Buy Indian Rings: Pearl, Amethyst & Amber Rings set in Sterling Silver - Listing of all sold items

Shop for Indian Rings made of Sterling Silver studded with stones like Pearl, Amethyst, Amber, Garnet & more. Find intricate Indian Jewelry at ExoticIndia.

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UN06 : Lapis Lazuli and Coral Ring

JWB33 : Cabochon Rainbow Moonstone Embellished Ring

JPU91 : Isosceles-Triangle Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JPO07 : Marquise Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JXB10 : Rectangle Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JXC63 : Tear-Drop Rainbow Moonstone Embellished Ring

GE64 : Cabochon Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LD89 : Tear-Drop Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LBL35 : Navaratna Ring

LCF02 : Oval Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAM68 : Faceted Amethyst Ring with Garnet

LAJ57 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LCF04 : Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone Ring

LCF03 : Round Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LCE57 : Emerald and Ruby Gemstone Ring

LCE60 : Ruby Gemstone Ring

LCE61 : Ruby Gemstone Ring

LCE39 : Emerald and Ruby Gemstone Ring

LCE37 : Faceted Emerald and Ruby Gemstone Ring

LCE40 : Faceted Ruby Gemstone Ring

LCE42 : Guardian Angel Turquoise Ring

LCE41 : Ruby Gemstone Ring

LCE38 : Soothing Faceted Topaz Ring

LCE36 : Sterling Silver Gemstone Ring

LCE24 : Emerald and Ruby Gemstone Ring

LCE23 : Faceteted Gemstone Ring

LCE55 : Coloured Curve Gemstones Ring

LCB42 : Devi Lakshmi Ring

LCB29 : Goddess Lakshmi Ring

LCB38 : Goddess Lakshmi Ring

LCB24 : Lord Ganesha Ring

LCB27 : Lord Hanuman Ring

LCB33 : Lord Hanuman Ring

LCB37 : Lord Hanuman Ring

LCB44 : Lord Hanuman Ring

LCB31 : Lord Murugan (Karttikeya) Ring

LCB30 : Lord Venkateshvara as Balaji at Tirupati Ring

LCB25 : Navaratna Ring

LCB34 : Navaratna Ring

LCB39 : Navaratna Ring

LCB45 : Navaratna Ring

LCB47 : Navaratna Ring

LCB48 : Navaratna Ring

LCB36 : Om Mani Padme Hum Ring

LCB35 : Raghavendra Maharaj Ring

LCB40 : Shirdi Sai Baba Ring

LCB28 : Shri Sai Baba Ring

LBQ51 : Lapis Lazuli Shield Ring

LBR34 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

LBR28 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LBR23 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring with Granulation

LBW76 : Rose Quartz Oval Ring

LBY29 : Shiva Linga Ring

JVW06 : Pearl Ring

LCA97 : Faceted Ruby Ring

LCA95 : Turquoise Ring

LCA86 : Faceted Emerald Ring

LCA90 : Faceted Ruby Ring

LCA89 : Faceted Ruby Ring with Sapphire

LCA88 : Faceted Sapphire Ring

LCA91 : Faceted Sapphire Ring with Ruby

JWY07 : Amber Ring

LBW42 : Blue Chalcedony Marquis Ring

LAM42 : Faceted Iolite Ring

LBQ37 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

LBW18 : Mystic Topaz Oval Ring

LBW63 : Pearl Oval Ring

LBW64 : Rose Quartz Ring

JZP73 : Black Marcasite Ring

LBT70 : Turquoise Inlay Ring

LAS40 : Turquoise with Coral Ring from Afghanistan

LBZ25 : Lord Hanuman Ring

LBZ24 : Trishul (Trident) Ring

LBY47 : Shiva Linga Ring

LBY48 : Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Ring

LBY49 : Trishul Ring

LBY33 : Hanumanji Ring

LBY46 : Hayagriva Ring

LBY38 : Lord Vishnu Ring

LBY36 : Narasimha Ring

LBY45 : Pavitri Ring

LBY30 : Shiva Linga Ring

LBY27 : Trishul (Trident) Ring

LBY39 : Vaishnava Symbol Ring

LBY24 : Auspicious Swastika Ring

LBY19 : Kundalini Ring

LBY16 : Lord Buddha Ring

LBY26 : Lord Ganesha Ring

LBY20 : Lord Narasimha Ring

LBY25 : Sri Lakshmi Ring

LBY12 : Shri Yantra Ring

LBY55 : Karttikeya Spear Ring

LBY64 : Shiva Linga Ring

LBY56 : Shiva Linga Trident Ring

LBY63 : Karttikeya Ring with Tamil OM (AUM)

LBY61 : Tamil OM (AUM) Ring

LBY65 : Tamil Om Ring

LBZ32 : Shiva Linga Ring

LAX60 : Three-Gems (Citrine, Amethyst and Peridot) Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LBX26 : Shri Ganesha Ring

LBX05 : Goddess Lakshmi Ring

LBW94 : Lord Ganesha Ring

LBW67 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

LBW40 : Designer Pearl Ring

LBW75 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Circular Ring

LBW69 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Drop Ring

LBW78 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Oval Ring

LBW61 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Rectangular Ring

LBW73 : Faceted Rose Quartz Oval Ring

LBW72 : Pearl Ring with Spirals

LBW70 : Rose Quartz Drop Ring

LBW79 : Rose Quartz Ring

LBW60 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

LBW48 : Carnelian Oval Ring

LBW44 : Circular Carnelian Ring

LBW54 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Ring

LBW51 : Pearl Ring

LBW55 : Rose Quartz Marquis Ring

LBW45 : Rose Quartz Square Ring

LBV81 : Blooming Flower Coral Ring

LBV72 : Coral Ring

LBV66 : Coral Ring with Knotted Rope

LBV99 : Granulated Coral Ring

LBV86 : Rainbow Moonstone Drop Ring

LBV89 : Ruby Zoisite Drop Ring

LBV78 : Ruby Zoisite Oval Ring

LBV70 : Ruby Zoisite Rectangular Ring

LBV96 : Ruby Zoisite Ring with Granulation

LBV92 : Triple Coral Ring

LBV56 : Flower Coral Ring

LBV62 : Rainbow Moonstone Drop Ring

LBV36 : Amber Ring with Filigree

LBV33 : Narasimha Ring

LBV42 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

LBV09 : Labradorite Oval Ring

LBU98 : Amber Oval Ring with Filigree

LBV01 : Gemstone Oval Ring

LBV07 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Ring

LBU85 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LBU87 : Faceted Labradorite Spiral Ring

LBU88 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

LBU80 : Navaratna Square Ring

LBU81 : Om (Aum) Ring

LBU84 : Sun Sitara Oval Ring

LBU90 : Tiger Eye Ring

LBU68 : Blue Chalcedony Oval Ring

LBU77 : Gemstone Ring

LBU56 : Om (Aum) Ring

LBU71 : Om (Aum) Ring

LBU63 : ॐ नमः शिवाय (OM Namah Shivai) Ring

LBU39 : Kundalini Ring

LBU30 : Lord Ganesha Ring

LBU44 : Om (Aum) Ring

LBZ29 : Shiva Linga Ring

LBU57 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZL84 : Faceted Peridot Ring

LBT43 : Twin Amber Ring

LBT68 : Lapis Lazuli Drop Ring

LBS84 : Carnelian Dragon Ring

JQQ81 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring (in Mixed Colors)

JQK22 : Carnelian Rectangular Finger Ring

JQJ11 : Twin Amber Finger Ring

JGA23 : Shell Pendant with Earrings and Finger Ring Set

JLX31 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JHX68 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Gold Ring with Diamonds

JPR02 : Diamond White Gold Finger Ring

LBR40 : Lapis Lazuli and Coral Ring

LBR43 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JZX79 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JZU07 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Serpent Ring

LBR13 : Lapis Lazuli and Coral Ring

LBR16 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LBR18 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring with Flowers

LBR02 : Lapis Lazuli Ring with Coral

LBR08 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

LBQ91 : Sterling Two-Layer Ring

LBQ82 : Granulated Kyanite Ring

LBQ71 : Kyanite Chakra Ring

LBQ80 : Kyanite Floral Ring

LBQ73 : Kyanite Oval Ring

LBQ76 : Kyanite Rhombus Ring with Filigree

LBQ78 : Kyanite Ring

LBQ67 : Kyanite Spiral Ring

LBQ85 : Kyanite Square Ring

LBQ69 : Larimar Circular Ring

LBQ83 : Larimar Oval Ring

LBQ81 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

LBQ77 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring with Filigree

LBQ86 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring with Filigree

LBQ84 : Rainbow Moonstone Spiral Ring

LBQ57 : Granulated Kyanite Square Ring

LBQ66 : Kyanite Flower Ring

LBQ62 : Kyanite Triangle Ring

LBQ65 : Larimar Oval Ring

LBQ59 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring with Filigree

LBQ56 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

LBQ53 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LBQ49 : Lapis Lazuli Tear Drop Ring

LBQ55 : Rainbow Moonstone Flower Ring

LBQ39 : Lapis Lazuli Spiral Ring

LBQ41 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

LBD32 : Amethyst Earrings with Matching Finger Ring

LBP93 : Blooming Flower Ring with Coral and Turquoise

LBQ05 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

LBQ18 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

LBQ28 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring with Filigree

LBQ08 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring with Filigree

LBQ23 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring with Granulation

LBQ12 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring with Spiral

LBP71 : Lapis Lazuli Flower Ring

LBP90 : Box Ring with Faceted Amethyst

LBQ03 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAK29 : Turquoise Ring

LBQ15 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LBP81 : Faceted Peridot Box Ring

LBQ26 : Rainbow Moonstone Chakra Ring

LAQ42 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

LAX44 : Faceted Amethyst Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

JZD54 : Green Marcasite Ring

JYW27 : Navaratna Ring

JZU36 : Faceted Pink and Green Tourmaline Ring

LAZ86 : Rose Quartz Marquis Ring

JZW62 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LAZ90 : Rose Quartz Ring

JYT98 : Faceted Amethyst Bunch Ring

JKX39 : Sterling Flower Ring

JGL50 : Carnelian Splendor

LBM58 : Blooming Flower Ring

LBM59 : Elephant Ring with Marcasite

LBM60 : Sterling Flower Ring

LBM32 : Lord Ganesha Ring

LBM46 : Shell Elephant Head Ring with Garnet Eye

LBM73 : Large Ganesha Ring

LBM74 : Sterling Marcasite OM (AUM) Ring

LBM61 : Sunflower Gold Plated Ring

JZU33 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

LBL72 : Sterling Kundalini Ring with Marcasite

LBK98 : Rose Quartz Ring

LBL28 : Navaratna Ring

LBL30 : Navaratna Ring

LBL33 : Navaratna Ring

LBL32 : Navaratna Square-Shape Ring

LBL91 : Sterling Sunflower Ring

JSD77 : Amber Ring

LBL21 : Navaratna Ring

LBK62 : Blue Chalcedony Oval Ring

LBK64 : Carnelian Marquis Ring

LBK61 : Faceted Black Spinel Ring

LBK63 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Ring

LBK65 : Faceted Labradorite Ring

LBK35 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

LBK67 : Faceted Ruby Ring

LBK66 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

LBK37 : Labradorite Square Ring

LBK58 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

LBK60 : Rainbow Moonstone Pear Ring

LBK34 : Amethyst Ring

LBK38 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JZU35 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

LAZ85 : Garnet Ring

JZW58 : Labradorite Ring

LBK39 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

LBK33 : Lapis Lazuli Ring


LBK32 : Sterling Om (AUM) Ring

LBK36 : Sterling Ring

LAZ91 : Rose Quartz Ring

LBK15 : CZ Ring

LAZ88 : Labradorite Ring

LBK16 : Mystic Topaz Ring

JSD92 : Amber Ring

JZV74 : Black Spinel Ring

JZU13 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JZT95 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZT88 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring

JZT96 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring

JYT81 : Navaratna Ring


LAM53 : Rose Quartz Ring

JDW19 : Turquoise Ring

JWC26 : Turquoise Ring

LAZ93 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAM87 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Garnet, Citrine, Peridot and Blue Topaz)

JZU09 : Faceted Green and Pink Tourmaline Ring

JZT35 : Faceted Green Tourmaline Ring

JZU22 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JZU30 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JZU39 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JZW60 : Garnet Ring

JWC19 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JWB95 : Turquoise Ring

LBJ37 : Faceted Gemstone Flower Ring (Amethyst, Garnet, Peridot, Iolite and Citrine)

LBJ34 : Labradorite Ring

LBJ39 : Navaratna Ring

LBJ36 : Navaratna Square Ring

LBJ38 : Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Coral Ring

LAZ94 : Rose Quartz Ring

JZU19 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

LAZ89 : Rose Quartz Oval Ring

LAZ92 : Rose Quartz Ring

JZT26 : Carnelian Ring with Marcasite

LAY88 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAK35 : Turquoise Ring

JWH60 : Turquoise Ring

LBJ17 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Citrine, Amethyst, Peridot, Iolite, Rainbow Moonstone and Garnet)

LBJ16 : Moonstone Gypsy Ring

JZV84 : Navaratna Ring

LBK99 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

LAL79 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Citrine and Garnet)

LAM07 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring with Peridot

JZU06 : Faceted Green Tourmaline Ring

JZU24 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

LAY96 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAM11 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Citrine, BT, Garnet and Peridot)

LBI67 : Faceted Ruby Ring

LAN49 : Faceted Sapphire Ring

JZT94 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JZU20 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

LAQ45 : Prehnite Ring

JWB93 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

LAK41 : Turquoise Ring

LBK17 : Mystic Topaz Ring

LAM52 : Rose Quartz Oval Ring

LBI28 : Black Onyx Ring

JZU11 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

LAQ40 : Black Onyx Ring

LAM03 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZU01 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JZW56 : Larimar Ring

LAY93 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAQ47 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

LAM75 : Faceted Amethyst Flower Ring

LAM18 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAM62 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Garnet, Peridot, Amethyst and Citrine)

JZV80 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JZU32 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

LAM54 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAK37 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

LAN54 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZU38 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JZU05 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JZV85 : Rose Quartz Ring

LBH87 : OM (AUM) CZ Ring

LBH88 : OM (AUM) Ring with Cubic Zirconia

LAQ46 : Rutilated Quartz Ring

LAK36 : Turquoise Ring

JZT93 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JZT92 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JZT91 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

LAQ44 : Tiger Eye Ring

JZS91 : Triple Rose Quartz Ring

LAK34 : Turquoise Ring

LAQ49 : Amazonite Ring

LAM74 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Garnet, Citrine, Peridot and BT)

JZU37 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

LAQ38 : Malachite Ring

JZT25 : Marcasite Ring with Turquoise

LAM46 : Pearl Ring

JWC06 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

LAM60 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

LAM80 : Faceted Gemstone Flower Ring (Amethyst, Garnet, Peridot and Citrine)

LAM65 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Peridot, Garnet, Amethyst and Citrine)

JZT89 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring

JZU10 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

LAN56 : Faceted Triple Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Garnet and Citrine)

LAK33 : Turquoise Ring

JWH65 : Turquoise Ring

LAK30 : Turquoise Ring

JVY72 : Turquoise Ring

JZT90 : Faceted Pink and Green Tourmaline Ring

LAK42 : Turquoise Ring

LBH79 : Wood and Sterling Ring

LAY51 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAY85 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAY73 : Turquoise Ring

JZT87 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

LAK44 : Turquoise Ring

LAY54 : Turquoise Ring

JTW06 : Green Onyx Ring

JZU26 : Faceted Pink and Petro Tourmaline Ring

LAK28 : Turquoise Ring

LAW68 : Crystal Ring

LAY58 : Turquoise Ring

LBG53 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LBB62 : Evil Eye Ring

JZU23 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

LAK38 : Turquoise Ring

JRF93 : Victorian Diamond Finger Ring with Central Ruby

LBE65 : Amethyst Ring

LBF29 : Faceted BT Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LBF05 : Faceted Emerald Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LBF06 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

LBF07 : Sterling Ganesha Ring

LBE81 : Sterling Om (AUM) Ring

LBE66 : Turquoise Blooming Flower Ring

LBF01 : Turquoise Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LBE67 : Turquoise Ring

LBD96 : Sterling Ring Gemstones

LBD97 : Faceted Garnet Ring

LBE16 : Faceted Labradorite Ring

LBE15 : Garnet Ring

LBE17 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LBE13 : Om (AUM) Ring

LBE12 : Pearl Ring

LAY92 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAY74 : Turquoise Ring

LBD18 : Faceted Peridot Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LBD46 : Green Mohave Turquoise Earrings with Ring Set

LBD33 : Labradorite Earrings with Ring Set

LBD31 : Rose Quartz Earrings with Ring Set

LAY94 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAY98 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAY72 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

LBB64 : Mystic Topaz Ring

LBB63 : Rainbow Moonstone Flower Ring

LBB66 : Turquoise Flower Ring

LBB65 : Victorian Ruby Ring

LBA36 : Blue Mystic Topaz Ring

LBA35 : Mystic Topaz Oval Ring

LBA34 : Mystic Topaz Ring

LBA37 : Mystic Topaz Ring

LBA38 : Navaratna Ring

LBA17 : Navaratna Ring with Lattice Band

LBA18 : Navaratna Square Ring

LBA16 : Navaratna Ring

JYV27 : Navaratna Ring with Emerald Border

JZM87 : Navaratna Ring with Sapphire Border

JZU15 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

LAZ66 : Amethyst Ring

LAZ61 : Black Onyx Ring

LAZ62 : Black Onyx Ring

LAZ41 : Black Onyx Ring

LAZ70 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

LAZ67 : Faceted Black Spinel

LAZ65 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAZ79 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

LAZ43 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

LAZ47 : Green Marcasite Ring

LAZ56 : Purple Marcasite Ring

LAZ84 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAZ68 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAZ69 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAS17 : Super Large Ring of Lord Ganesha (Collector's Item)

LAZ25 : Faceted Crystal Ring

LAZ36 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAZ30 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

LAZ31 : Garnet Marquis Ring

LAZ32 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LAZ35 : Larimar Ring

LAZ17 : Tantric Yantra Ring

LAW84 : Amethyst Marquis Ring

LAW88 : Larimar Ring

LAY52 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAY82 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAY71 : Turquoise Ring

LAY60 : Turquoise Ring

JYP25 : Navaratna Ring

LAY81 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAY55 : Turquoise Ring

LBA12 : Navaratna Ring

LBA14 : Navaratna Square Ring

LAW58 : Carnelian Ring

LAW57 : Crystal Ring

LAW59 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAW60 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Ring

LAW35 : Turquoise Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAW08 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAY21 : Amethyst Ring

LAY47 : Amethyst Ring

LAY04 : Amethyst Ring

LAY43 : Amethyst Ring

LAY32 : Amethyst Ring

LAY42 : Amethyst Ring

LAY39 : Amethyst Ring

LAY38 : Amethyst Ring

LAY23 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

LAY34 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

LAY10 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAY03 : Garnet Ring

LAY36 : Garnet Ring

LAY24 : Garnet Ring

LAY19 : Garnet Ring

LAY28 : Garnet Ring

LAY35 : Garnet Ring

LAY37 : Garnet Ring

LAY18 : Garnet Ring

LAY25 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LAY27 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LAY01 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LAY17 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LAY22 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAY05 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAY44 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAY02 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAY50 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAY20 : Turquoise Ring

LAY45 : Turquoise Ring

LAY29 : Turquoise Ring

LAY30 : Turquoise Ring

LAY31 : Turquoise Ring

LAY26 : Turquoise Ring

LAY46 : Turquoise Ring

LAY48 : Turquoise Ring

LAY49 : Turquoise Ring

LAX71 : Amethyst Ring

LAX61 : Amethyst Ring

LAX69 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

LAX70 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

LAX67 : Faceted Labradorite Ring

LAX68 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

LAX65 : Garnet Ring

LAX64 : Garnet Ring

LAX66 : Gray Moonstone Ring

LAX73 : Labradorite Ring

LAX75 : Labradorite Ring

LAX72 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LAX62 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LAX74 : Rose Quartz Marquis Ring

LAX76 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAX47 : Aventurine Jade Ring

LAX48 : Black Onyx Marquis Ring

LAX53 : Black Onyx Ring

LAX55 : Black Onyx Ring

LAX59 : Blue Topaz Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAX37 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

LAX58 : Faceted Citrine Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAX40 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAX45 : Faceted Garnet Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAX56 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Citrine, Garnet, Peridot and Amethyst)

LAX54 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

LAX57 : Faceted Peridot Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAX38 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LAX12 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

LAV96 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

LAX11 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAX23 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAX15 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAV95 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAX18 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAX16 : Faceted Labradorite Ring

LAX04 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAV92 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAV94 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAY83 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAV87 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

LAV88 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

LAV70 : Faceted Crystal Gold Plated Ring

LAV84 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAV85 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAV86 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAV72 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAV80 : Turquoise Ring

LAV81 : Turquoise Ring

LAV82 : Turquoise Ring

LAV69 : Turquoise Ring

LAV83 : Turquoise Ring

LAX09 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAU04 : Faceted Three Gemstone Ring (Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby)

LAV50 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

LAV47 : Faceted Amethyst with Garnet Ring

LAV56 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, BT, Garnet, Citrine and Peridot)

LAV54 : Faceted Peridot and Garnet Ring

LAV44 : Labradorite Ring

LAV58 : Labradorite Ring

LAV60 : Labradorite Ring

LAV62 : Labradorite Ring

LAV63 : Labradorite Ring

LAV64 : Labradorite Ring

LAV49 : Labradorite Ring

LAV61 : Labradorite Ring

LAV57 : Labradorite Ring

LAV45 : Labradorite Ring

LAV48 : Labradorite Ring

LAV46 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAV40 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAV41 : Faceted Four Gemstone Ring (Rose Quartz, Garnet, BT and Peridot)

LAV39 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Garnet, BT, Peridot and Citrine)

LAV38 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LBA39 : Navaratna Ring

LBA13 : Navaratna Ring

JZS26 : Carnelian Ring

LAX43 : Faceted Five Gemstone Ring ( Citrine, Garnet, Amethyst, BT and Peridot)

LAX41 : Faceted Four Gemstone Ring (Garnet, Citrine, BT and Peridot)

LAX39 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (BT, Amethyst, Garnet, Peridot and Citrine)

LAX42 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Garnet, Amethyst, Peridot and Citrine)

LAX46 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Garnet, BT, Peridot and Amethyst)

LAN68 : Faceted Amethyst Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAN26 : Faceted Blue Topaz Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAN30 : Faceted Citrine Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAN25 : Faceted Gemstone Pendant Set (Garnet, Amethyst, Citrine and Peridot)

LAN75 : Faceted Gemstone Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set (Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire)

LAN39 : Faceted Peridot Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAN93 : Faceted Ruby Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAY53 : Rose Quartz Ring

QH42 : Black Onyx Slave Bracelet

LAT24 : Sterling Veins Ring

LAS27 : Lord Ganesha Large Photo Ring

LAR19 : Ruby Zoisite Large Ring

LAR18 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

LAS38 : A Ring from Afghanistan with Turquoise, Coral and Amber

LAS09 : Angel Ring

LAS36 : Coral with Turquoise Ring

LAS39 : Dakini Ring

LAS10 : Dorje-Shape Ring from Afghanistan with Coral and Amber

LAS06 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Ring

LAS26 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAS28 : Garnet Box Ring

LAS37 : Lord Ganesha Large Ring

LAS30 : Lord Ganesha Large Ring with Peacock Pair

LAS21 : Lord Ganesha Ring

LAS25 : Lord Ganesha Ring

LAS35 : Lord Ganesha Ring

LAS18 : Skull Ring

LAS20 : Sterling Bat Ring

LAS34 : Sterling Bat Ring

LAS22 : Sterling Dakini Ring with Garnet Eyes and Fine Lattice Work

LAS24 : Sterling Dragon Ring

LAS19 : Sterling Tortoise Ring

LAS32 : Sterling Tribal Ring

LAS33 : Sterling Twin Skull Large Ring

JZS25 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAR17 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

LAR20 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JZN96 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZO13 : Garnet Expanded Teardrop Ring (Mixed Band)

JZN99 : Garnet Teardrop Ring

LAT18 : Faceted Triple Gemstone Pendant, Earrings with Ring Set (Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire)

JSD86 : Amber Ring

LAM56 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAQ36 : Amazonite Ring

LAQ50 : Chalcedony Ring

LAM66 : Faceted Amethyst Ring with Garnet and Citrine

JZZ83 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Ring

LAM04 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAN99 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire)

LAM19 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Garnet, Amethyst, Citrine, Peridot and BT)

JZU21 : Faceted Green and Pink Tourmaline Flower Ring

LAN45 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring (Mixed Color)

LAQ43 : Labradorite Ring

LAQ48 : Lace Agate Ring

LAQ37 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAK32 : Turquoise Ring

JTV92 : Black Onyx Ring

JQZ24 : Rhodonite Oval Ring

JQZ27 : Smoky Quartz Ring

JQZ32 : Tiger Eye Ring

JZP71 : Red Marcasite Ring

JZZ82 : Crystal Ring

LAO18 : Faceted Black Spinel Ring

LAM64 : Faceted Citrine and Peridot Ring

LAM70 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAM08 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring with Garnet, Amethyst and Citrine

JZU65 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

LAP07 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

LAP11 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Ring

JZT86 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring

JZV96 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZU40 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

LAJ74 : Green Amethyst Ring

LAJ72 : Labradorite Ring

LAO97 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZW50 : Malachite Ring

LAO85 : Malachite Ring

JZU69 : Marcasite Inlay Ring

JZV81 : Sterling Gold Plated Ring

LAP02 : Tiger Eye Ring

JZP62 : Amethyst Ring

JZS58 : Amethyst Ring

JZX77 : BT Ring

LAM78 : Faceted Blue Topaz with Peridot Ring

LAM63 : Faceted Citrine Ring with Garnet and Amethyst

JZU03 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Citrine, Garnet, Amethyst, Iolite and Peridot)

LAM81 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Garnet, Citrine and Peridot)

JZU16 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring

LAM21 : Labradorite Ring

LAM48 : Pearl Ring

LAO04 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAM79 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Garnet, Amethyst, Citrine and Peridot)

JZW12 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAM47 : Malachite Ring

JZW61 : Sunstone Ring

JZR34 : Sterling Mahakala Ring

JZQ06 : Garnet Ring

LAM32 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

LAJ54 : Green Onyx Ring

LAJ56 : Labradorite Ring

LAJ60 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZV78 : Amber Ring

LAJ38 : Black Onyx Ring

LAN34 : Faceted Amethyst Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAJ73 : Faceted Crystal Ring

LAJ49 : Faceted Hematite Oval Ring

LAJ55 : Labradorite Ring

LAM22 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAM38 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAM89 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAN24 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LAY86 : Rose Quartz Oval Ring

LAY89 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAY90 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAW61 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAY80 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAW63 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAY75 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAY56 : Turquoise Ring

LAY59 : Turquoise Ring

LAN66 : Faceted Blue Topaz Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAN46 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

LAN48 : Navaratna Ring

LAM28 : Malachite Ring

LAM82 : Faceted Amethyst and Garnet Ring

LAM71 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

LAM86 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAM77 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAM61 : Faceted Citrine Ring with Garnet and Amethyst

LAM69 : Faceted Garnet Ring

LAM85 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Garnet, Peridot and BT)

LAM76 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Garnet, Peridot and Citrine)

LAM12 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (BT, Citrine, Garnet and Peridot)

LAM20 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

LAM31 : Faceted Iolite Flower Ring

LAM93 : Faceted Iolite Ring

LAM51 : Faceted Iolite Ring

LAM99 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Ring

LAM33 : Labradorite Ring

LAM25 : Labradorite Ring

LAM97 : Labradorite Ring

LAM40 : Labradorite Ring

LAM37 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LAM23 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LAM26 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LAM98 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LAM29 : Lapis Lazuli Triple Stone Ring

LAM50 : Malachite Ring

LAM95 : Malachite Ring

LAM34 : Malachite Ring

LAM36 : Pearl Ring

LAM49 : Pearl Ring

LAM27 : Pearl Ring

LAM24 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAM94 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAM30 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAM96 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAM41 : Rose Quartz and Moonstone Ring

LAM35 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAM39 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAL85 : Faceted Triple Gemstone Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set (Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire)

LAM10 : Faceted Peridot Ring

LAM09 : Faceted Triple Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Garnet and BT)

LAL67 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAL57 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

LAL61 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

LAL72 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

LAL78 : Faceted Peridot Ring

LAL60 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAL45 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAL48 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAL62 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAL64 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAL68 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAL75 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAL65 : Larimar Ring

LAL74 : Malachite Ring

LAL46 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAL21 : Faceted Gemstone Floral Ring (Garnet, Peridot, Amethyst, BT and Citrine)

LAL30 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

LAL19 : Faceted Blue Topaz with Citirne Ring

LAL34 : Faceted Citrine Flower Ring

LAL31 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAL32 : Faceted garnet Ring

LAL35 : Faceted Garnet Ring

LAL28 : Faceted Garnet with Citrine Ring

LAL18 : Faceted Gemstone Designer Ring (Garnet, Amethyst, Citrine)

LAL33 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (BT, Amethyst, Citrine and Peridot)

LAL16 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Citrine, Amethyst, Peridot and BT)

LAL27 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Garnet, Amethyst, Peridot and Citrine)

LAL23 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Peridot, Garnet and Amethyst)

LAL22 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Smoky Quartz, Peridot, Garnet, Amethyst, Citrine)

LAL26 : Faceted Peridot Flower Ring

LAL36 : Faceted Peridot Flower Ring

LAL29 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring with Amethyst, Garnet and Citrine

LAL20 : Faceted Triple Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Garnet and Citrine)

LAL25 : Larimar Ring

LAL17 : Faceted Amethsyt Ring

LAK91 : Faceted Amethyst Flower Ring

LAL12 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

LAK92 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAL02 : Faceted Emerald Flower Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAL11 : Faceted Gemstone Flower Ring (Amethyst, Garnet and Citrine)

LAL07 : Faceted Gemstone Flower Ring (Blue Topaz, Citrine and Garnet)

LAL15 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Blue Topaz and Peridot)

LAL13 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Peridot and Citrine)

LAK98 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (BT, Citrine and Peridot)

LAL09 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring with Garnet Border

LAL01 : Faceted Ruby Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAL10 : Larimar Ring

JZW93 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZX86 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZY22 : Faceted Black Spinel Ring

JZW96 : Faceted Four Gemstone Ring (Citrine, Garnet, Peridot and Blue Topaz)

JZW81 : Faceted Gemstone Flower Flower Ring ( Blue Topaz, Peridot, Citrine and Amethyst)

JZX74 : Faceted Gemstone Flower Ring (Blue Topaz, Peridot, Citrine and Amethyst)

JZX88 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Garnet, Blue Topaz and Citrine)

JZW94 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Blue Topaz, Citrine, Amethyst and Garnet)

JZW78 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring with Garnet and Amethyst

JZW83 : Faceted Labradorite Ring with Blue Topaz, Amethyst and Garnet

JZW80 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring with Blue Topaz, Garnet and Amethyst

JZX87 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JZX76 : Faceted Peridot Ring with Citrine

JZW77 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring with White CZ

JZX78 : Faceted Triple Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Garnet, and Citrine)

JZX72 : Faceted Citrine Flower Ring

JZX80 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZW89 : Faceted Gemstone Floral Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set (Faceted Citrine, Garnet and Peridot)

JZX85 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Garnet, Citrine, Peridot, Amethyst and Lemon Topaz)

JZY23 : Faceted Triple Amethyst Ring

JZX67 : Four-Gems Ring (Faceted Amethyst, Peridot, Blue Topaz and Garnet)

LAL83 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

LAM67 : Faceted Citrine Ring with Garnet, Peridot and Amethyst

LAN43 : Faceted Gemstone Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set (Garnet, Amethyst, peridot and Citrine

LAM73 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Garnet, Citrine and Peridot)

LAM06 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Garnet, Citrine and Peridot)

LAN55 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Garnet, BT, Peridot, and Amethyst)

JZU04 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

LAJ96 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

LAJ95 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAK02 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAK01 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAJ97 : Faceted Rainbow MOonstone Ring

LAJ98 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAJ99 : Faceted Triple Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAJ28 : Green Onyx Marquis Ring

LAJ36 : Carnelian Ring

LAJ25 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Ring

LAJ06 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

LAJ10 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

LAJ19 : Black Onyx Ring

LAJ17 : Faceted Labradorite Ring

LAH93 : Amber Nepalese Ring

LAH95 : Lapis Lazuli Islamic Ring with Filigree

LAI15 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

LAI13 : Faceted Citrine Ring

LAI14 : Faceted Labradorite Ring

LAI12 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAI17 : Large Tibetan Turquoise Ring

LAI16 : Sterling Sunflower Ring

LAH96 : Lapis Lazuli Islamic Afghani Ring

LAG37 : Faceted Iolite Ring

LAG38 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAY97 : Rose Quartz Ring

JYO20 : Faceted Garnet Ring

LAF87 : Designer Gold Plated Ring

LAE98 : Faceted Amethyst Rose Ring

LAF81 : Faceted Citrine Gold Plated Ring

LAF88 : Gold Plated Butterfly Ring

LAF83 : Gold Plated Rose Ring

LAC40 : Sterling Endless Knot Ring

LAF80 : Lapis Lazuli Gold Plated Ring

LAF82 : Turquoise Gold Plated Ring

LAE99 : Sterling Gold Plated Designer Ring

LAF40 : Sterling Gold Plated Lattice Flower Ring

LAE68 : Astrological Palm Ring

LAY84 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAD99 : Opal Ring

LAE30 : Opal Ring

LAE31 : Opal Ring

LAC56 : Turquoise Ring

LAC57 : Turquoise Ring

LAC55 : Turquoise Ring

LAD59 : Turquoise Ring

LAD60 : Turquoise Ring

LAD61 : Turquoise Ring

LAD62 : Turquoisen Ring

LAD03 : Fossil Shaped Ring

LAC45 : Frosted Sterling Ring

LAC75 : Inspired by the Sea Beach (Finger Ring)

LAD08 : Opal Ring

LAD09 : Opal Ring

LAC43 : Rose Ring

LAC44 : Tulip Ring

LAY99 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAY87 : Rose Quartz Ring

LAA97 : Sterling Floral Ring

LAA46 : Sterling Flower Ring

LAA95 : Sterling Ganesha Ring

LAA47 : Sterling Ring

LAA44 : Sterling Ring

LAA96 : Sterling Snake Ring

LAA45 : Sterling Spiral Ring

LAA98 : Sterling Wave Ring

LAA99 : Turquoise Ring

LAL08 : Faceted Garnet Ring

LAL14 : Faceted Triple-Gems Flower Ring (Peridot, Garnet and Citrine)

JZQ94 : Twin Hued CZ Ring

JZS50 : Amethyst Ring

JZV65 : Amethyst Ring

JZU63 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZT31 : Faceted Black Spinel Ring

JZV58 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JZV97 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Faceted Green Onyx, Rainbow Moonstone, Garnet and Citrine)

JZS87 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JZW09 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZQ95 : Amethyst Ring

JLH62 : Double Stone Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

LAF89 : Endless Knot Gold Plated Ring

JZT34 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JWB11 : Fine Faceted Gemstone Ring (Garnet, Iolite, Amethyst and Blue Topaz)

JZT33 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZS56 : Amethyst Ring

JZS48 : Black Onyx Ring

JZV59 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZX71 : Faceted Amethyst Ring with BT and Peridot

JZV64 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JZW90 : Faceted Citrine Pendant, Earrings and Ring Set

JZX75 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JZX69 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZV52 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JZS59 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JZS82 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZV77 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JZS79 : Light-Green Chalcedony Ring

JZS49 : Malachite Ring

JZU77 : Navaratna Ring

JZW98 : Faceted Amethyst and Garnet Ring

JZW88 : Faceted Amethyst Pendant, Earrings and Ring Set

JZW82 : Faceted Amethyst Ring with Garnet, Citrine and BT

JZW91 : Faceted Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet and Peridot Pendant, Earrings and Ring Set

JZW95 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JZW97 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JZX81 : faceted Citrine Ring with White CZ

JZW87 : Faceted Garnet Pendant, Earrings and Ring Set

JZX66 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZX70 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Prehnite, Citrine, Blue Topaz and Peridot)

JZX82 : Faceted Peridot and Lemon Topaz Ring

JZW92 : Faceted Peridot Pendant, Earrings and Ring Set

JZX89 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JZX84 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JZX73 : Faceted Peridot Ring with BT

JZW86 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring with Blue Topaz

JZW79 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring with CZ

JZX61 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring with Amethyst and Garnet

JZX63 : Faceted Triple Gemstone Ring (Garnet, Amethyst and Citrine)

JZX64 : Gemstones Flower Ring (Faceted Garnet, Citrine, Peridot, Amethyst and Blue Topaz)

JZW99 : Om (AUM) Ring

JZW85 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZW76 : Faceted Amethyst Ring with CZ

JZW74 : Faceted Peridot Ring with Prehnite

JZW75 : Gemstones Ring (Faceted Black Spine, Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Citrine and Garnet)

JZV98 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZT28 : Pearl Ring with Marcasite

JZT27 : Bridal Ring

JZS52 : Carnelian Ring

JZS62 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZT32 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZT83 : Faceted Green and Pink Tourmaline Ring

JZS42 : Green Onyx Ring

JZS46 : Labradorite Ring

JZN60 : OM (AUM) Trident Large Ring

JZT79 : Faceted Pink and Brown Tourmaline Ring

JZT78 : Faceted Tourmaline Flower Ring

JZT58 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JZT80 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JZT59 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JZT75 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JZT76 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JZT77 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JZT60 : Faceted Tourmaline Round Ring

LAY57 : Turquoise Ring

JZS54 : Amethyst Oval Ring

JZS60 : Amethyst Ring

JZS44 : Amethyst Ring

JZS81 : Black Onyx Ring

JZS47 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZS43 : Carnelian Ring

JZS61 : Citrine Ring

JZS67 : Faceted Black Spinel Ring

JZS65 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JZS64 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JZS55 : Labradorite Ring

JZS37 : Larimar Ring

JZS53 : Malachite Ring

JZS45 : Malachite Ring

JZS36 : Navaratna Ring

JZS51 : Pearl Ring with Marcasite

JZS85 : Rose Quartz Ring

JZS86 : Rutilated Quartz Ring

JZS23 : Amethyst Ring

JZS22 : Black Onyx Marquis Ring

JZR45 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZR44 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZS27 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZS24 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JZR48 : Faceted Lemon Topaz, Peridot and Garnet Ring

JZR46 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JZS07 : Faceted Prehnite Gold Plated Ring

JZR47 : Faceted Triple Gemstone Ring (BT, Lemon Topaz and Amethyst)

JZS31 : Green Onyx Ring

JZR38 : Labradorite Ring

JZS21 : Labradorite Ring

JZS29 : Malachite Oval Ring

JZQ31 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZS30 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZS28 : Triple Rose Quartz Ring

JZT23 : Black Onyx Ring

JZS80 : Sky Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZM82 : Faceted Sapphire Ring

JZQ26 : Amethyst Ring

JZQ27 : Amethyst Ring

JZQ25 : Blue Chalcedony Teardrop Ring

JZQ33 : Faceted Crystal Knotted Rope Ring

JZQ24 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZQ28 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZQ29 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZQ30 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZQ32 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZQ07 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZQ09 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZQ12 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZQ17 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZQ19 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZQ20 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZQ23 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZP92 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZQ40 : Moonstone Ring

JZP97 : Rose Quartz Gold Plated Ring

JZQ39 : Rose Quartz Ring

JZP72 : Green Marcasite Ring

JZP70 : Red Marcasite Ring

JZP14 : Larimar Ring

JZP22 : Larimar Ring

JZP05 : Blue Chalcedony Oval Ring

JZP06 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZP08 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZP09 : Blue Chalcedony Round Ring

JZP07 : Rose Quartz Ring (Mixed Design)

JZP67 : Amethyst Ring Ring

JZP64 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZP65 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZP66 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZP68 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZP69 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZP61 : Rose Quartz Ring (Mixed Design)

JTX41 : Faceted Emerald Teardrop Ring with Diamond

JZO02 : Amethyst Ring

JZO05 : Amethyst Ring

JZN91 : Amethyst Round Ring (Mixed Border)

JZN98 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZO08 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZO12 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZN90 : Garnet Expanded Teardrop Ring

JZN97 : Garnet Marquis Ring

JZN89 : Garnet Oval Ring

JZO01 : Garnet Oval Ring

JZO04 : Garnet Oval Ring

JZO11 : Garnet Oval Ring

JZN93 : Garnet Oval Ring (Mixed Band)

JZO07 : Garnet Oval Ring (Mixed Band)

JZO10 : Garnet Rectangular Ring

JZN95 : Garnet Ring

JZO03 : Garnet Ring

JZO06 : Garnet Ring

JZO09 : Garnet Ring

JZO14 : Garnet Ring

JZO15 : Garnet Ring (Mixed Band)

JZO16 : Garnet Teardrop Ring (Mixed Band)

JZN94 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JZN92 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZX65 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JZX68 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring with Garnet

JZV79 : Coral Ring

JZV99 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LBA40 : Navaratna Oval-Shape Ring

LBA15 : Navaratna Round Ring

JZW10 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZQ01 : Garnet Ring

JZQ02 : Garnet Ring

JZQ03 : Garnet Ring

JZQ05 : Garnet Ring

JMI38 : Labradorite Slave Bracelet with Adjustable Ring

JZM90 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZM80 : Carnelian Ring

JZM88 : Carnelian Ring

JZM75 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JZM73 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZM84 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JZM78 : Faceted Moonstone Ring

JZM74 : Green Onyx Ring

JZM77 : Labradorite Ring

JZM83 : Labradorite Ring

JZM76 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZM86 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZM79 : Larimar Ring

JZM81 : Larimar Ring

JZM85 : Tiger Eye Ring

JZM89 : Triple Peridot Ring

JZM26 : Faceted Labradorite Ring

JZM25 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JZM24 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JZM27 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JZM23 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JZP63 : Blue Chalcedony Ring (Mixed Design)

JZL97 : Amethyst Oval Ring

JZM02 : Black Onyx Ring

JZL93 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZM12 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZM15 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZL91 : Carnelian Ring

JZM07 : Crystal Oval Ring

JZM06 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZL99 : Faceted Black Spinel Ring

JZM11 : Faceted Black Spinel Ring

JZM08 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JZL98 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZM14 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZM04 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JZL87 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZL88 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZM05 : Green Onyx Ring

JZL95 : Labradorite Ring

JZL90 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZM03 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZL89 : Malachite Ring

JZL96 : Malachite Ring

JZL82 : Navaratna Ring

JZL92 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Ring

JZM01 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JZM13 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZL94 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Ring

JZM10 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Ring

JZM09 : Triple Moonstone Ring

JXW96 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JRB96 : Scorpio Finger Inlay Ring

JVY76 : Tibetan Turquoise Oval Ring

JWB98 : Tibetan Turquoise Ring

JVZ64 : Turquoise Ring

LAY95 : Rose Quartz Ring

JYJ95 : Amethyst Ring

JYJ85 : Black Onyx Ring

JYJ94 : Carved Amethyst Ring

JYK75 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JYK46 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JYF57 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JYF86 : Faceted CZ Ring

JYJ84 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JYK52 : Faceted Lemon Quartz Ring

JYJ06 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JYF44 : Faceted Peridot Gold Plated Flower Ring

JYG49 : Gold Plated Ring with Faceted Peridot

JYK47 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYF51 : Ring Made of Rings (Gold Plated)

JYF47 : Sterling Gold Plated Ring

LAV51 : Labradorite Ring

JZJ21 : Navaratna Ring

JZJ11 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZI80 : Sapphire Ring

JZH92 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZH91 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZH90 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JZG96 : Black Onyx Ring

JZG92 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZF43 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZG97 : Labradorite Ring

JZG91 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZG94 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZG93 : Turquoise Ring

JZG95 : Turquoise Ring

JZA80 : Carnelian Ring

JZG80 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZG83 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZG86 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZG81 : Faceted Black Spinel Ring

JZG77 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZG87 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JZG76 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JZG79 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JZG84 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZG85 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JZA29 : Green Onyx Ring

JZA43 : Labradorite Ring

JZG59 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZG71 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZG74 : Faceted Black Spinel Ring

JZG72 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JZG70 : Faceted Flower Black Spinel Ring

JZG56 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZG57 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JZG75 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JZG69 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZG68 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JYZ68 : Labradorite Ring

JZF55 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZE93 : Faceted Black Spinel Ring

JZF58 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JZF59 : Faceted Garnet Flower Ring

JZF46 : Faceted Gemstones Knotted Rope Ring

JZF56 : Faceted Gemstones Knotted Rope Ring(Amethyst, Peridot, Garnet, Citrine)

JZF54 : Faceted Green Onyx Flower Ring

JZF52 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JZF47 : Faceted Peridot Flower Ring

JZF50 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JZE96 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Flower Ring

JZE92 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZF53 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZF57 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZF44 : Faceted Ruby and Green Onyx Flower Ring

JZF51 : Faceted Ruby Flower Ring

JZF32 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZF42 : Faceted Black Spinel Knotted Rope Ring

JZF33 : Faceted Citrine and Peridot Ring

JZF39 : Faceted Peridot Knotted Rope Ring

JZF37 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JZF36 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZF29 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JZF40 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JZG37 : Three-Gemstones Ring (Faceted Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire)

JZQ73 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZQ72 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZQ74 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZQ75 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZQ76 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZQ69 : Garnet Ring

JZE79 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZE89 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZE87 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JZE80 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZE91 : Faceted Ruby Flower Ring

JZE88 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JZE90 : Gemstone Flower Ring

JZE55 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JZE60 : Three-Gemstones Ring (Faceted Peridot, Garnet and Citrine)

JZE56 : Blue Chalcedony Large Ring

JZE48 : Blue Chalcedony Pear-Shaped Ring

JZE61 : Blue Chalcedony Round-Shaped Large Ring

JZE59 : Faceted Amethyst Knotted Rope Ring

JZE58 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZE62 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZE54 : Faceted Black Spinel Flower Ring

JZE53 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring with Peridot

JZE51 : Faceted Garnet Knotted Rope Ring

JZE50 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZE57 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JZE49 : MOP (Shell) Pear-Shaped Ring

JWQ77 : Carnelian Ring

JWQ30 : Tiger Eye Ring

JWQ41 : Turquoise Ring

JZG82 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZD67 : Emerald Ring

JZD49 : Lapis Lazuli Pendant, Earrings and Ring Set

JZD51 : Purple Marcasite Ring

JZD55 : Rose Quartz Ring

JZD63 : Tiger Eye Ring

JZD35 : Carnelian Pendant, Earrings and Ring Set

JZD41 : Meenakari Umbrella Ring

JZD32 : Peridot Pendant, Earrings and Ring Set

JZD36 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYY93 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JYY96 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JYY98 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JYY99 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JYZ99 : Amethyst Ring

JZF48 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JZE94 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZF45 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JZF60 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JZB91 : Amethyst Marquis Ring

JZB93 : Carnelian Oval Ring

JZB98 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JZB95 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JZB97 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZB92 : Malachite Oval Ring

JZB99 : Malachite Ring

JZB94 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZB96 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZA30 : Amethyst Ring

JZA31 : Amethyst Ring

JZA32 : Amethyst Ring

JZA60 : Amethyst Ring

JZB08 : Amethyst Ring

JZA27 : Black Onyx Ring

JZA25 : Black Onyx Ring

JZB07 : Black Onyx Ring

JZA51 : Carnelian Ring

JZA24 : Faceted Black Spinel Ring

JZA26 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZA57 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JZB01 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JZA54 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JZA52 : Faceted Rose Quartz Ring

JZB09 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JZB03 : Faceted Tiger Eye Ring

JZA28 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZB05 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZA33 : Malachite Ring

JZA55 : Malachite Ring

JZA56 : Malachite Ring

JZA53 : Prehnite Ring

JZA59 : Prehnite Ring

JZA34 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZB04 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZB06 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZA49 : Rhodonite Ring

JZA50 : Rose Quartz Ring

JZB02 : Tibetan Turquoise Ring

JZA58 : Tibetan Turquoise Ring

JZA41 : Amethyst Ring

JZA45 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZA42 : Carnelian Ring

JZA46 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JZA47 : Labradorite Ring

JZA48 : Malachite Ring

JZA44 : Sky Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZA81 : Amethyst Ring

JZA96 : Amethyst Ring

JZA82 : Black Onyx Ring

JZA91 : Black Onyx Ring

JZA92 : Carnelian Ring

JZA97 : Carnelian Ring

JZA84 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JZA86 : Green Onyx Ring

JZA87 : Labradorite Ring

JZA89 : Labradorite Ring

JZA90 : Labradorite Ring

JZA93 : Labradorite Ring

JZA94 : Labradorite Ring

JZA98 : Labradorite Ring

JZA79 : Malachite Ring

JZA85 : Malachite Ring

JZA83 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZA88 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZA95 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZA99 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZA65 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZA01 : Green Onyx Ring

JYZ98 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZA61 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZA62 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZA63 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZA64 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZA66 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZA67 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZA68 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZA69 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JYZ44 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JYZ67 : Amethyst Ring

JYZ74 : Black Onyx Ring

JYZ69 : Black Onyx Ring

JYZ71 : Black Onyx Ring

JYZ70 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JYZ75 : Carnelian Ring

JYZ77 : Citrine Faceted Ring

JYZ76 : Lapis Lazuli Faceted Ring

JYZ72 : Malachite Ring

JYZ73 : Malachite Ring

JYZ48 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JYZ41 : Black Onyx Marquis Ring

JYZ47 : Carnelian Ring

JYZ40 : Carnelian Ring

JYZ43 : Green Onyx Ring

JYZ42 : Labradorite Ring

JYZ49 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JYZ45 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JYZ50 : Malachite Ring

JYZ46 : Sky-Blue Chalcedony Oval Ring

JZF30 : Faceted Black Spinel Ring

JZF35 : Faceted Black Spinel Ring

JZF41 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZF31 : Four Gemstones Ring (Faceted Amethyst, Hesssonite, Peridot and Garnet)

JYZ27 : Amethyst Ring

JYZ28 : Black Onyx Ring

JYZ30 : Black Onyx Ring

JYZ24 : Carnelian Ring

JYZ29 : Carnelian Ring

JYZ31 : Citrine Oval Ring

JYZ25 : Labradorite Ring

JYZ26 : Peru Chalcedony Ring

JYZ20 : Amethyst Ring

JYZ18 : Black Onyx Ring

JYZ17 : Malachite Oval Ring

JYZ19 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYW01 : Sterling Lion Face Ring

JYX95 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Ring

JYX57 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JYX59 : Navaratna Ring

JYX58 : Sterling Gold Plated Ring

JYS63 : Black Onyx Pear-Shaped Ring

JYS54 : Labradorite Marquis Ring

JYS60 : Amethyst Pear-Shaped Ring

JYU84 : Carnelian Ring

JYS55 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JYR81 : Carnelian Ring

JYX14 : Crystal Ring

JYR84 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JYR19 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JYR72 : Garnet Ring

JYR82 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JYR17 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYR83 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYS48 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

LAY91 : Rose Quartz Ring

JYR73 : Turquoise Ring

JWB99 : Tibetan Turquoise Oval Ring

JWB97 : Tibetan Turquoise Pear-Shape Ring

JWH61 : Turquoise Oval Ring

JVY66 : Turquoise Ring

JZP84 : Black Onyx Ring

JZQ08 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZQ10 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZQ11 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZQ13 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZQ16 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZP81 : Faceted Amethyst Sun Ring

JZP88 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JZP83 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JZQ04 : Garnet Ring

JZP80 : Labradorite Sun Ring

JZP86 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JZP93 : Peru Chalcedony Ring

JZP96 : Prehnite Ring

JZP89 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZQ18 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZQ21 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZQ22 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JZP95 : Rose Quartz Ring

JZP82 : Smoky Quartz Ring

JYJ96 : Sterling Ring Engraved with Claw-shaped Design

JYW34 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Ring

JYW23 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JYW25 : Rutilated Quartz Ring

JYW28 : Turquoise Ring

JYW21 : Faceted BT Ring

JYW22 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JYW24 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JZD57 : Black Marcasite Ring

JYW02 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JYW03 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JYV98 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JYV99 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYV97 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JYV29 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JYV26 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JYV25 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYV24 : Navaratna Ring

JYV28 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYU73 : Afghani Turquoise Pear-Shaped Ring

JYU78 : Afghani Turquoise Ring

JYU80 : Amethyst Ring

JYU77 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JYU86 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYU79 : Green Onyx Ring

JYU82 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JYU74 : Larimar Ring

JYU75 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYU72 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JYU76 : Turquoise Ring

JYU81 : Turquoise Ring

JYU83 : Turquoise Ring

JYU85 : Turquoise Ring

JYU87 : Turquoise Ring

JYU48 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYU47 : Labradorite Ring

JZD39 : Pearl Ring

JYU23 : Rainbow Moonstone Sun Ring

JYU05 : Sterling Serpent Ring

JYU03 : Sterling Flower Ring

JYT58 : Sterling Serpent Ring

JYT25 : Amethyst Ring

JYT24 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JYT22 : Faceted BT Ring

JYT23 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JYT20 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JYT15 : Faceted Rose Quartz Ring

JYT21 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JYT19 : Smoky Quartz Ring

JYT07 : Faceted Rose Quartz Bunch Ring

JYT11 : Garnet Ring

JYT10 : Tibetan Om (AUM) Ring

JYS61 : Carnelian Marquis Ring

JYS65 : Carnelian Ring

JYS67 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JYS68 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Ring

JYS64 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JYS62 : Labradorite Pear-Shaped Ring

JYS66 : Labradorite Ring

JYS58 : Smoky Quartz Marquis Ring

JYS59 : Turquoise Ring

JYS50 : Amethyst Marquis Ring

JYS49 : Black Onyx Ring

JYS53 : Carnelian Pear-Shaped Ring

JYS57 : Garnet Ring

JYS51 : Lapis Lazuli Pear-Shaped Ring

JYS52 : Turquoise Pear-Shaped Ring

JYS56 : Turquoise Ring

JZG39 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JZG38 : Green Onyx Ring

JYR43 : Islamic-Green Glass Ring

JYR45 : Lemon Green Glass Ring

JYR44 : Rust Glass Ring

JYQ72 : Amethyst Slave Bracelet

JYQ86 : Tantric Goddess Ring

JYQ35 : Navaratna Ring

JYP84 : Amethyst Ring

JYP99 : Amethyst Ring

JYP93 : Black Onyx Ring

JYQ03 : CZ Bunch Ring

JYP83 : Faceted Amethyst Bunch Ring

JYP71 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JYP86 : Faceted Black Onyx Gold Plated Ring

JYP94 : Faceted Chrysoprase Ring

JYP95 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JYP98 : Faceted Garnet Bunch Ring

JYP79 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JYP92 : Faceted Iolite Bunch Ring

JYP72 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYP87 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JYP91 : Faceted Sapphire Ring

JYP77 : Inlay Ring

JYP80 : Labradorite Ring

JYP97 : Larimar Marquis Ring

JYP76 : Larimar Ring

JYQ02 : Malachite Ring

JYP85 : Navaratna Ring

JYP90 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYP96 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYP89 : Rose Quartz Ring

JYP81 : Turquoise Ring

JYP88 : Turquoise Ring

JYP69 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JYP58 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Ring

JYP34 : Faceted Blue Topaz and Crystal Bunch Ring

JYP36 : Faceted Labradorite Ring

JYP31 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JYP37 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYP29 : Faceted Rose Quartz Ring

JYP32 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JYP33 : Navaratna Ring

JYP16 : Faceted Citrine Bunch Ring

JYP23 : Faceted Peridot Bunch Ring

JYP21 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Gold Plated Ring

JYP26 : Faceted Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JYP22 : Navaratna Ring

JYP17 : Turquoise Ring

JYP14 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Ring

JYP15 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYO94 : Amethyst Ring

JYO95 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYO92 : Turquoise Ring

JYO85 : Amber Ring

JYO82 : Carnelian Ring

JYO84 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JYO86 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JYO80 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JYO77 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JYO87 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JYO81 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JYO88 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JYO78 : Malachite Ring

JYO83 : Malachite Ring

JYO79 : Pearl Ring

JVZ67 : Turquoise Ring

JZP76 : Green Marcasite Ring

JYO91 : Black Onyx Ring

JYO90 : Labradorite Ring

JYO21 : Amethyst Ring

JYO24 : Carnelian Ring

JYO30 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JYO23 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JYO25 : Garnet Ring

JYO27 : Green Onyx Ring

JYO22 : Larimar Pear-shape Ring

JYO34 : Larimar Ring

JYO26 : Pearl Ring

JYO28 : Pearl Ring

JYO29 : Turquoise Ring

JPI78 : Superfine Ring with 15 Sapphires and 66 Diamonds in White Gold

JYN96 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYN99 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYO10 : Sterling Yin Yang Ring

JYN70 : Larimar Marquis Ring

JYN71 : Larimar Oval Ring

JYN72 : Larimar Ring

JYN73 : Larimar Ring

JYN66 : Super Large Turquoise Ring

JYG54 : Black Onyx Ring

JYK51 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JYN52 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYN53 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYJ91 : Faceted Sapphire Ring

JYF74 : CZ Gold Plated Ring

JZQ77 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZQ70 : Garnet Ring

JPX41 : Shraddha Saburi (Patience) Finger Ring

JQR49 : Sterling Filigree Ring

JZP91 : Black Onyx Ring

JZQ14 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZQ15 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JZP85 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JZP87 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JZP94 : Tiger Eye Ring

JYK41 : Amethyst Ring

JYJ09 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JYK54 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JYJ76 : Malachite Ring

JYF45 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Gold Plated Ring

JXK39 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JKT19 : Amethyst Dragon Ring

JXK43 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWC11 : Turquoise Ring

JWC05 : Turquoise Ring

JWH64 : Turquoise Ring

JWH66 : Turquoise Ring

JWH67 : Turquoise Ring

JYM80 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JYM89 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JYM81 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JYM87 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JYM78 : Faceted Green Tourmaline Ring

JYM83 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JYM86 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JYM85 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYM88 : Gemstone Ring

JYK62 : Faceted Grey Moonstone Gold Plated Ring

JXO29 : Rose Quartz Ring

JYM60 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring with Lattice

JYM61 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYM65 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYM66 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYM58 : Garnet Ring with Marcasite

JYM63 : Green Stone Ring with Marcasite

JYM64 : Pearl Ring with Marcasite

JYM53 : Amethyst Ring

JYM55 : Labradorite Ring

JYM52 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JYM54 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYJ88 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Ring

JYK44 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JYJ77 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JYJ90 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JYK49 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JYK50 : Labradorite Ring

JYK43 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYK42 : Tiger Eye Ring

JYK53 : Coral Ring

JYF83 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JYJ87 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JYK48 : Sterling Designer Ring

JYJ92 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JYJ79 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JYK40 : Rutilated Quartz Ring

JXN81 : Endless Knot (Ashtamangala) Ring

JWA51 : Collector's Ring from Afghanistan

JYL38 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JYL36 : Faceted Pink Chalcedony Ring

JYL39 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYL35 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYL37 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYL08 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring

JYL04 : Faceted Tourmaline Lattice Ring

JYL06 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYL07 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYL09 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYL05 : Faceted Triple Tourmaline Ring

JYK39 : Rose Quartz Ring

JYK45 : Sterling Spiral Ring

JRE32 : Faceted Emerald Ring with Diamonds

JYJ78 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JYJ13 : Green Onyx Ring

JYJ93 : Kyanite Ring

JYJ86 : Labradorite Ring

JYJ89 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JWO61 : Labradorite Bunch Ring

JYG45 : Rutilated Quartz Men's Ring

JYF70 : Faceted Rose Quartz Men's Ring

JYG55 : Rose Quartz Ring

JYJ10 : Carnelian Ring

JYJ15 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JYF84 : Faceted BT Ring

JYF82 : Faceted Labradorite Ring

JYF67 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Men's Ring

JYF85 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JYG48 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Men's Ring

JYJ16 : Labradorite Ring

JYF88 : Peridot Ring

JYF77 : Prehnite Gold Plated Ring

JYF75 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYJ04 : Tiger Eye Ring

JVX14 : Opal Ring

JYJ07 : Amethyst Ring

JYJ12 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JYJ03 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JYJ02 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYJ05 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JYJ08 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JYJ14 : Malachite Ring

JYJ01 : Rutilated Quartz Ring

JYJ11 : Black Onyx Ring

JYG47 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JYH19 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JYH16 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYH17 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYH18 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYF56 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JYH13 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline

JYH12 : Faceted Tourmaline Flower Ring

JYH10 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYH11 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYH14 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYH15 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYG51 : Mystic Topaz Ring

JYF54 : Amethyst Ring

JYG53 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JYF53 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Men's Ring

JYF66 : Faceted Green Tourmaline Ring

JYG50 : Faceted Grey Moonstone Gold Plated Men's Ring

JYG44 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYG56 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYG46 : Faceted Sky Blue Chalcedony Men's Ring

JYF63 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYF87 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYG43 : Malachite Men's Ring

JYG57 : Peridot Ring

JYG52 : Sterling Gold Plated Spiral Ring

JYF89 : Triple Peridot Ring

JYF52 : Mohave Purple Turquoise Large Men's Ring

JYF55 : Carnelian Marquis Ring

JYF76 : Carved Amethyst Flower Ring

JYF58 : Faceted Blue Sapphire Ring

JYF78 : Faceted Garnet Large Men's Ring

JYF80 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JYF64 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Large Men's Ring

JYF69 : Faceted Peru Chalcedony Large Men's Ring

JYF46 : Faceted Prehnite Gold Plated Ring

JYF79 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Large Men's Ring

JYF65 : Faceted Rose Quartz Large Men's Ring

JYF71 : Faceted Rutilated Quartz Large Men's Ring

JYF68 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Large Men's Ring

JYF60 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYF61 : Faceted Triple Tourmaline Ring

JYF81 : Faceted Twin Citrine Ring

JYF62 : Pink Tourmaline Marquis Ring with BT and Garnet

JYF59 : Rugged Amethyst Ring

JYF50 : Sterling Gold Plated Lattice Ring

JYF49 : Sterling Gold Plated Multi-hoops Ring

JYF48 : Sterling Gold Plated Ring

JYD83 : Amethyst Gold Plated Ring

JYD89 : Amethyst Men's Ring

JYE02 : CZ Gold Plated Ring

JYD96 : Faceted BT Ring

JYE06 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JYE07 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JYE05 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Ring

JYE08 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYE03 : Garnet Ring

JYD91 : Labradorite Men's Ring

JYE01 : Moldavite Ring

JYD86 : Peru Chalcedony Ring

JYD87 : Rose Quartz Ring

JYE04 : Smoky Quartz Ring

JYD90 : Tiger Eye Men's Ring

JYD81 : Twin Lapis Lazuli Ring

JGW83 : Sterling Ring

JXT59 : Garnet Bunch Ring

JXU04 : Rose Quartz and Carnelian Bunch Ring

JYD24 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Gold Plated Ring

JYD29 : Faceted Peridot Gold Plated Star Ring

JYD41 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring

JYD42 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring

JYD32 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring with Green Amethyst

JYD25 : Faceted Rose Quartz Gold Plated Ring

JYD40 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JYD43 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JXX67 : Crystal Ring

JXX88 : Emerald Ring

JYD06 : Emerald Ring

JXX69 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JXX61 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JYD01 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JXX76 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JXX96 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JXX81 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JXX77 : Labradorite Ring

JXX83 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JXX35 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JXX42 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JXX39 : Carnelian Evil Eye Ring

JXX30 : Carnelian Marquis Ring

JXX31 : Crystal Ring

JXX36 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JXX29 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JXX41 : Faceted Pyorite Ring

JXX40 : Jade Oval Ring

JXX33 : Labradorite Ring

JXX32 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JXX34 : Malachite Teardrop Ring

JXX37 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Ring

JXX38 : Rutilated Quartz Ring

JXX43 : Tiger Eye Oval Ring

JXX26 : Statement Black Wooden Ring With Sterling Silver Latticework

JYC90 : Abalone Ring

JYC88 : Crystal Ring

JYC93 : Crystal Ring

JYC75 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JYC83 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JYC79 : Faceted Twin Garnet Ring

JYC82 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JYC80 : Larimar Ring

JYC86 : Pink Tourmaline Ring

JYC77 : Rose Quartz Ring

JYC81 : Rose Quartz Ring

JYC84 : Rose Quartz Ring

JYC87 : Rose Quartz Ring

JYC70 : Shradha Saburi Sterling Ring

JYC85 : Twin CZ Ring

JYC02 : Amber Ring

JYC07 : Amethyst Bunch Ring

JYB97 : Coral Ring

JYC20 : CZ Ring

JYC17 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Marquis Ring

JYC16 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYB98 : Fossil Ring

JYC01 : Labradorite Ring

JYC08 : Lapis Lazuli Bunch Ring

JYB92 : Lotus Ring

JYC19 : Pink Tourmaline Ring

JYC21 : Pink Tourmaline Ring

JYC64 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYC66 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JYC13 : Rose Quartz Ring

JYC22 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JYC65 : The Ten Powerful Syllables of The Kalachakra Mantra Inlay Ring

JYC15 : Turquoise Marquis Ring

JYB76 : Goddess Kali Finger Ring

JYB78 : Om (AUM) Ring

JYA37 : Carnelian Ring

JYA08 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JYA05 : Faceted Blue Sapphire Ring

JXW86 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JXW98 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JYA11 : Amethyst Oval Ring

JXW94 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JYA07 : Faceted Blue Sapphire Ring

JXW95 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JYA06 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JYA09 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JYA10 : Faceted Triple BT Ring

JYA12 : Faceted Triple Citrine Ring

JYA14 : Faceted Triple Peridot Ring

JXW99 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JXW97 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JXW93 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JXW92 : CZ marquis Ring

JXW91 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JXW80 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JXW90 : Faceted Rose Quartz Ring

JXW87 : Faceted Triple Garnet Ring

JXW88 : Faceted Triple Iolite Ring

JXW83 : Garnet Ring

JXW85 : Green Amethyst Ring

JXW84 : Lord Ganesha (Carved in Coral) Ring

JXW81 : Mystic Topaz Ring

JXW82 : Mystic Topaz Ring

JXW50 : Mystic Topaz Ring

JXV90 : Sterling Finger Ring

JXU70 : Coral Dorje Ring

JXT44 : Larimar Marquis Ring

JXT45 : Larimar Oval Ring

JXT46 : Larimar Ring

JXT47 : Larimar Ring

JXT48 : Larimar Ring

JXT49 : Larimar Ring

JXT50 : Larimar Ring

JXT43 : Larimar Teardrop Ring

JXT20 : Faceted Peridot and Crystal Filigree Ring

JXT21 : Finely Crafted Ruby and Emerald Ring

JXT23 : Handcrafted Gold Ring

JXK23 : Turquoise and Coral Ring

JXZ46 : CZ Flower Ring

JXZ41 : CZ Ring

JXZ43 : Faceted BT Ring

JXZ42 : Faceted Prehnite Ring

JXZ40 : Iolite Marquis Ring

JXZ45 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Ring

JXZ44 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JXY23 : Mahakala Ring

JXY44 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JWD58 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JXY35 : Agate Ring

JXY43 : Agate Ring

JXY51 : Agate Ring

JXY33 : Amber Ring

JXY36 : Black Onyx Ring

JXY32 : Faceted Amethyst and Garnet Ring

JXY34 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JXY37 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JXY47 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JXY46 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JXY50 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JXY24 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JXY28 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JXY31 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JXY52 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JXY29 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JXY30 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JXY53 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Iolite and Citrine)

JXY54 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Blue Topaz, Iolite, Garnet, Peridot and Citrine)

JXY26 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JXY39 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JXY41 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JXY55 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JXY42 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JXY25 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JXY45 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JXY40 : Gemstone Ring (Rose Quartz, Peridot, Blue Topaz, Cherry Quartz and Iolite)

JXY48 : Green Fluorite Ring

JXY49 : Green Fluorite Ring

JXY38 : Turquoise Ring

JXY27 : Brown Tourmaline Ring

JNC37 : Amethyst Dragon Ring

JWD91 : Amethyst Ring

JWH58 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JWI50 : Faceted Tiger Eye Ring

JVY71 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWH59 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWA19 : Turquoise Ring

JSF39 : Amber Ring

JXP33 : Lord Ganesha Ring

JSD59 : Amber Ring

JWD63 : Amethyst Ring

JGN12 : Black Onyx Ring

JWH53 : Gemstone Ring (Rainbow Moonstone, Garnet, Amethyst, Iolite and Citrine)

JWD94 : Labradorite Ring

JUG66 : Meenakari Ring

JUG71 : Meenakari Ring

JUG78 : Meenakari Ring

JGN19 : Pink Opal Finger Ring

JGN21 : Rainbow Moonstone Finger Ring

JWH31 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWH41 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWH42 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWH54 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWP29 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JRR12 : Redstone Ring

JMF92 : Rose Quartz Ring

JKT20 : Turquoise Dragon Ring

JWB94 : Turquoise Ring

JVY68 : Turquoise Ring

JVY75 : Turquoise Ring

JVZ92 : Turquoise Ring

JWC17 : Turquoise Ring

JWC21 : Turquoise Ring

JWC29 : Turquoise Ring

JWI96 : Turquoise Ring

JQQ80 : Faceted Tourmaline Finger Ring

JXN77 : Abalone Ring

JXN74 : Azure Malachite Ring

JXN84 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JXO98 : Bunch Rose Quartz Ring

JXN94 : Coral Ring with Sterling Veins

JXO90 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JXO88 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Citrine, Blue Topaz and Amethyst)

JXO99 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JXN72 : Amethyst Ring

JXN85 : Amethyst Ring

JXN79 : Black Onyx Ring

JXO28 : Carnelian Ring

JXN88 : Carnelian Ring

JXN92 : Carnelian Ring

JXO01 : Carnelian Ring

JXN86 : Lemon Topaz Ring

JXN87 : Lemon Topaz Ring

JXN90 : Lemon Topaz Ring

JXN97 : Lemon Topaz Ring

JXN99 : Lemon Topaz Ring

JXN93 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JXN73 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JXN95 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JXN98 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring with Lattice

JXN89 : Rose Quartz Ring

JXN75 : Rose Quartz Ring with Lattice

JXN83 : Tibetan Om (AUM) Ring

JXN80 : Turquoise and Coral Ring

JXL85 : Agate Finger Ring

JXL79 : Lapis Lazuli Finger Ring

JRE35 : Handcrafted Navaratna Ring

JXN35 : Agate Ring

JXN50 : Amber Ring

JXN33 : Amethyst Ring

JXN41 : Amethyst Ring

JXN46 : Amethyst Ring

JXN57 : Elephant Procession Ring

JXN23 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JXN27 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JXN43 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JXN47 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JXN45 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JXN17 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JXN54 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JXN18 : Faceted Peridot Marquis Ring

JXN44 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JXN24 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JXN52 : Green Amethyst Ring

JXN53 : Green Onyx Ring

JXN32 : Labradorite Ring

JXN34 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JXN42 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JXN30 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JXN48 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JXN51 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JXN29 : Rutilated Quartz Ring

JXN26 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JXN56 : Sterling Crescent Moon and Stars Ring

JXN19 : Sterling Finger Ring

JXN49 : Sterling Yin Yang Ring

JXN40 : Tiger Eye Ring

JXN21 : Turquoise Ring

JXN31 : Turquoise Ring

JWR71 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWO93 : Turquoise Ring

JVZ86 : Turquoise Ring

JWC09 : Turquoise Ring

JTM16 : The Buddha Ring

JXK90 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JXK89 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JXG12 : Green Onyx Ring

JWC03 : Turquoise Ring

JWC04 : Turquoise Ring

JWD83 : Turquoise Ring

JHN48 : MOP Valentine Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

JWB52 : Coral Ring

JTJ37 : Curved Lapis Lazuli Ring

JVC92 : Om Mani Padme Hum Finger Ring

JVS50 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWP20 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUG63 : Sterling Meenakari Ring

JWB51 : Turquoise and Coral Ring

JWB59 : Turquoise Ring

JXJ62 : Coral and Turquoise Mughal Ring

JXJ61 : Coral and Turquoise Ring

JXI96 : Coral and Turquoise Ring with Spiral

JXI98 : Coral Mughal Ring

JXI99 : Turquoise Oval Ring with Coral

JXI97 : Turquoise Ring with Ganesha Face on Both Sides

JXG07 : Carnelian Ring

JHO94 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz & Ruby Flower

JRE31 : Pearl Finger Ring

JWY33 : Malachite Ring

JXG09 : Amethyst Ring

JXF95 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JXG13 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JXE48 : Black Onyx Ring

JXE49 : Lemon Topaz Ring

JXE47 : Turquoise Ring

JWY63 : Amethyst Ring

JWY31 : Black Onyx Ring

JWY64 : Carnelian Ring

JWY32 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWY65 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWY66 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWY69 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWY71 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWY72 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWY73 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWY74 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWY75 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWY76 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWY70 : Faceted Triangle Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWY68 : Green Onyx Ring

JWY61 : Labradorite Ring

JWY62 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWY67 : Turquoise Ring

JWY03 : Amber Ring

JWY05 : Amber Ring

JWZ91 : Coral and Turquoise Ring

JWZ92 : Coral and Turquoise Ring

JWZ87 : Coral Ring

JWZ86 : Turquoise and Coral Ring

JWZ32 : Amber Ring

JWZ33 : Amber Ring

JWZ48 : Amber Ring

JWZ95 : Amber Ring

JWZ53 : Coral and Turquoise Ring

JUV76 : Prehnite Ring

JWZ54 : Turquoise Ring

JWX67 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JWX71 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JWX69 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWX70 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWX72 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWX73 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWX75 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWX76 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWX74 : Faceted Redstone Ring

JWX68 : MOP Ring

JWX42 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Blue Topaz, Citrine, Peridot and Iolite)

JWX17 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JWX18 : Garuda Ring

JSD44 : Amber Ring

JSD46 : Amber Ring

JSD56 : Amber Ring

JSE66 : Amber Ring

JSF25 : Amber Ring

JWD66 : Amethyst Ring

JWI97 : Black Onyx Ring

JME07 : Carnelian Dragon Ring

JWI42 : Carnelian Ring

JSE59 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JWI66 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWD82 : Labradorite Ring

JWE10 : Pearl Ring

JWE21 : Pearl Ring

JVY35 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVZ94 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWA02 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWD62 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWH75 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUG64 : Sterling Meenakari Ring

JUG74 : Sterling Meenakari Ring

JUG79 : Sterling Meenakari Ring

JWH72 : Sterling Surya Ring

JWD64 : Sunstone Ring

JWB49 : Turquoise and Coral Ring

JVY67 : Turquoise Ring

JVY70 : Turquoise Ring

JVZ87 : Turquoise Ring

JWC01 : Turquoise Ring

JWC07 : Turquoise Ring

JWC13 : Turquoise Ring

JWC14 : Turquoise Ring

JWC16 : Turquoise Ring

JWC18 : Turquoise Ring

JWC23 : Turquoise Ring

JWC27 : Turquoise Ring

JWH47 : Turquoise Ring

JSD32 : Amber Ring

JSD95 : Amber Ring

JSE62 : Amber Ring

JSD87 : Amber Ring

JME09 : Amethyst Dragon Ring

JWD97 : Black Onyx Ring

JWD95 : Blue Sunstone Ring

JWI41 : Carnelian Ring

JWB48 : Coral Ring

JLE87 : Meenakari Finger Tip

JWE08 : Pearl Ring

JWH76 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Ring

JVY73 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVZ96 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWI48 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGP12 : Tiger Eye Ring

JWD92 : Tiger Eye Ring

JVZ91 : Turquoise Ring

JVZ93 : Turquoise Ring

JWA18 : Turquoise Ring

JWB18 : Turquoise Ring

JWC15 : Turquoise Ring

JWC20 : Turquoise Ring

JWC22 : Turquoise Ring

JWC24 : Turquoise Ring

JWH62 : Turquoise Ring

JWW86 : Abalone Ring

JWW87 : Abalone Ring

JWW90 : Abalone Ring

JWW91 : Abalone Ring

JWW83 : Amber Ring

JWW85 : Amber Ring

JWW80 : Black Onyx Ring

JWW84 : Black Onyx Ring

JMF95 : Carnelian Dragon Ring

JMK75 : Garnet Dragon Ring

JWW79 : Labradorite Ring

JMH78 : Rainbow Moonstone Dragon Ring

JWW81 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWV79 : Rainbow Marquis Moonstone Finger Ring

JWV80 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWV92 : Rose Quartz Ring

JWV93 : Rose Quartz Ring

JWU59 : Carnelian Marquis Ring

JWU60 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWU18 : Labradorite Ring

JWU15 : Mahakala Coral and Turquoise Ring

JWU19 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWU21 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWU22 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWU24 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWU14 : Rose Quartz Ring

JWU16 : Rose Quartz Ring

JWU17 : Rose Quartz Ring

JWU23 : Rose Quartz Ring

JWU20 : Tiger Eye Ring

JWU13 : Turquoise Ring

JHH87 : Sterling Ganesha Ring

JHH88 : Lord Ganesha Ring

JWO71 : Faceted Amethyst Bunch Ring

JWP06 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JWP07 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JWP26 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JWH45 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JWP04 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JWO76 : Faceted Iolite Bunch Ring

JWO90 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Ring

JWR04 : Faceted Tiger Eye Ring

JWH70 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JWH43 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWH29 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWO97 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWJ47 : Turquoise Ring

JTV78 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JTQ24 : Carnelian Ring

JWA87 : Faceted Citrine Ring with CZ

JWA99 : Faceted Peridot Marquis Ring

JWA89 : Faceted Rose Quartz Ring

JWR06 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JWQ22 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JWQ62 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWP25 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWR42 : Black and White Finger Ring

JWP15 : Amethyst Ring

JWP02 : Carnelian Ring

JWO91 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JWP10 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JWP12 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JWP17 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JWP18 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JWO99 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Ring

JWO86 : Opal Ring

JWO87 : Opal Ring

JWO88 : Opal Ring

JWO89 : Opal Ring

JWP05 : Opal Ring

JWO94 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWP01 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWP09 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWP11 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWP13 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWP03 : Rose Quartz Ring

JWL27 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JRY10 : The Symbol of God [Sterling Om (AUM) Finger Ring]

JWB45 : Coral and Turquoise Ring

JSB83 : Amber Ring

JSD48 : Amber Ring

JSE67 : Amber Ring

JSF26 : Amber Ring

JSF34 : Amber Ring

JSF41 : Amber Ring

JWH28 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Peridot, Citrine, Garnet, Iolite and Amethyst)

JMO67 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JPD40 : Fine Cut Iolite Ring

JWD98 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUG59 : Meenakari Ring

JUG60 : Sterling Meenakari Ring

JVZ88 : Turquoise Ring

JWC12 : Turquoise Ring

JSS32 : Sterling Om (AUM) Ring

JSD81 : Amber Finger Ring

JSD94 : Amber Oval Ring

JSD39 : Amber Ring

JSD40 : Amber Ring

JSD53 : Amber Ring

JSD78 : Amber Ring

JSE61 : Amber Ring

JSF21 : Amber Ring

JPQ95 : Fine Cut Gemstone Finger Ring (Amethyst, Garnet Peridot and Blue Topaz)

JWH52 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWH56 : Turquoise Ring

JWH68 : Turquoise Ring

JWJ29 : Turquoise Ring

JWB17 : Four Turquoise Ring

JSD42 : Amber Ring

JWH48 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Ring

JSF20 : Amber Ring

JWH30 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JMO41 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JWH57 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Ring

JWE17 : Pearl Ring

JWH63 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWH71 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVZ65 : Turquoise Ring

JWC02 : Turquoise Ring

JWH55 : Turquoise Ring

JWJ13 : Amethyst Ring

JWA95 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JWE44 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWE70 : Amber Ring

JWE48 : Carnelian Ring

JWE62 : Delco Glass Ring

JWE43 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JWE52 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWE45 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JWE41 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JWE63 : Labradorite Ring

JWE42 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JWE64 : MOP (Shell) Ring

JWE47 : Pearl Ring

JWE60 : Smoky Quartz Ring

JWE46 : Tiger Eye Ring

JWE37 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JWE38 : Faceted Tiger Eye Ring

JWD60 : MOP (Shell) Ring

JWE31 : Pearl Ring

JWD75 : Amber Ring

JWE11 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JWE13 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JWE16 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JWE15 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JWE14 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JWE12 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JWD57 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JWD93 : Labradorite Ring

JWD67 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JWD81 : Malachite Ring

JWD59 : MOP (Shell) Ring

JWD65 : Pearl Ring

JWE09 : Pearl Ring

JWD79 : Prehnite Ring

JWD61 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWD68 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWD80 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWB46 : Coral Ring

JWB22 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JWB91 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JWB50 : Turquoise and Coral Ring

JWB53 : Turquoise and Coral Ring

JWB96 : Turquoise Ring

JWA50 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JWA97 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JWB04 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JWB08 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JWA86 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JWA93 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JWB01 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JWB06 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JWB10 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JWB19 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JWA84 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JWA92 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JWB02 : Faceted Garnet Ring with CZ

JWB12 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Garnet, Iolite, Amethyst and Peridot)

JWB21 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Iolite, Peridot, Amethyst, Citrine and Garnet)

JWA83 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Lemon Topaz, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst and Peridot)

JWB23 : Faceted Iolite Oval Ring with CZ

JWA94 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JWB20 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Ring

JWA88 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JWA91 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JWB03 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JWB07 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring with CZ

JWB05 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JWB09 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JWA85 : Faceted Peridot Ring with CZ

JWA98 : Faceted Rose Quartz Ring

JWA96 : Inlay Ring with CZ

JVZ95 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVY64 : Turquoise Ring

JVZ89 : Turquoise Ring

JVZ50 : Rainbow Moonstone Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

JWA36 : Rainbow Moonstone Pendant with Matching Earrings and Ring Set

JWA37 : Rainbow Moonstone Pendant with Matching Earrings and Ring Set

JVY34 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVZ97 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVY74 : Turquoise Ring

JVZ85 : Turquoise Ring

JVZ90 : Turquoise Ring

JWA45 : Turquoise Ring

JVY69 : Turquoise Ring

JZR39 : Labradorite Ring

JMF91 : Coral Dragon Ring

JVX76 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JVX78 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JVX85 : Faceted Amethyst Ring with CZ

JVX73 : Faceted Citrine Ring with CZ

JVX74 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JVX75 : Faceted Iolite Oval Ring with CZ

JVX86 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Oval Ring

JVX77 : Islamic Ring with Faceted Amethyst

JVX61 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Blue Topaz, Iolite and Citrine)

JVX67 : Faceted Green Amethyst Oval Ring

JVX62 : Faceted Green Amethyst Teardrop Ring

JVX57 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Oval Ring

JVX63 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Oval Ring

JVX60 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Ring

JVX68 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Teardrop Ring

JVX64 : Fine Faceted BT Oval Ring with CZ

JVX66 : Fine Inlay Ring with CZ

JVX58 : Pearl Finger Ring

JVX59 : Superfine Faceted Rose Quartz Ring with CZ

JVX04 : Lattice Bordered Opal Finger Ring

JVX05 : Opal Ring

JVX07 : Opal Ring

JVX09 : Opal Ring

JVX10 : Opal Ring

JVX11 : Opal Ring

JVX12 : Opal Ring

JVX13 : Opal Ring

JVX15 : Opal Ring

JVX19 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Ring

JVW56 : Rainbow Moonstone Finger Ring

JVW51 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Ring

JVW54 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Ring

JVW58 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Ring

JVW62 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Ring

JVW52 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVW60 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVW57 : Turquoise Circular Ring

JVW59 : Turquoise Oval Ring

JVW61 : Turquoise Oval Ring

JVW53 : Turquoise Ring

JVW63 : Turquoise Ring

JVW55 : Turquoise Teardrop Ring

JVW41 : Rainbow Moonstone Expanded Teardrop Ring

JVW39 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Ring

JVW46 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Ring

JVW48 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Ring

JVW42 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JVW50 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JVW38 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVW40 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVW43 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVW45 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVW47 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVW49 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVW37 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Ring

JVW44 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Ring

JVW03 : Pearl Ring

JVW04 : Pearl Ring

JVN54 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JIB18 : Black Onyx Ring

JQC65 : Cubic Zirconia Gold Finger Ring

JHB60 : Faceted Garnet Flowers

JHY20 : Faceted Sapphire Gold Ring with Diamonds

JHE60 : Rainbow Moonstone Serpent Ring

JVU83 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVU84 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVU85 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVU86 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVU87 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVU88 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVU89 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVU90 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVU91 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVU92 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVU93 : Turquoise Ring

JVU94 : Turquoise Ring

JVU95 : Turquoise Ring

JVU96 : Turquoise Ring

JVU97 : Turquoise Ring

JVU98 : Turquoise Ring

JVU99 : Turquoise Ring

JVV01 : Turquoise Ring

JVV02 : Turquoise Ring

JVV03 : Turquoise Ring

JVV04 : Turquoise Ring

JVV05 : Turquoise Ring

JVV06 : Turquoise Ring

JVV07 : Turquoise Ring

JVV08 : Turquoise Ring

JVV09 : Turquoise Ring

JVV10 : Turquoise Ring

JVV11 : Turquoise Ring

JVU23 : Azure Faceted Glass Finger Ring

JVU48 : Black and Ivory Finger Ring with Brass Center

JTQ36 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JUN70 : Malachite Oval Ring

JTQ19 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JVT88 : Labradorite Marquis Ring

JVT86 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JVT89 : Tourmalinated Quartz Oval Ring

JVT87 : Tourmalinated Quartz Teardrop Ring

JVT90 : Tourmalinated Quartz Teardrop Ring

JVO36 : Amethyst Ring

JVN85 : Blue Sun Sitara Oval Ring

JVN62 : Blue Sun Sitara Ring

JVO17 : Labradorite Ring

JVO55 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JVO73 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JVP76 : Malachite Ring

JVO27 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVO77 : Black Onyx Ring

JVT84 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JVT83 : Multi-color Tourmaline Ring

JVS97 : Coral Finger Ring

JVS79 : Coral Ring

JVS98 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JVS99 : Labradorite Teardrop Ring

JVS80 : Tiger Eye Oval Ring with Pearl

JVS38 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVS39 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVS40 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVS41 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVS42 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVS44 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVS45 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVS46 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVS47 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVS48 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVS49 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVT85 : Amethyst Oval Finger Ring with Pearl

JKT52 : Sterling Spiral Ring

JVS35 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVS36 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVQ75 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JVQ87 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JVQ81 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JVQ90 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JVQ88 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JVQ79 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVQ95 : Faceted Rose Quartz Ring

JVQ46 : Black Onyx Ring

JVQ40 : Blue Sun Sitara Ring

JVQ42 : Carnelian Ring

JVQ43 : Labradorite Ring

JVQ44 : Lapis lazuli Ring

JVQ49 : Lapis lazuli Ring

JEU73 : Om Mani Padme Hum Finger Ring

JVG04 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVS43 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVP97 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Peridot, Citrine, Garnet and Iolite)

JVP54 : Amethyst Ring

JVP68 : Amethyst Ring

JVP80 : Amethyst Ring

JVP52 : Black Onyx Ring

JVP61 : Black Onyx Ring

JVP64 : Black Onyx Ring

JVP57 : Blue Sun Sitara Ring

JVP58 : Carnelian Ring

JVP71 : Carnelian Ring

JVP96 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Peridot, Citrine, Garnet and Iolite)

JVP53 : Labradorite Ring

JVP60 : Labradorite Ring

JVP66 : Labradorite Ring

JVP70 : Labradorite Ring

JVP75 : Labradorite Ring

JVP85 : Labradorite Ring

JVP87 : Labradorite Ring

JVP89 : Labradorite Ring

JVP91 : Labradorite Ring

JVP93 : Labradorite Ring

JVP94 : Labradorite Ring

JVP95 : Labradorite Ring

JVP78 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JVP56 : Malachite Ring

JVP62 : Malachite Ring

JVP88 : Malachite Ring

JVP63 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVP69 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVP73 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVP82 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVQ03 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVQ04 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVQ05 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVQ01 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JVQ02 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JVP65 : Rutilated Quartz Ring

JVP55 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JVP67 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JVP77 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JVP83 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JVP84 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JVP90 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JVP92 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JVP59 : Turquoise Ring

JVP72 : Turquoise Ring

JVP74 : Turquoise Ring

JVP79 : Turquoise Ring

JVP81 : Turquoise Ring

JVP86 : Turquoise Ring

JVN83 : Amethyst Ring

JVN86 : Amethyst Ring

JVO13 : Amethyst Ring

JVO10 : Black Onyx Ring

JVO19 : Carnelian Ring

JVO14 : Labradorite Ring

JVO18 : Labradorite Ring

JVO11 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JVO15 : Malachite Ring

JVO16 : Malachite Ring

JVO21 : Malachite Ring

JVN79 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVN80 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVN81 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVN82 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVO12 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVO20 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVO82 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVN84 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JVO30 : Amethyst Ring

JVO54 : Black Onyx and Blue Sun Sitara Ring

JVO35 : Black Onyx Ring

JVO39 : Blue Sun Sitara Ring

JVO65 : Blue Sun Sitara Ring

JVO28 : Carnelian Ring

JVO50 : Carnelian Ring

JVO26 : Labradorite Ring

JVO42 : Labradorite Ring

JVO51 : Labradorite Ring

JVO41 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JVO53 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JVO32 : Malachite Ring

JVO45 : Malachite Ring

JVO72 : Malachite Ring

JVO33 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVO43 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVO47 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVO58 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVO68 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVO52 : Rose Quartz Ring

JVN63 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JVN66 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JVO25 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JVO38 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JVO40 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JVO44 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JVO48 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JVO57 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JVO66 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JVO70 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JVO81 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JVN65 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JVO31 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JVO46 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JVO49 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JVO67 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JVO78 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JVO29 : Turquoise Ring

JVO34 : Turquoise Ring

JVO37 : Turquoise Ring

JVO56 : Turquoise Ring

JVO69 : Turquoise Ring

JVO71 : Turquoise Ring

JVO74 : Turquoise Ring

JVN58 : Amber Marquis Ring

JVO23 : Carnelian Ring

JVN60 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JVN59 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Ring

JVO22 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JVN55 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Ring

JVN48 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JVN51 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JVN46 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVN49 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVN50 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVN53 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVN45 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Ring

JVN47 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Ring

JVN52 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Ring

JVN56 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Ring

JVN57 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Ring

JVM75 : Faceted Blue Sapphire Pendant, Earrings and Ring Set

JVM61 : Faceted Emerald Pendant, Earrings and Ring Set

JVM56 : Faceted Ruby Pendant, Earrings and Ring Set

JVM91 : Sterling Gold Plated Om Namah Shivai Ring

JUF05 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JVM15 : Agate Ring

JVM16 : Agate Ring

JVM19 : Black Onyx Ring

JVM17 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JVM21 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JVM18 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Ring

JVM20 : Pink Opal Ring

JVK43 : Black Onyx Ring

JVK40 : Labradorite Ring

JVK58 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JVK51 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JVK47 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JVK91 : Amber Dust Ring

JVK92 : Black Onyx Marquis Ring

JVK15 : Dendrite Opal Ring

JVK61 : Garnet Ring

JVK96 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVK22 : Rutilated Quartz Ring

JVI67 : Black Onyx Ring

JVI68 : Carnelian Teardrop Finger Ring

JVI75 : Coral and Turquoise Oval Finger Ring

JVI72 : Coral Marquis Ring with Turquoise

JVI71 : Coral Ring

JVI74 : Lapis Lazuli Ring with Coral

JVI70 : Malachite Marquis Ring

JVI73 : Turquoise and Coral Finger Ring

JVI69 : Turquoise Ring

JVI20 : Redstone Teardrop Ring

JVG50 : Black Onyx Ring

JVG54 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JVG61 : Gemstone Star Ring

JVG67 : Prehnite Ring

JVG74 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JVG52 : Turquoise Ring

JVG35 : Faceted Amethyst Marquis Ring with Diamond

JVG01 : Lot of Five Rainbow Moonstone Rings

JVG02 : Lot of Six Rainbow Moonstone Rings

JVG03 : Lot of Three Rainbow Moonstone Rings

JVG05 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVG06 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVG07 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVG08 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVF26 : Amber Ring

JVF20 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JVF31 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JVE74 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVE75 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVE76 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVE77 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVE78 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVB83 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JSP74 : Agate Ring

JUR65 : Amethyst Circular Ring

JUS59 : Amethyst Ring

JUC91 : Black Onyx Ring

JUR73 : Black Onyx Ring

JUV65 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JUV70 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Ring

JFH70 : Fine Cut Tourmaline Ring

JUR68 : Labradorite Ring

JUS06 : Labradorite Ring

JUR79 : Malachite Ring

JUR66 : Pearl Ring

JUE15 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JUE11 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUR74 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUR70 : Rose Quartz Ring

JID08 : Tiger Eye Bunch Ring with Central Flower

JUR78 : Tiger Eye Ring

JVC76 : Om Mani Padme Hum Finger Ring

JVC85 : Om Mani Padme Hum Finger Ring

JVC91 : Om Mani Padme Hum Finger Ring

JVC68 : Faceted Emerald Ring with Marcasite

JVC69 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Ruby, Emerald and Iolite)

JVC70 : Sterling Finger Ring with Marcasite

JUU75 : Unakite Ring

JVC03 : Bodhisattva Manjushri Ring

JVC02 : Buddha Face Ring

JVC04 : Chenrezig Finger Ring

JVB71 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JVB74 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JVB70 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JVB65 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Peridot, Amethyst, Garnet and Citrine)

JVC01 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Peridot, Amethyst, Garnet, Citrine)

JVB67 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Peridot, Amethyst, Garnet, Iolite and Citrine)

JVB75 : Faceted Iolite and Peridot Ring

JVB69 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JVB72 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JVB68 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JVB73 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVC06 : Goddess Green Tara Ring

JVC05 : Mahakala Ring

JVB66 : Pearl Ring

JVB61 : CZ Finger Ring with Central Faceted BT

JVB86 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JVB90 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JVB58 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JVB84 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JVB99 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JVB57 : Faceted Citrine Ring with Central Tiger Eye

JVB59 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JVB78 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JVB85 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JVB92 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JVB94 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JVB79 : Faceted Gemstone Finger Ring with Rugged Pearl (Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet, Peridot and Iolite)

JVB91 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Garnet, Citrine and Peridot)

JVB88 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Garnet, Citrine, Peridot and Iolite)

JVB97 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Garnet, Iolite, Citrine and Peridot)

JVB63 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Garnet, Peridot, Citrine and Iolite)

JVB82 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Peridot, Garnet, Amethyst and Iolite)

JVB56 : Faceted Gemstone Ring with Central Rainbow Moonstone (Amethyst, Garnet and Citrine)

JVB64 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JVB89 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JVB60 : Faceted Iolite Ring with Central Peridot

JVB77 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JVB81 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JVB96 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JVB87 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVB93 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVB95 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JVB98 : Garnet Ring

JVB76 : Gemstone Ring (Garnet, Citrine, Peridot, Amethyst and Iolite)

JVB80 : Green Onyx and Peridot Ring

JSZ95 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JVA61 : Faceted Emerald Ring with Diamond

JVA64 : Fine Faceted Emerald Oval Ring with Diamond

JVA65 : Four Diamond Gold Ring

JJT93 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JUZ71 : Amethyst Ring

JUZ76 : Amethyst Ring

JUZ85 : Black Onyx Ring

JUZ86 : Black Onyx Ring

JUZ69 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JUZ78 : Faceted Sunstone Ring

JUZ68 : Labradorite Ring

JUZ73 : Labradorite Ring

JUZ74 : Labradorite Ring

JUZ81 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUZ83 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUZ80 : Malachite Ring

JUZ70 : MOP (Shell) Ring

JUZ84 : Prehnite Ring

JUZ72 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUZ82 : Sunstone Ring

JUZ77 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUZ79 : Turquoise Ring

JUZ27 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JUZ29 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JUZ30 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JUZ34 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JUZ36 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JUZ26 : Faceted Rose Quartz Ring

JUZ35 : Faceted Rose Quartz Ring

JUZ28 : Faceted Rutilated Quartz Ring

JUZ31 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JUZ33 : Faceted Tiger Eye Ring

JUZ32 : Rhodonite Ring

JUX96 : Amethyst Ring

JUX98 : Labradorite Ring

JUX93 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUX97 : Malachite Ring

JUX99 : Prehnite Ring

JUX92 : Sunstone Ring

JUX94 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUX95 : Turquoise Ring

JUX32 : Abalone Ring

JUX29 : Black Onyx Ring

JUX30 : Labradorite Ring

JUX33 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUX28 : Rose Quartz Ring

JUX31 : Shell (MOP) Ring

JUX34 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUU83 : Carved Wood Finger Ring

JUW87 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JUW86 : Rose Quartz Ring

JUV91 : Abalone Ring

JUV86 : Agate Ring

JUV94 : Amethyst Ring

JUW04 : Amethyst Ring

JUV92 : Blue Sun Sitara Ring

JUW05 : Blue Sun Sitara Ring

JUV96 : Chaorite Ring

JUV85 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JUV95 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JUV84 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JUV93 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JUV99 : Green Onyx Ring

JUV90 : Labradorite Ring

JUV81 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUV78 : Malachite Ring

JUV83 : Malachite Ring

JUV89 : Malachite Ring

JUV98 : Pearl Ring

JUV80 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUV79 : Rhodochrosite Ring

JUV87 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JUW02 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JUW03 : Sunstone Ring

JUV97 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUW01 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUV82 : Turquoise Ring

JUV88 : Turquoise Ring

JUV53 : Black Onyx Ring

JUV71 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JUV69 : Chaorite Ring

JUV62 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JUV67 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JUV72 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JUV74 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JUV60 : Faceted Prehnite Ring

JUV42 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JUV63 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JUV41 : Green Onyx Ring

JUV46 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUV61 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUV66 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUV57 : Prehnite Ring

JUV51 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUV64 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUV77 : Rhodochrosite Ring

JUV44 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JUV68 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUV73 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUV75 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUV50 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JUU74 : Blue Sun Sitara Ring

JQZ14 : Agate Oval Ring

JQY46 : Amazonite Ring

JSD37 : Amber Ring

JSD75 : Amber Ring

JTR99 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JQY44 : Blue Lace Agate Ring

JSA11 : Carnelian Ring

JTQ02 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JMO72 : Faceted Citrine Marquis Ring

JVB62 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JTV19 : Labradorite Ring

JTP13 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JLV66 : Multicolor Gypsy Ring

JQZ34 : Rhodonite Ring

JSB38 : Ruby Zoisite Rectangular Ring

JOC39 : Superfine Blue Topaz Drop Ring

JMS64 : Superfine Cut Blue Topaz Ring

JTO25 : Tibetan Om (AUM) Inlay Ring

JTP65 : Turquoise Ring

JHD91 : Twin Fluorite Ring

JTV74 : Carnelian Finger Ring

JUC68 : Dorje Finger Ring with Coral and Turquoise

JTS51 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JUD70 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JUL36 : Labradorite Ring

JUE13 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JHA11 : Rainbow Moonstone Splendor

JUE54 : Turquoise Ring

JUS75 : Amethyst Ring

JUS50 : Blue Sun Sitara Ring

JUS52 : Carnelian and Labradorite Ring

JUS46 : Faceted Carnelian Oval Ring

JUS43 : Faceted Green Amethyst Oval Ring

JUS55 : Lapis Lazuli Mughal Ring

JUS49 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JUS57 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JUS54 : Malachite Circular Ring

JUS53 : MOP (Shell) Oval Ring

JUS47 : Pearl Ring

JUS44 : Prehnite Ring

JUS45 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUS60 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUS77 : Rose Quartz Circular Ring

JUS56 : Shri Ganesha Ring

JUS48 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JUS58 : The Buddha Finger Ring

JUS76 : Tiger Eye Oval Ring

JUS51 : Triple Turquoise Ring

JUS25 : Black Onyx Ring

JUS28 : Garnet Ring

JUS23 : Labradorite Ring

JUS24 : Mughal Ring of Pearl

JUS22 : Rainbow Moonstone Mughal Ring

JUS26 : Sunstone Ring

JUS27 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUS20 : Carnelian Oval Ring

JUR92 : Turquoise Ring

JUS07 : Abalone Oval Ring

JUR89 : Abalone Ring

JUR95 : Black Onyx Oval Ring

JUS21 : Black Onyx Oval Ring

JUS14 : Black Onyx Ring

JUS01 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JUR90 : Faceted Emerald Oval Ring

JUS09 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JUS19 : Faceted Ruby Oval Ring

JUR94 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JUR97 : Fine Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JUR96 : Fine Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JUR91 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JUR99 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JUS17 : Labradorite Ring

JUS11 : Malachite Oval Ring

JUS12 : Malachite Ring

JUS03 : Malachite Teardrop Ring

JUR93 : Pearl Ring

JUS04 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JUS18 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUS10 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Ring

JUS08 : Rose Quartz Ring

JUR98 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JUS16 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JUS15 : Sunstone Oval Ring

JUS05 : Sunstone Ring

JUS13 : Tiger Eye Oval Ring

JUS02 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUE68 : Pearl Art Noveau Ring

JUK90 : Pearl Ring

JUR88 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUK73 : Abalone Ring

JUR86 : Amethyst Marquis Ring

JUL21 : Amethyst Oval Ring

JUL24 : Amethyst Oval Ring

JUL67 : Amethyst Ring

JUN53 : Amethyst Ring

JUR83 : Amethyst Ring

JUR82 : Black Onyx Marquis Ring

JUL25 : Black Onyx Oval Ring

JUR69 : Black Onyx Oval Ring

JUN88 : Black Onyx Ring

JUR81 : Blue Sun Sitara Ring

JUR87 : Carnelian Marquis Ring

JUL65 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JUR84 : Faceted Ruby Marquis Ring

JUD85 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JUK44 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JUO74 : Green Onyx Oval

JQX94 : Green Onyx Ring

JUL17 : Green Onyx Ring

JUR77 : Labradorite Marquis Ring

JUJ17 : Labradorite Ring

JUR67 : Lapis Lazuli Circular Ring

JUN81 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JUL61 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUL70 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUR72 : Malachite Marquis Ring

JQX93 : Malachite Ring

JUR75 : Malachite Ring

JUN91 : MOP Ring

JUK74 : Pearl Blooming Flower Ring

JUR71 : Pearl Ring

JUR76 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Ring

JUE55 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JUE57 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JUE53 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUR80 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUK41 : Rose Quartz Oval Ring

JUR85 : Spider's Web Turquoise Marquis Ring

JUF02 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JUL72 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUR30 : Amethyst Ring

JRO08 : Lapis Lazuli Finger Ring with Twin Pearl

JUR28 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JRO05 : Triple Tiger Eye Finger Ring

JUF04 : Turquoise Ring

JSD31 : Amber Oval Ring

JSD36 : Amber Ring

JSD41 : Amber Ring

JSD45 : Amber Ring

JSD73 : Amber Ring

JSD76 : Amber Ring

JSD85 : Amber Ring

JSE80 : Amber Ring

JSF24 : Amber Ring

JSF33 : Amber Ring

JSF42 : Amber Ring

JSD55 : Amber Spiral Ring

JGN40 : Amethyst Finger Ring

JGN27 : Black Onyx Finger Ring

JQB32 : Black Onyx Finger Ring

JQB40 : Black Onyx Finger Ring

JQC03 : Black Onyx Finger Ring

JQB44 : Black Onyx Ring

JQC06 : Black Onyx Ring

JGM97 : Blue Chalcedony Finger Ring

JME05 : Carnelian Dragon Ring

JQB37 : Carnelian Finger Ring

JKT86 : Celtic Antiquated Ring

JKT17 : Coral Dragon Ring

JQB41 : Faceted Black Onyx Lattice Finger Ring

JMS51 : Faceted BT Ring

JGW92 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JMO81 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JME04 : Garnet Dragon Ring

JKE01 : Garnet Filigree Ring

JGL70 : Garnet Finger Ring

JGN18 : Garnet Ring

JGN23 : Garnet Ring

JGN35 : Garnet Ring

JGO96 : Garnet Ring

JIL79 : Lapis Lazuli Dragon Ring

JQB30 : Malachite Oval Finger Ring

JSE77 : Malachite Oval Ring

JUG68 : Meenakari Finger Ring

JUG61 : Meenakari Ring

JUG65 : Meenakari Ring

JUG69 : Meenakari Ring

JUG77 : Meenakari Ring

JME01 : Rainbow Moonstone Dragon Ring

JQX21 : Shri Ganesha Ring with Garnet in Crest

JQB99 : Sterling Finger Band

JGM92 : Tiger Eye Finger Ring

JGN41 : Tiger Eye Ring

JME08 : Turquoise Dragon Ring

JDW25 : Turquoise Ring

JME62 : Twin Carnelian Ring

JGP31 : Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JUR26 : Amethyst Ring

JUR31 : Amethyst Ring

JUR27 : Black Onyx Ring

JUR36 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUR29 : Redstone Ring

JGO69 : Tiger Eye Ring

JQB98 : Black Onyx Antiquated Tribal Finger Ring

JSD49 : Amber Ring

JGO84 : Black Onyx Ring

JML25 : Coral Dragon Ring

JNC70 : Dragon Lapis Lazuli Ring

JMS39 : Faceted Blue Topaz Marquis Ring

JGX04 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JNK54 : Sterling Flower Lattice Ring

JGL86 : Tiger Eye Finger Ring

JGN01 : Tiger Eye Finger Ring

JIZ53 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JIZ50 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JMO52 : Multicolor Gemstone Ring

JMO75 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JUH26 : Fossil Ring

JLE84 : Meenakari Finger Tip

JTQ48 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JQX88 : Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JUN98 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JUN97 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JUN73 : Black Onyx Oval Ring

JUN99 : Green Onyx Oval Ring

JUN93 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUN84 : Prehnite Oval Ring

JUN78 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUN87 : Redstone Oval Ring

JUN83 : Tiger Eye Oval Ring

JUN74 : Tiger Eye Spiral Ring

JUN52 : Malachite Oval Ring

JUN54 : Tiger Eye Over Ring

JUL30 : Green Onyx Oval Ring

JUL28 : Amethyst Oval Ring

JUL22 : Blue Chalcedony Oval Ring

JUL64 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JUL27 : Carnelian Ring

JUL62 : Carnelian Ring

JUL14 : Carnelian Teardrop Ring

JUL20 : Chaorite Ring

JUL19 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JUL63 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JUL16 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Oval Ring

JUL23 : Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JUL34 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JUL12 : Labradorite Oval Ring with Sterling Band

JUL29 : Labradorite Ring

JUL15 : Lapis lazuli Oval Ring

JUL38 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JUL26 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUL31 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUL66 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUL18 : Malachite Ring

JUL32 : Prehnite Ring

JUL13 : Rose Quartz Ring

JUL69 : Rose Quartz Ring

JUL35 : Tiger Eye Oval Ring

JUL37 : Tiger Eye Oval Ring

JUL33 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUL68 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUL71 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUL39 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JUD35 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Ring

JUK80 : Abalone Oval Ring

JUK75 : Amethyst Oval Ring

JUK96 : Amethyst Ring

JUK52 : Amitabha Buddha Ring

JUK39 : Black Onyx Oval Ring

JUK42 : Black Onyx Ring

JUK95 : Chaorite Ring

JUK89 : Dendrite Opal Finger Ring

JUK86 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JUK91 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JUK43 : Faceted Multi-color Tourmaline Ring

JUK46 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring

JUK88 : Faceted Prehnite Ring

JUK45 : Faceted Tourmaline Fine Ring

JUK50 : Fossil Finger Ring

JUK87 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JUK97 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JUK40 : Labradorite Ring

JUK84 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JUK37 : Malachite Oval Ring

JUK92 : Malachite Ring

JUK51 : Manjushri Finger Ring

JUK99 : MOP (Shell) Ring

JUK48 : Multi-color Ring of Faceted Tourmaline

JUK36 : Pearl Ring

JUK94 : Prehnite Ring

JUK83 : Rose Quartz Antiquated Ring

JUK38 : Rose Quartz Ring

JUK85 : Rose Quartz Ring with Spiral

JUK81 : Rutilated Quartz Oval Ring

JUK93 : Rutilated Quartz Ring

JUK98 : Tiger Eye Oval Ring

JUK82 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JUK53 : Turquoise Ring

JTP97 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JUJ06 : Amethyst Ring

JUJ01 : Black Onyx Ring

JUJ08 : Black Onyx Ring

JUJ18 : Black Onyx Ring

JUJ22 : Black Onyx Ring

JUJ10 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JUJ02 : Carnelian Oval Ring

JUJ03 : Chaorite Teardrop Ring

JUJ23 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JUJ05 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Ring

JUJ19 : Faceted Ruby Oval Ring

JUJ11 : Faceted Ruby Spiral Ring

JUJ04 : Green Onyx Ring

JUJ15 : Labradorite Ring

JUJ07 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUJ16 : Malachite Ring

JUJ20 : Malachite Ring

JUJ09 : Prehnite Ring

JUJ12 : Rose Quartz Ring

JUJ14 : Rutilated Quartz Ring

JUJ21 : Rutilated Quartz Ring

JUJ13 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUG35 : Faceted Blue Sapphire Ring with Diamond

JUG33 : Faceted Emerald Oval Ring with Diamond

JUD67 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JUG36 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Oval Ring with Diamond

JUG32 : Faceted Twin Amethyst Ring

JUG31 : Precious Stone Finger Ring with Triple Option for Central Setting (Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire)

JUG26 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JUG03 : Garnet Ring with Twin Blooming Flowers

JUF54 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JUF56 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JUF53 : Turquoise Ring

JUF55 : Turquoise Ring

JUF57 : Turquoise Ring

JUF58 : Turquoise Ring

JUF60 : Turquoise Ring

JUG01 : Turquoise Ring

JUG02 : Turquoise Ring

JUF59 : Turquoise Ring with Spiral

JUE79 : Black Onyx Ring

JUE64 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JUE81 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JUE72 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JUE63 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JUE61 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JUE77 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JUE73 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JUE78 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JUF69 : Fossil Ring

JUE65 : Green Onyx Ring

JUE71 : Malachite Ring

JUE70 : Prehnite Ring

JUE59 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JUF01 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JUF08 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JUE80 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUF03 : Rainbow Moonstone Spiral Ring

JUE76 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JUE62 : Rutilated Quartz Ring

JUE69 : Rutilated Quartz Ring

JUE74 : Rutilated Quartz Ring

JUF10 : Spider's Web Turquoise Oval Ring

JUE66 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUF06 : Turquoise Oval Ring

JUF09 : Turquoise Oval Ring

JUE58 : Turquoise Ring

JUE60 : Turquoise Ring

JUE67 : Turquoise Ring

JUF11 : Turquoise Ring

JUF12 : Turquoise Ring

JUF07 : Turquoise Spiral Ring

JSF81 : Amber Square Ring

JTR78 : Carnelian Oval Ring

JTR81 : Labradorite Ring

JTT33 : Labradorite Ring

JTR68 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JTR80 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JTT02 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JTR77 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTT24 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTT28 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTT31 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTT42 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTT43 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUE12 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUE14 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUE16 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUE17 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUE10 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring with Spiral

JTP91 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JTQ26 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JTP76 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JTT26 : Turquoise Ring

JUC83 : Amethyst Oval Ring

JUC92 : Amethyst Ring

JUC96 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JUD90 : Fossil Finger Ring

JUC97 : Fossil Ring

JUD91 : Fossil Ring

JUC81 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JUD97 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUC93 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JUC82 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUC95 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUD89 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUC90 : Turquoise Ring

JUC94 : Turquoise Ring

JUD66 : Abalone Ring

JUD75 : Abalone Ring

JSF79 : Amber Ring

JUC69 : Amethyst Oval Ring

JUC77 : Amethyst Oval Ring

JUD61 : Amethyst Ring

JUD77 : Amethyst Ring

JUD83 : Amethyst Ring

JUD72 : Black Onyx Ring

JUD78 : Black Onyx Ring

JUC71 : Blue Chalcedony Oval Ring

JUD55 : Carnelian Ring

JUD68 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JUD82 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JUD81 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Ring

JUD65 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JUD63 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JUD57 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JUD86 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JUC79 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JUC70 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Oval Ring

JUD73 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JUD79 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JUD84 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JUC74 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JUD76 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JUC78 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JUD69 : Labradorite Ring

JUD71 : Labradorite Ring

JUD87 : Labradorite Ring

JUC72 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JUD58 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUD64 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUD74 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUD80 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUD88 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUD60 : Prehnite Ring

JUC73 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JUC76 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JUC80 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JUC75 : Tiger Eye Oval Ring

JUD59 : Tiger Eye Ring

JUD56 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JUD62 : Turquoise Ring

JUD16 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Earring with Pendant and Ring Set

JUD02 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Oval Ring

JUD10 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Oval Ring

JUD11 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

JUD06 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Ring

JUD14 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Ring

JUD24 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Ring

JUD28 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Ring

JUD32 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Ring

JUD38 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Ring

JUD42 : Faceted Mystic Topaz Ring

JUD05 : Sterling Auspicious Symbols Ring

JUC28 : Amber Ring

JUC34 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JUC16 : Om Mani Padme Hum Ring

JUC37 : Svayambhunath Eyes Inlay Ring

JTP79 : Turquoise Ring

JUA13 : Black Tourmaline Ring

JUA15 : Green Tourmaline Marquis Ring

JUA22 : Oval Ring of Pink Tourmaline

JUA05 : Pink Tourmaline Oval Ring

JUA17 : Pink Tourmaline Oval Ring

JUA21 : Pink Tourmaline Oval Ring

JUA06 : Tourmaline Marquis Ring

JUA20 : Tourmaline Ring

JSA51 : Amber Finger Ring

JTS71 : Faceted Amethyst Butterfly Ring

JTS72 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JTS74 : Faceted Gemstone Butterfly Ring
(Garnet, Amethyst, BT and Citrine)

JTS73 : Faceted Peridot Butterfly Ring

JTS50 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JTS49 : Faceted Gemstone Ring
(Citrine, Iolite and Peridot)

JTS47 : Faceted Green Amethyst Marquis Ring

JTS48 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JTS53 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JTS52 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTS07 : Enameled Ring

JTS05 : Meenakari Finger Ring

JTS08 : Meenakari Finger Ring

JTS06 : Meenakari Ring

JTX43 : Handcrafted Diamond Ring

JTX40 : Amethyst Marquis Ring with Diamond

JTX47 : Faceted Ruby and Diamond Handcrafted Ring

JTX46 : Fine Cut Citrine Ring with Diamond

JTW97 : Fine Cut Pink Tourmaline Ring

JTX48 : Fine Faceted Garnet Ring

JTX44 : Finely Crafted Faceted Sapphire Ring with Diamond

JTR72 : Carnelian Oval Ring

JTT01 : Carnelian Oval Ring

JTR70 : Labradorite Marquis Ring

JTR88 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JTR90 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JTV06 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JTQ29 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTR91 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JTT38 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTW07 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTW37 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTV10 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Ring

JTP56 : Turquoise Oval Ring

JTP60 : Turquoise Oval Ring

JTP52 : Turquoise Ring

JTP59 : Turquoise Ring

JTP61 : Turquoise Ring

JTW34 : Amethyst Oval Ring

JTW25 : Amethyst Ring

JTW28 : Amethyst Ring

JTW29 : Black Onyx Ring

JTW31 : Black Onyx Ring

JTW41 : Black Onyx Ring

JTW23 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JTW39 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JTW20 : Carnelian Finger Ring

JTW30 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JTW22 : Green Onyx Oval Ring

JTW36 : Green Onyx Ring

JTW24 : Labradorite Vegetative Ring

JTW38 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JTW35 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTW42 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTV95 : Lapis Lazuli Ring (Sides Engraved with Christian Symbols)

JTW26 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring (Sides Engraved with Christian Symbols)

JTW27 : Tiger Eye Oval Ring

JTW40 : Tiger Eye Ring

JTW33 : Tiger Eye Vegetative Ring

JTW32 : Turquoise Ring

JTV99 : Amethyst Oval Ring

JTV98 : Amethyst Ring

JTW03 : Black Onyx Circular Ring

JTV89 : Black Onyx Oval Ring

JTV93 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JTV90 : Carnelian Oval Ring

JTW05 : Carnelian Ring

JTW02 : Carnelian Ring (Sides Engraved with Christian Symbols)

JTV91 : Green Onyx Ring

JTV96 : Green Onyx Ring

JTW04 : Rose Quartz Oval Ring

JTW01 : Smoky Quartz Oval Ring

JTV97 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JTV94 : Turquoise Ring

JTV76 : Amethyst Vegetative Ring

JTV83 : Black Onyx Marquis Ring

JTV79 : Black Onyx Ring

JTV73 : Black Onyx Vegetative Ring

JTV68 : Blue Chalcedony Marquis Ring with Lattice

JTV65 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JTV70 : Carnelian Finger Ring

JTV82 : Carnelian Finger Ring

JTV63 : Carnelian Marquis Ring with Lattice

JTV67 : Carnelian Vegetative Ring

JTV75 : Fossil Finger Ring

JTV72 : Green Onyx Marquis Ring

JTV66 : Green Onyx Ring

JTV86 : Green Onyx Ring

JTV85 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTV80 : Lapis Lazuli Vegetative Ring

JTV84 : Rose Quartz Ring

JTV71 : Rose Quartz Vegetative Ring

JTV69 : Spider's Web Turquoise Finger Ring

JTV81 : Tiger Eye Marquis Ring

JTV77 : Turquoise Marquis Ring

JTV64 : Turquoise Vegetative Ring

JSS36 : Black Onyx Ring

JTV51 : Black Onyx Ring

JTV59 : Black Onyx Ring

JTV53 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JTV50 : Labradorite Ring

JTV49 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTV52 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTV55 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTV58 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTV54 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTV56 : Smoky Quartz Ring

JTV57 : Tiger Eye Ring

JQZ21 : Amethyst Ring

JTV39 : Amethyst Ring

JTV37 : Black Onyx Ring

JTV45 : Black Onyx Ring

JTV44 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JTV48 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JTV35 : Green Onyx Oval Ring

JTV46 : Labradorite Ring

JTV36 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JTV41 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTV42 : Lapis Lazuli Ring with Spiral

JTV38 : Malachite Finger Ring

JTV34 : Rose Quartz Finger Ring

JTV40 : Tiger Eye Ring

JTV43 : Turquoise Ring

JTV47 : Turquoise Ring

JTV27 : Black Onyx Ring

JTV32 : Black Onyx Ring

JSS42 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JTV25 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JTV28 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JTV24 : Carnelian Finger Ring

JTV21 : Carnelian Ring

JTV30 : Carnelian Ring

JTV22 : Green Onyx Ring

JTV18 : Green Onyx Teardrop Ring

JSD04 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTV23 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTV29 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTV26 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTV20 : Sky Blue Chalcedony Ring

JTV31 : Tiger Eye Ring

JTV13 : Amethyst Ring

JTV12 : Black Onyx Oval Ring

JTV05 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JTV07 : Carnelian Ring

JTV09 : Carnelian Ring

JTV08 : Green Onyx Oval Ring

JTV11 : Green Onyx Ring

JTV15 : Labradorite Ring

JTV16 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JTV14 : Rose Quartz Ring

JTV17 : Turquoise Ring

JTT29 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JTT37 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JTT35 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JTT21 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JTT25 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JTT32 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JTT18 : Labradorite Ring

JTT23 : Labradorite Ring

JTT27 : Labradorite Ring

JTT30 : Labradorite Ring

JTT20 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTT34 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTT36 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTT39 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTT40 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTT41 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTT44 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTT19 : Turquoise Ring

JTT22 : Turquoise Ring

JTT08 : Carnelian Oval Ring

JTT04 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JTT11 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JTT10 : Faceted Carnelian Oval Ring

JTT07 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JTT06 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JTT05 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Finger Ring

JTT12 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JTT13 : Rainbow Moonstone Mughal Ring

JTT09 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTT03 : Turquoise Finger Ring

JTR75 : Carnelian Finger Ring

JTR85 : Carnelian Finger Ring

JTR69 : Carnelian Oval Ring

JTR82 : Carnelian Oval Ring

JTR87 : Carnelian Oval Ring

JTR76 : Labradorite Marquis Ring

JTR79 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JTR84 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JTR73 : Labradorite Teardrop Ring

JTR71 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JTR74 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JTR83 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JTR86 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JTR89 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTP95 : Carnelian Oval Ring

JTP94 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JTQ01 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JTQ27 : Green Onyx Ring

JTQ45 : Labradorite Ring

JTQ38 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTQ32 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTQ06 : Rose Quartz Oval Ring

JTP86 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JTQ21 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JTQ18 : Amethyst Ring

JTQ07 : Black Onyx Ring

JTQ50 : Carnelian Marquis Ring

JTP89 : Carnelian Ring

JTQ03 : Carnelian Ring

JTQ10 : Carnelian Ring

JTQ13 : Carnelian Ring

JTQ20 : Carnelian Ring

JTQ30 : Carnelian Ring

JTQ41 : Carnelian Ring

JTQ46 : Carnelian Ring

JTQ28 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JTQ17 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JTQ44 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JTQ09 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JTQ14 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JTQ23 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JTQ33 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JTQ43 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JTQ39 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JTP92 : Green Onyx Ring

JTQ37 : Labradorite Marquis Ring

JTQ55 : Labradorite Marquis Ring

JTQ52 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JTQ54 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JTP14 : Labradorite Ring

JTP90 : Labradorite Ring

JTP96 : Labradorite Ring

JTQ04 : Labradorite Ring

JTQ11 : Labradorite Ring

JTQ25 : Labradorite Ring

JTQ31 : Labradorite Ring

JTQ40 : Labradorite Ring

JTQ49 : Labradorite Ring

JTP98 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTQ16 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTQ35 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTP70 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Ring

JTP75 : Rainbow Moonstone Mughal Ring

JTP71 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTP72 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTP74 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTP78 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTP84 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTQ12 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTP85 : Rhodonite Ring

JTQ22 : Ruby Ring

JTP88 : Ruby Zoisite Oval Ring

JTQ05 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JTQ15 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JTQ34 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JTQ42 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JTQ47 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JTQ51 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JTQ53 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JTP51 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JTQ08 : Tiger Eye Ring

JTP93 : Turquoise Ring

JTP99 : Turquoise Ring

JTP87 : Twin Ruby Zoisite Ring

JTP67 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JTP54 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JTP68 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JTP46 : Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTP66 : Turquoise Finger Ring

JTP55 : Turquoise Marquis Ring

JTP44 : Turquoise Oval Ring

JTP48 : Turquoise Oval Ring

JTP45 : Turquoise Ring

JTP47 : Turquoise Ring

JTP49 : Turquoise Ring

JTP50 : Turquoise Ring

JTP53 : Turquoise Ring

JTP57 : Turquoise Ring

JTP58 : Turquoise Ring

JTP62 : Turquoise Ring

JTP63 : Turquoise Ring

JTP64 : Turquoise Ring

JTP69 : Turquoise Ring

JTP73 : Turquoise Ring

JTP77 : Turquoise Ring

JTP80 : Turquoise Ring

JTP81 : Turquoise Ring

JTP82 : Turquoise Ring

JTP83 : Turquoise Ring

JTO26 : Endless Knot (Ashtamangala) Inlay Ring

JTO23 : Swayambhunath Eyes Inlay Ring

JTO24 : The Ten Powerful Syllables of The Kalachakra Mantra Inlay Ring

JTO22 : Tibetan Om (AUM) Inlay Ring

JTO27 : Tibetan Om (AUM) Inlay Ring

JRP53 : Fossil Finger Ring

JSQ16 : Fluorite Finger Ring

JTK78 : Fossil Ring

JTK71 : Peacockolite Ring

JTK63 : Peacockolite Ring

JTM39 : Endless Knot (Ashtamangala) Inlay Ring

JTM13 : Om Mani Padme Hum Inlay Ring

JTM20 : Svayambhunath Eyes Inlay Ring

JTM35 : The Ten Powerful Syllables of The Kalachakra Mantra Inlay Finger Ring

JTM47 : Shri Ganesha Finger Ring

JTM44 : Sterling Buddha Ring

JTM43 : Swayambhunath Eye Inlay Finger Ring

JTM31 : Bodhisattva Manjushri Ring

JTM27 : Endless Knot (Ashtamangala) Ring

JTM21 : Shri Ganesha Finger Ring

JND44 : Coral Ring

JTK72 : Fossil Ring

JTK75 : Fossil Ring

JTK81 : Fossil Spiral Ring

JTK46 : Om (AUM) Finger Ring

JTK08 : Peacockolite Ring with Spiral

JGL62 : Amethyst Ring

JMO45 : Butterfly Finger Ring

JMS40 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JNE49 : Faceted Iolite Bunch

JQQ79 : Faceted Tourmaline Finger Ring

JQQ77 : Faceted Tourmaline Flower Ring

JLT22 : Fine Cut Citrine Ring

JQY03 : Obsidian Snowflake Ring

JQX44 : Rutilated Quartz Finger Ring

QG26 : Sterling Gypsy Ring

JQV53 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JTJ44 : Amethyst Ring

JTJ41 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JTJ36 : Curved Amethyst Ring

JTJ31 : Curved Black Onyx Ring

JTJ43 : Curved Black Onyx Ring

JTH98 : Curved Green Onyx Ring

JTH97 : Curved Rose Quartz Ring

JTJ34 : CZ Ring

JTJ38 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JTJ30 : Garnet Ring

JTJ47 : Garnet Ring

JTJ29 : Labradorite Ring

JTJ39 : Labradorite Ring

JTJ45 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JTH99 : Malachite Ring

JTJ40 : Peridot Ring

JTJ32 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JTJ42 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JSF83 : Square Amber Finger Ring

JCC08 : Rainbow Moonstone Bunch Ring

JSJ16 : Amber Sensuous Ring

JHB52 : Sugilite Finger Ring

JIO03 : Faceted Gemstone Ring (Garnet, Citrine, Iolite, Peridot and Amethyst)

JSD99 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JMO73 : Faceted Garnet Marquis Ring

JTE10 : Coral Mughal Ring

JTE12 : Turquoise Ring

JTE20 : Twin Amber Ring

JSD62 : Amber Oval Ring

JHB90 : Grey Moonstone Oval Finger Ring

JSZ96 : Amethyst Ring

JSZ98 : Black Onyx Marquis Ring

JSZ94 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JSZ97 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JTA07 : Sterling Om (AUM) Ring

JMS53 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JQQ85 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JMS48 : Fine Cut Garnet Ring

JQQ82 : Finger Ring of Faceted Tourmaline

JGO55 : Garnet Valentine Ring

JNF50 : Labradorite Gypsy Ring

JQW76 : Lapis Lazuli Slave Bracelet with Ring

JSK07 : Navaratna Finger Ring (Mixed Color)

JGO66 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGW89 : Sterling Ring

JGO54 : Triple Black Onyx Valentine Ring

JGM58 : Tripler Jasper Ring

JSY55 : Lapis Lazuli Marquis Ring

JSD51 : Five Amber Finger Ring

JLQ48 : Lord Ganesha (Sterling Ring)

JSJ28 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JND68 : Coral Ring

JKW45 : Designer Faceted Citrine Ring with Twine Diamonds

JJL81 : Emerald & Cubic Zirconia Golden Ring

JQO95 : Lord Buddha Finger Ring

JQZ13 : Rose Quartz Ring

JST08 : Blessing Ganesha Finger Ring

JST19 : Blue Chalcedony Oval Ring

JST15 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JST07 : Faceted Green Amethyst Teardrop Ring

JRH19 : Turquoise Rectangular Ring

JSS39 : Om Namah Shivai Finger Ring

JSS34 : Prehnite Marquis Ring with Lattice

JSS33 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JSS38 : Rose Quartz Ring

JSS41 : Rose Quartz Ring

JSS35 : Ruby Zoisite Finger Ring

JSS43 : Shri Ganesha Finger Ring

JSS37 : Tiger Eye Finger Ring

JSS40 : Tiger Eye Marquis Ring

JSS15 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JSR92 : Faceted Rose Quartz Ring

JSP33 : Agate Ring

JSP89 : Amethyst Ring

JSQ07 : Black Onyx Ring

JSQ13 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JSP84 : Carnelian Ring

JSQ04 : Carnelian Ring

JSQ11 : Carnelian Ring

JSP64 : Chaorite Ring

JSP22 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JSQ03 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JSP50 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JSP34 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JSP56 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JSP54 : Faceted Green onyx Ring

JSP53 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Ring

JSP57 : Faceted Prehnite Ring

JSP52 : Faceted Rose Quartz Ring

JSP55 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JSP31 : Faceted Tiger Eye Ring

JSP51 : Faceted Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JSP71 : Green Onyx Ring

JSP88 : Labradorite Ring

JSP24 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JSP65 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JSP90 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JSP87 : Malachite Ring

JSQ05 : Prehnite Ring

JSP83 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JSQ08 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JSQ12 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JSQ15 : Rhodochrosite Finger Ring

JSP58 : Rhodonite Ring

JSP85 : Rose Quartz Ring

JSQ10 : Smoky Quartz Ring

JSP35 : Snowflake Obsidian Ring

JSQ14 : Sterling Ring

JSP69 : Tiger Eye Ring

JSP86 : Tiger Eye Ring

JSQ06 : Tiger Eye Ring

JSQ09 : Tiger Eye Ring

JSP21 : Turquoise Ring

JSP30 : Turquoise Ring

JSP41 : Turquoise Ring

JSP48 : Turquoise Ring

JSP63 : Turquoise Ring

JSP67 : Turquoise Ring

JSP72 : Turquoise Ring

JSP76 : Turquoise Ring

JSP78 : Turquoise Ring

JSP80 : Turquoise Ring

JSP81 : Turquoise Ring

JSP82 : Turquoise Ring

JSP15 : Turquoise Ring

JLX35 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring with Diamonds

JSO55 : Lot of Five Spider's Web Turquoise Rings

JSO54 : Lot of Five Turquoise Finger Rings

JSO53 : Lot of Five Turquoise Rings

JSB13 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JSO52 : Turquoise Marquis Ring

JSO71 : Turquoise Oval Finger Ring

JSO58 : Turquoise Oval Ring

JSO59 : Turquoise Ring

JSO65 : Turquoise Ring

JSO67 : Turquoise Ring

JSO68 : Turquoise Teardrop Finger Ring

JSB43 : Black Onyx Marquis Ring

JPK10 : Lord Ganesha Finger Ring

JRB80 : Faceted Amethyst Finger Ring

JSL31 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JSL29 : Amazonite Oval Ring

JSL17 : Amethyst Ring

JSL26 : Amethyst Ring

JSL20 : Black Onyx Ring

JSL23 : Blue Lace Agate Ring

JSL27 : Carnelian Ring

JSL33 : Carnelian Ring

JSL35 : Carnelian Ring

JSL38 : Carnelian Ring

JSL90 : Carnelian Ring

JSL25 : Fluorite Marquis Ring

JSL36 : Jade Oval Ring

JSL28 : Labradorite Ring

JSL32 : Labradorite Ring

JSL40 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JSL19 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JSL39 : Rose Quartz Ring

JSL22 : Smoky Quartz Ring

JSL16 : Sponge Coral Ring

JSL18 : Tiger Eye Ring

JSL37 : Tiger Eye Ring

JSL34 : Turquoise Ring

JSK74 : Agate Ring

JSL07 : Agate Ring

JSK43 : Amethyst Ring

JSK80 : Amethyst Ring

JSK81 : Amethyst Ring

JSL13 : Black Obsidian Ring

JSK14 : Black Onyx Oval Ring

JSK75 : Black Onyx Ring

JSK82 : Black Onyx Ring

JSK85 : Black Onyx Ring

JSK87 : Black Onyx Ring

JSK94 : Black Onyx Ring

JSK97 : Black Onyx Ring

JSL05 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JSL09 : Blue Lace Agate Ring

JSK84 : Carnelian Ring

JSK90 : Carnelian Ring

JSL12 : Chaorite Ring

JSK38 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JSK95 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JSL04 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JSL03 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JSK35 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Ring

JSL06 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Ring

JSL01 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JSK27 : Faceted Prehnite Ring

JSK36 : Faceted Rose Quartz Ring

JSK32 : Faceted Tiger Eye Ring

JSK99 : Faceted Tiger Eye Ring

JSL02 : Faceted Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JSK86 : Green Onyx Ring

JSK42 : Labradorite Ring

JSK24 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JSK29 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JSK78 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JSL10 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JSK77 : Malachite Ring

JSK93 : Malachite Ring

JSK96 : Malachite Ring

JSK98 : Pink Opal Ring

JSL08 : Pink Opal Ring

JSL14 : Pink Opal Ring

JSK91 : Prehnite Ring

JSK16 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Ring

JSK40 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JSK92 : Rhodonite Ring

JSK76 : Rose Quartz Ring

JSK83 : Rose Quartz Ring

JSL11 : Rose Quartz Ring

JSK39 : Sponge Coral Ring

JSK89 : Sponge Coral Ring

JSK79 : Tiger Eye Ring

JSK88 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JSK09 : Labradorite Ring

JSK18 : Rose Quartz Finger Ring

JSK11 : Tiger Eye Oval Ring

JCW62 : Abalone Ring

JSO69 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JSO57 : Turquoise Ring

JSO61 : Turquoise Ring

JSO62 : Turquoise Ring

JSO63 : Turquoise Ring

JSO64 : Turquoise Ring

JSO70 : Turquoise Ring

JSO60 : Turquoise Teardrop Finger Ring

JSL15 : Carnelian Ring

JSJ43 : Faceted Beer Lemon Topaz Ring

JSJ44 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JSJ42 : Faceted Prehnite Oval Finger Ring

JSJ46 : Faceted Rose Quartz Ring

JSJ45 : Faceted Tiger Eye Ring

JSJ55 : Labradorite Ring

JSJ41 : Pink Opal Oval Finger Ring

JSJ50 : Prehnite Oval Finger Ring

JSJ53 : Prehnite Ring

JSJ51 : Rose Quartz Ring

JSJ52 : Rose Quartz Ring

JSJ54 : Rose Quartz Ring

JSJ49 : Tiger Eye Ring

JSJ29 : Black Onyx Finger Ring

JSJ36 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JSJ34 : Labradorite Ring

JSJ30 : Pink Opal Oval Finger Ring

JSJ25 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JSJ26 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JSJ27 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JSJ31 : Tiger Eye Ring

JSI73 : Amber Ring

JSJ11 : Amber Ring

JSJ03 : Amethyst Ring

JSI22 : Amber Ring

JSF80 : Amber Ring

JRE42 : Diamond Om (AUM) Finger Ring

JRE34 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Ring with Diamonds

JSH04 : Malachite Oval Finger Ring

JSH10 : MOP Oval Finger Ring

JSH09 : Opal Finger Ring

JSH05 : Prehnite Finger Ring

JSH08 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Ring

JSH07 : Rose Quartz Finger Ring

JSH06 : Tiger Eye Oval Ring

JSG82 : Agate Triangular Finger Ring

JSG83 : Amethyst Teardrop Ring

JSG79 : Dendrite Teardrop Finger Ring

JSG87 : Labradorite Finger Ring

JSG78 : Lapis lazuli Oval Finger Ring

JSG89 : Malachite Finger Ring

JSG86 : Malachite Oval Finger Ring

JSG88 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JSG81 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Finger Ring

JSG80 : Turquoise Oval Finger Ring

JSF82 : Amber Rectangular Ring

JSL30 : Dirty Tiger Eye Ring

JSF85 : Prehnite Finger Ring

JSL21 : Tiger Eye Ring

JSL24 : Tiger Eye Ring

JSF23 : Amber Ring

JSB90 : Amber Ring

JSD34 : Amber Ring

JSD43 : Amber Ring

JSE76 : Amber Ring

JSF19 : Amber Ring

JSF27 : Amber Ring

JSF28 : Amber Ring

JSF30 : Amber Ring

JSF32 : Amber Ring

JSF35 : Amber Ring

JSF37 : Amber Ring

JSF38 : Amber Ring

JSB91 : Black Onyx Ring

JSD61 : Carnelian and Garnet Ring

JSB85 : Labradorite and Amethyst Ring

JSD72 : Prehnite and Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JSB86 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JSD16 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JSB88 : Rose Quartz Ring

JSB84 : Tiger Eye Ring

JSE58 : Tiger Eye Ring

JSB82 : Dirty Tiger Eye Ring

JSD90 : Amber Circular Finger Ring

JSD35 : Amber Ring

JSD38 : Amber Ring

JSD47 : Amber Ring

JSD50 : Amber Ring

JSD58 : Amber Ring

JSD60 : Amber Ring

JSE02 : Amber Ring

JSD05 : Amethyst Ring

JSD68 : Amethyst Ring

JSD70 : Amethyst Ring

JSD54 : Black Onyx Rectangular Ring

JSD82 : Black Onyx Ring

JSD84 : Faceted Amethyst and Blue Topaz Ring

JSD69 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JSD79 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JSD64 : Faceted Twin Amethyst Designer Ring

JSD06 : Garnet Ring

JSD83 : Labradorite Ring

JSD57 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JSD89 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JSD07 : Opal Ring

JSD08 : Opal Ring

JSD09 : Opal Ring

JSD10 : Opal Ring

JSD11 : Opal Ring

JSD12 : Opal Ring

JSD71 : Picture Jasper Teardrop Ring

JSD33 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JSD65 : Rose Quartz Oval Ring

JSD88 : Tiger Eye Ring

JSD80 : Triple Amber Finger Ring

JSB39 : Amethyst Oval Ring

JSB42 : Black Onyx Ring

JSB89 : Carnelian Rectangular Ring

JSB87 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JSB37 : Labradorite Teardrop Ring

JRV86 : Lot of Five Ruby Zoisite Rings

JRZ94 : Lot of Seven Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Rings

JSB41 : Rose Quartz Ring

JSB40 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JSB09 : Amber Finger Ring

JSB21 : Black Onyx Marquis Ring

JSB11 : Black Onyx Oval Ring

JSB19 : Dendrite Pointed Oval Ring

JSB29 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JSB25 : Gemstone Ring (Pearl, Lapis Lazuli and Rainbow Moonstone)

JSB24 : Labradorite Rectangular Ring

JSB30 : Labradorite Ring with Twin Iolite

JSB16 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JSB28 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JSB22 : MOP Rectangular Ring

JSB12 : Opal Finger Ring

JSB20 : Opal Finger Ring

JSB27 : Opal Ring

JSB23 : Pearl and Labradorite Ring

JSB10 : Pink Opal Teardrop Finger Ring

JSB26 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JSB15 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Ring

JSB18 : Rose Quartz Ring

JSO56 : Spider's Web Turquoise Finger Ring

JSB17 : Sponge Coral Ring

JSB14 : Unakite Oval Ring

JSB81 : Dirty Tiger Eye Ring

JSA52 : Amber Oval Finger Ring

JSA56 : Amber Oval Finger Ring

JSA57 : Amber Oval Finger Ring with Spiral

JSA75 : Amber Ring with Twin Coral

JSA60 : Black Onyx Oval Ring

JSA54 : Dendrite Teardrop Ring

JSA62 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JSA85 : Faceted Crystal Oval Ring

JSA77 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JSA83 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JSA81 : Faceted Twin Citrine Ring

JSA82 : Labradorite Marquis Ring

JSA61 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JSA55 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Finger Ring

JSA84 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JSA59 : Prehnite Finger Ring

JSA79 : Prehnite Oval Ring

JSA58 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JSA80 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JSA73 : Rose Quartz Finger Ring

JSA76 : Sodalite Finger Ring

JSA78 : Yellow Chalcedony Oval Ring

JSA23 : Faceted Amethyst Teardrop Ring

JSA22 : Faceted Ruby and Emerald Ring

JSA05 : Amber Finger Ring

JSA20 : Amethyst Oval Finger Ring

JSA07 : Emerald Rectangular Finger Ring

JSA12 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JSA15 : Faceted Ruby Finger Ring

JSA19 : Faceted Sapphire Finger Ring

JSA18 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Finger Ring with Pearl

JSA17 : Fine Faceted Rose Quartz Teardrop Ring

JSA08 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JSA16 : MOP Ring

JSA24 : Prehnite Finger Ring with Twin Faceted Peridot

JSA10 : Prehnite Oval Ring

JSA21 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JSA14 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Ring

JSA13 : Triple Labradorite Ring

JSA06 : Amber Finger Ring

JSA09 : Faceted Rose Quartz Ring

JRZ95 : Amber Finger Ring

JRZ98 : Amber Finger Ring

JSA03 : Amber Oval Ring

JRZ96 : Amber Rectangular Finger Ring

JSA01 : Amber Rectangular Finger Ring

JSA04 : Amber Rectangular Ring

JRZ97 : Amber Ring

JSA02 : Amber Ring

JRZ99 : Amber Teardrop Finger Ring

JRY99 : Amber Valentine Finger Ring

JRV85 : Lot of Ten Ruby Zoisite Finger Rings

JRV87 : Lot of Three Gemstone Finger Rings (Green Amethyst, Pearl and Faceted Emerald)

JGO81 : Pink Opal Ring

JQZ19 : Black Onyx Oval Ring

JRI93 : Black Onyx Oval Ring

JRB67 : Faceted Amethyst Circular Ring

JRB79 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JRJ08 : Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon Finger Ring

JQZ09 : Rutilated Quartz Ring

JRH14 : Turquoise Marquis Finger Ring

JPX35 : Shri Ganeshai Namah Finger Ring

JQZ06 : Agate Oval Ring

JSO66 : Turquoise Ring

JRV08 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JNP46 : Om Mani Padme Hum Finger Ring

JRU99 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Finger Ring

JRV23 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Finger Ring

JRU96 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JRU98 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JRU97 : Finger Ring of Faceted Rainbow Moonstone

JRV06 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JRV07 : Ruby Zoisite Marquis Ring

JRV05 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JRV02 : Faceted Crystal Finger Ring

JRV04 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JRV03 : Faceted Ruby Finger Ring

JRU40 : Diamonds and Faceted Emerald Finger Ring

JRU38 : Faceted Sapphire Finger Ring with Diamonds

JQZ30 : Agate Ring

JFP74 : Amethyst Marvel Ring

JQZ26 : Blue Lace Agate Finger Ring

JJD03 : Crystal Ring

JFQ52 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Serpent Ring

JRP60 : Labradorite Finger Ring

JLV62 : Malachite Gypsy Ring

JFN14 : Peridot Serpent Ring

JPC60 : Spiral Ring

JMS65 : Superfine Cut Amethyst Ring

JRT05 : Carnelian Tribal Finger Ring

JRR13 : Rainbow Moonstone Mughal Finger Ring

JRS15 : Peacockolite Finger Ring

JRS13 : Inlay Finger Ring with the Syllable Om Mani Padme Hum

JRS12 : Om Mani Padme Hum Inlay Finger Ring

JRS14 : Om Mani Padme Hum Inlay Finger Ring

JQS66 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JRP51 : Amazonite Finger Ring

JRP95 : Amethyst Circular Finger Ring

JRP97 : Blue Chalcedony Finger Ring

JRP69 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JRQ42 : Fossil Finger Ring

JRO31 : Labradorite Oval Finger Ring

JRP73 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Finger Ring

JRP81 : Rainbow Moonstone Finger Ring

JRP92 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Finger Ring

JRO10 : Triple Amethyst Finger Ring

JRO07 : Triple Black Onyx Finger Ring

JRP88 : Triple Rainbow Moonstone Finger Ring

JRO30 : Turquoise Oval Finger Ring

JRQ62 : Ruby Ring with Diamonds

JRQ60 : Fine Cut Sapphire Ring with Diamonds

JRM51 : Malachite Oval Finger Ring

JRP50 : Chipped Twin-Hued Chalcedony Pot Pourri Ring

LAN63 : Faceted Amethyst Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAN28 : Faceted Amethyst Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

JZX83 : Faceted Garnet Flower Ring

LAN87 : Faceted Gemstone Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set (Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire)

LAN79 : Faceted Ruby Pendant with Earrings and Ring Set

LAN51 : Faceted Triple Gems Ring (Garnet, Amethyst and Citrine)

JRJ98 : Lapis Lazuli Finger Ring

JRM52 : Shri Ganesha Finger Ring with Faceted Iolite in Crest

JRP64 : Picture Jasper Finger Ring

JRP57 : Rose Quartz Finger Ring

JRP54 : Black Onyx Oval Finger Ring

JRP65 : Black Onyx Oval Finger Ring

JRP56 : Blue Sun Sitara Finger Ring

JRP83 : Cubic Zirconia Finger Ring

JRP55 : Faceted Crystal Finger Ring

JRP82 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JRP61 : Faceted Tiger Eye Triangular Finger Ring

JRQ01 : Malachite Circular Finger Ring

JRP63 : Malachite Oval Finger Ring

JRP71 : MOP Oval Ring

JRP89 : Pearl Finger Ring

JRP58 : Rainbow Moonstone Marquis Ring

JRP72 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Finger Ring

JRP52 : Rose Quartz Oval Ring

JRP66 : Sunstone Finger Ring

JRP49 : Tiger Eye Oval Finger Ring

JRP70 : Triple Jade Ring

JRP62 : Turquoise Oval Finger Ring

JRP84 : Faceted Chipped Tourmalinated Quartz Pot Pourri Finger Ring

JRP93 : Spider's Web Triangular Finger Ring

JRO33 : Garnet Slave Bracelet Attached with Ring

JRO34 : Labradorite Slave Bracelet Attached with Ring

JRO35 : Rose Quartz Slave Bracelet Attached with Ring

JRO28 : Spider's Web Turquoise Finger Ring

JRO29 : Turquoise Finger Ring

JRO32 : Turquoise Slave Bracelet Attached with Ring

JRO27 : Turquoise Finger Ring

JRO13 : Faceted Ruby Finger Ring with Twin Pearl

JRO11 : Labradorite Finger Ring

JRO06 : Rainbow Moonstone Finger Ring

JRO14 : Triple Chaorite Finger Ring

JRO12 : Triple Malachite Finger Ring

JRO09 : Turquoise Finger Ring

JRN31 : Faceted Peridot Finger Ring

JRN30 : Abalone Scorpion Ring

JRN23 : Amethyst Circular Ring

JRN27 : Black Onyx Finger Ring

JRM50 : Black Onyx Tribal Finger Ring

JRN24 : Cubic Zirconia Explosion

JRN32 : Malachite Finger Ring

JRN26 : Malachite Oval Finger Ring

JRN28 : MOP (Shell) Oval Finger Ring

JRN29 : Scorpion Inlay Finger Ring

JRN25 : Sterling Finger Ring

JRN33 : Sterling Finger Ring

JRN34 : Sterling Knotted Rope Ring

JRM47 : Tiger Eye Finger Ring

JRN22 : Vishva Vajra Inlay Finger Ring

JRM49 : Tiger Eye Oval Finger Ring

JRM03 : Pink Opal Finger Ring

JRM05 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JRL99 : Rose Quartz Finger Ring

JRL95 : Sterling Finger Ring with Fish Charms

JRK03 : Turquoise Finger Ring

JRM01 : Turquoise Oval Ring

JQB27 : Carnelian Oval Finger Ring

JQS65 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGG16 : Faceted Ruby Finger Ring

JQB31 : Malachite Oval Finger Ring

JRL93 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Finger Ring

JPT44 : Amethyst and Tiger Eye Bunch Finger Ring

JGM89 : Amethyst Finger Ring

JGP36 : Black Onyx Finger Ring

JQB42 : Black Onyx Serpent Finger Ring

JFH34 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JGO47 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JGM77 : Canadian Jade Finger Ring

JMS54 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JIZ54 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JIO02 : Faceted Gemstones Ring (Garnet, Iolite, Amethyst, Citrine and Peridot)

JPQ97 : Fine Cut Gemstone Finger Ring (Amethyst, Peridot, Blue Topaz and Garnet)

JQX22 : Ganesha Finger Ring with Amethyst on Crest

JMO57 : Garnet Marquis Finger Ring

JPT42 : Gemstone Bunch Finger Ring with Central Flower (Amethyst, Black Onyx, Green Onyx, Rainbow Moonstone and Tiger Eye)

JMK74 : Grey Moonstone Dragon Ring

JFS84 : Grey Moonstone Finger Ring

JGP25 : Jasper Finger Ring

JFS72 : Lapis Lazuli Finger Ring

JQC04 : Lapis Lazuli Finger Ring

JMJ72 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JQR59 : Multi-color Gemstone Finger Ring

JMS37 : Peridot Marquis Ring

JGO71 : Pink Opal Valentine Ring

JGO23 : Rainbow Moonstone Finger Ring

JGO79 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JQC01 : Sterling Antiquated Tribal Finger Ring

JNB62 : Turquoise Dragon Ring

JGO46 : Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JME02 : Amethyst Dragon Ring

JMS58 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JGE37 : Faceted Ruby Finger Ring

JGE44 : Faceted Ruby Finger Ring

JCR05 : Garnet Ring

JHB07 : Grey Moonstone Oval Finger Ring

JQB43 : Lapis Lazuli Tribal Finger Ring

JGO88 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JMO55 : Citrine Marquis Ring

JGM81 : Garnet Finger Ring

JHB87 : Grey Moonstone Finger Ring

JGM88 : Jasper Oval Finger Ring

JGM78 : Iron Tiger Eye Oval Finger Ring

JRL19 : Blue Sapphire Handcrafted Finger Ring with Diamonds

JRL16 : Faceted Emerald Ring with Diamonds

JRL20 : Faceted Peridot Finger Ring

JRL15 : Faceted Ruby Finger Ring with Diamonds

JRL17 : Faceted Sapphire Finger Ring with Diamonds

JRL21 : Twin Ruby Finger Ring with Diamonds

JHE08 : Grey Moonstone Finger Ring

JRJ97 : Carnelian Finger Ring

JRK50 : Turquoise Oval Finger Ring

JRK04 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Finger Ring

JRJ99 : Om Namah Shivai Finger Ring

JRK05 : Oval Finger Ring of Labradorite

JRK02 : Rose Quartz Finger Ring

JRJ24 : Fossil Finger Ring

JRJ16 : Oval Ring of Pink Tourmaline

JRJ18 : Petro Tourmaline Oval Ring

JRJ15 : Pink Tourmaline Expanded Teardrop Ring

JRJ17 : Pink Tourmaline Oval Ring

JRH07 : Spider's Web Turquoise Finger Ring

JRH21 : Turquoise Oval Ring

JRI32 : Amethyst Circular Finger Ring

JRI55 : Amethyst Oval Ring

JRJ19 : Black Onyx Oval Ring

JRJ21 : Black Onyx Oval Ring

JRJ06 : Black Onyx Ring

JRI53 : Butterfly Finger Ring with Faceted Blue Topaz and Amethyst

JRI34 : Carnelian Finger Ring

JRI74 : Carnelian Oval Ring

JRJ13 : Celtic Spiral Ring

JRI52 : Faceted Twin Garnet Butterfly Finger Ring

JRI57 : Malachite Oval Ring

JRI48 : Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon Ring

JRJ12 : Rose Quartz Oval Ring

JRJ09 : Rutilated Quartz Finger Ring

JRJ07 : Smoky Quartz Ring

JRI49 : Sterling Filigree Finger Ring

JRJ23 : Sterling Spiral Finger Ring

JRJ22 : Sterling Spiral Ring

JRJ11 : Tourmalinated Quartz Finger Ring

JRJ10 : Tourmalinated Quartz Ring

JRH10 : Turquoise Oval Finger Ring

JRH16 : Turquoise Oval Finger Ring

JRH20 : Turquoise Oval Ring

JRJ14 : Turquoise Rectangular Finger Ring

JRI30 : Amethyst Circular Finger Ring with Petal Edge

JRH95 : Chaorite Finger Ring

JRH89 : Cubic Zirconia Bridal Finger Ring

JRI05 : Faceted Peridot and Amethyst Finger Ring

JRH90 : Faceted Tourmaline Marquis Ring

JHB78 : Grey Moonstone Rectangular Finger Ring

JRH99 : Lapis Lazuli Lattice Finger Ring

JRI10 : Malachite Teardrop Ring

JQR57 : Multi-color Gemstone Finger Ring

JRH92 : Prehnite Finger Ring

JRI01 : Rainbow Moonstone Slave Bracelet Attached with Adjustable Ring

JRH94 : Rose Quartz Ring

JRH93 : Rutilated Quartz Ring

JRI08 : Sterling Spiral Finger Ring

JRG52 : Turquoise Finger Ring

JRH09 : Turquoise Finger Ring

JRH11 : Turquoise Finger Ring

JRH18 : Turquoise Finger Ring

JRH13 : Turquoise Marquis Finger Ring

JRH08 : Turquoise Triangular Finger Ring

JHE09 : Grey Moonstone Marquis Ring

JHE47 : Grey Moonstone Oval Ring

JRF92 : Diamond Finger Ring with Faceted Blue Sapphire and Ruby

JRF95 : Faceted Citrine Finger Ring with Diamonds

JRF98 : Faceted Emerald Finger Ring with Diamonds

JRF96 : Faceted Precious Gemstones Finger Ring (Emerald, Ruby, Blue Sapphire and Diamond on the Back)

JRF97 : Ruby and Emerald Finger Ring with Diamonds

JRF94 : Ruby Handcrafted Finger Ring

JRE84 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JRE72 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Finger Ring

JRE29 : Twin Turquoise Nepalese Ring with Coral

JRE36 : Faceted Triple Emerald Ring with Diamonds

JRE33 : Lapis Lazuli Finger Ring with Diamonds

JML05 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JMO65 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JPY78 : Faceted Hematite Circular Ring with Petal Edge

JMS42 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JGW82 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JOC38 : Fine Cut Gemstone Bunch Ring

JKX40 : Sterling Lattice Ring

JPX55 : Om Mani Padme Hum Finger Ring

JMO59 : Amethyst Marquis Ring

JPT46 : Black Onyx Gypsy Ring

JGO85 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JGO38 : Blue Chalcedony Ring with Spiral

JGN17 : Canadian Jade Ring

JGO53 : Canadian Jade Valentine Ring

JQB33 : Carnelian Finger Ring

JMO53 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JMO74 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JMS55 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JIO04 : Faceted Gemstones Ring (Iolite, Peridot, Garnet, Citrine and Amethyst)

JQC02 : Faceted Green Onyx Finger Ring

JHD93 : Faceted Picture Jasper Ring

JPQ94 : Fine Cut Gemstone Finger Ring (Garnet, Peridot, Blue Topaz and Amethyst)

JPQ16 : Fine Cut Peridot Finger Ring

JMO94 : Fine Cut Peridot Ring

JIS23 : Fine Cut Tourmaline Ring

JGN34 : Garnet Ring

JPT43 : Gemstone Gypsy Finger Ring (Green Onyx and Rainbow Moonstone)

JQB34 : Green Onyx Pyramid Finger Ring

JGO43 : Jasper Oval Ring

JQB25 : Lapis Lazuli Rectangle Finger Ring

JGO48 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JQX19 : Lord Ganesha Ring with Cubic Zirconia

JOL33 : Malachite Slave Bracelet

JPQ80 : MOP Serpent Ring

JGO40 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring with Spiral

JQP93 : Serpent Finger Ring

JQB38 : Sterling Valentine Finger Ring

JMS36 : Triple Amethyst Marquis Ring

QI64 : Amethyst Gypsy Ring

QL54 : Curved Rectangular Ring of Lapis Lazuli

JGE38 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JGM73 : Jasper Oval Ring

JGM74 : Tiger Eye Finger Ring

JGN38 : Tiger Eye Finger Ring

JGO26 : Amethyst Ring

JPU73 : Arsi - Thumb Ring Used by Indian Brides to View Their Make Up

JGM85 : Black Onyx Finger Ring

JQB36 : Black Onyx Lattice Finger Ring

JGN15 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JNC56 : Carnelian Dragon Ring

JPT47 : Carnelian Gypsy Ring

JKS18 : Celtic Spiral Ring

JMO58 : Faceted Blue Topaz Marquis Ring

JMO90 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JML03 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JPY77 : Faceted Hematite Circular Ring

JJE05 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JMO71 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JOM74 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JMO92 : Fine Cut Gemstone Ring (Amethyst, Garnet, Blue Topaz, Citrine and Peridot)

JNP32 : Garnet Fine Cut Ring

JGM65 : Garnet Oval Finger Ring

JQB29 : Lapis Lazuli Circular Finger Ring

JKT22 : Lapis Lazuli Dragon Ring

JQB26 : Malachite Oval Finger Ring

JOM75 : Mughal Ring with Faceted Amethyst

JPR25 : Navaratna Finger Ring

JPX52 : Om (AUM) Finger Ring

JGM69 : Rainbow Moonstone Finger Ring

JGO77 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JME91 : Robin's Egg Ring with Marcasite

JPX53 : Shraddha Saburi Finger Ring

JNJ16 : Sterling Celtic Ring

JNQ52 : Sterling Flower Ring

JKX66 : Sterling Ring

JMO82 : Sterling Ring

JNJ31 : Sterling Ring

JNJ57 : Sterling Ring

JNP03 : Sterling Tulip Ring

JGO64 : Tiger Eye Ring

JOB61 : Turquoise Mughal Finger Ring

JGM75 : Yellow Chalcedony Finger Ring

JGL94 : Gray Moonstone Finger Ring

JPQ93 : Om Namah Shivai Finger Ring

JGE39 : Faceted Emerald Finger Ring

JQB28 : Green Onyx Ring

JGO45 : Iron Tiger Eye Finger Ring

JKM90 : Moonstone Gypsy Ring

JRC33 : Black Onyx Cabochon Ring

JRC62 : Labradorite Oval Finger Ring

JRC34 : Sterling Ring

JRC61 : Sterling Ring with Grains

JRC32 : Tiger Eye Oval Ring

JRC21 : Abalone Scorpion Ring

JRB49 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JRB83 : Faceted Gemstone Spiral Ring (Iolite, Peridot, Blue Topaz, Crystal and Sunstone)

JRB60 : Faceted Iolite Finger Ring

JRB81 : Om Mani Padme Hum Finger Ring

JRB84 : Rainbow Moonstone Finger Ring with Charm

JRB86 : Turquoise Finger Ring

JRB82 : Turquoise Finger Ring with Garuda

JRB73 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JRB75 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Ring

JRB66 : Faceted Gemstone Pot Pourri Ring (Garnet, Rainbow Moonstone, Amethyst, Emerald, Peridot, Citrine and Smoky Quartz)

JRB32 : Faceted Iolite Turban Ring

JRB72 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JRB71 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JRB74 : Faceted Rose Quartz Ring

JRB68 : Faceted Triple Garnet Ring

JRB38 : Gemstone Finger Ring (Garnet, Citrine, Aquamarine, Peridot and Amethyst)

JRB33 : Pink Tourmaline Finger Ring

JRB31 : Pot Pourri Ring of Faceted Gemstone (Amethyst and Rose Quartz)

JRB30 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JRB34 : Sterling Art Nouveau Ring

JRB37 : Sterling Finger Ring

JRB35 : Sterling Stretch Ring

JRA49 : Rainbow Moonstone Finger Ring

JRA14 : Carnelian Oval Ring

JRA15 : Rainbow Moonstone Finger Ring

JQZ20 : Agate Oval Ring

JQZ11 : Amazonite Oval Ring

JQZ23 : Amazonite Oval Ring

JQZ05 : Black Onyx Oval Ring

JQZ12 : Black Onyx Oval Ring

JQZ42 : Black Onyx Ring

JQZ29 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JQZ08 : Blue Lace Agate Ring

JQZ31 : Carnelian Finger Ring

JQZ01 : Chaorite Finger Ring

JQZ33 : Chaorite Finger Ring

JQZ37 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JQZ36 : Faceted Peridot Finger Ring

JQZ35 : Faceted Peridot Finger Ring with Amethyst

JQZ39 : Faceted Peridot Finger Ring with Amethyst

JQZ41 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JQZ10 : Fluorite Oval Ring

JQZ94 : Green Amethyst Marquis Ring

JQZ22 : Green Onyx Oval Ring

JQZ02 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JQZ16 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JQZ43 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JQZ07 : Obsidian Snow Flake Ring

JQZ04 : Prehnite Finger Ring

JQZ03 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JQZ25 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JQZ28 : Rose Quartz Ring

JQZ17 : Rutilated Quartz Oval Ring

JQZ44 : Smoky Quartz Oval Ring

JQZ93 : Sterling Finger Ring

JQZ18 : Tiger Eye Oval Ring

JQZ15 : Tiger Eye Ring

JQY47 : Carnelian Ring

JQY45 : Fluorite Oval Ring

JQY42 : Malachite Oval Ring

JQY43 : Oval Ring of Amethyst

JQY41 : Tiger Eye Finger Ring

JQR51 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JQR54 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JQX15 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JQR46 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JQR53 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JQR56 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JQR58 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JQX20 : Lord Ganesha Ring with CZ

JQX16 : Om Namah Shivai Ring

JQX32 : Amethyst Oval Finger Ring

JQX36 : Blue Chalcedony Finger Ring

JQX29 : Green Onyx Oval Finger Ring

JQX33 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JQX34 : Turquoise Ring

JQX87 : Agate Triangular Ring

JQX97 : Amazonite Triangular Ring

JQX89 : Black Onyx Ring

JQX95 : Blue Lace Agate Finger Ring

JQY06 : Carnelian Triangular Ring

JQX91 : Finger Ring of Lapis Lazuli

JQX90 : Fluorite Finger Ring

JQY04 : Fluorite Finger Ring

JQY05 : Labradorite Ring

JQX99 : Pink Opal Ring

JQX96 : Rainbow Moonstone Finger Ring

JQY02 : Rose Quartz Triangular Finger Ring

JQY01 : Smoky Quartz Ring

JQX92 : Sugilite Triangular Finger Ring

JQX98 : Tourmalinated Quartz Finger Ring

JQY07 : Triangular Ring of Black Onyx

JQZ40 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JQS49 : Amethyst Oval Finger Ring

JQQ86 : Faceted Tourmaline Finger Ring

JQS05 : Rose Quartz Slave Bracelet

JQP88 : Serpent Finger Ring

JQP89 : Serpent Finger Ring

JQP90 : Serpent Finger Ring

JQX43 : Amethyst Oval Finger Ring

JQX41 : Cabochon Finger Ring of Lapis Lazuli

JQO76 : Faceted Green Amethyst Marquis Ring

JQX42 : Iron Tiger Eye Finger Ring

JGN28 : Jasper Ring

JQX30 : Oval Finger Ring of Carnelian

JQX37 : Rose Quartz Oval Finger Ring

JQX45 : Ruby Finger Ring

JQX38 : Tiger Eye Finger Ring

JQX35 : Black Onyx Finger Ring

JQX31 : Malachite Oval Ring

JQX40 : Pink Opal Oval Finger Ring

JQW22 : Agate Oval Ring

JQW79 : Amazonite Oval Finger Ring

JQW78 : Black Onyx Oval Ring with Lattice

JQW13 : Blue Chalcedony Ring with Lattice

JQW21 : Blue Lace Agate Oval Ring

JQW17 : Carnelian Lattice Finger Ring

JQW18 : Iron Tiger Eye Oval Ring

JQW77 : Lapis Lazuli Slave Bracelet with Coral Ring

JQW75 : Lapis Lazuli Slave Bracelet with Turquoise Ring

JQW20 : Malachite Oval Ring

JQW80 : Prehnite Oval Finger Ring with Lattice

JQW16 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Finger Ring

JQW19 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JQW14 : Rhodonite Oval Ring

JQW15 : Rose Quartz Finger Ring

JQW03 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JQW10 : Faceted Citrine Finger Ring

JQW05 : Faceted Citrine Flower Ring

JQW06 : Faceted Garnet Flower Ring

JQW04 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JQW02 : Finger Ring of Rutilated Quartz Surrounded with Faceted Citrine

JQV55 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JQV59 : Rose Quartz Oval Ring

JQV57 : Rutilated Quartz Oval Ring

JQV58 : Tiger Eye Ring with Lattice

JQV60 : Triple Enamel Ring

JQW01 : Triple Green Enamel Finger Ring

JQV54 : Labradorite Oval Ring with Lattice

JNM28 : Sterling Ring

JQR55 : Blue Chalcedony Carved Flower Ring

JQR48 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JQR52 : Faceted Amethyst Superfine Ring

JQR47 : Faceted Blue Topaz Marquis Ring

JQR45 : Faceted Peridot Finger Ring

JQV12 : Labradorite Ring

JQV13 : Pearl Lattice Ring

JQV11 : Rose Quartz Finger Ring with Cubic Zirconia

JQR50 : Shri Ganesha Finger Ring

JEO31 : Ganesha Ring

JQU61 : Lot of Five Rainbow Moonstone Finger Rings

JQU69 : Pearl Art Noveau Finger Ring

JQU70 : Rose Quartz Lattice Ring

JQQ84 : Faceted Tourmaline Flower Ring

JQP87 : Serpent Finger Ring

JQP94 : Sterling Finger Ring of Serpent

JQS51 : Amethyst Finger Ring

JQS73 : Art Noveau Pearl Finger Ring

JQS50 : Blue Chalcedony Finger Ring

JQS67 : Pearl Finger Ring

JQS06 : Rainbow Moonstone Slave Bracelet with Finger Ring

JQS77 : Sterling Finger Ring with Fish Charms

JWZ31 : Amber Ring

JQQ44 : Carved Lemon Topaz Flower Ring

JQQ42 : Faceted Green Onyx Finger Ring

JQQ38 : Faceted Rose Quartz Finger Ring

JQQ46 : Faceted Rose Quartz Ring

JQQ45 : Fine Cut Amethyst Large Ring

JQQ37 : Fine Cut Lemon Topaz Big Finger Ring

JQQ41 : Fine Cut Lemon Topaz Flower Ring

JQQ43 : Fine Cut Peridot and Smoky Quartz Flower Ring

JQQ39 : Rutilated Quartz Oval Ring

JQQ40 : Turquoise Cabochon Fine Ring

JQP92 : Serpent Finger Ring

JQP91 : Sterling Serpent Finger Ring

JQO82 : Azure Malachite Finger Ring

JQO78 : Chipped Pink Chalcedony Ring

JQO79 : Coral Ring

JQO75 : Faceted Green Amethyst Finger Ring

JQO80 : Faceted Green Amethyst Finger Ring

JQO77 : Faceted Green Amethyst Oval Finger Ring

JQO81 : Faceted Green Amethyst Oval Ring

JQN56 : Amber Oval Finger Ring

JGX27 : Faceted Ruby Superfine Ring

JQN18 : Faceted Rose Quartz Ring

JQN12 : Malachite Teardrop Finger Ring

JQN15 : Peru Chalcedony Finger Ring

JQN16 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Finger Ring

JQN24 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Finger Ring

JQN17 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Finger Ring

JQN22 : Ruby Circular Finger Ring

JQN23 : Ruby Ring

JQK58 : Aquamarine Oval Finger Ring

JQK76 : Brown Tourmaline Finger Ring

JQK91 : Green Agate Finger Ring

JQK95 : Lapis Lazuli Finger Ring

JQK94 : Picture Jasper Finger Ring

JQK92 : Pink Opal Finger Ring

JQK93 : Tiger Eye Marquis Finger Ring

JQK49 : Lot of Five Gemstone Finger Rings (Amethyst, Ruby, Rainbow Moonstone, Citrine and Malachite)

JQK20 : Carnelian Cabochon Finger Ring

JQK17 : Carnelian Finger Ring

JQK10 : Carnelian Lot of Five Finger Rings

JQK15 : Carnelian Oval Finger Ring

JQK18 : Carnelian Oval Finger Ring

JQK19 : Carnelian Oval Finger Ring

JQK21 : Carnelian Oval Finger Ring

JQK16 : Carnelian Triangular Finger Ring

JQK11 : Faceted Carnelian Fine Finger Ring

JQK12 : Lot of Five Carnelian Finger Rings

JQK14 : Lot of Five Faceted Green Amethyst Finger Rings

JQK23 : Lot of Five Faceted Green Amethyst Finger Rings

JQK13 : Lot of Six Carnelian Finger Rings

JQK09 : Lot of Ten Carnelian Finger Rings

JGB55 : Amethyst Bunch Ring

QH39 : Carnelian Slave Bracelet

JFZ16 : Garnet Bunch Ring

QH44 : Garnet Slave Bracelet

JFY19 : Rose Quartz Bunch Ring Central Flower

JQJ20 : Amber Finger Ring

JQJ22 : Amber Oval Finger Ring

JQJ19 : Amber Ring with Lattice

JQJ18 : Amethyst Oval Ring

JQI94 : Citrine Teardrop Ring

JQI95 : Pink Opal Teardrop Finger Ring

JQJ16 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Ring

JQJ14 : Ruby Circular Ring

JQJ24 : Amber Oval Finger Ring

JQJ21 : Amber Rectangle Finger Ring

JQI98 : Citrine Oval Ring

JQJ12 : Emerald Oval Ring

JQI85 : Faceted Crystal Ring

JQI96 : Peru Chalcedony Ring

JQJ13 : Peru Chalcedony Teardrop Ring

JQI88 : Pink Opal Finger Ring

JQI90 : Pink Opal Finger Ring

JQI86 : Pink Opal Marquis Ring

JQI91 : Rainbow Moonstone Finger Ring

JQI97 : Rainbow Moonstone Finger Ring

JQI89 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Finger Ring

JQJ15 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JQJ17 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JQI93 : Rainbow Moonstone Rectangle Finger Ring

JQI99 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Finger Ring

JQI92 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JQI84 : Sponge Opal Finger Ring

JQI83 : Tourmaline Expanded Teardrop Ring

JQI87 : Tourmaline Expanded Teardrop Ring

JQI81 : Tourmaline Teardrop Ring

JQJ23 : Triple Amber Finger Ring

JQI82 : Valentine Monalisa Ring

JQJ10 : Amber Finger Ring with Spiral

JQI76 : Aquamarine Oval Finger Ring

JQI71 : Brown Tourmaline Ring

JQI64 : Green Agate Ring

JQI74 : Green Agate Ring

JQI63 : Green Tourmaline Ring

JQI78 : Iolite Finger Ring

JQI69 : Malachite Finger Ring

JQI59 : Malachite Oval Finger Ring

JQI62 : Malachite Oval Finger Ring

JQI60 : Pink Opal Finger Ring

JQI67 : Pink Opal Finger Ring

JQI65 : Rainbow Moonstone Finger Ring

JQI77 : Tiger Eye Ring

JQI61 : Tourmaline Finger Ring

JLX33 : Triple Diamond Ring

JQH26 : Faceted Tourmaline Finger Ring (Mixed Colors)

JQH25 : Om Mani Padme Hum Finger Ring

JQH33 : Malachite Oval Ring

JQF50 : Om (AUM) Finger Ring with Diamonds

JQF43 : Peru Chalcedony Finger Ring

JQF51 : Pink Tourmaline Finger Ring with Diamonds

JQF42 : Rainbow Moonstone Finger Ring

JQF46 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Finger Ring

JQF44 : Ruby Zoisite Finger Ring

JQF49 : Shri Ganesha Finger Ring with Coral

JQF47 : Sponge Opal Oval Finger Ring

JQF48 : Tourmaline Finger Ring

JQF41 : Valentine Monalisa Ring

JQF22 : Amethyst Oval Finger Ring

JQM80 : Peru Chalcedony Finger Ring

JQN19 : Peru Chalcedony Finger Ring

JQN20 : Ruby Finger Ring

JQF15 : Aquamarine Rectangle Finger Ring

JQF18 : Aquamarine Teardrop Finger Ring

JQF24 : Brown Tourmaline Teardrop Finger Ring

JQF21 : Lapis Lazuli Circular Finger Ring

JQF10 : Malachite Oval Finger Ring

JQF12 : Peru Chalcedony Teardrop Finger Ring

JQF13 : Picture Jasper Finger Ring

JQF14 : Pink Opal Finger Ring

JQF20 : Pink Opal Marquis Finger Ring

JQF23 : Rainbow Moonstone Teardrop Finger Ring

JQF19 : Ruby Oval Finger Ring

JQF11 : Sponge Opal Circular Finger Ring

JQF09 : Tourmalinated Quartz Oval Finger Ring

JQF16 : Tourmalinated Quartz Rectangle Finger Ring

JQF17 : Tourmaline Oval Finger Ring

JQF08 : Lot of Five Gemstone Finger Rings (Tourmaline, Rainbow Moonstone, Pink Opal, Malachite and Ruby Zoisite)

JQE15 : Faceted Amethyst Finger Ring

JQE17 : Sterling Art Noveau Finger Ring

JQE18 : Sterling Serpent Finger Ring

JQE19 : Sterling Serpent Finger Ring

JQE16 : Triple Lapis Lazuli Finger Ring

JQD50 : Lot of Five Serpent Finger Rings

JQB39 : Antiquated Amethyst Finger Ring

JQI68 : Malachite Oval Finger Ring

JQI66 : Pink Opal Finger Ring

JQN21 : Circular Finger Ring of Ruby

JQC23 : Faceted Green Amethyst Oval Ring

JQC26 : Faceted Green Amethyst Oval Ring

JQC24 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JQC25 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JQC27 : Faceted Green Amethyst Teardrop Ring

JQC22 : Lot of Five Faceted Green Amethyst Finger Rings

JMN83 : OM Mani Padme Hum Finger Ring

JGM68 : Amethyst Cabochon Finger Ring

JOD21 : Enamel Valentine Finger Ring

JPI15 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Ring with Peridot

JHA49 : Fine Cut Citrine Finger Ring

JPT45 : Green Onyx Bunch Ring with Central Flower

JOM76 : Mughal Ring with Faceted Citrine

JPK43 : Peridot Flower Finger Ring

JQB59 : Cubic Zirconia Valentine Finger Ring

JQB60 : Faceted Ruby Superfine White Gold Finger Ring with Diamonds

JQB58 : Victorian Finger Ring with Central Emerald

JPX54 : Shri Ganeshai Namah Finger Ring

JQB76 : Green Amethyst Finger Ring

JQB75 : Green Amethyst Flower Finger Ring

JQB78 : Green Amethyst Ring

JQB77 : Green Amethyst Ring with Petals Edge

JQB35 : Green Onyx Finger Ring

JHA42 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Finger Ring

JMO80 : Fine Cut Citrine Finger Ring

JQF45 : Malachite Oval Finger Ring

JGL87 : Twin Lapis Lazuli Ring with Faceted Iolite

JOD02 : Cubic Zirconia Finger Ring

JFH51 : Enamel Dragon Ring

JGM01 : Enamel Ring with MOP

JOC83 : Faceted Garnet Finger Ring

JGW90 : Faceted Ruby Marvel Finger Ring

JGL69 : Gray Moonstone Finger Ring

JMS35 : Iolite Marquis Finger Ring

JOB36 : Jasper Bridal Finger Ring

JOJ68 : Labradorite Slave Bracelet with Adjustable Finger Ring

JOM72 : Mughal Ring with Faceted Amethyst

JOJ20 : Rose Quartz Slave Bracelet with Adjustable Finger Ring

JNG55 : Ruby Flower Ring

JNC52 : Sterling Flower Ring

JNJ17 : Sterling Lattice Ring

JKX42 : Sterling Ring

JNJ32 : Sterling Ring with Filigree and Knotted Rope

JME65 : Sterling Tribal Finger Ring

JGO75 : Tiger Eye Finger Ring

JGM59 : Triple Blue Chalcedony Finger Ring

JMF89 : Turquoise Dragon Finger Ring

JOB49 : Twin Pearl Finger Ring

JGM86 : Yellow Chalcedony Finger Ring

JQN13 : Finger Ring of Teardrop Malachite

JGM54 : Gray Moonstone Finger Ring

JFJ97 : Crystal Finger Ring

JPZ10 : Faceted Green Amethyst Oval Finger Ring

JPZ15 : Faceted Green Amethyst Rectangle Ring

JPZ11 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JPZ14 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring

JPZ12 : Faceted Green Amethyst Ring with Petal Edge

JPZ13 : Faceted Green Amethyst Teardrop Ring

JPZ16 : Lot of Five Faceted Green Amethyst Rings

JQI70 : Malachite Oval Finger Ring

JPY25 : Faceted Hematite Circular Finger Ring

JPY26 : Faceted Hematite Marquis Marvel Ring

JPY27 : Faceted Hematite Oval Ring

JPX42 : The Sure Way To Success

JQN14 : Teardrop Malachite Finger Ring

JPX59 : Faceted Green Amethyst Oval Ring

JPX58 : Faceted Green Amethyst Teardrop Finger Ring with Petal Edge

JPX60 : Green Amethyst Marquis Ring

JPX57 : Faceted Green Amethyst Rectangle Finger Ring

JPX56 : Faceted Green Amethyst Teardrop Finger Ring

JPX36 : Faceted Green Amethyst Finger Ring

JPX38 : Faceted Green Amethyst Oval Ring

JPX40 : Faceted Green Amethyst Oval Ring

JPX37 : Faceted Green Amethyst Pear Finger Ring

JPX39 : Faceted Green Amethyst Teardrop Ring

JKD73 : Multi-Colored Designer Cubic Zirconia Ring

JHB96 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JMS49 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JMO85 : Faceted Triple Iolite Ring

JPD39 : Fine Cut Amethyst Ring

JPD41 : Fine Cut Citrine Designer Ring

JLR32 : Oval Rose Quartz Serpent Ring

JKX37 : Sterling Bunch Ring

JKS23 : Sterling Flower Ring

JGU56 : Sterling Ring

JPU17 : Navaratna Ring

JPO43 : Om Namah Shivai Finger Ring

JGL51 : Amethyst Splendor

JHA10 : Antiquated Collector's Ring from Afghanistan

JGN42 : Chalcedony Ring

JCJ78 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JJT87 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JGP23 : Faceted Citrine Floral Ring

JJT88 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JJU35 : Faceted Citrine, Pink Tourmaline and Aquamarine Ring

JJU26 : Faceted Emerald & Diamond Ring

JJU28 : Faceted Emerald Gold Ring with Diamonds

JJU33 : Faceted Emerald Golden Ring with Diamonds

JJU30 : Faceted Emerald, Ruby Ring

JIM09 : Faceted Green Tourmaline & Diamond Ring

JHP04 : Faceted Peridot & Blue Topaz Splendor

JHX88 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Gold Ring

JJU34 : Faceted Rectangular Ruby Ring with Diamond Border

JGU51 : Faceted Ruby Flower

JJU32 : Faceted Ruby Valentine Ring

JJU31 : Faceted Tear Drop Blue Topaz Ring with Diamonds

JQI72 : Malachite Oval Finger Ring

JGL59 : Peru Chalcedony Splendor

JLF90 : Sterling Finger Tip

JGW81 : Sterling Ring

JCX98 : Stylized Chess Board

JJU36 : Triple Faceted Ruby Ring

JLV95 : Om Mani Padme Hum Finger Ring

JPQ92 : Green Onyx Oval Ring

JPQ78 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JPQ79 : Tiger Eye Oval Ring

JPR17 : Cubic Zirconia Handcrafted Finger Ring

JPR03 : Victorian Finger Ring with Central Ruby

JPO75 : Buddha Face Ring

JPO86 : Faceted Crystal Serpent Ring

JPO76 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JPO77 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JPO89 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JPO64 : Fluorite Ring

JPO82 : Green Onyx Oval Ring

JPO85 : Green Onyx Serpent Ring

JPO67 : Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JPO87 : Iron Tiger Eye Serpent Ring

JPO68 : Labradorite Finger Ring

JPO72 : Labradorite Oval Ring

JPO88 : Labradorite Ring

JPO74 : Lapis Lazuli Finger Ring

JPO69 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JPO62 : Malachite Oval Ring

JPO70 : Malachite Ring

JPO61 : Malachite Serpent Ring

JPO63 : Om Namah Shivai Finger Ring

JPO84 : Oval Prehnite Serpent Ring

JPO91 : Oval Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JPO92 : Oval Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JPO83 : Oval Rutilated Quartz Serpent Ring

JPO78 : Prehnite Oval Ring

JPO65 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JPO81 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JPO80 : Rose Quartz Finger Ring

JPO71 : Rutilated Quartz Ring

JPO90 : Sunstone Oval Ring

JPO73 : Tiger Eye Oval Ring

JPO66 : Tiger Eye Ring

JPO79 : Turquoise Oval Ring

JND53 : Auspicious Navaratana Ring

JBG36 : Navaratna Ring

JQI73 : Malachite Oval Finger Ring

JGO57 : Blue Chalcedony Ring with Valentine

JMO42 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JKA22 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JKZ70 : Faceted Garnet and Peridot Flower Ring with Central Citrine

JHA30 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JMO63 : Fine Cut Amethyst Ring

JMO54 : Fine Cut Garnet Flower Ring

JGW85 : Oval Amethyst Ring

JMH14 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGM52 : Triple Garnet Ring

JGO18 : Triple Lapis Lazuli Ring

JGP21 : Twin Garnet Ring

JGM94 : Black Onyx Ring

JGB36 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGW98 : Faceted Ruby Marvel Ring

JHE59 : Gemstone Marvel Ring (Amethyst, Peridot, Carnelian, Citrine and Grey Moonstone)

JGL61 : Jasper Ring

JGM87 : Pink Opal Ring

JGP29 : Twin Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JML18 : Auspicious Navaratna Ring

JGN44 : Black Onyx Ring

JPD84 : Black Onyx Ring with Cubic Zirconia

JMH04 : Blue Chalcedony Gypsy Ring

JMO84 : Blue Topaz Ring

JND62 : Coral Ring with Knotted Rope

JGB12 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB20 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB43 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB44 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB64 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JKD75 : Designer Multi-Colored Cubic Zirconia Ring

JMO76 : Designer Star Ring

JOB73 : Designer Twin Pearl Ring

JOM71 : Ethnic Rajasthani Ring with Peridot

JGB21 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JHC17 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JOD03 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JNF97 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JGE31 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JFO61 : Faceted Garnet Flower Finger Ring

JNI59 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JMS57 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JNJ12 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JNP30 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JFI59 : Faceted Tourmaline Flower Ring

JMO89 : Faceted Triple Peridot Ring

JEH39 : Faceted Twin Garnet Ring

JGW78 : Faceted Water Sapphire Ring

JIR33 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Ring

JML04 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Ring

JMS43 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Ring

JHA09 : Fine Cut Citrine Ring

JJE04 : Fine Cut Citrine Ring

JMO78 : Fine Cut Citrine Ring

JMO95 : Fine Cut Garnet Marvel Ring

JMS47 : Fine Cut Garnet Ring

JOC41 : Fine Cut Gemstone Bonanza (Amethyst, Blue Topaz and Peridot)

JHP02 : Fine Cut Gemstone Marvel Ring

JJF20 : Fine Cut Peridot Ring

JMO56 : Fine Cut Peridot Ring

JMS44 : Fine Cut Peridot Ring

JMO98 : Fine Cut Peridot, Amethyst, Citrine and Garnet Ring

JFH71 : Fine Cut Triple Peridot Ring

JGO42 : Garnet Ring with Spiral

JFH44 : Inlay Ring

JOB56 : Inlay Ring

JGM76 : Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JGO80 : Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JGP37 : Iron Tiger Eye Ring with Tiger Eye

JME03 : Labradorite Dragon Ring

JMF90 : Lapis Lazuli Dragon Ring

JDM80 : Matt Sterling Finger Band

JLE86 : Meenakari Finger Tip

JDW27 : Mother of Pearl Ring

JND46 : Navaratna Ring

JND47 : Navaratna Ring

JND48 : Navaratna Ring

JME72 : Om Mani Padme Hum Finger Ring

JGX16 : Opal Ring

JFS97 : Oval Ring

JMW13 : Peridot Butterfly on Amethyst Fruit

JGL68 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGM03 : Shell with Inlay Black Onyx Ring

JKX43 : Sterling Designer Ring

JDM81 : Sterling Finger Band

JMF13 : Sterling Spiral Ring Engraved with Evil Eyes and Chakras

JGM84 : Tiger Eye Ring

JGN22 : Tiger Eye Ring

JDU90 : Tourmaline Carved Leaves Ring

JGM63 : Triple Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JGN09 : Triple Lapis Lazuli Ring

JOI34 : Twin Butter Fly Ring

JME55 : Twin Green Onyx Ring

JGP28 : Twin Jasper Ring

JGP30 : Twin Lapis Lazuli Ring

JGO86 : Black Onyx Ring

JCP18 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JGX10 : Faceted Ruby Marvel Ring

JCK16 : Garnet Ring

JGX31 : Pink Opal Ring

JKX44 : Sterling Designer Ring

JDM82 : Sterling Ring

JPK44 : Faceted Amethyst Flower Ring

JPI31 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring with Amethyst and Peridot

JQI80 : Malachite Oval Finger Ring

JDH34 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JDT71 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JPI32 : Faceted Amethyst Ring with Citrine

JPI33 : Faceted Amethyst Ring with Citrine, Garnet and Peridot

JFS69 : Faceted Garnet Flower

JGU53 : Sterling Ganesha Ring

JQI75 : Malachite Finger Ring

JQZ38 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JHE39 : Amethyst Ring

JMO48 : Faceted Citrine Flower Ring

JMO70 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JOE13 : Faceted Garnet Ring with Mini Amethyst, Peridot, Blue Topaz and Citrine

JOC40 : Faceted Peridot Marvel Ring

JND51 : Navaratna Ring

JOE08 : Pearl with Cubic Zirconia Ring

JMO43 : Pink Pearl Ring with Cubic Zirconia

JND67 : Triple Coral Ring with Dragon

JOB66 : Turquoise Ring

JNL79 : Amethyst Gypsy Ring

JMO68 : Black Onyx Marquis Ring

JGL64 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JGL57 : Carnelian Ring with Central Chalcedony

JGB23 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB25 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB27 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB29 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JOD01 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JOD04 : Cubic Zirconia Square Ring

JKD36 : Designer Cubic Zirconia Ring

JKD27 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JKD41 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JMO93 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JMS41 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JOC75 : Faceted Amethyst Ring with Blue Topaz

JOB65 : Faceted Amethyst Serpent Ring

JOC76 : Faceted Blue Chalcedony Ring

JHP08 : Faceted Blue Topaz and Amethyst Ring with Citrine

JIS66 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JJE07 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JKD30 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JKD43 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JMO64 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JNJ61 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JNP27 : Faceted Citrine Butterfly Ring (Adjustable Size)

JHA61 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JKD40 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JGB26 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB47 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JNP31 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JJE08 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JIZ48 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JJE10 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JMS50 : Faceted Gemstone Ring
(Garnet, Amethyst, Peridot, Garnet, Amethyst and Peridot)

JKZ71 : Faceted Iolite Flower Ring

JMO96 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JNF98 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JGB34 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Marquis Ring with Cubic Zirconia

JIS74 : Faceted Peridot Flower Ring

JFO29 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JFS67 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JIR37 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JMO61 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JNJ47 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JHA60 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JNK55 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JNJ08 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JDM75 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JFH69 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JMO97 : Faceted Triple Amethyst Ring

JMO87 : Faceted Triple Blue Topaz Ring

JMS38 : Faceted Triple Garnet Marquis Ring

JNP35 : Faceted Twin Amethyst Ring

JNF95 : Faceted Water Sapphire Ring

JPD70 : Fine Cut Citrine Ring

JPD68 : Fine Cut Lemon Topaz Ring

JNH82 : Flower Ring (Adjustable Size)

JDD88 : Gemstone Explosion

JHD86 : Gemstone Marvel Ring
(Peridot, Garnet, Carnelian and Rainbow Moonstone)

JMO49 : Iolite Marquis Flower Ring

JFS48 : Iolite Oval Ring with Spiral

JLE89 : Meenakari Finger Tip

JOB01 : Multi-Color Meenakari Valentine Ring

JGP08 : Pink Opal Ring

JFO86 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGP09 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JNJ15 : Sterling Ring (Adjustable Size)

JMO77 : Sterling Ring with Dangling Flower and Leaf (Adjustable Size)

JKX41 : Sterling Star Ring

JMO88 : Triple Citrine Faceted Ring

JMO86 : Triple Garnet Faceted Ring

JGO27 : Triple Jasper Ring

JKZ68 : Turquoise Ring

JNP22 : Turquoise Ring

JNP62 : Turquoise Ring

JGP20 : Twin Gray Moonstone Ring

JFT02 : Watermelon Tourmaline Ring

JGO83 : Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JBI05 : Amethyst Ring

JCL68 : Faceted Triple Garnet Ring

JBA25 : Turquoise Inlay Ring

JOC66 : Amber Ring

JOB55 : Antiquated Lapis Lazuli Ring

JOA85 : Blue Topaz Ring

JOD09 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JOD33 : Pearl Designer Ring

JIS59 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JGW87 : Faceted Ruby Twin Flower Ring

JGX07 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JMG81 : Garnet Chakra Ring

JND49 : Navaratan Ring

JGN51 : Chalcedony Ring

JMZ58 : Abalone Ring with Faceted Blue Topaz

JND27 : Carnelian Slave Bracelet

JMX98 : Sterling Designer Ring

JMZ30 : Valentine Ring

JDC72 : Amber Ring

JBG84 : Amethyst Ring

JFP65 : Carved Emerald Ring

JGO70 : Chalcedony Ring

JIM07 : Faceted Aquamarine Gold Ring

JIM02 : Faceted Citrine Golden Ring with Diamonds

JIV08 : Faceted Citrine Ring with Diamonds

JGX14 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JIM08 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JDM93 : Faceted Gemstone Pot Pourri

JDM94 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JHA46 : Faceted Peridot Serpent Ring

JIV05 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Golden Ring

JIM05 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring

JIV07 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring with Diamonds

JGQ87 : Faceted Ruby & Emerald Ring

JIM06 : Faceted Ruby Gold Ring

JGW86 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JIV04 : Faceted Ruby Ring with Diamonds

JFI60 : Fine Cut Tourmaline Flower

JIW61 : Green Fluorite Ring

JIP31 : Inlay Spiral Ring

JMJ09 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JQI79 : Malachite Finger Ring

JGX02 : Sterling Ring

JHB97 : Sterling Ring

JIJ41 : Turquoise Ring

JND63 : Coral Ring

JND45 : Coral Ring

JMO40 : Cubic Zirconia Splendor

JMS79 : Fine Cut Amethyst Petals with Central Lemon Topaz

JMO79 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Ring

JME76 : Frosted Ring

JFO83 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JML01 : Faceted Garnet Butterfly Ring (Adjustable Size)

JGW99 : Faceted Sapphire Ring

JIS16 : Inlay Spiral Ring

JLQ56 : Marcasite Explosion

JMT85 : Peridot Dolphin Ring

JKT21 : Rainbow Moonstone Dragon Ring

JME77 : Sterling Ring

JMT79 : Superfine Ring of Citrine Drops

JLK58 : Turquoise Crab Ring

JMC73 : Turquoise Ring

JPD04 : Superfine Cut Amethyst Flower Ring

JMS83 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JMS82 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Ring

JMS75 : Fine Cut Peridot and Blue Topaz Ring

JMS80 : Garnet Flower

JKN47 : OM (AUM) Mani Padme Hum Finger Ring

JMS66 : Superfine Cut Citrine Ring

JKS10 : Pink Tourmaline Ring

JND50 : Auspicious Navaratana Ring

JNF96 : Faceted Amethyst Star Ring

JNG37 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JMO60 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JMM12 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JMH10 : Lapis Lazuli Gypsy Ring

JMO46 : Pearl Designer Ring

JKO52 : Antiquated Shri Yantra Ring

JFS93 : Black Onyx Ring

JGO19 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JMO47 : Butterfly Ring

JGO34 : Canadian Jade Ring

JFS02 : Carnelian Ring

JME60 : Carnelian Ring with Marcasite

JGP33 : Chalcedony Ring

JDM74 : Designer Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JMF94 : Dragon Ring with Labradorite

JJE03 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JNG34 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JNG35 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JNG36 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JKD24 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JIZ55 : Faceted Garnet Ring with Wings

JKD26 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JNF99 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JJE09 : Faceted Multicolor Gemstone Ring

JML23 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JMW16 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring with Diamonds

JMH05 : Faceted Twin Amethyst Ring

JMO44 : Fine Cut Amethyst Ring

JMO50 : Fine Cut Amethyst Ring

JIW49 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Flower

JHP06 : Fine Cut Gemstone Flower (Amethyst, Blue Topaz and Citrine)

JEH51 : Fine Cut Peridot Ring

JMO51 : Fine Cut Peridot Splendor

JMI35 : Gemstone Bracelet Attached with Ring

JME78 : Gold Polished Ring

JGO39 : Gray Moonstone Ring

JFH42 : Inlay Celtic Ring

JKD72 : Multi-Colored Cubic Zirconia Ring

JMW15 : Pink Tourmaline Ring with Diamonds

JGN52 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JMH13 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGX18 : Ruby Ring

JKO53 : Shri Yantra Ring

JFS22 : Sodalite Ring

JFS90 : Sodalite Ring

JIL86 : Star Ruby Ring

JFS43 : Star Sapphire Ring

JGM57 : Three Stone Black Onyx Ring

JGM90 : Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JMS77 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Ring

JMS76 : Fine Cut Peridot Ring

JMT83 : Amethyst Dolphin Ring

JMT81 : Butterfly on Fruit (Peridot)

JMT80 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JMT82 : Garnet Marquis Ring

JMT76 : Iolite Splendor

JMT78 : Peridot Marquis Ring with Gemstones

JMT77 : Superfine Ring of Amethyst and Blue Topaz Drops

JPD71 : Fine Cut Amethyst Ring

JPD42 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Ring

JPD69 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Ring

JPD43 : Fine Cut Garnet Designer Ring

JPD37 : Fine Cut Peridot Designer Ring

JPD20 : Faceted Amethyst Ring with Central Rainbow Moonstone

JPD03 : Fine Cut Amethyst Ring with Peridot

JPD05 : Fine Cut Citrine Ring

JPD02 : Superfine Cut Blue Topaz Ring with Peridot

JNF63 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JNK66 : Celtic Ring

JNP33 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JMN46 : Triangular Pink Tourmaline Ring with Diamonds

JMN70 : Triple Marquis Citrine Ring

JIJ22 : Golden Ring with Diamonds

JBN77 : Faceted Green Onyx Ring

JNF88 : The Sound Beyond the Sense of Hearing

JPC59 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JMH07 : Black Onyx Gypsy Ring

JLH09 : Celtic Ring

JIN96 : Faceted Gemstone Flower Ring (Garnet, Peridot, Citrine and Amethyst)

JFL43 : Abalone Ring

JGB52 : Amethyst Gypsy Ring

JFH36 : Amethyst Ring

JIT07 : Antiquated Dragon Turquoise Ring

JGL66 : Black Onyx Ring

JMJ34 : Black Onyx Ring

JNP78 : Circular Tiger Eye Ring

JGB45 : Citrine Marquis Ring with Cubic Zirconia

JNC07 : Coral Dragon Ring

JJD02 : Crystal Ring

JGB22 : Cubic Zirconia Handsome Ring

JGB40 : Cubic Zirconia Marvel Ring

JGB16 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB39 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JNP04 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JKA10 : Designer Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB31 : Designer Gemstone Ring

JMG80 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JML08 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JNP38 : Faceted Blue Topaz, Garnet & Iolite Ring

JIZ65 : Faceted Citrine Flower

JKA20 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JNP29 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGW88 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JNP36 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JHB50 : Faceted Garnet Spiral Ring

JNP37 : Faceted Garnet, Peridot & Citrine Ring

JHA34 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JFL36 : Faceted Peridot Bulbs Ring

JIZ63 : Faceted Peridot Flower

JHA24 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JHB68 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JHA48 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JNP28 : Faceted Smoky Topaz Ring

JNP40 : Fine Cut Garnet, Citrine, Amethyst Ring

JDD89 : Gemstone Bonanza

JHP05 : Gemstone Flower Ring (Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Citrine and Peridot)

JGO91 : Jade Ring

JMJ26 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JLE85 : Meenakari Finger Tip

JFS42 : Oval Black Onyx Ring

JGO44 : Oval Tiger Eye Ring

JGP06 : Oval Tiger Eye Ring

JFL37 : Pearl Ring with Garnet

JIO39 : Peridot Ring

JGO21 : Pink Opal Ring

JFC48 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGM93 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGN33 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGO51 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JIL88 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JIC03 : Rhodochrosite Ring

JFH40 : Robin's Egg Inlay Ring

JKS21 : Serpent Ring with Coral

JNM26 : Sterling Ring

JNP45 : Sterling Ring

JKS24 : Sterling Rose

JGO94 : Tiger Eye Ring

JDU93 : Tourmaline Carved Leaves Ring

JGW94 : Triple Tiger Eye Valentine Ring

JND69 : Turquoise and Coral Ring

JNP60 : Turquoise Ring

JNP63 : Turquoise Ring

JPB79 : Blue Topaz Superfine Ring

JDD75 : Double Stone Tourmaline Ring

JFS95 : Sponge Opal Ring

JNM27 : Sterling Ring with Knotted Rope and Granulation

JNM29 : Sterling Ring with Lattice

JHB01 : Amazonite Ring

JCO97 : Colorful Faceted Gemstone Ring

JNL80 : Faceted Citrine Bezel Ring

JNQ75 : Tourmaline Ring with Diamonds

JKZ69 : Tourmaline Marvel Ring

JNQ76 : Faceted Citrine Ring with Diamonds

JNL95 : Carved Turquoise Ring

JNL89 : Faceted Gemstone Marvel Ring

JNL88 : Turquoise Ring

JNK83 : Ruby Ring

JNJ46 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JNJ11 : Sterling Lion Ring

JNJ10 : Super Fine Cut Blue Topaz Ring

JNP34 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JKX38 : Sterling Flower Ring

JNF94 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JNG40 : Fine Cut Citrine Ring

JNH56 : Iolite Gypsy Ring

JHX42 : Emerald & Diamond Ring

JHE44 : Faceted Citrine Drop Serpent Ring

JLW90 : Om Namah Shivai (Adjustable Finger Ring)

JMC72 : Sterling Serpent Ring

JNF71 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JGO60 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JKD71 : Multi-Colored Cubic Zirconia Ring

JFO84 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JBW15 : Inlay Ring

NH52 : Triple Coral Ring

JND65 : Coral Ring

JML21 : Faceted Gemstone Ring
(Peridot, Blue Topaz, Iolite & Citrine)

JMH09 : Gemstone Gypsy Ring

JMH12 : Oval Pink Tourmaline Ring

JGW93 : Black Onyx Ring with Amethyst

JGL53 : Black Onyx Splendor

JFH39 : Celtic Ring

JFH55 : Celtic Ring

JNC23 : Designer Valentine Ring

JHB71 : Faceted Amethyst Spiral Ring

JGB57 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JKS11 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JFT10 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JHB91 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JHA47 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JML39 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JIG29 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JIZ42 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Flower

JNC61 : Gemstone Ring

JIL75 : Labradorite Ring

JDW29 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JGN43 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JKA06 : Multi-Color Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGO30 : Oval Pink Opal Ring

JGX30 : Oval Tiger Eye Ring

JGB51 : Rainbow Moonstone Gypsy Ring

JNC42 : Rose Quartz Dragon Ring

JHB72 : Tear Drop Chaorite Ring

JJF19 : Triple Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JKT23 : Turquoise Ring

JKT25 : Twin Robin's Egg Valentine Ring

JKQ02 : Vishva-Vajra Ring with Central Turquoise

JNE28 : Faceted Amethyst Bezel Ring

JNE44 : Labradorite Ring

JML46 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JMK99 : Faceted Amethyst Butterfly Ring

JML02 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JMK94 : Faceted Peridot Butterfly Ring

JML19 : Navaratna Ring

JML17 : Pearl Ring

JML11 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JMK84 : Rose Ring

JMJ56 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JMJ69 : Faceted Green Tourmaline Ring

JKO32 : Amethyst Ring

JMI46 : Garnet Slave Bracelet with Adjustable Ring

JMI34 : Malachite Slave Bracelet with Adjustable Ring

JMH99 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JDC91 : Amber Ring

JDC54 : Amethyst Gypsy Ring

JJT91 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JGL91 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JKC63 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JJA61 : Robin's Egg Turquoise Splendor

JKA62 : Tear Drop Rose Quartz Ring

JGO62 : Triple Amethyst Ring

JHE62 : Rectangular Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JFH38 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JHD87 : Rugged Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JMC60 : Black Onyx Ring

JMC58 : Flower Ring

JMC74 : Gzi Ring

JMC50 : Sterling Flower Ring

JMC55 : Sterling Ring

JMC56 : Sterling Ring

JMD09 : Tear Drop Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JKS19 : Lord Ganesha Ring

JKS20 : Om Mani Padme Hum (Sterling Ring)

JKS22 : Oval Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JKS17 : Sterling Flower Ring

JKE92 : Faceted Crystal Serpent Ring

JJD04 : Crystal Ring

JGL89 : Designer Amethyst Ring

JHB94 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JKA14 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JKA03 : Faceted Zirconia Bonanza

JGL52 : Garnet Splendor

JJD89 : Garnet Twin Flower Ring

JIS19 : Labradorite & Faceted Citrine Ring

JLE88 : Meenakari Finger Tip

JLR62 : Sterling Flower Ring

JLQ51 : The Buddha (Sterling Ring)

JLQ71 : Turquoise & Coral Ring

JKI18 : Rectangular Labradorite Ring With Serpents

JLY38 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JLY39 : Swarovski Ring

JLX90 : Fine Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JLX92 : Sacred Dorje Ring

JKM91 : Tiger Eye Gypsy Ring

JLX89 : Twin Butterfly Ring

JEF98 : Aquamarine Ring

JCJ44 : Carnelian Ring with Faceted Cubic Zirconia

JEH46 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

QI62 : Fine Cut Peridot Designer Ring

JDD22 : Ring of Fine Cut Gemstones

JEM51 : Sterling Ring

JCM08 : Tourmaline Ring

JBM30 : Twisted Ring of Black Onyx

JIZ75 : Faceted Ametrine Ring

JDC90 : Amber Ring

JGL63 : Canadian Jade Ring

JGX05 : Faceted Emerald Flower

JIP53 : Faceted Peridot Glory

JIN93 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Flower Ring With Central Pearl

JCM14 : Green Tourmaline Ring

JIP47 : Triple Faceted Carnelian Ring

JJB58 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JGB48 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGX28 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JIS82 : Inlay Spiral Ring

JHA91 : Oval Ruby Zoisite Ring

JHM13 : Tear Drop Lapis Lazuli Ring

JGM53 : Triple Amethyst Ring

JGN11 : Triple Garnet Ring

JIO84 : Turquoise Ring

JGQ01 : Twin Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JLX29 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring with Diamonds

JLX34 : Faceted Emerald Ring with Diamonds

JLX30 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring

JLX32 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring

JGM91 : Garnet Ring

JGM72 : Peru Chalcedony Ring

JHE63 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JKA08 : Twin Faceted Zirconia Ring

JIC04 : Carnelian Ring

JIS65 : Fine Cut Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JHG80 : Oval Carnelian Ring

JEG21 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JJG53 : Superfine Faceted Ametrine Ring

JIS17 : Superfine Garnet Ring

JKA60 : Tear Drop Labradorite Ring

JEG02 : Tourmaline Ring

JFL44 : Abalone Ring

JFO39 : Abalone Ring

JFR98 : Agate Ring

JFL31 : Amethyst Ring

JJG32 : Amethyst Ring

JDF97 : Apatite Ring

JGB01 : Carved Emerald Ring

JHB49 : Chaorite Ring

JFS21 : Circular Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JKA48 : Circular Ruby Zoisite Ring

JFO57 : Fine Faceted Citrine Ring

JCK08 : Garnet Ring

JFS30 : Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JGM70 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JHE42 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JGL54 : Lapis Lazuli Splendor

JFO37 : Mother of Pearl Ring

JIL77 : Oval Black Onyx Ring

JHE28 : Oval Carnelian Ring

JJG33 : Oval Carnelian Ring

JHB70 : Oval Chaorite Ring

JHB61 : Oval Rose Quartz Ring

JJG02 : Oval Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JFS19 : Picture Jasper Ring

JHE48 : Picture Jasper Ring

JJG06 : Picture Jasper Ring

JDU75 : Rainbow Moonstone Flower

JHA65 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGZ09 : Rectangular Amethyst Ring

JKA33 : Rectangular Labradorite Ring

JFS75 : Rectangular Picture Jasper Ring

JKA49 : Rectangular Tiger Eye Ring

JJG03 : Rectangular Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JIC09 : Rhodonite Ring

JHD98 : Rose Quartz Ring

JHA14 : Rugged Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JFW59 : Sterling Spiral Ring

JJE30 : Sterling Spiral Ring

JFS80 : Tear Drop Sodalite Ring

JFJ85 : Tear Drop Tiger Eye Ring

JJG04 : Tear Drop Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JFS55 : Tiger Eye Ring

JGN10 : Triple Jasper Ring

JDW22 : Oval Sodalite Ring

JDW17 : Sodalite Ring

JDW30 : Sodalite Ring

JIB16 : Blue Topaz & Citrine Ring

JFB12 : Iron Tiger Eye Ring with Blue Topaz

JLW87 : Antiquated Sri Yantra Ring

JGU59 : Green Tara Ring

JET44 : Sterling Buddha Ring

JGB54 : Black Onyx Bunch Ring

JGO98 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JGM96 : Canadian Jade Ring

JGB02 : Carved Emerald Ring

JKD46 : Charming Cubic Zirconia Ring

JHA39 : Circular Rose Quartz Ring

JKD52 : Cubic Zirconia Flower Ring

JFO76 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JIR29 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JKD29 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JET58 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB32 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB33 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB35 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB37 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB41 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB49 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB63 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB19 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Valentine Ring

JET49 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JIZ47 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JHP03 : Faceted Gemstone Ring with Central Blue Topaz

JDY90 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JFP73 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JHC08 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JIW45 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JJA68 : Faceted Peridot, Garnet & Citrine Ring

JHA54 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JHA62 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JDW23 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Drop Ring

JHA16 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JIS21 : Fine Cut Rainbow Moonstone Flower

JFO88 : Fine Faceted Amethyst Ring

JGB53 : Garnet Bunch Ring

JFH47 : Inlay Ring

JFH59 : Inlay Ring

JGN20 : Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JGO78 : Jasper Ring

JGM95 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JET45 : Lord Ganesha (Sterling Ring)

JLR30 : Oval Green Onyx Serpent Ring

JKA37 : Oval Tiger Eye Ring

JGN39 : Pink Opal Ring

JDU80 : Rainbow Moonstone Flower Ring

JGZ11 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGL56 : Rainbow Moonstone Splendor

JFS86 : Tourmaline Carved Leaf Ring

JFO79 : Twin Pearl Ring

JGO24 : Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JKA01 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Flower Ring

JIS68 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JIR28 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JHA12 : Superfine Faceted Amethyst Ring

JLV90 : Black Onyx Ring

JLV89 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JLV91 : Turquoise Ring

JHA38 : Amethyst Ring

JGA99 : Carved Emerald Ring

JIX53 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring with Pearls

JKA53 : Oval Green Onyx Ring

JHA32 : Superfine Faceted Amethyst Ring

JKA65 : Circular Lapis Lazuli Ring

JIZ66 : Faceted Amethyst Flower

JIZ71 : Faceted Citrine Sun Flower Ring

JHA29 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JKA11 : Multi-colour Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JIC21 : Rainbow Moonstone Bunch Ring with Central Flower

JLR45 : Sterling Marcasite Ring

JLR29 : Tear Drop Malachite Ring with Serpents

JLR85 : Turquoise Ring

JEG36 : Amethyst Ring

JLV48 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JCK30 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JFS60 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JFS65 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JHB92 : Faceted Lemon Topaz Ring

JIM01 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JIR32 : Fine Cut Peridot Ring

JFO73 : Garnet Flower Ring

JFH43 : Inlay Ring

JFS92 : Iolite Ring

JGL65 : Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JFH33 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JLV49 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JKA42 : Oval Ruby Zoisite Ring

JGX03 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JLS28 : Rectangular Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JCK11 : Tear Drop Garnet Ring

JKA55 : Tear Drop Green Onyx Ring

JKA52 : Tiger Eye Ring

JJW01 : Amber Ring with Central Yin Yang

JGP15 : Chalcedony Ring

JLQ72 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGE43 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JHC05 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JHE22 : Oval Rose Quartz Ring

JHE27 : Picture Jasper Ring in Sterling Grip

JGE67 : Pink Opal Splendor

JFO93 : Rose Quartz & Pearl Ring

JFD74 : Smoky Quartz Beaded Ring

JHH75 : Sterling Ganesha Ring

JGM56 : Three Stone Tiger Eye Ring

JIL58 : Turquoise Dragon Ring

JDM73 : Fine Cut Tourmaline Ring

JGL58 : Blue Chalcedony Splendor

JKI15 : Amethyst Ring

JKE93 : Sterling Ring with Dimples

JKI08 : Antiquated Carnelian Ring Engraved With the Verse From The Holy Quran

JKI60 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JKI09 : Superfine Faceted Citrine Ring

JDC57 : Citrine Gypsy Ring

JKA26 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Drop Ring

JIW62 : Apatite Ring

JGP05 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JGB04 : Carved Emerald Ring

JIS20 : Chalcedony & Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JGL88 : Designer Garnet Ring

JHA43 : Faceted Ametrine Ring

JIR38 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JHA17 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JHA59 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JIW57 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JLA41 : Faceted Emerald & Ruby Ring

JJA67 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JIZ73 : Faceted Gemstone Sunflower Ring

JJA12 : Faceted Peridot Splendor

JIR30 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGL98 : Jasper Ring

JLR31 : Oval Black Onyx Serpent Ring

JKA64 : Oval Lapis Lazuli Ring

JKA51 : Oval Tiger Eye Ring

JIC08 : Rhodochrosite Ring

JHB99 : Spiral Ring with Faceted Peridot

JJA62 : Sterling Ring

JJA65 : Sterling Ring with Lattice

JKD51 : Sterling Twin Hued Ring with Cubic Zirconia

JIX49 : Turquoise Ring

JLQ94 : Turquoise Ring

JKA17 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JKD42 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JJA71 : Faceted Peridot Flower

JIZ51 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JLS27 : Tear Drop Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JHA58 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

QG28 : Garnet Gypsy Ring

QI65 : Gypsy Ring with Dangling Balls of Robin's Egg Turquoise

JDC58 : Peridot Gypsy Ring

JLT62 : Black Onyx Serpent Ring

JLT45 : Faceted Garnet & Iolite Ring

JLT43 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JKE94 : Triangular Blue Lace Agate Ring with Serpents

JLM33 : Fine Cut Gemstone Ring

JLR35 : Lord Ganesha Finger Ring

JLR60 : Rose

JLR61 : Sterling Flexible Matted Ring

JLM43 : Abalone Ring

JLH10 : Celtic Ring

JKA66 : Circular Black Onyx Ring

JKD54 : Cubic Zirconia Flower Ring

JKD66 : Dragon Ring

JIS75 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JIR34 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JKA07 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JKD44 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JIZ52 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JIZ72 : Faceted Peridot Sun Flower Ring

JHE23 : Gemstone Ring

JFH58 : Inlay Ring

JFS98 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JHG82 : Oval Carnelian Ring

JKA58 : Oval Malachite Ring

JKA47 : Oval Ruby Zoisite Ring

JHA18 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JLR33 : Rectangular Chaorite Ring with Serpents

JHE38 : Rectangular Picture Jasper Ring

JLR59 : Sterling Ring with Dimples

JKD67 : Sterling Serpent Ring

JHA41 : Tear Drop Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JFS07 : Triangular Azure Malachite Ring

JIQ64 : Turquoise Ring

JLQ50 : Oval Lapis Lazuli Ring with Serpents

JLQ53 : Oval Turquoise Ring

JKD53 : Cubic Zirconia Floral Ring

JKD49 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JKD25 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JKD74 : Multi-Colored Cubic Zirconia Ring

JLD20 : Chipped Tourmaline Ring

JLQ29 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JHB04 : Oval Ruby Zoisite Ring

JHD90 : Apatite Ring

JGP19 : Garnet Ring

JHA20 : Garnet Twin Flower Ring

JEH63 : Pearl Gypsy Ring

JFE03 : Rhodochrosite Ring

JFH63 : Superfine Cut Citrine Flower

JHA52 : Amethyst Twin Floral Ring

JHE68 : Amethyst Ring

JKA44 : Circular Ruby Ring

JKA02 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Floral Ring

JKA19 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Flower Ring

JIN94 : Faceted Garnet Marvel

JKA67 : Oval Lapis Lazuli Ring

JKA40 : Tear Drop Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JKA61 : Tear Drop Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JIQ66 : Turquoise Ring

JHB80 : Amazonite Ring

JFW55 : Apatite Ring

JGX08 : Chalcedony Ring with Cubic Zirconia

JGB62 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JLA42 : Faceted Emerald & Ruby Ring

JFT05 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JIR35 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JIT73 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGX09 : Faceted Sapphire Ring

JJC86 : Faceted Zircon Dragon Fly

JIG75 : Gemstone Bunch Ring with Central Flower

JFH49 : Inlay Lizard Ring

JBS82 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JDW31 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JKA36 : Malachite Ring

JKA45 : Oval Carnelian Ring

JKA56 : Oval Green Onyx Ring

JIE39 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JKA50 : Rectangular Tiger Eye Ring

JFS34 : Tear Drop Emerald Ring

JKA59 : Tear Drop Labradorite Ring

JKA63 : Tear Drop Rose Quartz Ring

JKA43 : Tear Drop Ruby Zoisite Ring

JKA41 : Triangular Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JIT04 : Turquoise Ring with Filigree

JBT23 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JID04 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JLK86 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JGX29 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JHA88 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Splendor

JHE53 : Rainbow Moonstone, Peridot, Amethyst & Citrine Flower

JHT63 : Rhodochrosite Ring

JHH27 : Sterling Ring with Lady Face

JGO67 : Garnet Ring

JLI27 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JLD21 : Chipped Emerald Ring

JLD19 : Chipped Tourmaline Ring

JLH50 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Valentine Ring

JLI07 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JLI31 : Garnet Ring

JLI29 : Rose Quartz Ring

JLH45 : Sterling Dragon Ring

JLH59 : Sterling Serpent Ring

JLH41 : Tear Drop Lapis Lazuli Ring

JLH44 : Triple Amber Ring

JLH61 : Twin Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JLI30 : Twin Faceted Garnet Ring

JLI26 : Twin Faceted Iolite Ring

JLI28 : Twin Faceted Peridot Ring

JLG62 : Celtic Ring

JLF14 : Carnelian Ring

JLD99 : Meenakari Finger Tip

JFO36 : Abalone Ring

JHB93 : Amazonite Ring

JGP03 : Amethyst Ring

JJQ73 : Antiquated Carved Carnelian Ring Engraved With The Verses From The Holy Quran

JFS57 : Azure Malachite Ring

JGM64 : Canadian Jade Ring

JIL87 : Carnelian Ring

JGB03 : Carved Emerald Ring

JGM79 : Chalcedony Ring

JKA39 : Circular Lapis Lazuli Ring

JKA54 : Circular Malachite Ring

JJD05 : Crystal Ring

JIR73 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JIS67 : Faceted Blue Topaz & Peridot Ring

JIZ67 : Faceted Blue Topaz Flower

JIZ33 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JGB38 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring with Cubic Zirconia

JJA09 : Faceted Carnelian Ring

JJA11 : Faceted Citrine Splendor

JKA04 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Drop Ring

JKA24 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Flower

JKA23 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGX26 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JJA85 : Faceted Garnet & Amethyst Ring

JIZ64 : Faceted Garnet Flower

JHC02 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JHE15 : Faceted Gemstone Ring with Central Pearl

JHB75 : Faceted Gemstone Splendor

JIN95 : Faceted Gemstones Ring With Central Lapis Lazuli

JCL71 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JHB77 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JDM66 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JJE06 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JGX15 : Faceted Sapphire Ring

JIS53 : Fine Cut Citrine Ring

JGO93 : Garnet Ring

JJD06 : Garnet Ring

JII57 : Golden Rutile Ring

JGM82 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JGO36 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JIL53 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JKA34 : Oval Green Onyx Ring

JKA35 : Oval Labradorite Ring

JKA38 : Oval Lapis Lazuli Ring

JGN46 : Pink Opal Ring

JGP32 : Pink Opal Ring

JIG74 : Rainbow Moonstone Bunch Ring with Central Flower

JIL74 : Rainbow Moonstone Dragon Ring

JIC06 : Rhodochrosite Ring

JJF05 : Rhodonite Ring

JKA32 : Robin's Egg Turquoise Ring

JFS03 : Star Sapphire Ring

JIO38 : Sterling Silver Ring

JKA46 : Tear Drop Carnelian Ring

JKA57 : Tear Drop Malachite Ring

JFS76 : Tear Drop Picture Jasper Ring

JIL83 : Triple Lapis Lazuli Ring

JHA63 : Triple Stone Turquoise Ring

JIL65 : Turquoise Dragon Ring

JGP11 : Twin Black Onyx Ring

JKA18 : Twin Hued Ring with Cubic Zirconia

JGN48 : Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JGO10 : Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JBS97 : Amber Ring

JBT53 : Amber Ring

JCK01 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JLC32 : Chipped Emerald Ring

JLC31 : Delco Glass Ring

JLC30 : Turquoise Ring

JJY51 : Faceted Ruby & Emerald Ring

JJW10 : Circular Amethyst Ring

JJW13 : Oval Carnelian Ring

JJW11 : Tear Drop Amethyst Ring

JKA21 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JJX38 : Oval Ruby Ring

JGL55 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring with Garnet Splendor

JIE38 : Rectangular Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JJX19 : Pearl Toe Rings

JJW35 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Flower

JJW09 : Oval Rose Quartz Ring

JJW12 : Tear Drop Carnelian Ring

JJW08 : Tear Drop Tiger Eye Ring

JJQ45 : Antiquated Ring from Afghanistan Incised With Verses From The Holy Quran

JJT89 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JJU95 : Floral Ring with Cubic Zirconia

JJU77 : Green Onyx Tear Drop

JJU72 : Malachite Ring

JJU75 : Oval Green Onyx Ring

JJU73 : Oval Labradorite Ring

JJU74 : Rainbow Moonstone Pointed Oval Ring

JJU71 : Rectangular Labradorite Ring

JJL10 : Ruby Ring

JJU76 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JJU70 : Tear Drop Carnelian Ring

JJL11 : Tear Drop Malachite Ring

JJU27 : Faceted Sapphire Golden Ring

JJU29 : Fine Sapphire Golden Ring with Diamonds

JJT52 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Drop Ring

JJT92 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JJT90 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JJT50 : Floral Ring with Faceted Cubic Zirconia

JFO90 : Rainbow Moonstone Flower

JJL67 : Triple Amber Ring

JHA85 : Oval Ruby Zoisite Ring

JJG05 : Picture Jasper Ring

JJM11 : Tiger Eye Ring

JJL68 : Twin Amber Ring

JJQ14 : Sterling Serpent Ring

JJP13 : Black Onyx Ring

JJP24 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring with Dangling Drops

JJP12 : Oval Ruby Ring

JJP15 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JJP14 : Tear Drop Labradorite Ring

JJP22 : Twin Amber Ring

JJO75 : Sterling Om (Aum) Ring

JJO07 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JJN87 : Twin Amber Ring

JJN90 : Twin Amber Ring

JHA45 : Black Onyx Twin Flower Ring

JJM63 : Amber Ring

JJM66 : Amber Ring

JJM69 : Amber Ring

JJM48 : Antiquated Carnelian Ring from Afghanistan Engraved with Verses from The Holy Quran

JJM61 : Triple Amber Ring

JJM13 : Black Onyx Ring

JIE34 : Circular Blue Chalcedony Ring

JJM19 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JJM16 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JJM15 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JJM14 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JJM18 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JJF18 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JJM17 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JJM12 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JJE58 : Lord Ganesha (Sterling Ring)

JJM10 : Malachite Ring

JJM09 : Oval Labradorite Ring

JGN49 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JJM08 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JFD71 : Faceted Garnet Pile Ring

JEG42 : Turquoise Dragon Ring

JJK61 : Antiquated Ring from Afghanistan with the Verses from The Holy Quran

JJL24 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JJK70 : Inlay Turquoise Butterfly Ring

JJL06 : Labradorite Ring

JJL07 : Oval Amethyst Ring

JJL09 : Oval Green Onyx Ring

JJL08 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JJL12 : Tear Drop Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JFO95 : Apatite Ring

JGE36 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JEW40 : Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring

JBK22 : Royal Faceted Garnet Ring

JJI36 : Antiquated Ring from Afghanistan

JJD58 : Faceted Zircon Dragon Fly Ring

JJC05 : Amber Ring

JJC66 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Floral Ring

JJC65 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Multicolor Ring

JJC51 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JII51 : Amethyst Ring

JIS18 : Amethyst Ring

JIG76 : Black Onyx Bunch Ring with Central Flower

JHE16 : Black Onyx Ring

JHE21 : Black Onyx Ring

JGP27 : Canadian Jade Ring

JHG78 : Carnelian Ring

JHB65 : Chaorite Ring

JHB67 : Chaorite Ring

JIL76 : Circular Amethyst Ring

JEY39 : Circular Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JFW50 : Emerald Ring

JJB70 : Faceted Amethyst & Peridot Ring

JJB57 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JJB71 : Faceted Amethyst, Garnet & Peridot Ring

JJB60 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JJB56 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JJB66 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JJB72 : Faceted Garnet Ring with Peridot

JJB59 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JJB67 : Faceted Peridot Ring with Garnet

JJB73 : Faceted Peridot, Citrine & Garnet Ring

JHA37 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JIR39 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGX17 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JIT74 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JIT05 : Faceted Triple Iolite Ring

JHE37 : Gemstone Ring

JJA64 : Green Onyx Ring

JFH61 : Inlay Dragon Ring

JIC05 : Labradorite Ring

JII58 : Labradorite Ring

JHE11 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JGW84 : Opal Ring with Zircon

JIQ65 : Oval Turquoise Ring

JGN29 : Oval Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JGM80 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGT72 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JII52 : Rectangular Carnelian Ring

JII53 : Rectangular Golden Rutile Ring

JIC11 : Rhodochrosite Ring

JII56 : Rhodonite Ring

JHE14 : Rose Quartz Ring

JGX13 : Ruby Ring

JHR84 : Sterling Dolphin Ring

JEC74 : Tear Drop Chaorite Ring

JIT80 : The Endless Knot (Inlay Lapis Lazuli Ring)

JJB69 : Triple Faceted Amethyst Ring

JJB68 : Triple Faceted Citrine Ring

JJB65 : Triple Faceted Peridot Ring

JGM55 : Triple Lapis Lazuli Ring

JIL97 : Triple Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JIX48 : Turquoise Ring

JJA63 : Turquoise Ring

JJA70 : Faceted Amethyst Marquis Ring

JJA69 : Faceted Peridot Marquis Ring

JFH64 : Fine Cut Amethyst Flower

JGP16 : Twin Canadian Jade Ring

JIR36 : Twin Pink Opal Ring

JGR42 : Amethyst Ring

JFN10 : Designer Amethyst Ring

JEH53 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JFS62 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Splendor

JGL67 : Yellow Chalcedony Ring

QX96 : Citrine Gypsy Ring

JBI57 : Twin Hues of Gold and Silver (In Frosted Finish)

JIY76 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JHV25 : Faceted Citrine Toe Rings

JIZ11 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JHV27 : Faceted Garnet Toe Rings

JHV90 : Faceted Gemstone Toe Rings

JHV23 : Faceted Peridot Toe Rings

JIY73 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JHV18 : Faceted Zircon Toe Rings

JHV17 : Pair of Faceted Gemstone Toe Rings

JHV28 : Pearl Toe Rings

JET47 : Rajasthani Toe Rings

JIY66 : Oval Malachite Ring

JIY56 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JIY67 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JIY58 : Turquoise Ring

JIX43 : Watermelon Tourmaline Ring with Pearls

JHH26 : Om Namah Shivaya (Sterling Ring)

JIW58 : Fine Cut Amethyst Butterfly Ring

JIW44 : Oval Ruby Zoisite Ring

JIX23 : Crystal Ring

JGP07 : Black Onyx Ring

JEG45 : Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JDC83 : Oval Amber Ring

JIC10 : Rhodochrosite Ring

JHY90 : Ring of Carved Tourmaline Leaves

JII97 : The Endless Knot

JGM61 : Triple Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JIK32 : Triple Turquoise Ring

JIV74 : Turquoise Flower Ring

JIV29 : Faceted Iolite Splendor

JIV62 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JIV10 : Diamond Ring

JIV03 : Faceted Aquamarine Ring with Diamonds

JIV11 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring with Diamonds

JIV12 : Faceted Green Tourmaline Ring with Diamonds

JIV09 : Faceted Iolite Ring with Diamonds

JIV06 : Faceted Sapphire Golden Ring with Diamonds

JIU28 : Turquoise Ring

JIT50 : Chipped Rose Quartz Ring

JIT49 : Chrysocola Ring

JGT74 : Tear Drop Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JIT48 : Turquoise Ring

JDN10 : Toe Rings

JIG30 : Amazonite Ring

JFW53 : Azure Malachite Ring

JIL52 : Carnelian Ring

JGN32 : Oval Blue Chalcedony Ring

JIE33 : Oval Dendrite Opal Ring

JIF46 : Oval Malachite Ring

JIL63 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JBZ55 : Rectangular Chaorite Ring

JIE45 : Rectangular Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JFL53 : Rhodonite Ring

JIE36 : Tear Drop Dendrite Opal Ring

JIL64 : Tear Drop Rhodonite Ring

JEO27 : Amber Ring

JHC11 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JGO29 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JFG25 : Picture Jasper Ring

JIE44 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JHA98 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JGR43 : Turquoise Om Ring

JIP52 : Carnelian, Faceted Blue Topaz & Citrine Ring

JIO79 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JIP45 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone & Carnelian Ring

JIP44 : Fine Cut Double Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JIP32 : Green Tourmaline Ring

JIP54 : Malachite Ring

JIO83 : Oval Turquoise Ring

JIP33 : Pink Opal Ring

JIP34 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JIO82 : Rectangular Turquoise Ring

JIO99 : Robin's Egg Turquoise Ring

JIP48 : Triple Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JIP46 : Triple Faceted Peridot Ring

JIP76 : Turquoise Ring

JIM43 : Faceted Peridot Ring with Lemon Topaz

JIM41 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JIM42 : Plane Orange Sterling Silver Ring

JIM04 : Cat's Eye Ring

JIM23 : Pearl Ring

JIM10 : Rectangular Sapphire Ring

JIM24 : Two Way Ring (Emerald & Diamonds)

JIK45 : Oval Amethyst Ring

JIK46 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGN06 : Triple Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JHE43 : Amethyst Ring

JHB59 : Azure Malachite Ring

JHD97 : Black Onyx Ring

JHC03 : Carnelian Ring

JHI75 : Finger Tip with Amethyst

JHD95 : Oval Carnelian Ring

JHA95 : Oval Ruby Zoisite Ring

JHE02 : Oval Turquoise Ring

JGZ08 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JHG77 : Rose Quartz Ring

JHN36 : Turquoise Ring

JHE10 : Amazonite Ring

JIC02 : Aquamarine Ring

JGP04 : Canadian Jade Ring

JGA97 : Carved Emerald Ring

JGP02 : Chalcedony Ring

JIE43 : Chrysoprase Ring

JIK35 : Circular Black Onyx Ring

JIK08 : Circular Dendrite Opal Ring

JHE33 : Double Stone Carnelian Ring

JHC01 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JIB15 : Faceted Blue Topaz & Citrine Ring

JHA22 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JHV84 : Faceted Gemstone Toe Ring

JHV91 : Faceted Gemstone Toe Ring

JGE32 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JHA25 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JHO95 : Fine Cut Amethyst, Blue Topaz & Citrine Ring

JGL93 : Fine Cut Peridot Flower

JHE56 : Gemstone Ring

JIK31 : Gzi Ring

JGO90 : Jasper Ring

JIC07 : Labradorite Ring

JIK09 : Malachite Ring

JIK06 : Oval Carnelian Ring

JIE40 : Oval Malachite Ring

JIJ93 : Oval Turquoise Ring

JHE26 : Picture Jasper Ring

JIE35 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGY99 : Rectangular Black Onyx Ring

JIE41 : Rectangular Picture Jasper Ring

JHD84 : Rhodonite Ring

JIB35 : Sterling Filigree Ring

JGZ01 : Sterling Monkey Ring

JIK07 : Tiger Eye Dragon Ring

JGY96 : Tourmaline Ring

JIK33 : Triple Garnet Ring

JGM60 : Triple Stone Pink Opal Ring

JIK30 : Turquoise Ring

JHE29 : Turquoise Serpent Ring

JGP17 : Twin Tiger Eye Ring

JGN16 : Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JIJ42 : Garnet Dragon Ring

JIJ44 : Oval Golden Rutile Ring

JIJ45 : Rectangular Blue Chalcedony Ring

JIJ43 : Tear Drop Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JDC69 : Amber Ring

JDC75 : Amber Ring

JDC93 : Amber Ring

JDD01 : Amber Ring

JHV95 : Faceted Garnet Toe Rings

JHV83 : Faceted Gemstone Toe Rings

JHV78 : Faceted Iolite Toe Rings

JHV94 : Faceted Peridot Toe Rings

JHV92 : Faceted Zircon Toe Rings

JDC78 : Oval Amber Ring

JHV11 : Pair of Faceted Garnet Toe Rings

JHV20 : Pair of Faceted Gemstone Toe Rings

JHV29 : Pearl Toe Rings

JDD02 : Rectangular Amber Ring

JGN02 : Triple Pink Opal Ring

JHV07 : Zircon Toe Rings

JHE57 : Sri Yantra Ring

JII96 : Faceted Amethyst Dragon Ring

JII98 : Faceted Garnet Beetle

JII95 : Faceted Iolite Gold Ring

JII83 : Oval Turquoise Ring

JHE06 : Apatite Ring

JHE13 : Black Onyx Flower

JGN07 : Canadian Jade Ring

JGX21 : Chalcedony Ring with Fine Cut Blue Topaz

JHE66 : Chipped Citrine Ring

JIE42 : Chrysoprase Ring

JHE54 : Circular Turquoise Ring

JHA93 : Coiled Ring of Rainbow Moonstone

JHE24 : Designer Turquoise Ring

JGX20 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JHE52 : Faceted Lapis Lazuli Ring

JHB73 : Faceted Peridot and Citrine Ring

JHV89 : Faceted Peridot Toe Rings (pair)

JHA28 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Glory

JHV93 : Faceted Zircon Toe Rings (pair)

JHP07 : Fine Cut Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JHA40 : Fine Cut Rainbow Moonstone Pendant

JIG77 : Garnet Bunch Ring with Central Flower

JHB54 : Labradorite Ring

JHE64 : Labradorite Ring

JIB08 : Lapis Lazuli Dragon Ring

JGO92 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JHC06 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JHA57 : Lot of Five Faceted Citrine Rings

JHE65 : Oval Amethyst Ring

JIE37 : Oval Malachite Ring

JHV12 : Pearl Toe Rings (pair)

JGO33 : Pink Opal Ring

JGT75 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JIA76 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JIG97 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring with Spiral

JHE67 : Rectangular Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JIF44 : Rhodonite Ring

JHG81 : Rose Quartz Ring

JGW80 : Ruby Ring

JHD88 : Turquoise Ring

JHN37 : Turquoise Ring

JGO17 : Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JII06 : Oval Ruby Zoisite Ring

JII05 : Rectangular Lapis Lazuli Ring

JGN04 : Triple Stone Chalcedony Ring

JBZ64 : Amethyst Oval Ring

JGM98 : Amethyst Ring

JFC91 : Chalcedony & Citrine Ring

JFO63 : Faceted Iolite Floral Ring

JDU53 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGP14 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JFG23 : Picture Jasper Ring

JID90 : Picture Jasper Ring

JID22 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JID19 : Chrysoprase Ring

JID18 : Golden Rutile Ring

JID23 : Rectangular Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JRP96 : Black Onyx Finger Ring

JRP79 : Black Onyx Oval Finger Ring

JRP90 : Carnelian Eye Finger Ring

JRP85 : Carnelian Oval Finger Ring

JRP87 : Faceted Black Onyx Oval Finger Ring

JRP94 : Faceted Carnelian Finger Ring

JRP67 : Faceted Green Amethyst Finger Ring

JRP98 : Lapis Lazuli Oval Ring

JRP86 : Malachite Oval Finger Ring

JRP68 : Oval Finger Ring of Lapis Lazuli

JRP91 : Rainbow Moonstone Oval Ring

JRP80 : Triple Lapis Lazuli Large Ring

JRP59 : Turquoise Oval Finger Ring

JRP48 : Faceted Black Onyx Triangular Ring

JID07 : Circular Blue Chalcedony Ring

JID02 : Dendrite Opal Ring

JID03 : Green Onyx Ring

JID06 : Picture Jasper Ring

JID05 : Tear Drop Picture Jasper Ring

JIB12 : Faceted Zircon Valentine Ring

JIB64 : Oval Dendrite Opal Ring

JIB27 : Turquoise Ring

JIA99 : Amazonite Ring

JIA97 : Amethyst Ring

JIA98 : Chrysoprase Ring

JIA96 : Oval Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JIA93 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGW96 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JIA50 : Oval Malachite Ring

JHZ43 : Amethyst Bunch Ring with Central Flower

JHZ72 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JHZ60 : Carnelian Ring

JHZ71 : Faceted Peridot Ring with Central Pearl

JHZ61 : Gemstone Ring

JHZ49 : Turquoise Dragon Ring

JHZ20 : Sterling Filigree Ring

JHZ02 : Faceted Tourmaline Gold Ring

JHY87 : Abalone Ring

JHY88 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JHY89 : Gemstone Gypsy Ring with Central Flower

JHY91 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JHY86 : Turquoise Ring

JDC63 : Amber Ring

JGA98 : Carved Emerald Ring

JFO40 : Faceted Rose Quartz Ring

JGM71 : Pink Opal Ring

JFR96 : Sponge Opal Ring

JFH72 : Triple Faceted Iolite Ring

JGO35 : Yellow Chalcedony Ring with Spirals

JGL96 : Canadian Jade Ring

JFS99 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JHE25 : Rectangular Chrysophrase Ring

JHE12 : Rugged Citrine Ring

JFR99 : Tourmaline Ring

JHA26 : Fine Faceted Amethyst Ring

JGG37 : Labradorite & Faceted Peridot Ring

JHY02 : Faceted Emerald Gold Ring with Diamonds

JHE03 : Picture Jasper Ring

JHN35 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JGN08 : Triple Blue Chalcedony Ring

JHB88 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JFS77 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JGL92 : Fine Cut Amethyst Flower

JHA19 : Gemstone Ring

JGO95 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JHB58 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGB10 : Faceted Zircon Ring

JHD94 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring

JHB66 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JHO99 : Fine Cut Blue Topaz Ring

JHA23 : Turquoise Ring

JHA36 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JHD85 : Turquoise Flower

JHE35 : Rhodochrosite Ring

JHD83 : Faceted Carnelian Drop Ring

JEW44 : Faceted Garnet Ring with Rainbow Moonstone

JHE50 : Rectangular Black Onyx Ring

JHB63 : Amazonite Ring

JCW80 : Designer Ring of Faceted Citrine

JHB53 : Faceted Gemstone Floral Ring

JFS87 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JGB61 : Faceted Zircon Ring

JHD92 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JGP35 : Twin Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JHX44 : Diamond & Sapphire Ring

JHE18 : Carnelian Ring

JHB89 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone, Iolite & Amethyst Glory

JHB76 : Labradorite Ring

JHE17 : Carnelian Flower

JHE04 : Circular Turquoise Ring

JHP01 : Fine Cut Citrine & Amethyst Ring

JHE01 : Garnet Ring

JGN31 : Oval Blue Chalcedony Ring

JHE40 : Picture Jasper Ring

JHE05 : Rose Quartz Ring

JHG79 : Rose Quartz Ring

JHE49 : Rugged Citrine Ring

JHE20 : Three Stone Amethyst Ring

JHE31 : Triangular Lapis Lazuli Ring

JGM62 : Triple Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JHD99 : Turquoise Ring

JHW75 : Gold Ring with Fine Cut Amethyst & Diamonds

JHW67 : Oval Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JHW57 : Fine Cut Amethyst Ring in Gold

JGP34 : Amethyst Ring

JHB57 : Faceted Carnelian Ring with Lattice

JHO97 : Fine Cut Amethyst, Peridot & Citrine Ring

JGO15 : Jade Ring

JGO22 : Triple Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JHC12 : Triple Turquoise Ring

JHC16 : Turquoise Ring with Dragons

JGP26 : Twin Pink Opal Ring

JHV15 : Triple Stone Faceted Green Tourmaline Gold Ring

JHT62 : Rainbow Moonstone Tear Drop

JHT53 : Faceted Amethyst Toe Ring

JHC15 : Abalone Ring

JFP66 : Amethyst Flower

JHB74 : Azure Malachite Ring

JHB03 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JHO96 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JHB86 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JHA97 : Faceted Gemstone Ring with Central Pearl

JHB79 : Faceted Iolite Spiral Ring

JHB62 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Splendor

JDM83 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JGP10 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JHC13 : Oval Lapis Lazuli Ring

JGY97 : Turquoise Stylized Serpent Ring

JHC04 : Twin Turquoise Ring

JGO20 : Pink Opal Ring

JFL49 : Agate Tear Drop

JHB51 : Amazonite Ring

JGO37 : Black Onyx Ring with Spirals

JGM66 : Canadian Jade Ring

JHA99 : Carnelian Ring

JHB69 : Faceted Amethyst Ring with Lattice

JHB83 : Faceted Garnet Floral Ring

JHB64 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JHB56 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JHA33 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JHA55 : Faceted Smoky Quartz Ring

JHA13 : Garnet Flower

JHC14 : Oval Turquoise Ring

JGZ06 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JHB82 : Rectangular Azure Malachite Ring

JHB55 : Rose Quartz Ring

JHC07 : Spider's Web Turquoise Ring with Dragons

JGZ03 : Sterling Eagle Ring

JGY95 : Sterling Ring

JFO30 : Triple Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JGO61 : Triple Stone Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JHC09 : Turquoise Gau Box Ring

JHA51 : Turquoise Ring

JHB81 : Turquoise Ring

JHA35 : Zircon Ring

JHP98 : Calligraphic Zen Ring

JBZ58 : Faceted Garnet Five Stone Ring

JDU85 : Fine Gemstone Ring

JBS63 : Green Onyx Pyramid Ring

JEC67 : Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JDU63 : Moonstone & Citrine Flower

JEH47 : Superfine Faceted Citrine Ring

JBN78 : Twisted Lapis Lazuli Ring

JDC85 : Amber Ring

JGN30 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JDU65 : Citrine Splendor

JDU02 : Faceted Peridot Beaded Ring

JFR95 : Sponge Opal Ring

JGZ05 : Sterling Roses

JGU54 : Tear Drop Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JHJ30 : Sun Finger Tip

JGB60 : A Mystic Ring

JGX11 : Amethyst & Garnet Ring

JHA53 : Black Onyx Ring

JGB07 : Calligraphic Ring

JGP13 : Canadian Jade Ring

JFI68 : Circular Picture Jasper Ring

JFH57 : Dragon Ring

JGE34 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JFO68 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JFO60 : Faceted Gemstone Twin Flower Ring

JDM86 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGE35 : Faceted Ruby & Chalcedony Ring

JGX24 : Faceted Sapphire Ring

JGB14 : Faceted Zircon Ring

JGW91 : Garnet Ring

JGO97 : Grey Moonstone Ring

JFH45 : Inlay Malachite Ring

JFH52 : Inlay Ring

JGW97 : Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JFH37 : Jasper Ring

JGZ07 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JFS33 : Peru Chalcedony Tear Drop

JEG31 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGZ02 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JHA50 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JFP71 : Rhodochrosite Ring

JBZ45 : Snowflake Ring

JFS49 : Sodalite Ring

JGY98 : Sterling Butterfly Ring

JGY94 : Sterling Eagle Ring

JGB05 : Sterling Ring

JGB06 : Sterling Ring

JGZ04 : Stylized Amethyst Ring

JFO87 : Superfine Cut Amethyst Ring

JEH40 : Superfine Cut Peridot Ring

JGO89 : Tiger Eye Ring

JFS88 : Watermelon Tourmaline Ring

JGO31 : Amethyst Ring

JFS24 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JFI67 : Picture Agate Ring

JFJ91 : Twin Garnet Ring

JFP69 : Twin Rhodochrosite Ring

JHH25 : Om Namashivaya (Sterling Ring)

JHF90 : Shiva in Om (AUM) Ring

JHF89 : Sterling Ganesha Ring

JHF91 : Sterling Hanuman Ring

JHE30 : A Tear Drop of Black Onyx

JHE61 : Amethyst Flower

JHE45 : Carnelian Ring

JHE07 : Faceted Iolite Drop Ring

JHE36 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JHD89 : Oval Blue Chalcedony Ring

JHE32 : Pink Opal, Garnet, Rhodochrosite & Citrine Ring

JHE46 : Rainbow Moonstone Splendor

JHE55 : Rhodochrosite Ring

JHE58 : Rose Quartz Ring

JHE41 : Rugged Peridot Ring

UR42 : Turquoise Vajra Ring with Filigree

JHD96 : Twin Labradorite Ring

JHA31 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JHA15 : Turquoise Ring

JHB08 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JHA94 : Rose Quartz Ring

JHA89 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JHB05 : Turquoise Splendor

JGZ27 : Large Antiquated Lapis Ring from Afghanistan Engraved with Verses from the Holy Quran

JDS62 : Moonstone Gypsy Ring

JGU50 : Buddha in the Bhumisparsha Mudra (Finger Ring)

JGU47 : Buddha in the Dhyana Mudra (Finger Ring)

JGU52 : Canadian Jade Ring

JGU49 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JGU57 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JGU46 : Garnet Ring

JGU58 : Opal Butterfly Ring

JGU48 : Rainbow Moonstone & Amethyst Ring

JGU55 : Tiger Eye Ring with Spiral

JFT04 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JFT14 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JFT19 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JFS17 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JGE30 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JFS89 : Golden Rutile Pointed Oval Ring

JGL60 : Pink Opal Ring

JFS12 : Superfine Cut Amethyst Ring

JGL99 : Triple Stone Blue Chalcedony Ring

JFS13 : Watermelon Tourmaline Ring

JGA05 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JGR48 : Serpent Ring

JGR50 : Sterling Ganesha Ring

JGR08 : Inlay Abalone Valentine Ring

JGQ86 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGQ88 : Turquoise Ring with Blue Topaz

JDC68 : Amber Ring

NH91 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JDF07 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JDM79 : Fine Cut Tourmaline Ring

JDO45 : Gemstone Explosion

JBF65 : Gypsy Ring of Faceted Garnet

JBI04 : Lapis Lazuli Pyramidal Ring

JFH65 : Fine Cut Amethyst & Peridot Flower

JGE46 : Opal Ring with Cubic Zirconia

JGP01 : Rose Quartz Ring

JFW49 : Rutile Tear Drop

JCL41 : Abalone Ring

JFL51 : Amethyst Ring

JGL97 : Black Onyx Ring

JBT04 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JGM83 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JGO76 : Canadian Jade Ring

JFJ99 : Cat's Eye Ring

JFW45 : Charming Cubic Zirconia Ring

JCJ86 : Circular Lapis Lazuli Ring

JGB15 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB58 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGL90 : Designer Amethyst Ring

JGP18 : Double Chalcedony Ring

JEH41 : Double Stone Faceted Pink Tourmaline Ring

JFW56 : Emerald Ring

JFO71 : Faceted Amethyst Butterfly Ring

JFT18 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JFT13 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JFT09 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JFW47 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB11 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JFS15 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JFS52 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JFS78 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JFW60 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JFS08 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JFS29 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JDU43 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Serpent Ring

JGE42 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JFO31 : Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JGB56 : Gemstone Bunch Ring with Central Flower

JFK02 : Grossular Garnet Ring

JFW51 : Grossular Garnet Ring

JFH56 : Inlay Black Onyx Ring

JFH54 : Inlay Ring

JGM02 : Inlay Shell Ring

JFH48 : Inlay Turquoise Ring

JGO16 : Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JGN47 : Jasper Ring

JGO41 : Jasper Ring with Spirals

JBK04 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JFS36 : Oval Blue Chalcedony Ring

JFS73 : Oval Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JFS91 : Picture Jasper Ring

JGO99 : Pink Opal Ring

JDW15 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JEG27 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGN14 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGN50 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JFS44 : Rectangular Golden Rutile Ring

JFI70 : Rhodochrosite Ring

JFO85 : Rhodochrosite Ring

JFL46 : Rhodonite Tear Drop

JFW57 : Rose Quartz Ring

JFS32 : Ruby Ring

JFW54 : Ruby Zoisite Ring

JFJ90 : Rutile Ring

JFS23 : Star Sapphire Ring

JGB08 : Sterling Dragon Ring

JFW48 : Sterling Valentine Ring with Marcasite

JFS50 : Tear Drop Amethyst Ring

JFS54 : Tiger Eye Ring

JDN09 : Toe Ring

JFS39 : Tourmaline Ring

JGN05 : Triple Black Onyx Ring

JGO58 : Triple Stone Chalcedony Ring

JFH66 : Two Serpents Make Up a Ring

JGN45 : Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JGO87 : Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JGO25 : Black Onyx Ring

JGO49 : Green Jade Ring

JGO28 : Iron Tiger Eye Ring

JGO52 : Pink Opal Ring

JFS11 : Amethyst Ring

JFS05 : Blue Chalcedony Tear Drop

JFT07 : Faceted Amethyst Ring

JFT20 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JFT22 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGE33 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JFS68 : Faceted Garnet, Citrine & Amethyst Ring

JFS51 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JFS82 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JDU81 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JFT03 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JFS70 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGI72 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JFS45 : Kyanite Ring

JFS37 : Oval Carnelian Ring

JFO78 : Pearl Ring with Faceted Amethyst

JFS16 : Pearl Ring with Faceted Gemstones

JFS09 : Picture Jasper Ring

JFS10 : Picture Jasper Ring

JFS56 : Rectangular Lapis Lazuli Ring

JFO75 : Rhodochrosite Ring

JGI76 : Shell Ring

JFO48 : Superfine Cut Citrine Ring

JEG30 : Turquoise Ring

JFO72 : Twin Amethyst Ring

JGG46 : Garnet Ring

JGG39 : Lapis Lazuli Ring

JGG27 : Superfine Cut Blue Topaz Ring

JGF30 : Circular Peru Chalcedony Ring

JGF56 : Faceted Iolite Flower

JGF29 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGF31 : Rhodochrosite Ring

JGF55 : Triple Stone Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JGE45 : Faceted Ruby Ring

JFJ06 : Fine Cut Tourmaline Ring

JFO35 : Abalone Ring

JFO50 : Amethyst Ring

JFS31 : Apatite Ring

JFS06 : Blue Chalcedony Ring

JFS94 : Carnelian Ring

JFL29 : Carnelian Splendor

JFJ95 : Cat's Eye Ring

JFS35 : Circular Pink Opal Ring

JFJ87 : Circular Rose Quartz Ring

JFO77 : Citrine & Labradorite Flower

JFK01 : Citrine Ring

JFL48 : Crystal Ring

JFP75 : Designer Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JFO32 : Faceted Blue Topaz Ring

JFO70 : Faceted Citrine Twin Flower Ring

JFT21 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JGB98 : Faceted Emerald Ring

JFS01 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JFT01 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JFQ53 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JFO34 : Faceted Peridot & Amethyst Ring

JFO69 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JFO56 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JGA08 : Faceted Ruby & Emerald Ring

JGB97 : Faceted Ruby Flower

JGA10 : Faceted Ruby Twin Flower Ring

JFL35 : Garnet Ring

JFR75 : Green Tourmaline Ring

JFJ98 : Grey Moonstone Ring

JFL33 : Grossular Garnet Ring

JFL28 : Inlay Abalone Ring

JGA09 : Opal Ring with Cubic Zirconia

JFO65 : Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JFN12 : Rainbow Moonstone Splendor

JFJ92 : Rectangular Rhodochrosite Ring

JFP76 : Rhodochrosite Ring

JFJ94 : Sponge Opal Ring

JFJ89 : Star Sapphire Ring

JFO54 : Superfine Cut Citrine Ring

JFJ96 : Tear Drop Green Aventurine Ring

JFO33 : Triple Stone Faceted Tourmaline Ring

JFO74 : Turquoise Flower

JFJ93 : Twin Lapis Lazuli Ring

JFN03 : Apatite Ring

JDM76 : Ring of Fine Gemstone Flowers

JFZ19 : Designer Ring

JFZ18 : Faceted Black Onyx Ring

JFZ17 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JFL34 : Abalone Ring

JFL38 : Amethyst Ring

JFP70 : Amethyst Ring

JFO92 : Apatite Ring

JFO67 : Citrine Spiral Ring

JFP68 : Faceted Amethyst Serpent Ring

JFP67 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JFL41 : Faceted Tiger Eye Ring

JFO59 : Garnet Ring

JFL40 : Inlay Abalone Ring

JFO80 : Pearl Ring

JFL32 : Rhodonite Pendant

JFL42 : Shell Ring

JFO53 : Tourmaline Ring

JFO89 : Turquoise Ring

JFP72 : Twin Amethyst Ring

JFK03 : Yellow Chalcedony Ring

JFX69 : Carved Emerald Ring

JFT11 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JFT17 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JFS85 : Faceted Peridot Ring

JFB08 : Fine Citrine & Garnet Flower

JFS41 : Kyanite Ring

JFS46 : Oval Ruby Ring

JFS74 : Tear Drop Emerald Ring

JFS40 : Tiger Eye Ring

JFX68 : Twin Gemstone Flower Ring

JFS61 : Watermelon Tourmaline Ring

JEG38 : Faceted Crystal Drop Ring with Central Rainbow Moonstone

JFU75 : Black Onyx Ring

JFU55 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JFU43 : Garnet & Marcasite Explosion

JFU25 : Triple Layer Sterling Ring

JFS20 : Camel Agate Ring

JFT16 : Cubic Zirconia Ring

JFS38 : Faceted Citrine Ring

JFT08 : Faceted Cubic Zirconia Ring

JFS63 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JFT15 : Faceted Garnet Ring

JFS27 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JFS28 : Faceted Gemstone Ring

JFS26 : Faceted Iolite Ring

JFT06 : Faceted Rainbow Moonstone Ring

JFL50 : Howlite Ring

JFL47 : Oval Rhodochrosite Ring

JFR97 : Peru Chalcedony Tear Drop

JFS58 : Picture Jasper Ring

JFS81 : Rectangular Chaorite Ring

JFL30 : Rhodochrosite Ring

JFU09 : Robin's Egg Turquoise & Marcasite Ring

JFB05 : Yellow Chalcedony Ring