted Ruby Drop
(Price Per Piece)

JRH05 : Ruby Straight Drilled Plain Drops

JRE57 : Faceted Blue Sapphire Rondells

JRE53 : Faceted Ruby Straight Drilled Drops

JRE51 : Ruby Plain Rondells

JLL83 : Ruby Plain Drops

JOD60 : Twisted Ruby (Price Per Piece)

JQJ74 : Emerald Faceted Rondells

JQJ75 : Emerald Plain Rondells

JQJ72 : Faceted Ruby Rondells

JQH19 : Faceted Ruby Drops

JLO31 : Emerald Faceted Briolette

JQC20 : Black Diamond Beads

JDZ61 : Emerald Faceted Drops

JLO30 : Emerald Faceted Briolette

JEG86 : Ruby Side-Drilled Plain Drops

JOD93 : Faceted Large Ruby Drop
(Price Per Piece)

JPH12 : Fine Cut Ruby Briolette
(Price Per Piece)

JPH13 : Fine Cut Ruby Briolette
(Price Per Piece)

JPG39 : Plain Ruby Cones

JLM37 : Ruby Plain Briolette

JKV13 : Faceted Ruby Briolette

JOD76 : Faceted Ruby Briolette (Price per Piece)

JOD92 : Faceted Ruby Drop (Price per Piece)

JPE92 : Faceted Emerald Buttons

JPE84 : Faceted Sapphire Rondells

JPE90 : Ruby Faceted Rondells

JMQ07 : Faceted Ruby Rondells

JMP93 : Twisted Ruby

JNF20 : Emerald Plain Buttons

JNF22 : Ruby Plain Buttons

JHW29 : Emerald Rondells

JMM13 : Multi-Sapphire Faceted Rondells

JKV72 : Faceted Multi Sapphire Briolette

JKV73 : Ruby Paan

JKV32 : Faceted Blue Sapphire Rondells

JKV10 : Large Ruby Faceted Briolette

JKV30 : Multi Sapphire Briolette

JKV33 : Ruby Plain Ovals

JKU35 : Faceted Multi-Blue Sapphire Rondells

JKU34 : Faceted Multi-Color Sapphire Briolette

JKV34 : Ruby Plain Ovals

JKC98 : Multi Sapphire Faceted Briolette

JLL96 : Multi Sapphire Faceted Chewing Gum

JIH71 : Emerald Faceted Briolette

JCU27 : Inferior Emerald Faceted Briolette

JKC59 : Faceted Ruby Drops

JLL82 : Ruby Plain Drops

JKC91 : Faceted Sapphire Drops

JFU20 : Ruby Faceted Briolette

UA52 : Ruby Chips

JJV17 : Faceted Ruby Sapphire Twists

JFB54 : Emerald Faceted Tumbles

JJG25 : Multi Sapphire Faceted Briolette

JDZ08 : Ruby Plain Drops

JIY61 : Multi Sapphire Pentagrams

JIV77 : Faceted Ruby Briolette

JCY76 : Plain Sapphire Tumbles

JAV35 : Plain Emerald Rondells

JHM24 : Lot of Five Ruby Undrilled Cabochons

JEY54 : Ruby Paan

JEO94 : Faceted Sapphire Briolette

JEB12 : Plain Ruby Drops

JEO65 : Faceted Sapphire Rhombuses

JHM36 : Lot of Five Emerald Undrilled Cabochons

JHM23 : Lot of Five Star Ruby Undrilled Cabochons

JEO54 : Faceted Sapphire Briolette

JEV60 : Plain Sapphire Briolette

JDI77 : Faceted Emerald Briolette

JAV68 : Lot of Five Ruby Cabochons

JEQ77 : Lot of Five Emerald Undrilled Cabochons

UB79 : Plain Ruby Briolette

JDX89 : Ruby Plain Nuggets

JCR10 : Plain Emerald Tumbles

LN32 : Emerald Chips

JAV48 : Lot of Five Emerald Cabochons

JCQ85 : Plain Emerald Tumbles

JCM63 : Emerald Plain Tumbles

JAV60 : Lot of Five Sapphire Cabochons

JCJ24 : Superfine Ruby Hued Chalcedony Briolette

JCE49 : Lot of Five Emerald Cabochons (Both Side & Top Drilled)

JCB42 : Lot of Five Emerald Cabochons (Both Side and Top Drilled)

JCB12 : Lot of 5 Top-Drilled Emerald Cabochons

JBU84 : Lot of Five Side-Drilled Ruby Zoisite Cabochons

JBU63 : Lot of 10 Emerald Cabochons (Both Top & Side Drilled)

JBU70 : Lot of 5 Top-Drilled Emerald Oval Cabochons

JBP63 : Lot of 10 Ruby Cabochons (Both Top & Side Drilled)

JBP29 : Lot of 10 Emerald Cabochons (Both Side & Top Drilled)

JBP31 : Lot of 10 Emerald Cabochons (Both Side & Top Drilled)

JBP40 : Lot of 5 Ruby Cabochons

JBM58 : Lot of 10 Ruby Undrilled Cabochons

JBG14 : Faceted Emerald Tumbles

JBF91 : Lot of 5 Ruby Drilled Cabochons

JBG08 : Lot of 5 Ruby Top Drilled Cabochons

JAV19 : Faceted Emerald Tumbles.

JAV58 : Lot of Five Star Ruby Cabochons

JAV43 : Lot of Five Star Sapphire Cabochons

JAQ61 : Lot of 5 Ruby Cabochons

UV71 : Chunky Ruby Nuggets

UV93 : Emerald Briolette

UW02 : Faceted Ruby Briolette

UI04 : Emerald Chips

UH90 : Faceted Water Sapphire Briolettes

UB78 : Emerald Drops

UB82 : Ruby Briolette

UB97 : Ruby Hexagons

QQ38 : Citrine Closure with Ruby

QQ90 : Emerald Nuggets

QR42 : Emerald Chips

LR30 : Ruby Tumbles

LU46 : Ruby Briolette

LR44 : Emerald Tumbles

GX75 : Emerald Mani

GV74 : Ruby Tumbles