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Find 22 & 18 Karat Indian Gold Jewelry such as Gold Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Pendants, Nose Rings & more at ExoticIndia – the online Indian Jewelry Store.

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JLA61 : Floral Stud Earrings (Karnaphul)

LCF10 : CZ Floral Nose Ring

LCF20 : CZ Floral Nose Ring

LCF14 : CZ Nose Ring

LCF16 : CZ Paisely Nose Ring

LCF08 : CZ Square Nose Ring

LCF13 : CZ Suare Nose Stud

LCF12 : Floral Nose Ring

LCF22 : Floral Nose Ring

LCF09 : Flower Nose Pin

LCE48 : Chakra Nose Ring

LCE50 : Classic Gold-and-Gemstones Nose-ring

LCE49 : Floral Nose Pin

LCE54 : Flower Nose Ring

LCE46 : Multi-Grains Nose Pin

LCE52 : Tricolour Gemstone Nose-stud

LBZ64 : Shirdi Sai Baba Pendant

LBZ62 : Shiva Linga OM (AUM) Pendant

LBZ58 : Om (AUM) Pendant

LBH97 : Cubic Zirconia Nose Pin

LBI01 : CZ Bulb Nose Stud

LBH92 : CZ Flower Nose Ring

LBU92 : Enamelled Flower Nose Stud

LBU93 : Flower Nose Pin

LBU82 : Flower Nose Ring

LBG81 : Flower Nose Ring

LBG75 : Handcrafted Nose Ring

LBG82 : Nose Pin with Meenakari

LBH94 : Nose Stud

LBG04 : Pink CZ Nose Stud

LBH98 : Triple CZ Nose Stud

LBH96 : White CZ Nose Stud

LBH99 : CZ Nose Pin

LBG76 : Meenakari Flower Nose Stud

JWK31 : Gold Explosion Nose Ring

LBN29 : Hari-OM (AUM) Pendant

LBX38 : Floral Tops

LBX39 : Hoop Earrings with Emerald and Ruby

LBG73 : CZ Flower Nose Pin with Pearl

LBG02 : CZ Nose Stud Pin

LBG70 : Enamelled Nose Ring

LBG85 : Flower Nose Ring with Meenakari

LBG72 : Meenakari Nose Ring with CZ

LBW81 : Flower Tops

LBW84 : Om (AUM) Ganesha Pendant

LBW83 : Om (AUM) Pendant

LBW80 : Shri Ganesha Pendant

LBG01 : Bridal Nose Stud with Pearl

LBG74 : Enamelled Nose Pin

LBG80 : Enamelled Nose Stud

LBG09 : Enamelled Nose Stud with Triple Heart

JXT07 : Four-grains Nose Stud

LBG84 : Handcrafted Nose Pin

LBG08 : Meenakari Nose Pin

LBG78 : Swirling Nose Ring

LBG07 : Triple Grains Nose Stud

LBG06 : Enamelled Nose Ring

LBV23 : Hoop Earrings

LBV20 : Hoop Earrings with Dangles

LBV19 : Floral Dangle Earrings

LBV15 : Handcrafted Dangle Earrings

LBV17 : Meenakari Nose Pin

LBU94 : Floral Nose Stud

LBU91 : Handcrafted Nose Pin with Grains

LBT82 : Faceted Amethyst Drop Earrings

LBT86 : Faceted Garnet Chandelier Earrings

LBT84 : Hoop Earrings with Enamelled Heart

LBT81 : Lord Ganesha Playing Drum (Handcrafted Pendant)

LBT71 : Om (AUM) Rhombus Pendant

LBN31 : Shaivite Trident-Aum-Rudraksha Pendant With Silvery Gems

JLX28 : Faceted Blue Topaz Earrings

JLX31 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JHX80 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Designer Pendant with Matching Earrings Set

JIV17 : Pink Tourmaline Designer Pendant

JHX68 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Gold Ring with Diamonds

JPR02 : Diamond White Gold Finger Ring

JPR14 : Handcrafted Earrings with Fine Cut Pink Tourmaline

LBT75 : Om (AUM) Circle Pendant

LBT74 : Om (AUM) Pendant

LBH28 : Pendant of the Mother Goddess

LBN32 : OM (AUM) Pendant

LBN30 : OM (AUM) Shiva Linga Pendant

LBN33 : Shri Charan of Bhagawan Krishna

LBL13 : Butterfly Nose Pin

LBL11 : Flower Nose Stud

LBL10 : Nose Pin with Flower Buds

LBL12 : Peacock Nose Ring

LBL08 : Peacock Nose Stud

JHR67 : Lord Tirupati

LBI75 : OM (AUM) Pendant with CZ

LBI76 : Shiva Linga Pendant with Serpent

LBN37 : Shri Ganesha Pendant

LBN36 : Om (AUM) Pendant

LBI43 : OM (AUM) CZ Pendant

LBI45 : Trident OM (AUM) Shiva Linga Pendant

LBI06 : CZ OM (AUM) Small Pendant

LBI03 : Lord Venkateshvara Pendant

LBI04 : OM (AUM) Pendant with Krishna's Flute and Peacock Feather

LBI05 : Rudraksha OM (AUM) Pendant

LBH87 : OM (AUM) CZ Ring

LBH88 : OM (AUM) Ring with Cubic Zirconia

LBH86 : Rudraksha Pendant with OM, Trident and Shiva's Damaru

LBH32 : Shri Rama Pendant

LBH34 : Bhagwan Jagannath Pendant

LBH36 : Lord Ganesha Pearl Pendant

LBH31 : Lotus Feet of Lord Vishnu Pendant

LBT72 : Om (AUM) Pendant

LBH91 : Cubic Ziconia Nose Pin

LBH95 : Cubic Ziconia Nose Pin

LBH89 : CZ Nose Pin

LBH90 : CZ Nose Stud

LBH93 : Cubic Ziconia Nose Pin

LBT36 : Om (AUM) Pendant

JPI69 : Three Ruby Pendant with Forty-Five Diamonds in White Gold

LBI59 : Goddess Durga Pendant

LBI58 : OM Surya Pendant

LBI60 : Shri Ganesha Pendant

LBH39 : EK OM Pendant

LBH38 : Om Namah Shivai Pendant with Rudraksha

LBH37 : Shiva Linga Pendant

LBH33 : OM (AUM) Hanuman Ji Pendant

LBH30 : Shri Krishna Pendant

LBG86 : Bridal Nath with Meenakari

LBG89 : Ganesha Face Pendant with Enamelled Prabhamandala

LBG93 : Goddess Durga Handcrafted Pendant

LBG94 : Lord Ganesha Pendant

LBG91 : Lord Hanuman Pendant

LBG95 : OM (AUM) on Pipal Leaf Pendant

LBG90 : Shri Ganesha Small Pendant

LBG87 : Enamelled Nath with Knotted Rope and Grains

LBG71 : Four-Grains Gold Nose Stud

LBG03 : Gold Grains Nose Ring

LBG05 : Handcrafted Nath

JRF93 : Victorian Diamond Finger Ring with Central Ruby

LBC26 : CZ Nose Ring

LBC25 : Handcrafted Leaf Nose Stud

LBC21 : Handcrafted Paisley Nose Ring

LBC29 : Hot-Pink CZ Nose Ring

LBC20 : Knotted Rope Nose Ring

LBC23 : Navaratna Nose Ring

LBC24 : Pearl Nose Pin

LAW70 : Shri Yantra Two-Sided Pendant

LAY68 : OM (AUM) CZ Pendant

LAY65 : Designer Pendant with CZ

LAY69 : Hindu OM (AUM) Swastika Pendant

LAY67 : Lord Ganesha Pendant

LAY66 : Lord Hanuman Pendant

LAY62 : Mother Goddess Durga

LAY64 : OM (AUM) Pendant

LAY63 : OM (AUM) Trident Pendant Pendant

LAX52 : Lord Ganesha Pendant

LAX50 : Handcrafted Ganesha Pendant

LAX51 : Lord Ganesha Triangular Pendant

LAX49 : Lord Ganesha Pendant

LAT91 : A Pendant of Three Auspicious Symbols (Trident, OM (AUM) and Swastika)

LAT95 : Ganesha in Trident Pendant

LAT96 : Handcrafted Marquis-Shape Designer Pendant with CZ

LAT92 : Lord Ganesha Head Pendant with CZ

LAT88 : Lord Ganesha the Drummer (Handcrafted Pendant)

LAT90 : Mother Goddess Durga Pendant

LAT89 : OM (AUM) Pendant

LAT97 : OM (AUM) Trident Pendant

LAT94 : Shirdi Sai Baba Pendant

LBT37 : Bhagawan Ganesha Pendant

JYY42 : Cross Pendant

JTX41 : Faceted Emerald Teardrop Ring with Diamond

JJV21 : Hoops

JRQ58 : Hoop Earrings with Incised Leaves

JQB47 : Fine Cut Amethyst Floral Necklace and Earrings Set (Amethyst = 19.35 Carats)

JQC48 : Green Onyx Gold Pendant

JYY41 : Karnaphul (Flower Earrings)

JYY34 : Goddess Durga Pendant

JZG40 : Finely Crafted Earrings with Gold Grains

JZG42 : Gold Earrings with Spiral

JZG41 : Handcrafted Flower Post Earrings

JZE35 : Enameled Nose Ring with Paisley Motif

JZE36 : Twin CZ Nose Stud

JYY40 : Lord Ayyappa Pendant

JYY39 : Lord Venkateshvara Pendant

JYY47 : Cubic Zirconia Nose Ring

JYY36 : CZ Nose Ring

JYY46 : CZ Nose Stud Pin

JYY43 : Enameled Valentine Chandeliers

JYY38 : Faceted Amethyst Drop Earrings

JYY48 : Faceted Aquamarine Earrings

JYY37 : Faceted Carnelian Shower Earrings

JYY45 : Gold Pearl Nose Stud

JYY44 : Meenakari Finelycrafted Earrings

JYY35 : Meenakari Karnaphul (Flower Earrings)

JYV36 : CZ Designer Nose Ring (Of Nautical Inspiration)

JPY03 : Finely Crafted Flower Nose Pin

JWK45 : Gold Pearl Nose Stud

JXS97 : Handcrafted Gold Nath

JYE37 : Handcrafted Nose Ring

JXT42 : Knotted Rope Nose Ring

JXT33 : Meenakari Nath with CZ

JSY93 : Multi-color Nose Ring

JYT13 : Pearl Nose Pin with Faceted Pink Tourmaline

JYV35 : Twin CZ Nose Pin

JPI60 : Gold Yoni with Diamond Bindu (Small Pendant)

JPR20 : Dangling Pearl Pendant with Faceted Gemstone

JXG82 : Enameled Ring with Tourmaline and Knotted Rope

JPI59 : Faceted Ruby Pendant

JRQ55 : Finely Crafted Hoop Earrings with Incised Leaves

JYM99 : Goddess Kali Pendant

JZA07 : CZ Nose Stud

JZA06 : Enameled Nose Ring

JZA08 : Handcrafted Gold Flower Nath

JZA11 : Handcrafted Nose Ring

JZA10 : Meenakari Nose Ring with CZ and Paisleys

JZA09 : Six-Grains Gold Nose Ring

JYT62 : Handcrafted Cross Pendant

JQF53 : Fine Cut Tourmaline Flower Pendant

LBT38 : Om (AUM) Pendant

JQB49 : Fine Cut Amethyst Earrings (Stone = 4.5 Carats)

JYV34 : Faceted Peridot Chandeliers

JYV38 : Fine Faceted Garnet Chandeliers

JYV37 : Meenakari Earrings

JYV33 : Meenakari Nose Ring

JYT61 : Peacock Pair Meenakari Pendant

JYT60 : Valentine Pendant

JYT18 : Om (AUM) Pendant

JYT17 : Devi Pendant

JYT16 : Goddess Lakshmi Handcrafted Pendant

JYT14 : CZ Nose Stud

JYT12 : Enameled Nose Ring

JYQ48 : Ethnic Umbrella Chandeliers

JYQ47 : Faceted Blue Topaz Earrings

JYQ46 : Meenakari Karnaphul (Flower Shaped Earrings)

JYP01 : Faceted Amethyst Earrings

JYP02 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JPI78 : Superfine Ring with 15 Sapphires and 66 Diamonds in White Gold

JYN61 : BT Bunch Earrings

JQB56 : Designer Heart Earrings

JYN60 : Faceted Citrine Earings

JYN56 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Chandeliers

JYN58 : Handcrafted Bridal Nath with Meenakari

JYN57 : Meenakari Jhumka Earrings

JYN63 : Meenakari Nose Pin

JYN59 : Meenakari Tops with Knotted Rope (Earrings)

JYN54 : Om (AUM) Pendant

JYN62 : Om (AUM) Pendant

JYN55 : Pearl Post Earrings with Black Spinel

JJU39 : Designer Faceted Blue Topaz Pendant with Diamonds

JYN03 : CZ Ring

JYN05 : Enameled Nose Stud

JYM96 : Faceted Aquamarine Chandeliers

JYN02 : Faceted Aquamarine Hoop Chandeliers

JYM97 : Faceted Garnet Bracelet

JYM92 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JYM95 : Gold Earrings with Knotted Rope

JYN06 : Gold Nose Ring with Knotted Rope

JYM93 : Handcrafted Earrings with Charm

JYM98 : Karnaphul (Flower Shaped Earrings)

JYM94 : Lord Ganesha Pendant

JYN04 : Meenakari Bridal Nath

JYM91 : Om (AUM) Handcrafted Pendant

JYN01 : Pearl Pendant with Earrings Set

JLV35 : Faceted Blue Topaz Cross Pendant

JQU85 : Faceted Peridot and Carnelian Chandelier Earrings

JQC53 : Faceted Peridot Post Earrings

JYK60 : Faceted Aquamarine Bracelet

JRE32 : Faceted Emerald Ring with Diamonds

JYK57 : Fine Faceted Peridot Earrings

JYK59 : Handcrafted Ruby and Emerald Post Earrings

JYK56 : Lord Ganesha Pendant

JYK58 : Orange Garnet Chandeliers

JRF86 : Carved Citrine Umbrella Chandeliers with Pearls

JYJ39 : CZ Nose Pin

JYJ37 : CZ Nose Stud

JYJ38 : Knotted Rope Nose Pin

JYJ35 : Knotted Rope Nose Stud

JYJ36 : Meenakari Nath

JYJ34 : Meenakari Nose Ring

JQY12 : Faceted Aquamarine Drop Earrings

JQY20 : Sheran-wali Mata Pendant

JQD05 : Faceted Garnet and Peridot Beaded Superfine Necklace

JQU83 : Umbrella Chandeliers of Carved Peridot and Amethyst Leaves

JYE42 : CZ Nath

JYE36 : CZ Nose Stud

JYE38 : Gold Nose Pin

JYE40 : Handcrafted Gold Stud

JYE35 : Meenakari Flower Nath with Knotted Rope

JYE39 : Meenakari Gold Nath

JYE41 : Meenakari Nose Ring

JYC31 : Finely Crafted Enameled Bridal Nath with Dangle

JYC32 : Handcrafted Lattice Earrings with Charms

JYC25 : Handcrafted Lord Hanuman Pendant

JYC30 : Hoop Earrings with Knotted Rope and Charm

JYC27 : Lion (Vehicle of Goddess Durga) Pendant

JYC35 : Meenakari Bridal Nath with Charm

JYC29 : Meenakari Shower Earrings with Ruby and Emerald

JYC26 : Om (AUM) Pendant

JYC33 : Om (AUM) Pendant

JYC34 : Shiva's Trident Damaru Pendant with Om (AUM)

JLX26 : Fine Cut Tourmaline Golden Hoop Earrings

JXW61 : CZ Nose Ring with Charm

JXW55 : CZ Valentine Nose Stud

JXW57 : Designer Nose Ring

JXW58 : Gold Nose Stud with Charm

JXW62 : Handcrafted Nath with CZ

JXW64 : Multi-color CZ Cross Ring

JXW65 : Multi-color CZ Nose Nath

JXW60 : Multi-color CZ Nose Pin

JXW56 : Multi-grains Nose Pin with CZ

JXW59 : Multi-grains Nose Ring with Knotted Rope

JXW63 : Valentine Nose Stud with Charm

JPV76 : Carved Amethyst Leaves Bunch Earrings

JXT37 : CZ Nath

JXT39 : CZ Nose Stud

JXT32 : CZ Nose Stud with Charm

JXT34 : CZ Nose Stud with Wirework

JXT22 : Enameled OM (AUM) Pendant

JXT20 : Faceted Peridot and Crystal Filigree Ring

JXT27 : Finely Crafted Enameled Earrings with Charm

JXT21 : Finely Crafted Ruby and Emerald Ring

JXT28 : Four Grains Gold Nose Stud

JXT25 : Goddess Gaja Lakshmi Pendant

JXT35 : Handcrafted CZ Nath

JXT23 : Handcrafted Gold Ring

JXT31 : Handcrafted Lotus Nose Pin

JXT30 : Handcrafted Lotus Nose Pin

JXT18 : Handcrafted Pearl Pendant

JXT29 : Knotted Rope Nose Ring

JXT26 : Meenakari Earrings

JXT36 : Multi-color CZ Nose Stud

JXT38 : Nose Stud with Knotted Rope

JXT41 : Nose Stud with Wirework

JXT19 : Om (AUM) Pendant

JIV21 : Faceted Sapphire Earrings

JXS91 : CZ Nose Ring

JXS99 : CZ Nose Stud with Wirework

JXS96 : Designer Nose Stud

JXS92 : Enameled Nose Pin with CZ

JXT04 : Enameled Nose Ring

JXS94 : Handcrafted Enameled Nose Stud

JXT03 : Handcrafted Nath with Meenakari

JXT05 : Meenakari Nath with Charm

JXS98 : Meenakari Nath with CZ and Knotted Rope

JXT02 : Meenakari Nose Pin with Charm

JXS93 : Meenakari Nose Ring with Knotted Rope

JXS90 : Multi-color CZ Nose Pin

JXT01 : Multi-grains Nose Ring with Knotted Rope

JXS95 : Six Grains Gold Nath with Knotted Rope

JXT08 : Floral Nose Pin

JXT09 : Handcrafted Nose Ring with Paisley

JXT06 : Meenakari Nath with Charm

JXT10 : Nose Stud

LBT39 : Lord Ganesha Small Pendant

JQV35 : Sheran-wali Mata Pendant

JXT40 : Gold Nose Ring

JQC47 : Finely Crafted Designer Earrings

JRE35 : Handcrafted Navaratna Ring

JVE27 : Nose Pin

JWK42 : Enameled Gold Nose Stud

JQF64 : Tirupati Venkateshvara Double-Sided Pendant with Om (AUM)

JXH15 : Enameled Bridal Nose Ring (Nath) with Charms

JXH16 : Handcrafted Meenakari Nath

JXH14 : Meenakari Nose Ring (Nath)

JXG81 : Designer Gold Finger Ring

JXG78 : Handcrafted Om (AUM) Pendant

JXG80 : Meenakari Handcrafted Pendant

JXG79 : Pearl Pendant with Matching Tops

JIM19 : Designer Gold Pendant with Carved Crystal Flower

JHZ03 : Faceted Ruby Gold Tops

JQD06 : Gemstone Carved Leaves Bunch Necklace with Earrings Set (Aquamarine, Amethyst, Garnet, Peridot, Citrine, and Blue Topaz)

JMN48 : Iolite and Pink Tourmaline Cross

JRE31 : Pearl Finger Ring

JRE46 : Pearl Tops with Diamonds

JXA55 : Goddess Lakshmi Pendant

JXA56 : Handcrafted Lakshmi Pendant

JXA54 : Lord Venkateshvara

JWK37 : Meenakari Nose Ring with CZ

JQB94 : Lot of Four Ganesha Pendants

JWR94 : CZ Nose Ring (Mixed Color)

JWR99 : Enameled Nose Stud

JWR93 : Enameled Nose Stud

JWR96 : Gold Nose Nose Pin

JWS02 : Handcrafted Chakra Nose Stud

JWS01 : Handcrafted Nose Pin

JWR95 : Handcrafted Nose Stud

JWR98 : Handcrafted Small Nose Pin

JWR97 : Nose Stud

JWK35 : CZ Nose Stud

JWR91 : CZ Nose Ring with Charms

JWR79 : CZ Nose Stud

JWR88 : CZ Nose Stud

JWR83 : CZ Star Nose Stud

JWR87 : Enameled Nose Ring

JWR76 : Enameled Nose Ring with CZ

JWR90 : Enameled Nose Stud

JWR74 : Finely Handcrafted CZ Nose Pin with Charms

JWR77 : Handcrafted Chakra Gold Nose Stud

JWR84 : Handcrafted Meenakari Nose Pin with CZ

JWR73 : Handcrafted Multi-color CZ Nose Stud with Pearl

JWR80 : Handcrafted Nose Ring

JWR86 : Handcrafted Nose Stud

JWR92 : Meenakari Chakra Nose Stud

JWR78 : Meenakari Nose Ring

JWR89 : Meenakari Nose Ring with CZ

JWR85 : Multi-color CZ Nose Pin

JWR75 : Multi-color CZ Nose Stud

JWR72 : Multi-color CZ Star Nose Ring

JWR82 : Triple CZ Nose Ring

JWR81 : Twin CZ Nose Stud

JQY14 : The Manifestation of Pure Consciousness

JPX30 : The Sure Way To Success

JWK50 : Multi-color CZ Gold Nose Pin

JWK49 : CZ Gold Nose Stud

JWK40 : CZ Handcrafted Gold Nose Stud

JWK38 : Finely Handcrafted Enameled Nose Stud with CZ

JWK43 : Finely Handcrafted Gold Nose Pin

JWK44 : Four Grains Gold Nose Pin with Knotted Rope

JWK39 : Gold Nose Ring

JWK47 : Gold Nose Stud

JWK46 : Handcrafted Gold Nose Ring

JWK48 : Handcrafted Nose Ring

JWK36 : Meenakari Nose Ring

JWK41 : Seven Grains Gold Nose Stud

JWK32 : Chakra Gold Nose Stud

JWK34 : Finely Handcrafted Nose Ring

JTX45 : The Sure Way To Success

JWK33 : Star Gold Nose Ring

JLX16 : Faceted Water Sapphire & Tourmaline Cross Pendant

JQK31 : White Gold Cross Pendant with Diamonds

JKW40 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline, Rainbow Moonstone & Smoky Quartz Cross Pendant

JQC50 : White Gold Cross Valentine Pendant with Sapphire and Diamonds (Four Sapphires+ .11 Carats, Three Diamonds = .04 Carats)

JRF87 : Handcrafted Ethnic Bracelet with Black Diamonds

JRQ59 : Fine Cut Sapphire Cross Pendant

JRQ53 : Handcrafted Hoop Earrings with Incised Leaves

JQC65 : Cubic Zirconia Gold Finger Ring

JHY20 : Faceted Sapphire Gold Ring with Diamonds

JPT99 : Handcrafted Fine Gold Chain with S Clasp Closer to Hang Your Pendants On

JPI72 : Cross in White Gold with Eleven Rubies pendant

JRA25 : Lord Hanuman in a Dynamic Posture

JPB50 : The Perpetual Motion of Life

JVG35 : Faceted Amethyst Marquis Ring with Diamond

JVG33 : Hexagonal Nose Pin

JVG30 : Nose Pin with CZ

JVG31 : Nose Pin with CZ

JVG34 : Nose Pin with CZ

JVG32 : Nose Pin with CZ and Pearl

JVE33 : Enameled Nose Pin

JVE32 : Handcrafted Nose Pin

JVE37 : Meenakari Nose Pin

JVE34 : Nose Pin

JVE36 : Nose Pin

JVE35 : Nose Pin with CZ

JVE29 : Nose Pin

JVE30 : Nose Pin

JVE31 : Nose Pin

JVE25 : Nose Pin with CZ

JVE26 : Nose Pin with CZ

JVE28 : Nose Pin with CZ

JTP05 : CZ Finely Crafted Nose Pin

JTP02 : CZ Nose Stud

JVA61 : Faceted Emerald Ring with Diamond

JVA64 : Fine Faceted Emerald Oval Ring with Diamond

JVA65 : Four Diamond Gold Ring

JQB62 : Pink Tourmaline Cross Pendant

JUG35 : Faceted Blue Sapphire Ring with Diamond

JUG37 : Faceted Emerald Earrings with Diamond

JUG33 : Faceted Emerald Oval Ring with Diamond

JUG36 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Oval Ring with Diamond

JUG32 : Faceted Twin Amethyst Ring

JUG38 : Finely Crafted Om (AUM) Pendant

JUG31 : Precious Stone Finger Ring with Triple Option for Central Setting (Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire)

JST42 : Gold Nose Pin with Charm

JTX43 : Handcrafted Diamond Ring

JTW99 : Lord Ganesha Pendant with Diamond and Garnet on Crest

JTX40 : Amethyst Marquis Ring with Diamond

JTX47 : Faceted Ruby and Diamond Handcrafted Ring

JTX46 : Fine Cut Citrine Ring with Diamond

JTW97 : Fine Cut Pink Tourmaline Ring

JTX48 : Fine Faceted Garnet Ring

JTX42 : Finely Crafted Earrings of Faceted Ruby and Diamond

JTX44 : Finely Crafted Faceted Sapphire Ring with Diamond

JTX49 : Finely Crafted Om (AUM) Pendant

JTP08 : Chakra Nose Stud

JTP12 : Cubic Zirconia Flower Nose Stud

JTP07 : Cubic Zirconia Nose Pin

JTP09 : CZ Handcrafted Nose Pin

JTP10 : Flower Nose Stud

JTP03 : Handcrafted Nose Pin

JTP06 : Handcrafted Nose Stud with Charms

JTP04 : Lotus Nose Stud

JTP01 : Meenakari Nose Pin with Charms

JTH96 : Carved Citrine Umbrella Chandeliers with Faceted Amethyst

JTH95 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Two Layer Necklace

JTP11 : CZ Circular Nose Stud

JTH93 : Gold Grain Explosion

JTH94 : Gold Nose Ring

JPY04 : Handcrafted Fine Nose Pin

JSZ03 : Handcrafted Nose Ring with Five Grains

JQB88 : Lord Hanuman Pendant

JRW88 : Multi-color Nose Ring

JSZ12 : Crown Nose Pin with Grains

JSZ04 : Enameled Blooming Flower Nose Ring

JSY95 : Finely Crafted Nose Ring

JSZ01 : Finely Crafted Nose Ring

JSZ14 : Gold Grain Explosion

JSZ05 : Gold Grains Nose Pin

JSZ11 : Gold Nose Pin with Grains

JSY92 : Gold Nose Ring

JSY98 : Gold Nose Ring

JSZ10 : Handcrafted Gold Nose Pin

JSY99 : Handcrafted Mango Nose Pin

JSY91 : Handcrafted Nose Pin

JSY94 : Handcrafted Nose Pin

JSY97 : Handcrafted Nose Pin

JSZ15 : Handcrafted Nose Pin

JSY96 : Handcrafted Nose Ring

JSZ02 : Handcrafted Nose Ring

JSZ07 : Handcrafted Nose Ring

JSZ06 : Multi-color Nose Pin

JSZ08 : Multi-color Rhombus Nose Ring

JSZ13 : Nose Pin with Grains

JSZ09 : Sensuous Gold Nose Pin

JPT92 : Shri Ganesha Enshrined Pendant

JNQ03 : Gold Nose Pin with Cubic Zirconia

JKW45 : Designer Faceted Citrine Ring with Twine Diamonds

JII86 : Designer Pearl Pendant with Diamonds

JJL81 : Emerald & Cubic Zirconia Golden Ring

JKW32 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JKW44 : Handcrafted Pendant with Gemstone and Dangle

JIM14 : Oval Faceted Garnet Gold Pendant

JRB41 : Handcrafted Nose Ring

JST43 : Chakra Nose Ring

JST49 : CZ Gold Nose Pin

JST46 : CZ Nose Pin

JST54 : CZ Nose Pin

JST41 : Finely Crafted Gold Nose Pin

JST39 : Gold Nose Pin

JST53 : Gold Nose Pin

JST50 : Gold Nose Ring

JST40 : Handcrafted Crafted Nose Ring

JST55 : Handcrafted Nose Pin

JST51 : Handcrafted Nose Ring

JST47 : Handcrafted Nose Ring with Charm

JST45 : Meenakari Nose Ring

JST44 : Multi-color Wheel Nose Pin

JST52 : Nose Pin

JST48 : Sensuous Gold Nose Pin

JPB48 : Bell Earrings

JLX23 : Charming Pearl Pendant with Diamonds

JPI73 : Cubic Zirconia Superfine Bracelet

JPB52 : Designer Earrings

JPB51 : Emerald Umbrella Chandeliers

JLX35 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring with Diamonds

JPI82 : Faceted Labradorite Post Earrings

JLU17 : Fine Cut Pink Tourmaline & Blue Topaz Post Earrings

JLX17 : Handcrafted Pendant with Faceted Pink Tourmaline

JMN49 : Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Pendant

JSL61 : Carved Rose Quartz Umbrella Chandeliers with Gemstones Leaves (Citrine, Peridot, Amethyst, Garnet and Aquamarine)

JSL66 : Gold Fine Chain with Spring Lock

JSL63 : Lord Ganesha Head Pendant

JSL67 : Lord Ganesha Head Pendant with Large Ears

JSL64 : Shri Ganesha Handcrafted Pendant

JSL65 : Shri Ganesha Head Pendant

JSL62 : Shri Ganesha Pendant

JRE41 : Coral Earrings

JRE42 : Diamond Om (AUM) Finger Ring

JRE43 : Faceted Sapphire Earrings with Diamonds

JRE34 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Ring with Diamonds

JPV80 : Handcrafted Spiral Earrings

JQY13 : Lambodara Ganesha Pendant

JQY17 : Turbaned Ganesha Head Pendant

JQY18 : Handcrafted Pendant of Om (AUM)

JRW85 : Bridal Nose Ring

JRW90 : Enameled Nose Pin

JRW89 : Finely Crafted Nose Pin

JRW91 : Floral Nose Ring

JRW87 : Handcrafted Nose Ring

JRW86 : Nose Pin

JLU54 : Nose Pin with Dangles

JLU55 : Flower Nose Pin

JRB44 : Enameled Nose Pin with Cubic Zirconia

JRU58 : Chakra Nose Ring

JRU62 : Crown Gold Nose Ring

JRU56 : Fancy Nose Pin

JRU54 : Fine Nose Pin

JRU51 : Finely Crafted Chakra Nose Ring

JRU53 : Finely Crafted Nose Ring

JRU60 : Gold Grains Nose Ring

JRU59 : Handcrafted Fine Nose Pin

JRU61 : Handcrafted Gold Nose Pin

JRU52 : Handcrafted Nose Pin

JRU55 : Handcrafted Nose Ring

JRU57 : Multi-color Nose Pin

JRU50 : Multi-color Nose Ring with Spikes

JRU49 : Nose Pin with Charms

JRU40 : Diamonds and Faceted Emerald Finger Ring

JRU46 : Faceted Amethyst Drop Earrings

JRU45 : Faceted Ruby Drop Earrings

JRU38 : Faceted Sapphire Finger Ring with Diamonds

JRU44 : Finely Carved Peridot Umbrella Chandeliers with Kyanite and Rainbow Moonstone

JRU37 : Gold Leaf Earrings

JRU36 : Handcrafted Gold Chandeliers

JRU47 : Handcrafted Ruby Drop Earrings

JRU48 : Ruby Drop Earrings

JQY22 : Faceted Amethyst Drop Chandeliers

JPV75 : Designer Gemstone Carved Umbrella Chandeliers (Lemon Topaz, Garnet and Peridot)

JQF57 : Faceted Aquamarine Chandeliers with Pink Tourmaline

JRQ62 : Ruby Ring with Diamonds

JRQ52 : Amethyst Handcrafted Pendant

JRQ51 : Faceted Amethyst Post Earrings

JRQ48 : Faceted Aquamarine Earrings

JRQ50 : Faceted Blue Topaz Earrings

JRQ45 : Faceted Ruby Pendant with Diamonds

JRQ60 : Fine Cut Sapphire Ring with Diamonds

JRQ57 : Gold Hoop Earrings with Incised Leaves

JRQ47 : Hoop Earrings with Incised Leaves

JRQ49 : Tourmaline Hoop Chandeliers

JRQ54 : Twisted Hoop Earrings

JRM54 : Carved Apatite and Faceted Garnet Umbrella Chandeliers

JRM55 : Faceted Emerald Spiral Bracelet

JRM56 : Fin Cut Citrine Drop Chandeliers

JRM53 : Handcrafted Rhombus Earrings with Emerald and Black Diamond

JRM57 : Kyanite and Peridot Fine Cut Shower Earrings

JRM58 : Spiral Handcrafted Earrings with Faceted Emerald

JRL19 : Blue Sapphire Handcrafted Finger Ring with Diamonds

JRL13 : Faceted Blue Sapphire Bracelet with Diamonds

JRL16 : Faceted Emerald Ring with Diamonds

JRL20 : Faceted Peridot Finger Ring

JRL24 : Faceted Ruby Drop Earrings

JRL15 : Faceted Ruby Finger Ring with Diamonds

JRL22 : Faceted Ruby Pendant

JRL17 : Faceted Sapphire Finger Ring with Diamonds

JRL18 : Fine Cut Amethyst Pendant with Diamonds

JRL14 : Sapphire Handcrafted Pendant with Diamonds and Valentine

JRL09 : Temple Ganesha Pendant

JRL21 : Twin Ruby Finger Ring with Diamonds

JRL10 : Faceted Amethyst Drop Earrings with Garnet

JRL11 : Small Circular Pendant with Central Diamond

JRF83 : Carved Turquoise Umbrella and Pumpkin Earrings with Faceted Garnet

JRF91 : Diamond Cross with Blue Sapphire

JRF92 : Diamond Finger Ring with Faceted Blue Sapphire and Ruby

JRF82 : Faceted Citrine and Iolite Beaded Earrings

JRF95 : Faceted Citrine Finger Ring with Diamonds

JRF85 : Faceted Emerald Earrings with Diamonds

JRF98 : Faceted Emerald Finger Ring with Diamonds

JRF96 : Faceted Precious Gemstones Finger Ring (Emerald, Ruby, Blue Sapphire and Diamond on the Back)

JRF84 : Faceted Sapphire Bracelet with Diamonds

JRF90 : Handcrafted Spiral Bracelet with Ruby

JRF89 : Lord Ganesha Pendant

JRF97 : Ruby and Emerald Finger Ring with Diamonds

JRF94 : Ruby Handcrafted Finger Ring

JRF88 : Spiral Earrings with Ruby

JRE40 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Pendant with Diamonds

JRE39 : Faceted Ruby Tops

JRE36 : Faceted Triple Emerald Ring with Diamonds

JRE33 : Lapis Lazuli Finger Ring with Diamonds

JRB42 : Gold Nose Pin

JRB40 : Nose Pin

JRB43 : Nose Ring

JRB45 : Valentine Nose Pin

JQY21 : Faceted Sapphire Pendant

JQY15 : Goddess Durga Pendant

JQY19 : Lord Ganesha Pendant with Large Ears

JQY08 : Om (AUM) Pendant

JQY09 : Om in Circle (Pendant)

JQY16 : Om Syllable Mantra Pendant

JQB92 : Finely Crafted Ganesha Head Pendant

JPL05 : Ganesha Plays the Shehnai

JLU09 : Parvati & Shiva

JPE50 : Faceted Apatite Bunch Earrings with Garnet

JQV26 : Aquamarine Drops Earrings

JQV32 : Blessing Finely Crafted Ganesha Pendant

JQV18 : Blessing Ganesha Pendant

JQV21 : Blessing Hanuman Pendant

JQU84 : Carved Gemstone Chandeliers

JQV36 : Faceted Amethyst Dangling Drops Earrings

JQV38 : Faceted Amethyst Handcrafted Chandeliers

JQV41 : Faceted Carnelian Handcrafted Chandeliers

JQV39 : Faceted Peridot Handcrafted Chandeliers

JQV23 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Drops Chandeliers

JQU86 : Fine Cut Amethyst Drops Earrings

JQV25 : Fine Cut Citrine Drops Earrings

JQV24 : Fine Cut Peridot Drops Chandeliers

JQV20 : Ganesha Om (AUM) Pendant

JQV37 : Handcrafted Chandeliers with Aquamarine

JQV40 : Handcrafted Chandeliers with Faceted Citrine

JQV31 : Lord Ganesha Pendant

JQV33 : Lord Hanuman Pendant

JQV27 : Om (AUM) Chakra Pendant

JQV29 : Om (AUM) Ganesha Pendant

JQV34 : Om (AUM) Handcrafted Pendant

JQV22 : Om (AUM) Pendant

JQV30 : Om (AUM) Pendant

JQV17 : Om (AUM) Shiva Linga Pendant

JQV28 : Shiva Linga Om (AUM) Pendant

JQV19 : Shri Ganesha Seated in a Pavilion

JQY10 : Lord Hanuman Carrying the Mountain of Herbs (Sanjeevani)

JQK42 : Crescent Moon Pendant with Diamonds

JQK34 : Faceted Amethyst Drop Earrings with Garnet

JQK38 : Faceted Amethyst Flower Earrings

JQK41 : Faceted Emerald Pendant

JQK29 : Faceted Garnet Valentine Chandeliers

JQK37 : Faceted Iolite Earrings

JQK33 : Faceted Ruby Bracelet

JQK39 : Faceted Ruby Drop Earrings

JQK24 : Finely Crafted Hoop Chandeliers with Leaves

JQK25 : Lord Ganesha on his Vehicle Rat (Pendant)

JQK26 : Om (AUM) Pendant

JQK27 : Oval Turquoise Earrings

JQK32 : Pipal Leaf Earring with Ruby

JQK45 : Ruby Circular Pendant

JQK30 : Ruby Umbrella Chandeliers

JQK35 : Sapphire Hoop Chandeliers

JQK43 : Star Pendant with Diamond

JQK28 : Twisted Hoop Earrings

JPY92 : Finely Crafted Nose Ring

JPY85 : Handcrafted Nose Pin

JPY93 : Handcrafted Nose Pin

JPY87 : Handcrafted Nose Ring

JLT99 : Dangling Leaf Earrings

JPK96 : Designer Chandeliers

JPB54 : Designers Chandeliers

JPK93 : Emerald Chandeliers

JPK92 : Emerald Gold Necklace

JLV43 : Faceted Blue Topaz Earrings

JLV42 : Faceted Emerald Hoop Earrings

JLX25 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JKW36 : Faceted Tourmaline Dangling Earrings

JLT97 : Fine Cut Pink Tourmaline Celtic Cross Pendant

JNQ65 : Golden Hoops

JLX33 : Triple Diamond Ring

JPK97 : Twin Ruby Dangling Earrings

JQF55 : Blessing Ganesha Pendant with Diamonds

JQF62 : Double-Sided Pendant of Shiva and Om (AUM)

JQF58 : Faceted Peridot Chandeliers with Garnet

JQF59 : Fine Cut Gemstone Valentine Chandeliers (Amethyst, Garnet and Lemon Topaz)

JQF52 : Finely Crafted Jhumka Earrings

JQF56 : Finley Crafted Pendant with Meenakari

JQF60 : Handcrafted Goddess Durga Pendant

JQF63 : Lord Hanuman Pendant

JQF50 : Om (AUM) Finger Ring with Diamonds

JQF61 : Om (AUM) Pendant

JQF51 : Pink Tourmaline Finger Ring with Diamonds

JQF49 : Shri Ganesha Finger Ring with Coral

JQF54 : Venugopala (Fluting Krishna) Meenakari Pendant with Diamonds

JQC51 : Plain Ruby Drop Earrings

JQC49 : Faceted Aquamarine Earrings

JQC52 : Faceted Peridot Floral Necklace with Earrings Set

JQC56 : Faceted Ruby Handcrafted Earrings

JPY86 : Finely Crafted Nose Ring

JLU06 : Goddess Lakshmi

JQC61 : Handcrafted Valentine Post Earrings

JQC57 : Pink Tourmaline Earrings

JQC63 : Small Faceted Emerald Pendant (Emerald = .12 Carats)

JQC60 : Small Faceted Ruby Pendant (Ruby = .20 Carats)

JQB46 : Celtic Earrings

JQB59 : Cubic Zirconia Valentine Finger Ring

JQB57 : Faceted Amethyst Drop Earrings

JQB61 : Faceted Emerald Pendant

JQB55 : Faceted Garnet Earrings (Stone = 2.01 Carats)

JQB65 : Faceted Ruby Beaded Bracelet

JQB60 : Faceted Ruby Superfine White Gold Finger Ring with Diamonds

JQB51 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Floral Earrings (Stone = 6.93 Carats)

JQB53 : Fine Cut Pink Tourmaline Post Earrings

JQB48 : Fine Turquoise Hoop Chandeliers

JQB52 : Ruby Drop Earrings

JQB67 : Ruby Necklace

JQB66 : Sapphire Gold Necklace

JQB58 : Victorian Finger Ring with Central Emerald

JQB63 : White Gold Blue Sapphire Cross Pendant (Eleven Sapphires = 1.25 Carats)

JQB91 : Om (AUM) Handcrafted Pendant

JQB95 : Shivalinga Om Designer Pendant

JQB90 : Shivalinga Pendant

JQB22 : Shri Ganesha Pendant

JQB89 : Shri Ganesha Pendant with Cubic Zirconia Laddu

JQB24 : Shri Krishna Pendant

JQB23 : Standing Ganesha Pendant

JQB97 : Tirupati Venkateshvara Gold Pendant

JQA91 : Designer Gold Earrings

JQA90 : Ruby Umbrella Chandeliers with Emerald

JPY84 : Finely Crafted Gold Nose Pin

JPY95 : Finely Crafted Gold Nose Ring

JPY94 : Floral Gold Nose Pin

JPY88 : Gold Nose Pin

JPY96 : Handcrafted Gold Nose Ring

JMN53 : Meenakari Pendant with Dangles

JPY90 : Finely Crafted Gold Nose Pin

JPY91 : Gold Marvel Nose Ring

JPY89 : Gold Superfine Nose Pin

JPX17 : Faceted Ruby and Sapphire Hoop Chandeliers

JPX21 : Fine Cut Amethyst Valentine Earrings

JPX15 : Fine Cut Peridot Chandeliers

JPX16 : Handcrafted Star Earrings with Fine Cut Aquamarine Dangling Drops

JPX18 : Sapphire Bunch Earrings

JKW42 : Faceted Ruby Post Earrings with Diamonds

JJW75 : Turquoise Earrings

JPY05 : Finely Crafted Gold Nose Pin

JPY07 : Finely Crafted Nose Pin

JPX88 : Finely Crafted Nose Ring with Enamel

JPX85 : Finely Crafted Nose Ring with Meenakari and Dangles

JPX90 : Finely Crafted Valentine Nose Ring

JPY02 : Floral Fine Nose Pin

JPY06 : Gold Fine Nose Pin

JPX94 : Gold Nose Pin

JPY01 : Handcrafted Fine Nose Pin

JPX89 : Handcrafted Floral Superfine Nose Ring with Meenakari

JPX97 : Handcrafted Gold Nose Pin

JPX96 : Handcrafted Handsome Gold Nose Pin

JPX93 : Handcrafted Nose Pin

JPX87 : Handcrafted Nose Ring

JPX92 : Handsome Nose Pin

JPX86 : Meenakari Nose Ring with Carved Leaf and Dangles

JPX91 : Meenakari Superfine Nose Ring with Valentine

JPX95 : Sensuous Gold Nose Pin

JPX99 : Shrinathji (Shri Krishna) Pendant

JPY08 : Symbol of Sikhism

JPX98 : Yoni Gold Nose Pin

JPX77 : Chaturbhuja Ganesha

JPX80 : Cubic Zirconia Nose Pin

JPX79 : Enamel Nose Pin

JPX83 : Floral Nose Pin with Cubic Zirconia

JPX75 : Goddess Kali Pendant

JPX81 : Handcrafted Nose Pin

JPX84 : Nose Pin with Three Gold Grains and Cubic Zirconia

JPX76 : Radha Krishna on the Banks of Yamuna

JPX78 : Shri Ganesha Pendant

JPX82 : Valentine Nose Pin

JHW43 : Forehead Tika

JPX26 : Meenakari OM Pendant

JPX22 : Fine Cut Ruby Strand Earrings

JPX27 : Enshrined OM Pendant

JPX19 : Faceted Aquamarine Dangling Drop Earrings

JPX20 : Faceted Ruby Chandeliers

JPX23 : Fine Cut Aquamarine Drop Pendant

JPX24 : Finely Crafted Om (AUM) Pendant

JPX28 : OM and Trident

JPX33 : OM in Shivalinga

JPX29 : OM Pendant

JPX32 : Trident OM

JPX25 : Valentine OM

JPX31 : Valentine OM

JPV83 : Blessing Ganesha Seated on Lotus

JPV78 : Carved Gemstone Leaves Bunch Earrings (Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Garnet and Citrine)

JPV82 : Earrings with Emerald

JPV74 : Faceted Green Onyx Drops Chandeliers with Plain Ovals

JPV77 : Faceted Iolite Chandeliers with Carved Umbrella

JPV79 : Faceted Peridot Dangling Earrings

JPV86 : Fine Chain with S Clasp Closure

JPV81 : Finely Crafted Hoop Earrings

JPV85 : Lord Ganesha Pendant with OM (AUM)

JPV84 : Shri Ganesha on a Swing

JPU17 : Navaratna Ring

JLX20 : The Direct Expression of The Supreme Soul pendant

JPT89 : Designer Showers

JPT98 : Navaratna Earrings

JPT97 : Ruby Chandeliers with Emerald

JPT95 : Baby Ganesha in Apple

JPT94 : Dangling Sapphire Leaf Earrings

JPT93 : Finely Crafted Dancing Ganesha Pendant

JPT91 : Gold Fine Chain with Spring Lock to Hang Your Pendant On

JPT86 : Handcrafted Elongated Hoop Earrings

JPT88 : Hoop Earrings with Incised Leaves

JPT87 : Large Designer Hoops

JPT90 : Mother Goddess Durga Pendant

JPT96 : Ruby Earrings with Emerald

JJV24 : A Pair of Twists

JJU40 : Designer Faceted Pink Tourmaline Pendant with Diamonds

JJV32 : Designer Gold Necklace & Earrings Set

JJY11 : Faceted Amethyst Hoop Chandelier Earrings

JJY08 : Faceted Blue Topaz & Iolite Chandeliers

JJU35 : Faceted Citrine, Pink Tourmaline and Aquamarine Ring

JJU26 : Faceted Emerald & Diamond Ring

JJU28 : Faceted Emerald Gold Ring with Diamonds

JJU33 : Faceted Emerald Golden Ring with Diamonds

JJU30 : Faceted Emerald, Ruby Ring

JIM09 : Faceted Green Tourmaline & Diamond Ring

JJY10 : Faceted Peridot & Carnelian Hoop Chandelier Earrings

JHX88 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Gold Ring

JJU34 : Faceted Rectangular Ruby Ring with Diamond Border

JJU37 : Faceted Ruby Golden Tops

JJU32 : Faceted Ruby Valentine Ring

JJU31 : Faceted Tear Drop Blue Topaz Ring with Diamonds

JLQ38 : Hair Ornament (Tika)

JLQ30 : Handcrafted Gold Pendant with Dangles

JLN63 : Handcrafted Pose Earrings

JJV23 : Hoops

JJV26 : Meenakari Post Earrings

JJY07 : Tourmaline Chandeliers

JJW73 : Tourmaline Hoop Earrings

JJU36 : Triple Faceted Ruby Ring

JPR18 : Blue Topaz Necklace and Earrings Set

JPR17 : Cubic Zirconia Handcrafted Finger Ring

JPR01 : Faceted Ruby Bracelet with Gold Beads

JPR08 : Fine Cut Sapphire White Gold Pendant with Diamonds

JPR19 : Frosted Post Earrings

JPR10 : Ruby Drop Earrings

JPR16 : Sapphire Beaded Chain to Hang Your Pendants On

JPR03 : Victorian Finger Ring with Central Ruby

JPR09 : White Gold Post Earrings with Fine Cut Sapphire and Diamonds

JPO16 : Going Beyond Maya to The Highest State of Bliss

JPO18 : Lord Ganesha Circular Pendant

JPO15 : Lord Ganesha Pendant

JPO17 : Sun and Moon Pendant

JPL02 : Blessing Ganesha Pendant

JPL03 : Dancing Ganesha Pendant

JPL07 : Designer Ganesha Om Pendant

JPL14 : Designer Hoop Earrings

JPK94 : Designer Leaves Necklace with Dangling Rubies

JPL08 : Enshrined Ganesha Pendant

JPK99 : Finely Crafted Gold Chain

JPK95 : Finely Crafted Gold Earrings

JPL01 : Gold Chain with White Gold Balls

JPK98 : Handcrafted Gold Chain

JPL09 : Handcrafted Hoop Earrings

JPL13 : Incised Hoop Earrings

JPL04 : Shri Hanumanji Pendant

JPL06 : Shrinathji (Krishna) Pendant

JPI85 : Beaded Ruby Necklace and Bracelet Set

JPI65 : Cubic Zirconia Star Earrings

JPI77 : Emerald Beaded Bracelet

JPI76 : Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire Victorian Ring

JPI64 : Faceted Emerald Hoop Chandeliers

JPI74 : Faceted Ruby Beaded Bracelet

JPI62 : Faceted Sapphire Beaded Bracelet

JPI75 : Faceted Sapphire Necklace with Bracelet Set

JPI66 : Faceted Tourmaline Hoop Chandeliers

JPI67 : Fine Cut Peridot and Diamond Necklace with Earrings

JPI61 : Fine Cut Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JPI84 : Fine Ring with Eight Sapphires and Thirty-Six Diamonds in White Gold

JPI81 : Gold Ring with Cubic Zirconia

JPI71 : Handcrafted Gold Pendant

JPI63 : Plain Ruby Necklace

JPI79 : Ruby and Kundan Earrings

JPI83 : Sapphire Beaded Chain

JPI57 : Turquoise Post Earrings

JPE51 : Faceted Citrine Drop Hoop Chandeliers with Amethyst

JPE48 : Faceted Iolite Bunch Earrings

JPE52 : Faceted Water Sapphire Drop Chandeliers with Peridot

JPE54 : Gemstone Carved Leaves Superfine Bunch Earrings (Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Garnet, Peridot and Tourmaline)

JIM18 : Emerald & Diamond Post Earrings

JIV23 : Faceted Amethyst Pendant & Earrings Set

JIM15 : Faceted Aquamarine Designer Pendant

JIM07 : Faceted Aquamarine Gold Ring

JIM02 : Faceted Citrine Golden Ring with Diamonds

JIV08 : Faceted Citrine Ring with Diamonds

JIM08 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JIJ11 : Faceted Gemstone Designer Gold Earrings

JIJ08 : Faceted Peridot, Amethyst & Iolite Designer Pendant

JHX84 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline & Emerald Necklace with Matching Earrings Set

JIV05 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Golden Ring

JIM05 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring

JIV07 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring with Diamonds

JIM22 : Faceted Ruby Earrings with Diamonds

JIM06 : Faceted Ruby Gold Ring

JIV04 : Faceted Ruby Ring with Diamonds

JA95 : Gold Necklace

JA97 : Gold Necklace Choker with Ear Rings

JA98 : Gold Necklace with Ear Rings

JB49 : Gold Necklace with Ear Rings

JB52 : Gold Necklace with Ear Rings and Ring

JB61 : Gold Necklace with Earrings

JHX36 : Gold Pendant & Earrings Set with Multi Sapphires & Diamonds

JHV14 : Gold Pendant With Fine Cut Amethyst & Diamonds

ZD73 : Kundan Necklace With Ear Rings

JIV15 : Lemon Topaz Bunch Earrings

JJI53 : Lord Ganesha

JJI43 : Lord Shiva

JIV18 : Pearl Pendant with Central Diamond

JIV22 : Sapphire, Emerald & Ruby Earrings

JMW22 : Ruby and Diamond Bracelet

JMW18 : The Sure Way To Success

JMW16 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring with Diamonds

JMW21 : Fine Cut Peridot and Fanta Garnet Hoop Chandeliers

JMW15 : Pink Tourmaline Ring with Diamonds

JMW20 : Ruby Drop Earrings

JMW17 : The Mythic Dream

JLU10 : Lord Shrinath

JMN52 : Christ Crucified

JMN45 : Citrine and Peridot Pear Chandeliers

JMN44 : Gemstone Bunch Earrings

JMN54 : Handcrafted Fine Pendant

JMN51 : Lord Venakteshvara

JMN50 : OM Pendant

JMN43 : The Sound Beyond the Sense of Hearing

JMN46 : Triangular Pink Tourmaline Ring with Diamonds

JHT71 : Designer Gold Pendant with Superfine Cut Watermelon Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline and Diamonds

JHX69 : Designer Pendant & Earrings Gold Set

JIB49 : Faceted Emerald Gold Earrings with Diamonds

JIJ22 : Golden Ring with Diamonds

JHR63 : Sheran-wali Mata

JJQ84 : The Direct Expression of The Supreme Soul

JPB53 : Gold Post Earrings with Central Turquoise and Spirals

JPB49 : Kundalini Earrings

JPB57 : Valentine Earrings

JPA97 : Meenakari Nose Pin

JPA92 : Finely Crafted Gold Nose Ring with Meenakari and Dangle

JPA91 : Nose Ring with Dangle

JNQ68 : Faceted Blue Topaz Earrings

JNQ67 : Faceted Iolite Earrings

JNQ70 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JNQ73 : Faceted Ruby Earrings with Diamonds

JNQ74 : Pink Tourmaline & Citrine Chandeliers

JNQ75 : Tourmaline Ring with Diamonds

JNQ64 : Devi Durga

JNQ76 : Faceted Citrine Ring with Diamonds

JNQ71 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Earrings

JNQ72 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Pendant with Diamonds

JNQ66 : Lord Hanuman

JNQ69 : Lord Shiva

JPB02 : Amorous Nose Pin with Dangles

JPA88 : Finely Crafted Gold Nose Ring with Meenakari and Dangle

JPA95 : Finely Crafted Meenakari Nose Ring

JPA99 : Floral Nose Pin

JPA98 : Flower Nose Pin

JPA89 : Gold Nose Ring with Cubic Zirconia

JPA94 : Nose Pin

JPB01 : Nose Pin

JPA96 : Nose Pin with Three Grains

JPA90 : Nose Ring with Meenakari and Dangle

JHX42 : Emerald & Diamond Ring

JIV13 : Faceted Emerald Gold Bracelet with Diamonds

JHX56 : Faceted Sapphire Gold Pendant & Earrings Set with Diamonds

JJI57 : Lord Ganesha

JIB62 : Om Gold Pendant

JII03 : Ruby Gold Earrings

JJI41 : Sai Baba

JHS96 : The Direct Expression of The Supreme Soul

JKW30 : Faceted Iolite with Aquamarine Hoop Chandeliers

JKW29 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Bunch Earrings

JKW34 : Faceted Peridot Earrings

JKW43 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Pendant with Diamonds

JKW33 : Faceted Ruby Drop Earrings

JKW38 : Handcrafted Nose Ring with Dangles

JKW37 : Hoop Earrings

JKW41 : Lord Ganesha Pendant

JKW28 : Om (AUM) Pendant

JIC81 : Handcrafted Ruby & Gold Chandeliers

JLX27 : Faceted Amethyst Chandeliers with Lemon Topaz Dangling Drops

JLV40 : Designer Golden Hoops

JLQ32 : Gold Twisted Hoops

JJQ59 : Golden Hoops with Leaves

JJV22 : Rectangular Hoops

JHZ04 : Ruby and Emerald Gold Necklace

JLX22 : Coral Earrings

JLX29 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring with Diamonds

JLX34 : Faceted Emerald Ring with Diamonds

JLX30 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring

JLX32 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring

JLX15 : Fine Cut Garnet Bunch

JLX19 : Handcrafted Golden Pendant from Rajasthan

JLX18 : Lord Hanuman

JLX24 : Turquoise Flower Earrings

JIM01 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JLV45 : Faceted Amethyst Drop Earrings

JLV47 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Earrings

JLV41 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline, Amethyst & Citrine Chandeliers

JLV38 : Golden Hoops

JLV37 : Baby Krishna

JLU52 : Meenakari Nose Pin

JLU51 : Nose Pin

JLU53 : Nose Pin

JLU16 : Fine Cut Rainbow Moonstone Post Earrings

JLQ36 : The Mythic Dream

JLU13 : Blue Topaz and Diamonds Set

JLU19 : Blue Topaz Hoop Chandelier Earrings

JLU14 : Hinged Coral Earrings

JLU15 : Superfine Cut Citrine Earrings

JLU02 : Designer Hoops

JLT91 : Emerald Drop Earrings

JLT95 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

JLT94 : Faceted Ruby Hoops

JLT93 : Faceted Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald Pendant

JLU01 : Gold Hoop Earrings with Dangling Balls

JLT96 : Golden Hoops

JLU11 : Gurumukhi OM

JLU12 : Handcrafted Meenakari Pendant

JLU07 : Lord Hanuman

JLU03 : Lord Jesus Christ on Cross

JLU08 : Om Pendant

JLU18 : Pink Tourmaline & Peridot Chandeliers

JLU05 : Shiva Parvati

JLU04 : The Sure Way To Success

JLT98 : Turquoise Earrings

JLT92 : Turquoise Hoop Chandeliers

JLQ40 : Designer Earrings with Leaves

JLQ39 : Gemstone Chandeliers with Carved Leaves

JLQ35 : Navratna Pendant with Central Ganesha

JLQ41 : Faceted Garnet & Lemon Topaz Drop Chandeliers

JLQ31 : Om Pendant

JIJ09 : Carved Emerald Designer Pendant with Ruby, Pearl & Diamonds

JHX41 : Emerald & Diamond Gold Bracelet

JJQ85 : Golden Om Pendant

JLN61 : Fine Cut Peridot Bunch Earrings

JLN62 : Fine Cut Tourmaline Chandeliers

JLN64 : Handcrafted Pendant with Dangle

JJV27 : Meenakari Earrings with Dangles

JJY09 : Faceted Blue Topaz Chandeliers

JJY13 : Faceted Garnet Chandeliers

JJY12 : Faceted Iolite Spike Bunch

JJY14 : Handcrafted Post Earrings from Rajasthan

JJW74 : Faceted Tourmaline Spiral Chandeliers

JJW76 : Faceted Watermelon Tourmaline Chandeliers

JJW78 : Handcrafted Gold Pendant

JJW79 : Lord Ganesha

JJW77 : Meenakari Post Earrings

JJV25 : Designer Gold Earrings

JJV30 : Designer Handcrafted Pendant from Rajasthan

JJV29 : Handcrafted Pendant

JJV31 : Handcrafted Pendant with Dangles

JJV28 : Lord Tirupati The Lord of Seven Hills

JJU41 : Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet

JJU27 : Faceted Sapphire Golden Ring

JJU29 : Fine Sapphire Golden Ring with Diamonds

JJQ86 : Golden Leaf Earrings

JHV44 : Radha & Krishna

JJL73 : Goddess Durga

JJI58 : Fluting Krishna

JJL78 : Nose Pin

JJL76 : Nose Pin with Meenakari

JJL77 : Nose Pin with Meenakari

JJL79 : Nose Pin with Zircon

JJL80 : Nose Pin with Zircon

JJL75 : Nose Ring

JJL74 : Nose Ring with Traditional Meenakari

JIM20 : 18 K Gold Chandeliers

JII04 : Golden Spike Earrings with Faceted Amethyst

JJI42 : Goddess Lakshmi

JJI47 : Lord Ganesha

JJI54 : Lord Ganesha

JJI55 : Lord Ganesha

JJI56 : Lord Ganesha

JJI44 : Lord Hanuman

JJI49 : Om (Aum)

JJI50 : Om (Aum) with Trident

JJI45 : Sai Baba

JJI46 : Shiva Parvati

JJI52 : The Auspicious Om (Aum)

JJI51 : The Sure Way To Success

JJI48 : Tirupati - The Lord of Seven Hills

JHX45 : Stylized Shiva Linga in OM

JIB77 : Hanuman & Om Double Sided Pendant

JIV10 : Diamond Ring

JIV19 : Faceted Amethyst Tops

JIV03 : Faceted Aquamarine Ring with Diamonds

JIV11 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring with Diamonds

JIV20 : Faceted Emerald Tops with Diamonds

JIV12 : Faceted Green Tourmaline Ring with Diamonds

JIV14 : Faceted Iolite & Aquamarine Gold Chandeliers

JIV09 : Faceted Iolite Ring with Diamonds

JIV06 : Faceted Sapphire Golden Ring with Diamonds

JHT40 : Om Pendant

JHS94 : Om Gold Pendant

JIM13 : Carved Coral Rose with Diamonds

JIM04 : Cat's Eye Ring

JIM21 : Faceted Amethyst Hoop Chandelier Earrings

JIM03 : Faceted Blue Topaz Gold Bracelet with Diamonds

JIM16 : Faceted Blue Topaz Tops

JIM11 : Faceted Emerald Cross

JIM12 : Pearl Gold Pendant with Diamond Border

JIM23 : Pearl Ring

JIM10 : Rectangular Sapphire Ring

JIM17 : Sapphire and Diamond Flowers

JIM24 : Two Way Ring (Emerald & Diamonds)

JII50 : Faceted Citrine Gold Earrings

JII49 : Faceted Citrine Gold Earrings

JIJ12 : Carved Emerald Earrings with Ruby, Pearl & Diamonds

JIJ10 : Faceted Blue Topaz Chandeliers

JIJ06 : Faceted Peridot & Carnelian Hoop Chandelier Earrings

JII91 : Faceted Citrine Gold Earrings

JII95 : Faceted Iolite Gold Ring

JII87 : Faceted Peridot Gold Chandeliers

JII88 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Spike Bunch

JII89 : Goddess Durga

JII92 : Gold Nose Pin

JII93 : Nose Pin

JII90 : Om Gold Pendant

JHW44 : Gold Shield with Granulation

JIC86 : Faceted Blue Topaz Gold Earrings

JHR64 : Om Pendant

JIB71 : Blue Topaz & Zircon Necklace with Earrings

JIB50 : Fine Cut Citrine Gold Earrings

JIB51 : Gemstone Nose Pin

JIB76 : Handcrafted Gold Pendant

JHZ02 : Faceted Tourmaline Gold Ring

JHY19 : Faceted Emerald Gold Bracelet with Diamonds

JHY02 : Faceted Emerald Gold Ring with Diamonds

JHX57 : Faceted Ruby Necklace & Earrings Set

JHX44 : Diamond & Sapphire Ring

JHX46 : Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald Pendant & Earrings Set

JHX37 : Gold Pendant of Ganesha with Meenakari

JHX38 : Sapphire & Diamond Tops

JHX40 : Victorian Necklace with Matching Earrings

JHW75 : Gold Ring with Fine Cut Amethyst & Diamonds

JHW70 : Om Gold Pendant

JHW60 : Gold Earrings with Fine Cut Blue Topaz Briolette

JHW57 : Fine Cut Amethyst Ring in Gold

JHW54 : Fine Handcrafted Gold Nose Pin

JHW55 : Gold Earrings with Fine Cut Amethyst Briolette

JHW50 : Lord Ganesha (Gold Pendant)

JHW53 : Meenakari & Mango Nose Pin

JHW51 : Om Gold Pendant

JHW52 : Pearl & Gold Nose Pin

JHW42 : Handcrafted Gold Pendant

JHW45 : Nose Ring (Nath) - A Symbol of Virginity

JHV15 : Triple Stone Faceted Green Tourmaline Gold Ring

JHS95 : Fine Handcrafted Gold Pendant

JHT44 : Fertility

JHT43 : Lord Ganesha

JHT42 : Meditating Shiva

JHT45 : Om Gold Pendant

JHT39 : Dancing Ganesha

JHS43 : Handcrafted Gold Pendant

JHS44 : Om Pendant

JHR69 : Fluting Krishna

JHR66 : Four Armed Ganesha

JHR65 : Lord Vishnu with Sheshnaga

JHR68 : OM (AUM)

JHR71 : Om Pendant with Meenakari

JHR62 : Radha-Krishna

JHR70 : Shiva

JBE48 : Om Pendant

JBE49 : Om Pendant

JBE50 : Om Pendant

LP42 : Om Necklace

LP43 : Om Pendant

LP44 : Om Pendant

JL05 : Lakshmi and Vishnu

JL04 : Lord Ganesha

JB53 : Gold Baby Chain

JB48 : Gold Chain

JB55 : Gold Ear Rings

JB56 : Gold Kundan Ear Rings

JB60 : Gold Necklace with Ear Rings

JB62 : Gold Necklace with Ear Rings

JB63 : Gold Necklace with Ear Rings

JB58 : Gold Necklace with Ear Rings and Ring

JB59 : Gold Necklace with Ear Rings and Ring

JB47 : Gold Ruby Necklace Set

JB50 : Meenakari Gold Necklace With Ear Rings

JB54 : Meenakari Gold Necklace With Ear Rings

JB51 : Meenakari Gold Necklace With Ear Rings and Ring

JB57 : Meenakari Gold Necklace With Ear Rings and Ring

JA96 : Gold Necklace with Cut Glass Pendant

ZD69 : Diamond Necklace With Ear Rings and Ring

ZD74 : Gold Necklace With Ear Rings and Ring

ZD70 : Meenakari Necklace With Ear Rings and Ring

ZD56 : Om Pendant

ZD58 : Om Pendant

ZD71 : Rope Necklace

ZD57 : The Trident (Skt. trishula)